A Hard Day’s Night

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What a long ass day. That’s what I thought as I walked out to my car after a long day working the afternoon shift. I had been working some long hours as the holidays approached and I was looking forward to a hot shower and crawling into bed with the wife. Maybe, if I was lucky, she’d be in the mood to put out. Slim chance, as my recent work schedule had put the brakes on out usually lively sexy life. We’re both in our thirties and we usually fucked at least four or five times a week. We used to be more adventurous, but as we became familiar, we has grown into a routine. Not that it was a horrible thing. We both knew what the other like, so we were both pretty happy. Or so I had thought. I pulled into the driveway, a quickly noticed the car parked in the driveway. It was late, close to midnight, so this seemed off. Maybe a neighbor has some company. I parked and walked up to the house. I stepped inside and the house was dark, she must be sleeping. I slipped off my shoes, and hopped into the shower downstairs. I didn’t wanna wake up Shauna. I dried off and got dressed and headed upstairs. As I approached Escort Karşıyaka the top of the stairs, I heard a noise. A familiar noise. I moved closer to the bedroom and it grew louder. A woman moaning. No, Shauna moaning!! I was filled with rage and jealousy, but also a strange feeling, arousal. I opened the door, and froze. There, on our bed, was Shauna fucking some guy. She was riding him reverse cowgirl, facing toward the door. She has her eyes closed and head thrown back and moaning loudly. They hadn’t even heard me come in!! I stood there watching her ride up and down on this faceless cock. It was huge!! I’m not lacking, as I’m a nice 8″ hard. But this monster was at least 10″, and she wasn’t even coming a the way up! It was thickly coated with her juices and shining in the dim light from the lamp. I looked back up at her face and she had opened her eyes and was looking directly at me. She was still moaning, but now she was smiling at me. I stood there, my mind reeling, but with a massive hard-on. She started riding him harder and faster, with bornova escort a new determination. I started hearing a groaning sound, I realized whoever was fucking my wife was moaning almost as loud as Shauna. She yelled out, “Oh Jared, I’m going to cum! Give me your cum. Cum in my pussy!” Jared?!? I recognized the name. It was her friend’s boyfriend. They had been flirtatious when visiting before, but I hadn’t thought much of it. He yelled, “I’m going to cum!” To which she screamed, “Give me that load! I love being fucked by a real man.” She looked me in the eye with that statement. My devastated look must have set her off, of maybe it was the massive load being deposited in her womb. She scream louder than I ever remember. I was sure the whole neighborhood could hear her as she threw her head back an bucked up and down. She slowed down an finally came to a rest with Jared balls deep inside her. She slowly stood up, her eyes never leaving me. Jared looked up, he hadn’t noticed me. The had a look of shock, like he was ready to bolt. Shauna must have sensed this, üçyol escort bayan as she told him, “It’s ok honey, you stay right where you are.” She still hadn’t looked away from me. She walked right up to me. My cock hurt, it was that hard. She said, “Jared here was kind enough to take care of matters around here lately. He fucks me the way I need it. He makes me do as he pleases, while you just make me please you.” I just looked down in shame. I didn’t have the slightest clue anything had been wrong. She then told me, “This pussy belongs to him now. You don’t have to leave. But if you stay, you will do as you’re told. If this isn’t acceptable, you are free to leave.” My mind was racing. I was terribly angry, but I was speechless, and hornier than I has ever been. I looked at her thighs, and his cum was dripping down her leg. My dick jumped. What the hell was wrong with me? I was snapped out of my trance but her asking me, “Well?” I didn’t know what to do. This was the woman I loved, but could I really live like this? I just shook my head. The most evil grin came across her lips. As if in cue, Jared stood up from the bed. His massive cock swung from side to side, Shauna’s juices still dripping off of it. She took his place and spread her legs. His cum was thickly coating her pussy lips, and started to run down her ass. She told me to undress. I didn’t even feel like I was controlling myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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