A Bored Visitor Looks for Relief

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The door opens and Mervyn and Carol walk in; they are the owners of the house and my clients, behind them trail their guests: he tall, overweight and red faced, dressed in a shirt and slacks, she shorter, slender, much healthier looking, wearing a knee length floral patterned summer dress and flat shoes. Both mid-sixties at a guess.

“Sorry Dave, didn’t realise that you were working in here.”

“No problem Mervyn.”

Mervyn starts to explain something about the dining room to his guests and I get back to the fireplace. I’d worked at the house for nearly three years: started on two days a week with the previous owners and stayed on for one day a week when Mervyn and Carol bought the place the previous year. They were a nice couple; self made millionaires through Mervyn’s businesses; this visiting couple, or rather he, was a new business partner but I had no idea what his wife did.

I was the maintenance man; looked after the house, a big mid-18th century pile in the middle of four acres of gardens, a lovely place that needed constant tlc to keep it going. Mervyn and Carol wanted various things doing to put their stamp on it and that was what I was in the middle of today: on my knees cleaning up and painted a very ornate Victorian fireplace.

After a few minutes explaining various features of the room the four of them disappear out of the door and I carried on with the fireplace.

An hour or so later there was a light knock on the door and the head of the visiting wife appeared.

“Hi, do you mind if I come in?”

“Of course not, help yourself, what can I do for you?”

She walked into the room carrying a glass of wine and stops in front of me.

She waved over her shoulder, “Mervyn and Andrew: that’s my husband, have gone up to Mervyn’s office to talk business and Carol is in the middle of cooking dinner, she’s more interested in cooking than chatting to me, so I said I was going to explore, do you mind if I sit here and annoy you?”

I laugh and wave at one of the dining room chairs behind me,

“As long as you don’t mind talking to my back,” Carol did enjoy her cooking and I could imagine her not being very talkative whilst in the midst of some concoction.

From my position on my knees I put out my hand and introduced myself, “Dave.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I’m Gillian”

“Nice to meet you Gillian,” and again wave towards a chair, “Please.”

She pulled the chair out behind me, spun it around and sat, and we started talking about stuff. She was quite easy to talk to, even with my back towards her, so our conversation just rambled.

Every now and again I glanced around, at 65ish, not that much older than me really, she had a certain elegance, even in her simple summer dress she had an air about her; she had a light tan and her hair was an expensive looking bob of grey, in fact she looked expensive all over, probably a real looker 20 or 30 years ago, pretty damn good now.

As she’d sat herself down her dress had ended up mid thigh, her crossed legs revealing quite a lot to me in my position down on my knees, just three feet from her. Well worth the occasional glance, one she didn’t seem to mind me taking.

After half an hour I really needed to go to the loo so I excuse myself and went across the hall, did the necessary and washed my hands.

Re-entering the dining room she is still sitting where I’d left her, she’d finished her wine and placed her glass on the table, I went back to my position on the floor and sat facing her.

She re-crossed her legs and smoothed her hands down her dress, her eyes are looking into mine and I deliberately drop mine down to her legs; they are smooth with that light tan to them, not particularly toned but quite shapely. I look back up into her eyes; they are still focused on mine.

I keep eye contact, get onto my hands and knees and slowly crawl across the short gap between us, stopping just in front of her and settled back.

Put my hand on her ankle, keep my eyes locked çiğli escort on hers, she just sits with her legs crossed and her hands clasped in her lap.

My eyes drift down her body until I’m looking at my hand on her ankle.

Stroke up the back of her calf to her knee, back down to her ankle, back up again, over her knee and along her thigh. Hand slips under her dress until my fingertips touch her knickers, slip down and stroke back along the underside of her thigh, softly back and forth, the skin smooth and firm, warm and silky.

Other hand takes hold of her foot, lifts it and places it on the floor uncrossing her legs. Both hands on her ankles, slowly push her feet apart. Slide my hands up her legs to her inner thighs, stop, look back up into her eyes. She gazes back then breaks eye contact and looks towards the door, I follow her eyes and see that I’ve left the door open.

Mentally kick myself and stand, move over and quietly close it. Looking back she is still sitting, looking back at me, her hands still in her lap with her fingers interlaced and a slight smile on her face. I walk back to stand in front of her, my knees between hers. As I move towards her her eyes drop to my waist and, after a seconds pause, she reaches forward and begins unbuckling my belt.

Once she’s worked it out and gets it undone, she slips her fingers into the top of my shorts, grips the waistband and pulls me the half-pace towards her until I’m standing right up against her thighs.

