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346 ABDUCTING CLAIRE346 a*****ING CLAIREIt was a Tuesday when they took her, Claire that is she had been shopping. Being an escort, money was important, but so was New lingerie and so on in bags from the respective top shops, each item an important necessity`s, as a working girl. On her way home she had met Clive, big Loveable, not so stupid Clive, who had washed up at the restaurant for years, in his thirties, and carefully giving the impression to everyone, that he was a `bit slow’, so that they gave him sympathy. She however had seen through his tricks, and she had quietly said so to the straight-faced Clive, laughing as she did so! She knew he wasn’t as dim as he made out, though it got him out of a lot of the more complicated jobs around the place, the proprietor, Gideon, doing those jobs himself, which Claire and Clive both thought a hoot. Thus, they had become friends and had chatted a bit during quiet moments. Sadly, Clive had also talked to his neighbouring tenant at the flats, the one known as Sam, who`s, real name was Samiliear-le-Mauritius, though the world, had shortened it to Sam, just for simplicity!Now Sam was not a nice man, she had seen him at the restaurant a few times and frankly he made her skin crawl. He was arrogant, slimy, short and undressed all girls with his eyes, and couple that with his running a number of women, and you will see he`s not the one to tangle with! And, of course his brothel is not in park lane either, as he has a small and sexually dirty little establishment in back street Soho, that is not for the faint hearted, that much she knew as Clive had enlightened her. Sam had slowly begun to question Clive, about our unknowing girl, with the odd question about her, simple things, had she parents, was she hard up, how old was she, that sort of thing, building up a picture no doubt for some later date.The proprietor, one Gideon, was another man the waitresses avoided if they could, as he was known as “uncle groper!” he had a wife named Ethel, who most sane men went in fear and trembling from, she was a harridan a real bitchy mare. Though however ugly and temperamental or bitter she was, she had inherited money, lots of money, and Gideon, knew it.She had needed a husband to inherit, it was a whim of her fathers will no hubby no pennies… Gideon had been the only man who had shown even an interest in her, and a he was a handsome man at that, so she had grabbed him, and he now ran with her financial backing a string of 3 restaurant’s, though she had kept 65% ownership, so he had much to lose, and lived in fear of her. That of course didn’t stop him using the power of hire and fire, to pressurizing the few good-looking girls who had been forced to work for him, in this area of difficult to find employment. It was in fact in reality a sort of ****. The afternoon being the quietest time in the slow food business and his wife not visiting or missing him at those hours. most of the girls having to give in to some sort of grubby “arrangement” of afternoon sex in his office, with this slippery if sleek man. Thus, as she was so hard up at the time, our heroine, Claire felt ‘obliged’ when approached, to make herself available for “an afternoon shift” as she desperately needed the money at that moment in time, she had deciding that sex with this handsome man was better than paying her ancient pervy landlord with her body, which was fast coming to be her only option!Little did she know, she would have been infinitely better off!Now the other vice Gideon, had, was gambling, he liked a flutter, and had had a few bets with Sam, who did a little freelance bookmaking as a side-line, in fact Sam now was owed quite a bit after the latest losses on the nags at Cheltenham. Sam knew of the afternoon trysts, and by exploiting the other man`s weaknesses, by blackmail, he had hatched a scheme, which Gideon, desperate not to alert Ethel to his debts, found he needed to go along with! It was a way to add again by blackmail, yet another vulnerable girl or two as fresh meat to Sam`s harem and as in this case, usually it was hard-up female student`s! This scheme involved Gideon, enticing the girls to his office bed, a time or two, getting them into a very compromising position, having the most outrageous sex with them, then paying them all under a hidden camera. After a little while showing the girl the film, and luring her into Sam`s web, first as escorts, then later as full-blown prostitute, and finally when he deemed them past their sell by date, he moved them into his brothel cum dungeon, usually by then (and It was a process that took in all about two years,) the woman couldn’t care less, by that time hateing what had happened to them, and feeling so degraded that they knew it was sex or nothing as a lifestyle! In most cases, the uni course had by then become history, as reality bit, and their futures a distant dream, spoilt by the sexual-trap they had slipped into! It was neither nice or cricket, but it was a well-tried system that caused few ripples and had worked a number of times already.Thus, it was, that our girl, dressed as she usually was for waitress work, (that`s, dark skirt, white blouse, flat shoes,) found herself in Gideon`s office, sat on his knee that first time, negotiating her bonus, and believing she was fully in charge of her life and her boss. The usual sexual foibles went on, her allowing him certain small liberties, to tempt him, he