A Mutually Advantageous Arrangement Ch. 03

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Weeks after Megan and I met in the local coffee shop and discussed a possible arrangement, I am still amazed by the many ways that my life has changed. I had spent months in tortured isolation following the death of my wife Allison, and I had found it difficult to imagine a time when I might ever find sensual pleasure or any kind of intimacy with a woman again. My experiences with Megan in the past few weeks have erased those doubts. She has helped me to climb through the many layers of grief that had dominated my life, and I am so pleased that our relationship has blossomed the way it has.

Before I took Megan to a clothing optional resort, I was not sure if I would be able to convince her to do a deep dive into her own feelings or to reach a level of self-assurance that I knew would be essential to the kind of arrangement I had envisioned. That day at the resort changed everything. Not only did Megan eventually find the courage to be naked in the midst of hundreds of other people, she proved to herself that she was able to let down her inhibitions and explore her own sexual desires. I was now trying to think of new experiences that might take our relationship even further, but before I had solidified plans for our next meeting, Megan surprised me with a text message.

“Hi Paul. Sorry I have not written for a few days, but I wanted to tell you again that I really enjoyed our day at the resort. I’m still pinching myself to see if it really happened and that it was not just a dream.”

“You were such a trooper that day,” I typed when I saw the message. “I know it was not easy for you to spend a day in your birthday suit, but I was so pleased that you took the plunge.”

“I hadn’t said anything at first about our arrangement to my roommate. After that day, I finally opened up to her and told her what we had been doing. No names.”

“Her response?” I quickly typed.

“I don’t think she believed me at first,” Megan replied. “But when I started to talk about some of the details of the resort, she was convinced. Turns out she has been there herself, so she knew I was not making it up.”

“Sounds like she is an open-minded girl,” I replied as I pecked away at the keyboard on my phone. “Any chance she might want to join us sometime?”

“That’s why I am texting. She’s kind of in a bind with money as I was. Do you think you might be able to help her like you did with me?”

“I’m open to the idea, but since I don’t know her, I think we would have to meet first. Maybe the coffee shop?

Megan worked out the details with her roommate, and a few days later we met at the coffee shop where Megan and I had first discussed my proposal. As soon as Megan walked into the coffee shop with her friend Nikki, I knew I had to find a way to make it happen. Nikki was the kind of girl that turned heads wherever she went. She was blond and nicely tanned, and her strong athletic body was incredibly attractive. As we talked, I found out that she was on the college volleyball team and the swimming team. As to personality, she was quite a contrast to Megan. Megan was quiet and reserved most of the time. Nikki was outgoing and extremely personable.

“It’s pretty clear that Nikki I are pretty different,” Megan said after we had all gotten to know each other. “It’s hard to believe that we are roommates.”

“That’s what makes us great roommates,” Nikki countered. “It would be pretty boring if we were the same.”

“She’s also a lot more experienced with sex than I am,” Megan answered. “That’s why I thought you might want to meet her.”

“Let’s not get carried away,” Nikki protested with a smile. “I admit I’ve had a few wild nights with a few guys I have been with in the past few years, but it’s not like I am out on the street looking for marks every night.”

The more we talked, the more I was convinced that Nikki could be a welcome addition to our arrangement. I described my house, the private backyard with a big grassy area, the cabana with the outside shower, and the large heated pool. I also mentioned that there were no firm rules, but that most adult guests chose to use the pool and hot tub in the nude. The more I spoke, the more interested Nikki seemed to be.

“It sounds amazing,” Nikki said. “I’ve always dreamed of having a private pool like that. Sending time at yours would be the next best thing.”

“Megan seems to like it,” I replied.

“That’s what I find so surprising,” Nikki continued. “I’ve known Megan for a few years, and I really can’t picture her swimming or sunning in the nude. In our apartment, she is so modest that she wraps herself in a robe or towel after a shower, even though I am the only other person in the room.”

“I might just surprise you the next time I shower,” Megan said with a smile. “I think Paul is turning me into a nudist!”

“Hah! I’ll believe that when I see it,” Nikki replied.

We sat in the coffee shop for another 20 minutes, and before we left, we had laid out a plan for a get-together at my place the following Saturday. I was filled with anticipation as I prepared the house and pool for our almanbahis party. Allison and I had a few friends who would sometimes join us for a skinny-dipping party in our pool, but I honestly couldn’t remember the last time that I had spent time with more than one female. I knew that adding Nikki to our arrangement would fundamentally change the framework of my agreement with Megan, but my mind was spinning with the possibilities. My hope was that Nikki would come to trust me just as Megan had done.

