A Friend in Need: Part 1 – Sucking Tom

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My wife and I are now in our fifties, and although I seem to have an insatiable thirst for sex, my wife, Joan, lost her desire for sex many years ago.  I occupy myself by reading primarily cuckold, creampie, and bisexual stories, and although I like pussy the most, I also have some bi-sexual tendencies. But my real bias is for oral sex of almost any kind, and maybe that’s because I have a below-average-sized cock and tend to cum too quickly.  With oral sex, I can enjoy the encounter for much longer, and I really enjoy bringing others to orgasm.  This is a story about a surprising sexual encounter that occurred in my mid-thirties.I was working for a consulting company at the time and traveled extensively in the Midwest.  I usually traveled with one or more work associates, but each of us normally had our own hotel room.  On the assignment that gave rise to this story, we were traveling to a small town in upstate Minnesota, and hotel accommodations were scarce.  Our company apologized for the inconvenience but asked us to double with another member of our team in the hotel rooms.  Tom Bradley was my designated roommate. Tom and I are good friends, and we also meet socially with our wives outside of work and had known each other for ten years.  Tom had quite a reputation as a pussy hound, and he normally managed to find women to fuck on our out of town assignments.  He is a good looking guy about my age, at thirty-six years old, and he was known for having a large cock and heavy, low-hanging balls.  I can vouch for the size of his equipment, at least while he was soft, since we sometimes shower together at the gym near our office.  He also flirts with Joan and other wives at our social events, but as far as I knew it was all innocent.This particular assignment started out as most others, and the first two nights in the small town, Tom was Ümraniye Escort out on the prowl in the evening, looking for pussy.  On the third night he planned on staying in our hotel room, because there was little or no night life in the area, and Tom was frustrated at wasting his time on the hunt.  We came back to the room after dinner, and while he took a shower, I began surfing the net for porn.  I was, and still am, a member of hundreds of Yahoo sites, and as I mentioned above, I really enjoy reading cuckold and bisexual stories, and of course looking at pictures of naked men and women. Tom was not previously aware of my interest in porn, because I was careful to keep my lustful desires private.  Tom got out of the shower and was walking around our room complaining about the lack of women in the area, and I caught glimpses of his cock and balls swinging as the towel gapped periodically.  I was reading a cuckold story on one of the sites, and getting more excited than ever with Tom parading around the room nearly nude.  Then, I got a great idea.I told Tom, “Maybe I can help you find some pussy by searching on the type of website that I’m on now.”  Tom responded, “Damn, Ed, I am a little surprised that you would be looking at a porn site, but how would that help me anyway?”I lied and said, “I got to this cuckold site by clicking on some spam email, and it gave me an idea as to how I might be able to help you.  In case you’re not that familiar with the term “cuckold”, I’ll explain it to you.” “Technically speaking, a cuckold is simply a man with an unfaithful wife, but the porn sites extend the definition to those men who enjoy seeing or at least knowing that their wives are fucking other men, and many actively participated in their seduction.  Many of those men also have bisexual tendencies, and Ümraniye Escort Bayan actually end up sucking the cocks of the men who are fucking their wives.  We could search for a cuckold site with members in the area where we were working, and might just find a couple looking for a bull.”  Tom asked, “How do you know so much about cuckolds and bisexual activities?”  I lied again and told him that, “I just happened onto this site, and was doing a little research while you were in the shower.”  Tom looked at me skeptically, but he didn’t press the issue further at that time.Tom pulled up a chair next to me at the small desk in our room, and he still had on the towel, not having taken the time to put on clothes after his shower.  We started searching several indexes for Yahoo sites in this area, but since that was a rural area, we only found one, and it was more-related to the nearest big town, which is seventy-five miles away. We started reading the most recent postings on the site, and although we couldn’t seem to find any cuckold couples looking for a bull in our area, I noticed that Tom was getting very excited by reading the postings, and especially by looking at the pictures when they were included. Most of the postings were very explicit, and there was much discussion by husbands describing the thrill of watching their wives being fucked, sucking the bull’s cocks, and then licking up and swallowing the cum.  I carefully glanced down and saw that Tom’s cock was getting hard and was easily visible as it lifted the towel.  I could also see his huge, hanging balls draped down on the chair. Tom said, “Man, I wish I had known about this cuckold stuff a long time ago, because I’d love to fuck a wife while her husband watches, helps, and then sucks my cock and balls!”  We continued to look for Escort Ümraniye postings from people in our area for about an hour, and then I had another idea.  I could suggest looking at some bisexual sites to find a man to suck Tom’s cock, especially since he had gotten turned on by some of the cuckold postings and stories where the husband sucked the bull’s cock.I told Tom, “Maybe we could look at some other websites and just find a bisexual man in the area to suck your cock.”  Tom said, “Sure, I’d settle for a nice blowjob, but how would you know where to look for those kinds of guys?”  I continued with my lie, “Well, I’ve come across a few of those sites in the past, and was just a little curious about it.”  I was getting nervous then, because with Tom sitting next to me, he saw me searching my listing of groups, which have dozens of sites of all kinds, including those about pussies, cocks, balls, cock suckers, cum, bisexuals, cuckolds, and etc.  I tried to scan my groups as quickly as possible, not giving Tom too much time to read the group titles.  I did find a couple of bisexual sites with members in our area, and selected them. We started reading the many postings about men looking for other men to suck, and just as in the case with the cuckold sites, the postings were very graphic.  We searched for another hour to find a man in our area that we could contact, but with no luck.  Tom was really getting turned-on, especially after reading many postings and stories about men looking for a big cock to suck, and he was openly stroking his cock, which had then extended to its full, thick eight inches.  Tom noticed me watching him stroke his big cock and playing with his heavy, plum-sized balls, and he turned to me and said, “Come on Ed, tell me about all of those groups you belong to, and especially the ones with all of the pictures of cocks and balls.”  It was getting hard to play innocent, since it was then obvious that Tom had seen more of the detail of my groups than I wanted him to.  I said, “Tom, I’ve just been curious about this stuff for a while, and from time to time I enjoy visiting these sites to read the postings and stories.”  

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