A Changing of the Guard

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Russell was a physically imposing man, of ruggedly handsome proportions, and sheer masculinity. He stood and walked tall of six feet, three inches in height, broad shoulders, and his head always held high in confidence. Russell was a kind and gentle man, but with somewhat of a no nonsense, womanizing demeanor. Despite this less than admirable quality amongst women, they were lined up at his beck and call.

Russell’s insatiable sexual appetite occasionally presented him with the company of men, by which he would aggressively dominate sexually. Russell’s infatuation with his own masculinity would trigger him to not only receive oral pleasure from other men, but to receive it rudely, by smacking his impressive phallus upon their faces, and occasionally bending them over to punish their anal canal.

One evening after a lengthy period at the local bar, Russell (feeling exceptionally horny) drove to a nearby park, known for homosexual activity in hopes of stirring up a little action. It was late and as time passed, his anticipations dwindled. Suddenly a 4×4 truck drove by slowly, as if the occupants of the vehicle were scouting for their own late night rendezvous. The truck stopped in front of Russell and the driver simply yelled “Hey, ya wanna party?” Russell answered in kind, as his member was already beginning to grow. “Follow us!” the driver stated, and with that Russell entered his vehicle and followed behind to a nearby hotel where two ankara eve gelen escort men exited the 4×4.

The driver was a big man of healthy stature (6′ 5″) and in top physical shape. The other was smaller (6′) with an uncertainty about him. Russell was aroused by the idea of making these men his bitches. Upon entering the hotel room, the driver began railing a few lines of cocaine on the table and proceeded to tell Russell of his and the smaller occupants relationship. They had been partners for nearly twenty years, and were looking to spice up their sexual routine. Russell snorted two lines, grabbed a beer and announced he’d like to sit and watch the two men interact for awhile. The driver undressed revealing a mammoth between his legs. Russell had never seen such an impressive man-meat and eagerly awaited what this man was going to do to the smaller occupant. The smaller individual was much more timid, and receptive to this beast between the driver’s thighs. Russell found himself aroused by this massively erect member.

To the point that he felt to service it. Not so much the man, but the impressive tool by which the man was endowed…Russell couldn’t take his eyes off the enormously bulbous head, and veiny thick shaft. The 6′ 5″ tall driver then stood up from the bed and casually walked over to the chair Russell was sitting. Upon reaching Russell he took the beer from his hand and gently gaziosmanpaşa escort placed it atop the table. Without thought, just an overwhelming flutter within his gut, Russell leaned forward and began taking the massive joint into his mouth, and insatiably down his throat. The man then gently reached under Russell’s arms and helped him to his feet, slowly walked Russell to the bed, undressed him, and lowered him on his back, atop the bed. Russell knew the man was going to enter him, and his internal fluttering grew with the anticipation of being penetrated by this handsomely manly cock.

The man raised Russell’s legs and placed his bulbous mushroom head at the rim of Russell’s rectum. For the first time Russell looked the stranger in the eyes with a welcoming subservience as the tall stranger began to penetrate. Once deep inside Russell’s virgin ass, Russell’s eyes rolled back in disbelief and euphoria as the man began to pump with gentle soothing thrusts. The smaller man began kissing Russell’s neck and chest as Russell fondled the smaller man’s little pecker. Russell had never kissed let alone fondled, or serviced another man, but he had let go of all the emotions and/or ideas he once held so tightly. The bigger man’s thrusts then picked up in speed, and aggression. Russell leaned forward with his tongue out to kiss the bigger man, and the stranger ravished Russell’s mouth with an insatiable kiss ankara grup escort as he thrust ever so harder into Russell’s ass.

The stranger was growing even bigger, or so it seemed to Russell. “My Gawd!! This guy is huge.” Russell thought. And then with a steady rhythm the thrusts began to elevate to a pounding. What was once gentle, and sensual was becoming ruthless, and brutal. Russell then placed his feet on the stranger’s hips to slow the thrusts down, but the stranger quickly knocked his feet away and began pounding like a crazed brute. Russell’s ass had gone numb, he was no longer enjoying this experience of being treated as he himself had treated so many others. Suddenly the giant cock pulled from Russell’s ass and blew an enormous hot load all over Russell’s face and chest. The two men got up, got dressed, railed Russell another line, said it had been fun, and left. Russell lied there on the bed, in the fetal position, covered in hot cum and thought “Never again! I will NEVER submit to another man!!”

A year went by and Russell couldn’t maintain his womanizing ways with the ladies. He tried, but something had changed. Russell was still defined by others as an overly macho, and masculine man, but his own personal definition had been restructured. Now Russell could only masturbate to the thoughts of being taken by another dominate male. It took a year, but all Russell felt he hated about that night had become his greatest arousal. That night forever marks Russell’s internal changing of the guard, but his greatest gift from that night has become the insignificance of labels on any and every human being. We aren’t defined by others views! So as our soul yearns for a taste…A taste of each owns choosing. Be sure to Take a bite, and see where each course leads.

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