A Housewife’s Dilemma – Choice No. 02

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An account can be found of what happened with Joe; the local ‘Hire a Hubby’ back in the story ‘A Housewife’s Dilemma – Choice No. 1. Please feel free to read it first to give you some context for this continuation…

I hope that you enjoy!


I had moved towns with my husband and kids as a consequence of his promotion to head office and I still loved him to bits. He was increasingly successful in his career and I enjoyed all the trappings of that success. Once we had both turned thirty; we had plenty of money, a nice house and lovely kids. However, up until now; our married sex life was very ordinary and besides being taken passionately by Joe just before we moved house, I was somewhat unfulfilled sexually but I was persistently horny.

We had settled into relative domestic bliss within about three months of the move. The new house was nice; a town house instead of the palatial place we had previously, which was in a nice enclave in the suburbs. Unfortunately, we also used to have a pool in the old place but not in this new house.

We didn’t really have much of a social circle back at the old place, aside from through other mothers that I met through the kids and the school. There was one girl I had met through my yoga classes who was also a mother from the school and we would go for a coffee a couple of times a week. However, I still had my oldest and best friend Sally; my old gymnastics coach, confidant, advisor and life guide! She still lived back in our old home town and we would call each other every few days to catch up. We would chat for ages to the degree that my husband would ask me why I didn’t just tell her to move in with us!

I missed seeing Sally. We were a long drive of over four hours apart now and I missed her popping over for a coffee or meeting up for an occasional wine and gossip. She would keep me up to date with the latest man in her life, (if there was one), or her latest conquests (if there wasn’t)! I had always looked up to her and I envied her to a degree.

My sex life with my husband had improved since we moved. I think that the encounter I had with Joe triggered my behaviour to flirt and be much more forward with my husband and he also seemed less stressed in his new job. I was getting his attention a bit more than I used to. I would lure him into sex now using the same, subtle, girly tricks Sally had taught me from young and I would also ask him directly for specific thing I wanted in bed. I never used to do that before I was taken by Joe, but I wished I had because I was being pleasured by my husband better than ever before!

I confess; much of the improvement was thanks to the coaching of Sally! Starting from when I became sexually active and long before I was even married, I was always open with her and shared the details of my sex life. She knew my husband from when we first dated, so she knew what a damp squib he could be as a lover! When she used to visit me, she would deliberately flirt with him and figuratively poke and prod, only to get no reaction whatsoever. She sympathised with my frustration so gave me little hints of guidance.

My husband would always take me out for a ‘date night’ each weekend. It was a cheesy routine that we had; a babysitter for the Saturday night and out together for a meal or a movie. Sally had a new theory that she shared with me to try out on date nights. It involved something called the Lordosis position. Apparently; this involves the curvature of the lower spine to accentuate the butt.

Sally told me that high heels caused a Lordosis position in women which is why men find it so attractive. She instructed me to wear thigh length dresses gathered at the waist with high heels. The combination of accentuated butt, bare legs and painted toes in strappy stiletto sandals was guaranteed to drive my husband (and any nearby men) wild with desire!

Sally’s supposed research had said that Lordosis position related to the mating of many animals such as Lions, Cats etc. and it was also a subliminal and primeval driver for men’s sexual desires. As I always took note of Sally’s advice and coaching; I went and got a pretty Laura Ashley print dress in navy blue dotted with tiny light blue flowers. It had a waistband and thigh length skirt that focussed my butt nicely and low vee neck, giving a good glimpse of cleavage. I also got some navy blue stiletto strappy sandals and accessorised with a gold ankle chain and neck chain. A dab of his favourite perfume and a black G-string completed the ensemble.

On one Saturday date night we went for a meal; I then insisted we visit a bar after. Whether it was the fact that he had spent several hours in the company of, clearly, a sexual goddess, or the leering I was happy to receive from every male in eyeshot, I don’t know. But my husband fucked me silly in the back seat of the car on the way home!

Good old Sally, she knew her stuff! I next went and got a lovely ‘LBD’ in black (for the boys; that’s a little black cocktail dress) and that had a similar Üsküdar Escort effect.