illegal bahis negotiating and begging for her silent discretion, like a desperate man and coming up with a few bob from the petty cash, so that when she finally left, she was believing he had fallen for her feminine whiles, when in fact it was she who had taken her first unknowing steps down the slippery slope to whore-ship.A week past, another Tuesday tryst, this time he negotiating full nakedness, and felatio, for an increased payment of course. Another week, and another, slowly the net tightened, this time a rather more lucrative payment, and full penetrative sex. Don’t get our lady wrong she was no virgin, but it, till now had been sex on her terms, with folk she trusted, lusted after or just wanted, this was her first time being paid, though she still felt she was in charge, but it was an illusion.The following week, by now expecting a like performance, she arrived in his office to find a porno video of her, taken in the proceeding weeks, clearly showing her taking money for services rendered that he had insisted each week to have counted into her hands! Her mocking lover, explaining that if she didn’t do as she was told, her parents…well you know the sort of stuff I am sure.She was introduced to Sam, though she had served him in the restaurant before, Clive all those weeks ago, having warned her of his penchant for the ladies, especially ones who looked like she did, so she had avoided him then and she wished she could now.Sam full of what he hoped passed for charm, explained that all she needed to do was to accompany one or two of his `business clients’ to dinner, to provide a charming trophy escort to functions, and if she did the film would be “overlooked!”She thought she had no option but to comply, though if she had realised a simple call to Ethel, who unfortunately she didn’t know of, would have brought the scheme to its knees, but she had never met or heard of the real owner!Sam began by promising that the job was always Friday or occasionally a Saturday, so it would never infringe on uni work or time, and that it paid well.Her life as a working girl subtlety commenced on that very Friday, a businessman that needed a distracting woman on his arm, a gentleman, not placing a finger on her, seeing her home after to the door, and thanking her with a kiss on the hand. Reassured she next found herself on the arm of a local football player, he was charm and a gentleman till well after midnight when he dropped her at home, demanded coffee, and then later sex, before wandering away without a backward glance, leaving her feeling tearful and wretched.She told Gideon she would do it no more, but pressure was brought to bear as you would expect and the job went on like it or not.Old men and young, tall and short, hansom and ugly week after week, she escorted out to functions meals, or just to impress their friends, some of the clients wanted sex, others were gentlemen, all paid Sam when booking and he in turn paid her on Tuesday at the restaurant when he gave her time and place for the next tryst and took his bonus as he always had. She still clung on to the waitressing job, and still had to have the sex with Gideon, though it was a cold and business-like duty nowadays and he paid cash, she made sure of that.Her course work suffered, she felt cheap and disgusted with herself. As the months passed, the escort work extending to two nights, Friday as well as Saturdays, occasionally the client paying her to stay with him between the two nights if he had booked both, which she did reluctantly in most cases, but for a cash payment in excess of the fee to Sam! It was prostitution by the back door, her parents still unaware, but her uni work disintegrating by subtle, hardly noticed-steps.By the end of the second year she had flunked the course, wasted her talent and dropped out. Sam quick to take up the slack, soon had her doing alternate escorting days, or at least evenings, the money in fact much better than waitressing, and she was soon working most evenings, a well-dressed young lady, with a wardrobe such as she had never before owned, taking meals at the better places round London, the only drawback was having to allow some men, although not all it must be said, some liberty`s even full sex on a lot of occasions, by now it was easy, and second nature to know who wanted what, and who to avoid!The situation was not overlooked by Sam, who to keep a low profile, still lived in the cheap flats beside Clive even though by this time he was a very rich man.Anyway, this brings us to the day they decided to send her to the brothel. She had refused to escort a man she had had to fight off on two occasions before, and it had angered Sam, who by now, Gideon, had become full “partners” with Ethel and Gideon though in Gideon`s case, it was in a minor role as partner and in Ethel`s she still owned 65% of the business!So, that day, shopping bags in hand she had talked to Clive, and after a few moments chat went on her merry way, she had walked perhaps 200yds when a car slid up beside her, two large chaps in suits caught her arms, a needle did the business and she was on the back seat and away.She came too in a small dingy room…naked…sitting at her bed end, reading his book sat… Sam.She sat up or at least tried to, but a chain from one of two collars attached her to the bed head, restricting her movements.He smiled “ah miss illegal bahis siteleri so your awake” his greasy smile made her shiver, she asked, “what was going on, why was