She then flicks the button open and starts to pull the zip down, she’s doing it very slowly as though savouring it, either that or to tease me, either way it works and without even realising I’m doing it, I give a slight moan of anticipation.

Eventually the zip is as far down as it will go and I feel her hands move up to my hips and start to inch my shorts and briefs down. Her face is so close to me that I can feel her warm breath on my stomach then, as my shorts inch lower, my pubic hair and then the base of my thickening cock

I feel her lips on my flesh, her tongue on my skin. Her mouth follows my shorts as they get lower, the very tip of her tongue trailing it’s way down. I close my eyes and follow her progress in my mind; picture how far she has got from the touch of her lips and tongue.

More and more of my cock is exposed; the tip of her tongue leaving a wet trail as my shorts are dragged lower and lower, she reaches the end of my shaft, only the now swollen glans holding it trapped inside my briefs, she licks along the groove between my rolled back foreskin and the glans, then, very very slowly she eases my clothes that last inch and my cock pops out, bumps against her face.

She sits back for a second and looks at it, murmurs, “Oh yes.”

The very tip of her tongue flicks across the gaping slit and my cock bobs in appreciation, she makes a lunge and captures it in her mouth, a moan of pleasure as she lets my shorts drop and pushes my briefs the rest of the way, then grabs the base of my cock with one hand and the back of my thigh with the other.

Lips tight she pushes her mouth down, the head disappears into her mouth; I can feel the wash of saliva and her tongue swirling around the tight swollen skin, the faintest touch of small teeth around the back of my glans.

My shaft continues to disappearing into her mouth, her lips still tight.

She stops; three quarters of my cock buried in her mouth, the tip jammed up against the back of her throat; she pushes forward, tries to force as much in as she can, her hand still wrapped around the base. She gags and pulls back.

She doesn’t move for at least a couple of minutes, just savours the feel of it in her mouth, I stand and do exactly the same. Then she gradually pulls back until just the head is between her lips, then back all the way down, a slow rhythm as she moves up and down, saliva filled mouth sucking and swirling, fingers gripped around its base, warm left hand squeezing the çiğli escort bayan back of my thigh.

Slows to a stop and rubs the tip along the ridges on the roof of her mouth, tongue pressed against the underside of my shaft. Sucking on the glans then back to that long slow up and down, the occasional catch of teeth only adding to the building sensations. Looking down at her head I know that if I let her keep this up I’m not going to last much longer; she’s now speeding up, movements much shorter just working away at the head; she seems determined to make me cum, but I don’t want that, not yet.

Just at the point where matters threaten to take their own course I cup her head in my hands, stop her ministrations and pull out of her mouth.

Sitting back she looks up at me, a question on her face. Reaching further down under her armpits I pull her gently to her feet, even then the top of her head only comes up to my chin and she continues to look up at me. Again I reach down, this time to cup under her buttocks, and lift her slight figure into my waist trapping my cock between my stomach and her knicker clad pussy, she wraps her legs around me, I step to the side of the chair and up to the table.

Sitting her on the table I take hold of her calves and, unwrapping them from my waist, tip her backwards and put her ankles up to my shoulders. Still she keeps her eyes on mine.

After slipping her shoes off and dropping them to the floor I stroke my hands down her legs to take hold of her knickers, now exposed to full view, pull them up her legs and off her feet, flick them onto the table.

I slide my hands onto the backs of her thighs, break eye contact and sink to my knees.

The short hairs around her pussy glisten with moisture, a slight gap at the top of her outer lips inviting me in, how can I resist…..

Wrap my arms around her thighs, one hand on her tummy the other up to tease her small boobs through her dress and bra.

My nose brushes against those short hairs, breathe in her warm musky scent. Tongue licks up the length of her, burrows into that gap, she gasps and flinches. Her hands grab the back of my head. Tongue twists into her, follows the furrow of her lips to open her up and push in, nibble on the sensitive skin around her pussy, lips find her clit, suck and play on it.

Her tummy and soft inner thighs begin to tremble, nipples harden, her fingers tense, little thrusts against my face with her groin.

Concentrate on her clit, sucking it between my lips, worry it with the tip of my tongue: swirling around it, flicking it back back and forth, pressing it against my teeth.

Her hands pushing on the back of my head, fingers squeezing, thighs pressing against my face. The trembling intensifies, pressure on my face and head increases then, as her groin pushes up and her body stiffens, she shudders into a climax, her pussy flooding, juices in my mouth, up my nose, running down my chin.