As a further example; my husband would very rarely perform oral sex on me until now. I had demanded it within days of us moving house and he gladly obliged. Since I happened to be really horny at the time he didn’t take long to bring me to a shaking orgasm and he must have enjoyed it as much as I did, so would venture down there as if it were routine. I would duly give him a blowjob, which I loved and had been performing regularly throughout our marriage. I also fancied that I had a good level of expertise, but I wouldn’t finish him and he would desperately fuck me instead once I had driven him to need his release.


Having moved away almost two years previously; I was missing Sally and she said that she felt the same. She made the suggestion that I should go and visit her for a weekend sometime. I said I would love to, but there were the kids to consider…

Typically pragmatic and direct; Sally told me to simply tell my husband that I was going to visit her and stay for the weekend. The kids were therefore going to be his problem!

As was my way; I researched domestic flights back to where we used to live. A couple of days later; I broached the subject with my husband in a post coital moment. As we lay naked with me wrapped in his arms, I suggested that I was thinking of going up to see Sally on a Friday evening and coming home Sunday evening.

My husband simply said “Yeah! Why not?”

I reminded him that he would have the kids for the weekend on his own and he seemed quite happy with it and was actually quite pragmatic that it might be fun!

So; it was on! I double checked flight availability and before booking, rang Sally to give her the news.

“Okay coach” I said when she answered. “Your favourite pupil is coming up for a girl’s weekend!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Sally. “What did he say?”

“Nothing” I told her flatly. “He was actually really good! He wasn’t at all fussed about it and was happy to look after the kids.”

“You little beauty!” Sally exclaimed. “When you thinking of coming?”

“How about the weekend after next?” I suggested as a sensible alternative.

“How about you get your cute little ass up here THIS weekend” Sally retorted.

“Okay then” I blurted boldly raising the stakes, “how about I see you around five in the afternoon at the airport on Friday?”

Sally gave out a little whelp and it appeared that was decided. Her eighteen year old son would go and stay with her ex-husband every other weekend and it suggested to me that she was on her own.

“I shall go and stock the fridge with Chardonnay” she stated. It was a favourite of both of us and a glass of chilled Chardonnay whilst having a good old girlie talk was long overdue.

“I might have a bit of decent gossip for you too” I posed to her, teasing.

I knew she would take the bait and instantly regretted mentioning anything. I wanted to tell her what had happened with Joe but not over the ‘phone within possible earshot of family. I had kept it to myself and Sally was the one person on Earth that I would be willing to share it with.

“Oh really?” Sally asked intrigued.

“I can’t tell you right now Sal. I promise to reveal all when I get there” I added.

“Can’t wait” Sally said excitedly. “What’s it about?” she pressed.

“Can’t wait” I responded in Parrot fashion, ignoring the latter question.

“Okay” Sally said somewhat flatly. “I will pick you up outside arrivals at five o’clock Friday.

Sally didn’t pursue it and it was therefore all set. I would fly up, which was a relatively short journey of just over an hour from my local airport, then see her for the duration of the coming weekend for a bit of ‘girl time.’


I packed light (for me). I took the new Laura Ashley ensemble, in case Sally dragged me out anywhere, plus a selection of mostly lying about jogging pants, shorts and tee shirts, a girlie summer long top that I wore over jeans, plenty of panties and three bras plus the usual selection of cosmetics and jewellery that were standard traveling essentials. Aside from my strappy sandals, I took a second pair of heels and travelled in jeans and Converse sneakers.

I was excited to see her. I really did miss her as it was the first time we had been separated by this much distance since she coached me as a girl in my gymnastics classes and we were also together a lot through my late teens; both of us took up yoga and went to the same classes. Sally was five years my senior but when I had started dating my future husband I still saw Sally at least once a week up until I got married at twenty one. Apart from not actually coming on my honeymoon, which I reckon Sally would have done if I invited her, she was a regular visitor and was also the Godmother to my kids.

Sally had married relatively young and fell pregnant with her, then, boyfriend. Consequently; they married Üsküdar Escort Bayan shortly thereafter and when the baby was born; off he ran! I never could understand men doing that. Sally went on to remarry and that, too, ended in failure. So now she was an independent woman, save for having a teenage son living in her apartment with her most of the time.

When I landed and got off the ‘plane, I could see Sally at the boundary fence waving and jumping up and down excitedly.

