A Girl’s Eyes Wide Shut Learning Sex

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A Girl’s Eyes Wide Shut Learning Sex1). A Woman cruising looking for men for sexI have always wanted to dare myself to be naked and cover my nude body with a raincoat, the symbol of a dirty old man exposing himself, to me, when I was still a small girl, seeing him shoot as I stood rigid with fear, his sperm touching my naked skin, like a baptism, he was my first and his mark made me what I am.I had to drive in my raincoat, buttoned up to a degree of decency, enough to stop and ask for help to find a place, I knew existed, but to entice him into the car to show me where.This was my turn-on, random and dangerous, outrageous to the point if he ever told the story, his friend would laugh him off, no woman in her right mind would do that.”Excuse me, I’m looking for George square, can you give me directions”?George Square was just fifteen minutes walking distance, I knew that, but still distant enough to require a few turns and twists, just far enough for him to jump in and show me.He was wearing a hoodie, so I quite could not see his face, as it was dark outside and I was between the street lamps, and as he turned away from me, he pointed off to the distance and started to give directions.”Are you going there”, I interrupted him, and he stopped talking?”I could take you there”, I suggested””No”, he replied, “I’m just going to the mini-market”, he retorted.I looked at him as he stood, shielded by the darkness and I tried to guess his age, he seemed young, with the hoodie and all that, certainly younger than my 28 years.”Jump in and I will drop you off on the way”, I encouraged him. He seemed reluctant, I was visible to him, he could see me, a youngish woman, beautiful, and there for the taking, open and inviting, for fucks sake what is wrong with some boys?To my relief he opened my van door, perhaps he was thrown by the fact I was driving one of those much hated dreaded white vans, the sort associated with an old dirty mattress thrown in the back, for casual sex, the sort bad boys do when cruising for picking up easy girls to fuck in the back. But here is the thing, would a girl like me do such a thing, surely that would be considered inconceivable, but here is the fact, it is exactly what I do and I could point to half a dozen stains on it, that seeped from my pussy, after ejaculation.He sat in silence as I put it into gear and started driving. My heart was racing, I had my prey, and I could feel my naked body respond likewise, my nipples hardened and tingled against the rough material of the raincoat, that made me feel alive, and my pussy was wetting, thinking about what his cock looked and tasted like.The I saw something that was a reality check, the reason for his hoodie and quiet demeanour, as he stared straight ahead, as if disbelieving his luck, he was grossly disfigured, facially, there was no high cheekbones or square jaw, he was more elephant man than he man, and as we drove I felt a huge welling of sympathy and compassion, I saw his posture, and everything about him spelled loneliness and rejection.I slowed the van down as we neared the mini-mart, indicated and turned into the car park, and as we turned he turned to me and looked me face on, “That’s OK”, he said, “I can get out here”, he continued, but I smiled at him, just to let him see I knew what he was hiding did not frighten or disgust me and I drove to the furthest point away from the store, a part bathed in darkness, where I parked and switched off the engine, undid my seat belt and turned to face him.”Would you like to touch me”, I asked him, noting he was visibly shaking where he sat tethered by his seat belt. I was hoping I was his first ever, and as much as i was repelled by his looks, I was sexually aroused by being his first and perhaps only woman.He never answered me, instead opting to remain silent and follow his hand as I took it and touched my face and down to my neck, “Does my skin excite you”, I said thickly, knowing I was exciting myself. His hands were like a woman’s, soft and delicate, with long fingers, and I watched his face intently for any signs of response.”We could go into the back”, I whispered, nodding in the anadolu yakası escort direction of the mattress, “would you like to lie with me”, now I was shivering with my own excitement?I was still holding his hand to my neck as I undid the top button of my raincoat, and in the darkness slid his hand onto the smooth curvature of my naked breast and rigid nipple, which felt like hardened rubber, as each of his fingers slid individually across it, causing me to gasp, as each pad of his finger sent a spasm from my wet pussy to my heart, I really wanted him now, I had to have him and pleasure him, call it what you want, a sympathy fuck or whatever, but fuck him I was going to do, and I told him to get into the back and onto the mattress and take all his clothes off.He was hesitating so I reached down and undid his pants, put my hand in to draw him out, and found he had already ejaculated, “Never mind”, I said, feeling his warm semen between my long fingers, “it happens sometimes”, I concluded, and at that he opened the van door and got out and I watched a very shocked and stunned man walk away, as I felt my own genitalia, and masturbated myself, using his semen to lubricate my my labia and clitoris, not that it needed any, but mixing our body fluids was as close to being fucked that night as I got.So you see guys, a hot woman with sex on her mind does not always get what she wants.2). I Girl’s introduction