she here, why the chain?” he put his finger to his lip in a gesture, then said she had been “silly enough to refuse a client,” and “it had been a mistake as she would see,” as now unless she agreed to co-operate, she would live here in chains, and would be hired to just clients that paid extra to have wild women in chains!She looked shocked, said he couldn’t legally keep her against her will, or make her have sex. Which had him laughing. “Look you silly girl we are in a deep cellar, its sound proof, you are in chains, and no-one knows you are here, no one will miss you even your flat is now empty, oh and your rent paid up to date when you ‘moved out’ or at least that’s what your letter to the landlord said. They think you have gone home to mother! The clients I am thinking of love a woman that resists, its part of the game and they tend to just take what-ever they want, loving the power, so resistance is futile and the law… well…!” he shrugged, and she felt as low and desperate as she had ever been in her whole lifetime.From the centre of the ceiling was a chain, light and strong attached to a metal collar round her neck and padlocked firmly to it. The short chain her fingers told her, was attached to the thinner collar which he now said was just for his own safety!He told her to “look around, in that corner there is a toilet and a sink, towel and soap to allow you to keep clean and ready for my clients!” He indicated the other side of the room, “and over there a table and a television to keep your mind occupied!” Food and drink he said would be supplied as was heat, he indicated a radiator, and once he had gone, she could remove the soft collar to the bed-head, but the other one was now on for her remaining lifetime. “Oh, and by the way, lifetime missy means for only for just as long as I think fit, so don’t upset me!”A cold shiver ran down her spine, and tears fell as he swept out.She took a while pulling herself together, her fingers found the buckle to the smaller collar and she found the longer chain allowed her use of the toilet and the freedom of the room, and the small television, time passed, her head cleared, this would take thought.Suddenly and with a crash, through a flap in the door she was passed a meal on a tin tray, nothing fancy just plain simple food, plastic cutlery and on a paper plate, accompanied by a plastic mug with tea, and thrust onto the flap by an unknown hand.She knew she was watched on a tiny camera in the top corner of her room, and there being no window the place was kept aired by the extractor fan, which buzzed away night and day in the ceiling.She found her television worked on the basic channels but that, much to her disgust, she was not featuring in the news as missing, as she had hoped. Dis-heartened she lay on her bed till the next meal that TV her only companion. After a long time had passed the next meal arrived, after gruff instruction in a thick male middle eastern accent, a dusky hand collecting the last set of cutlery, mug and plate, in exchange for a fresh meal and drink, to her joy, coffee this time! Time, except that marked out by the TV news reports, lay heavy, as did the date, or as the days wore on the day for that matter, meals came regularly, and the number of bricks in her cell, didn’t change (she had come, to know it as her cell!) the disjointed hands that delivered meals still came and went, always silently and time slipped away, day after day hour after very long hour.She lived in knickers and a tee shirt, discarding the bra, and the dress, as too hot in the heated cell and saving them for the escape she now dreamed of night and day.It was midweek in the long second week when unexpectedly the flap opened, and the voice told her to give up her tray and to expect a client, her heart leapt, anything, she would endure anything, just to have human contact. She washed, quickly and was about to dress when the door bolt shot, and a giant of a man appeared, huge, and black, suited and booted! When he clapped eyes on her, his facial skin shone in a broad sardonic smile of sadistic excitement.Without a single word he slowly stripped to his skin, folding and laying his clothes on the table as he removed each item in a very precise manner that sent shivers through her. Flaccid his huge tool hung like some massive trunk, until, if to order, an errection formed as he stood finally eyeing her, standing nervous and expectantly by her bed, by now a little disturbed by his silent appraisal of her body. she waited the onslaught she feared was about to strike.Suddenly he lunged at her, pushing her heavily back on to the big bed, dragging her feet round till she was in close proximity tearing off her panties and lifting her legs apart, in one swift movement that brooked no argument, to jam the stiff trunk just into her Virginia where he stopped, with the head just engaged. She was still fairly dry, as he smiled at her, both of them knowing these celibate days and his size would cause her penetration to be painful in the extreme.He hesitated, smiled at her sadistically then in a single thrust collapsed onto her pushing the giant phallus into her like the knife of an executioner. She screamed, a single loud and pained scream of abject and extreme sexual canlı bahis siteleri pain, his mighty tool battering at her insides as if she had been shot. He laughed, then slowly like pulling a reluctant cork from a bottle he eased his hips back till the tip was nearly from her, he paused once