Face pressed against her pussy I keep gently sucking on her clit as she twitches, gradually slowing down as her body eventually starts to relax with just the occasional shudder passing through her.

The hands on my head slip off and, with a last kiss on her outer lips, I sit back.

And glance down just that little bit lower, and groan, I can resist that even less. Pushing her thighs back a little further I stab forward with my tongue, and spear right into her arse.

Yet again she gasps, “Gnnnnng, oh my god!”

Press my lips around that puckered ring, push harder, as far into her as I can get. Pull out. Explore around the rim, chew her, push back in. Mmmmmm, enough.

My face covered in her juices and smell I push myself up, shoulders slide up her legs until her ankles are once again on either side of my face, I’m on my feet.

Looking down at her, arms spread across the table, eyes closed, I aim my cock at her wet, open lipped pussy. Rub the head up and down her slit, rub across her clit once escort çiğli then down to find her entrance and, in one long, slow, smooth push I bury myself in her.

She groans; her head, shoulders and arms press back lifting her chest off the table. I push hard into her; hands gripping the fronts of her thighs, hips pressed up against her bum, tip of my cock pressed up against her cervix. Pull back, almost all of the way out then slide back in, a long firm push all the way into her depths, back out then all the way back in. My own rhythm building, she’s clearly not far off cumming: although she’s dropped back onto the table, her head is still pressed back, mouth and eyes wide open, unfocused.

I start to feel a familiar tingling at the back of my neck and realise that her earlier ministrations have taken me too near the precipice. Slowing, I start to mix it up: searching her pussy for her sensitive spots, grinding in deep, short screwing thrusts, rubbing along the roof with the head of my cock, back to long, slow, deep strokes, still too near to losing control but easier to hold myself together.

Drop my hand down her thigh, hand back on her tummy, search for her clit with my fingers, find it, start rubbing across it, she groans deep at the back of her throat, grabs my wrist with strong fingers, her head rolling from side to side, mouth opening and closing, seemingly trying to make a sound.

I can feel her tummy fluttering under my hand: start to speed my stroke again, harder to keep in contact with her clit so I grip her thighs as my hips smack into her bum.

Push her legs back, change the angle, looking for that place with my cock.

Closer and closer, squeezing my bum together, holding it back as her pussy begins to tighten and flood around my blood engorged cock.

She catches her breath, tenses, then cries out, throws her arms out to the sides, ankles grip my head. And, with relief and a long groan of my own, I let go and, with one last hard slamming thrust, I bury my cock as deep into her as I can and cum in a burning rush.

She’s squeezing herself together, arms crossed on her chest, fists clenched and holding her breath, the walls of her pussy gripping me as she holds it all in, savouring the electrical impulses flickering through her body. My own orgasm, after several long gasping shudders, begins to subside.

My head drops and I try to regain a little composure as my breathing starts to return to normal, although my heart is still banging away.

I look down at Gillian’s face: she lets out her breath, drops her now limp arms and opens her eyes, focuses on me and grins.

With my own, slightly weaker, grin and a very croaky voice, “Well I don’t think you were very annoying at all.”

She laughs, and in a rather shaky voice, “That’s good to know, but you’d better let me up. Was it noisy?” A hint of concern now.

“Might have woken a couple of dead people,” I quip, “But seriously, I think we would have been interrupted if we had been heard, so….”

I step back easing her legs down.

She pushes herself upright, “Yes, I guess you’re right, phew, was worth it though, soooo needed that!”

Laugh, “Well I am the handyman, although I don’t recall this being on my to do list this morning.”

Leaning against the table and smoothing her dress down she chuckles, “Sorry about that, forgot to call ahead. But then you’re clearly adaptable and I’m certainly glad you were handy,” She winced, “Sorry, I know it seems to make it sound like a bit of a quicky, but I’d better go, need to find a bathroom.”

“One across the hall, and no need to be sorry, I understand, we don’t want Carol to come looking for you. And if that counts as a quicky I’ll take it any day,” then, glancing down at my own nakedness, “Wouldn’t want Carol to find me like this either!”

She glances down, “Carol? You might be surprised.”

Then she steps up against me, takes my head in her hands, pulls my face down to hers and kisses me hard on the mouth. Breaks the kiss, whispers, “Thank you.”

Whisper back, “Absolutely my pleasure.”

“Oh absolutely not,” she turns, slips her shoes on, grabs her knickers from the table and, with a slightly stuttering step, leaves the room.

Leaving me contemplating her comment about Carol………

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