to online sexI remember quite vividly my first experiences, everything was happening at an amazing pace. I was ovulating before my first periods and that feeling of thinking about sex and men, just filled my head with daring thoughts and wanting to be seen naked, masturbation was something where I only ever touched myself to wash, to rubbing myself against hard surfaces, and smelling stuff like leather and pipe tobacco, I even once, when walking home, I was walking up a small brae, there was an old man staggering home from the pub.He was walking just a little bit at the time and stopping to catch his breath, then he was muttering or singing quietly to himself, and what made it exciting for me, was the fact we were alone, there were no houses around us and no cars on the road, and as I walked I had an overwhelming desire to be naked to get a reaction or just to let him see me.My heart pounded and I could even feel some pee escape and run down my leg. I felt dizzy and breathless, and when I stopped a 100 feet or so behind him, I started pulling off my clothes, denims, top and knickers, not much for a girl with small breasts, but I was athletic and even though I looked tomboyish, I was female, and with my clothes bunched up I ran towards him, moved off the pavement and jogged past him, then turned to face him about 20 feet from him, as he stood and stared at me.”Hello”, I said, I found the words hard to say as I was so sexed up with feelings, “do you want to fuck me”, I gestured pulling my pussy open and dropping my clothes, turning and touching my toes so he saw both my holes, all done with a confidence he could do nothing but see me.He asked me to wait, but I had done enough to please myself in bed, with this fresh in my mind, so I grabbed at my clothes and took off as fast as my long legs could carry me. At the top of the brae I stopped to get dressed as the housing scheme where we stayed had come into view, that was when I discovered I was missing my knickers, I had left them on the street.I waited a little to see if he was coming, planning to run back down and retrieve them, but then I decided to leave them and went home.I was in bed, feverish and naked, slowly toying with my pussy and using my new experience of flashing and showing myself, when to my horror suddenly remembered my knickers, they were a Christmas present from my aunt, six pairs embroidered, with my full name on them, over my ass, which was the fashion statement back then, if a man got that far, he got to see what you really thought when her fingered your underwear.I lay in a cold sweat until morning, when I got up to go for the Sunday papers, ran all the way back down the brae, retracing my pendik escort steps, but to no avail, no panties, he must have picked them up and now he knew who I was.For months I went about my business, petrified this old man was going to confront me with my knickers and I would have to surrender to him and do is bidding just to get them back, but as time went on, nothing happened, and my fantasies grew as my confidence and level of daring do returned with each new menstrual cycle, and soon my sex life was full of masturbation’s and and letting boys have a grope, giving hand jobs and sucking a few cocks, which I took quite a liking too.before the years end my father had bought me my own computer for studies as the internet was brought into our house, my bedroom to be exact, and in less than a few days my girlfriends with more experience were pointing me to chat rooms, and online masturbation with men from all over the world, men of every colour race and creed, and dicks of every shade and size, what was really cool, was they listened to me and begged me and all I had to do was tease until I felt the need to cum.”Old and young” was the main room I hung out in, I was in there first thing in the morning to catch a big black one from the States, an orgasm in the morning set me up for the day, gave me a buzz, knowing I was a worldly wise girl enjoying the fruits of my own body, that had a pair of cup cake titties, that excited the men more because we girls were out of reach by law, but that we willingly let them look at us and play with them.Initially before the webcam, we took photos as we sat and sent them with text, so they could see us and read our dirty little minds, as we got out of control, it was like that when you are sexually inexperienced, you get carried away, and the chat program we all used allowed for that intimacy.Then came the webcam, and every girl I knew wanted their daddies to buy the best, with some actually watching their daughters perform for other men, I remember once stepping out of my bedroom in my bare feet and stepping into a pool of semen, I never mentioned it and daddy never admitted to watching me, but it did give you a different feeling, more intense, knowing he was cumming close to your naked body.Would I have let him if he had just burst into the room, cock in hand, I don’t know, if I am honest with you? What do you think guys, have you caught your teenage daughters fingering?However, I digress, there was one man of interest to me, he was a regular and had a nice cock, and he entertained me on cam by getting erect from flaccid. I was showing everything and he likewise, but I never showed my face, what made him interesting to me, was I knew he lived in the same area as myself, so like daddy jacking off behind me, his being that close gave me an option to make it happen, and after about six months I admitted I lived in the same town, as he did, and was considering meeting with him, for coffee, to