more then with a lurch rammed himself in once more,Her intestines feeling like they were being pushed up into her throat, and her sexual tunnel burning from the friction of his thick tool. She screamed once more, to which he began to laugh maniacally, the first sound he had uttered since he had been let in. he began to piston himself in and out of her body, her own natural lubrication easing the passing in and out of this massive tree trunk he was trying to impale her on.She began to whimper, even enjoying in some perverse way the pain and discomfort of the bruising internally she was receiving by the intense battering he was inflicting. Time passed, like some piston the tool just kept coming, bump, bump, bump the tool end battered away at her, consistent, regular and steady, would he never stop, bump, bump, bump, her eyes seeming loose in her head as each hammer-blow thrust up into her, every time hitting solidly against some organ that had never before been even approached…She felt him tense, then with a grunt like a contented boar she felt him fill her, those giant balls spewing cream up into her guts in great gouts of hot paste such as she had only seen in porn films before, her belly swelling as each arrived. He stilled, laying on her like a ton weight, forcing her breath from her in a way that was hard to re-cooperate from.He raised himself from her air gushing into her like an inhaling bellows.He tore his still massive tool from her, causing her more pain as it went. He rolled to her right side, and rested for a while, watching as she tried desperately to regain her composure. Feeling fit once more he knelt and effortlessly turned her onto her knees, big black hands on her hips both turning and lifting till she knelt before him in the typical doggy position. He moved between her legs again and the massive tool began to re-stiffen, as he dragged her to him, his helmet touching her as it tried desperately to locate her brown star… she began to scream “No, No, oh please NO!” knowing his idea was anal and that her much more pliable, and stretchy Virginia had had difficulty coping, and that in her back door it would be near impossible, but it was a forlorn hope, in her heart she knew, it was going to happen, and she began to rant and scream begging him pleading, but to no avail. Of-course it was no earthly use, in her head she knew that really, as smiling at her antics, he just began forcing that terrible spike up into her bowel. His only lubrication any fluid still coating his tool after having her before. Her puny attempts at retreating in front of his onslaught, thwarted by those great shovels of hands holding her hips in his vice-like grip. Near hysterical and thrashing about she began to scream, no tiny ladylike screams but serious, loud screams of pain and anguish, begging her jailer to come and get her away from this giant who was intent on slitting her in two, or tearing her arse so that she would never hold her own movements ever again.No-one came, no knight in shining armour, no sir Galahad, no guardian angel, not even a warder, just pain searing red hot, unstoppable, out of this world pain, pain that sent her into a few moments of darkness, in another blissful world.She came too, returned to this world where her mind said hopefully, perhaps she was dead, released from this life of pain and boredom and sexual debauchery, she felt a moments euphoria! but then reality hit, and she realised he was still on her bed, fully embedded, his big prick up her arse and her ring certainly the “ring of fire!” every beat of her heart a single beat of extra pain around those stretched sinew’s of her backside, and she felt sad, sad she was still here, alive living this existence, sad she was prisoner, sad that she had not believed her ancient friend on hamster, the old boy she had never met, and only chatted with occasionally all that time ago that had said to ‘beware at what you wish for, as one day you might get it!’ well, she had got it now hadn’t she, it was on her back, his hot seed filling her adding to her pain. She braced herself knowing that his with-drawl from her pussy had been violent and worse than uncomfortable, this would be ten times as painful…He raised himself and merciful blackness closed in once more.She came too to find him dressing, her arse screamed pain, gaping open, dripping cum, stretched beyond her wildest nightmare, a centre of painful burning emptiness, as sobbing she curled into a ball, her hands touching the violated ring in the vain hope the pain would ease and recede by her touch alone. Clothed now he clattered on the door with his knuckles, it instantly opened and without even a glance at her he was gone. Her jailer threw her a tube of cream, pile ointment, to her it showed they knew what was to happen to her by the big black brute and they had readied this as their only response, and 1st aid. Its balm eased the pain to a more controllable level, it was the only medication or kindness of any sort shown on this day of pain and misery, other than the meal which appeared as usual a while later.She lay and sobbed, no longer did she feel herself, human, attractive or desirable, she was a commodity, kept like an a****l in this cream painted hell of a windowless chamber, its high roof with not even a beam to hang herself from, she sobbed pitifully till exhaustion and sleep overtook her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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