I went to the baggage reclaim and waited as the conveyor started up, when suddenly, from behind; there were arms wrapped around my shoulders and across my upper chest. It was Sally!

I turned to receive a huge, warm hug and we exchanged cheek kisses, albeit I went on tip-toes because she towered above me in my sneakers whilst she wore heels. She was naturally about four inches taller than I was, as it was. My forehead was on her chin right now!

I leaned back from her and noted that she looked as glamorous as usual! For a woman now in her mid-thirties, she was still very attractive and extremely shapely. She still attended yoga classes as did I and she was fit, lithe and graceful. She was definitely a throwback to her days as a gymnast. Sally had straight hair worn shoulder length. It always had a natural shine and was a natural dark brown colour. Her skin was a very light caramel that betrayed her Slavonic heritage, along with beautiful Hazel eyes. She always looked feminine and elegant, even as she was dressed right now in in jeans and strappy heels, with a cotton blouse.

She looked amazing and I told her so. We cuddled and stood arm in arm chatting until my case came into view and I stepped forward to retrieve it.

Sally led me by the hand as I wheeled my case out to her waiting car; a small white two seater Mazda sports car, where she ceremoniously lobbed my case onto the back seat and we both climbed in. We chatted excitedly as Sally put on a pair of sunglasses and a flat cloth cap and we set off.

After a journey of about twenty minutes, we pulled up at Sally’s apartment; which was quite an up-market complex with a communal pool and gymnasium and entered via the basement carpark and the lift, up to her third floor abode. She worked as a HR consultant (‘Human Remains’ as she termed it!) and had rented this two bedroom apartment; making it home to her and Darren, her teenaged son, just over a year previously.

“You got three choices Angel” she put to me flatly. “You can either sleep Darren’s room, which trust me is the least attractive option, or you can slum it on the sofa, or bunk with me like the old days.”

She called me ‘Angel’ as a pet name from when very young. My actual name is Gabrielle but we also had a Gabby on the gymnastics team. So it became ‘Angel Gabrielle’ or, for convenience, simply; ‘Angel.’

Back in the day; we used to room together when we travelled for gymnastics tournaments so we had roomed together and even shared beds on several occasions. I had been under Sally’s wing from very young, through puberty and right up until I was dating and married. She was my idol. One of those infatuations young girls have with older girls and wanting to grow to be ‘just like them.’ We had nothing to hide from each other, least of all nakedness or our habits!

“I think I shall choose to bunk with my old bed-mate” I announced. “But I get the left side of the bed, as usual.”

Sally chuckled.

“Yeah, you get that, but nowadays I sleep in the middle so it’ll be nice and cosy” she laughed.

I took my bag to her room and set it down out of the way in one corner. I unzipped the top and retrieved a couple of bottles of Sally’s favourite Chardonnay. I also grabbed a bottle of Cognac I had got her.

I went out to the open plan lounge and kitchen area bearing my gifts and presented them on the kitchenette counter as Sally was already pulling a cold bottle from the fridge door.

“Rent payment” I told her as she turned with the bottle.

“Aww! You really know the way to my heart” she cooed as she checked the labels with a smile.

That was something else I always admired about Sally; that smile. She had beautiful teeth and her nose would crease and turn up when she smiled in a very cute way. It reminded me of a little girl.

Sally took two glasses from an eye level cupboard and poured two glasses, flicking the screw top lid from the bottle into the waste bin with her thumb, like a coin toss.

“We won’t be needing THAT!” she declared emphatically and put the half full open bottle back in the fridge door.

“Come on girl, let’s sit” Sally declared, kicking off her shoes through her bedroom door as she passed and with a glass in each hand, glided over to the sofa.

I took up my position next to her and she handed me one glass. We both declared “Cheers!” and took a decent sip of our respective wines.

I leaned down and untied my sneakers. Sally jumped off the sofa and knelt at my feet, helping to remove my Escort Üsküdar sneakers then taking them and placing them adjacent to the door to the apartment.

She returned and settled in next to me.

“Right” Sally suddenly declared. “What’s this gossip you owe me?”

I chuckled nervously and took a deep breath.

“Okay” I stated resignedly. “Do you remember the guy that used to come over to the house and tend the pool and the garden? Joe?”