say hello, and maybe more.Once he knew there was an inevitability of us actually meeting and getting naked with each other. perhaps it was my youth or inexperience, but I was the instigator and teased him terribly, dropping hints about myself, wanting him to recognise me and finally have his way with me, but there was always that fear factor, stemming away back to my first encounter with the drunk man on the brae, my first of many turn-ons that drove me to this point, so I told him the name of the secondary school I attended, and if he stood close to the front gate he would see me walk past him.He promised he would stand there, but would I approach him to say hello and maybe later go back to his place for sex?I went to school the next day, totally soaked in sexual excitement, because true to his word, he was standing just off to the side of the gate. I knew he did not know what my face looked like so like that night on the brae I got the same powerful buzz, walking close to where he stood, catching his eye as I passed him, wondering if he knew it was me, and went inside, looking out a window to see him walk away.That night I told him I had been very lose to tuzla escort him, looked him in his eye and smiled. He thought he knew which girl I was, and suddenly I felt a pang of jealousy of him with another girl he was mine and mine alone and I told him off for being unfaithful in thought.On the Sunday night I told him if he turned up at my school, I promised to say hello to him so he would know for certain who I was, because I now knew who he was and I still liked him.I had the mixture of sexual sickness, and pre-menstrual horniness, a dull ache that is both needy and yearning, so when we alighted from the bus at the terminus, I was walking with two other girls, who both looked like me in body build and hair colour, and we walked directly towards him, and I could see he had already singled us out as his potential target, or wishful thinking, but by then I was laughing, elated, and as I drew up to him, he was eyeballing me, even the two girls beside me saw it, and I just said, “Good Morning Sir”, and walked away with them, all of us laughing at my audacity to communicate with an old pervert eyeing up schoolgirls, but little did they know about what just transpired, and when I looked back over my shoulder as my friends walked ahead, I gave him a small wave before going into the building, that night in the chat room, I agreed to come to his house tomorrow, as he gave me his address, which I promised, as I wanted it ore than he did.I dressed for school but decided to skip morning classes, and do the dirty deed, I wanted to experience sex, and I wanted it to happen sooner than later.I knocked on his front door and when he opened it, he was in his dressing gown, naked under it, and no sooner had I slipped into his lobby, I was all over him, panting like a bitch in heat.He slid his hand up my inner thigh, all wet and sweaty, my knickers, were tight and stuck to my being, he could not pull them down, they were like a second skin on me, and could only peel them off by rolling them down my legs, to finish up like a small ball, with my scent and a sweetness of oestrogen all rolled into a small cotton ball.I fell back onto the thick pile carpet, legs akimbo, my cunt open and bloody, I was having my periods, no cramps just a horny ache for cock, as he sat between my open and spread thighs, marvelling at a young girls menstrual cycle happening, before his eyes.He mounted me, and began fucking me and the feelings of pleasure soon had me cumming over and over, it was better than I could ever imagine, a fullness that satisfied every inch he filled me with cock, my whole crotch was a bloody mess, with blood and semen, a sight that filled me with a dirty pleasure for forbidden acts of sex and at a time when women hide themselves in shame, I was fucking my brains out.He bathed and washed me, and inserted my tampon, and watched as my meaty labia enveloped it, leaving just the cotton string. He took my small ball of cotton panties, “I can wash these”, he suggested, but I told him it was OK.He got up and went into his bedroom and came back, “Here, put these on”, and a pair of girls panties landed on the floor where I sat.I recognised them immediately, they were mine, the ones I lost on the brae, and sure enough there was my name on the bum section, did he know it was me?I asked him about them, reading out my name in the bum embroidery, and he told a sketchy story of the night we met, I was his dream girl, and for months he tried hard to find me, he wanted me so bad, but now he had met me, she was a distant past in his mind.I decided not to tell him I was that girl and that these were my knickers, perhaps in the future I might confess to us meeting as fate, if he had caught me that night and done what we both really wanted, he would have got 20 years for it, and I would not have got what he just gave me, and what I was aching for now.I continued to have sex with him off and on for seven years, not online, a taxi fare was better and cheaper than the internet charges, and more fulfilling, especially when I stayed over and went online with him pretending to be my granddad, the number of men seeing us having sex, broke records. Sadly he passed away when I was 23 and married, but by then I was doing other stuff.I love the interaction with you guys so any comments on the stories about is fully appreciated, and will be acknowledged by me providing you leave your email address for me to get back to you,

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