Sally squinted in thought as if trying to picture seeing Joe.

“Oh!” Sally suddenly declared. “Was Joe the black haired hunky looking older guy?”

She then mentally listed his obvious attributes out loud; “Tanned. Muscles. In his forties, quite sexy?” she went on.

“Yes” I confirmed. “THAT Joe” I added as if it were obvious.

Sally anticipated what was coming next. Her mouth opened, her eyes widened in mock horror.

“Ooh! You didn’t!” Sally stated, rather than asked. I knew exactly what she was implying and so did she.

“Yes” I confirmed. “I bloody well did!”

“Ooh! You little slut” she said in mock disgust. “How was he?” she went on leaning forward deliberately as if intrigued.

“He was unbelievable” I confirmed. I then went on to add; “He had an amazing cock. He was huge!” and put my glass of wine down on the coffee table to indicate with both hands his length and girth.

“Wow! You lucky, lucky cow!” Sally declared. “Did he know how to use it?”

I tried to choose my words carefully.

“He was pretty rough and physical. Not exactly brutal” I said flatly. “But after all the teasing I gave him, that was more my fault than his” I went on.

“In fact” I concluded, “he fucked me good and proper and I loved every minute of it!”

Sally gave out a loud laugh and pretended to stamp her feet excitedly. Then she leaned back smiling placing a hand on my knee.

“He even tried at one stage to shove it in my ass!” I said in mock surprise. “There was no way…” I tailed off.

“So, how did this come about?” Sally enquired.

I described how I had really got the hots for him, seeing him daily and detailed step by step my seduction of Joe, what was said, right through the countdown and chase until he caught me on the stairs, scooped me up and fucked me on the bed.

Sally sat with her glass of wine in one hand, her other hand on her chest as if catching her breath and a wide eyed broad smile.

I explained that Joe was actually very domineering but gentle in so many ways when he fucked me. I also told her that he simply pulled up his shorts and walked away after.

“Wow!” said Sally. “He was a real man, by the sound of it” and set her wine down, wiping her lips with a pensive finger.

Indeed, that was an apt description of Joe.

“So, he fucked you just once and never came back for more?” Sally asked almost disappointed.

I went on to tell her that he carried on as if nothing had happened between us, until I teased him further and he took me over the kitchen table.

Sally clapped her hands in glee and patted her hands on her knees.

“Well played that girl” was Sally’s summary.

I was actually disappointed that Joe hadn’t fucked me every day from the first encounter, but I kept that thought to myself.

We finished our wine and Sally returned to the fridge, coming back with the bottle and some finger foods. We sat nibbling the finger food and finished the first bottle between us.

A second bottle was produced, plus more nibbles and Sally plonked herself down beside me.

We chatted and giggled together for ages. It was as if we had only seen each other yesterday. The fondness we had for each other was obvious. We were tactile when we spoke; a hand on the other’s arm as we related something, a tap on the knee or we both collapsed into a hug as we laughed.

A bottle and a half down and we were both feeling very relaxed if not a little tipsy and I decided that I wanted to change into some sloppy clothes.

I was just starting to regale Sally of my success with her Lordosis theory and this coincided with my decision to get changed.

“Here” I beckoned as I stood up. “I will show you my successful tools.”

Sally followed me to her bedroom excitedly and I opened my case to unpack, handing Sally my clothes, which she immediately hung in her wardrobe or slipped in an empty drawer prepared for me.

I fished out the dress and the stilettos and peeled off my top as we chatted, Sally seated herself on the end of the bed. I dropped my jeans to my ankles and kicked them off, leaving me standing barefoot in a G-string and bra.

It wasn’t as if it were a surprise. After all, we had seen each other stark naked and shared showers plus seen each other in various stages of undress for years, so there was no awkwardness or bashfulness. We had both endured childbirth with no signs of stretch marks and both were fit from years of gymnastics and yoga, so we both had bodies we were proud of.

“Here are the shoes” I told Sally as I leaned on the wall with one hand, whilst slipping on one shoe at a time.

“Of course, I used the bad girl bend at all times” I told Sally as I bent with straight legs to secure each shoe, wiggling my ass directly in her direction as she sat behind me a short distance away.

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