Megan and Nikki arrived in late morning on Saturday. They decided to sit out on the patio while I made up a pitcher of margaritas and some bowls of snacks. Since this was Nikki’s first visit to my house, I decided to dress in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Normally I would be nude in my private yard, but I figured I would let the girls take the lead on the dress code for the day. I excused myself and went inside since I had a few important phone calls to make.

After our had made my phone calls, I looked out the window. As I suspected, the girls had decided to soak up the sun in the altogether. Or in ‘all their innocence’ as Allison would have put it. I had already become familiar with Megan’s beautiful body, but this was my first chance to see Nikki without clothes. She did not disappoint. In fact, she was absolutely stunning. Her lean athletic body demanded scrutiny, and her evenly tanned skin gave full evidence that this was not the first time she had sunbathed in the nude.

Since the girls had established the dress code, I stripped off my clothes and went out to join them near the pool. Megan looked like she might be sleeping, but Nikki saw me coming and smiled. Just as I had admired her athletic body as I watched from the upstairs window, she seemed to like what she was seeing as well as I took a chair next to her.

“Oh dear,” Nikki said quietly. “It looks like Megan has found a real man this time. She had mentioned you were easy on the eyes, and now I can clearly see what she meant.”

“I am glad to see that you have made yourself comfortable,” I replied. “Most of my friends take a little longer before they get naked. Good for you.”

“I’ve been in sports my whole life, and so I have always been in pretty good shape. I guess that has helped me to feel confident about my body. Nudity in the showers and locker room are common for people on the swim team, so it just seems natural for me.”

“Not just the locker room,” said Megan as she opened her eyes and smiled. “Nikki is just as casual in the apartment.”

“What can I say?,” Nikki replied. “I like being naked. It feels liberating.”

“I’m guessing that the neighbors also enjoy your liberating lifestyle since we never close our drapes.” Megan said.

Megan stood up and started walking towards the shady area near the house. She had spotted the hammock over there and told us she was going to take a nap. I mentioned to Nikki that there were a bunch of pool loungers in the cabana. She got up to take a look and came back with a smile on her face.

“Is that a massage table in there?” Nikki called over to me.

“That it is. Allison and I took a couple’s massage workshop a few years ago at an institute in Big Sur on the Pacific coast. We found that our private back yard was the perfect place to practice our stroking techniques.”

“Are you interested in practicing your technique on me?” Nikki asked. “It’s been a pretty stressful week. I could use a deep massage to help work out the knotted muscles.”

It only took a couple of minutes to set up the massage table and cover it with some fresh sheets. Since Nikki was already nude, we were able to skip the normal preliminary steps. As she climbed up on the massage table and stretched out on her stomach, I asked her if she wanted me to do the customary preparation by putting a small towel over her ass. She just smiled and said it wouldn’t be necessary. I squirted some scented massage oil over her shoulders and back and began to ply her tight muscles with my hands.

I remembered that our instructors at the workshop had encouraged us to focus on all parts of the body including the hands and feet, so I made sure that I spent some time working Nikki’s feet and toes. As I guided her arms out away from the table to work on her hands, her fingers brushed against my penis. Her smile suggested to me that it was not accidental. That and the fact she continued to finger my cock lightly as I worked on her extended arm. Her lean muscular legs felt amazing as I massaged the backs of her thighs. As my fingers worked the inner thighs close to her vulva, I was unsure how far I should go. Nikki provided the answer by spreading her legs slightly to invite me to explore her exposed pussy lips. I took the hint and for the next several minutes, I slid my oily fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Nikki looked over at me and smiled when she saw that I was sporting a massive erection. Seeing that I was in need of some relief myself, she slid closer to the edge of the table and gently guided me closer to her head. When she stretched out almanbahis yeni giriş and kissed the tip of my penis, it was as though she had heard my silent prayers. She began to run her tongue along the length of my cock and cradled my balls with one hand as she massaged my ass with the other.

“There were so many times I dreamed of doing this when I was on a massage table,” Nikki whispered, “but I never had the nerve. But then, my massage therapist never worked in the nude.”

“I’ve seen porn video clips showing scenes like this,” I stammered as I felt my knees buckling slightly, “but I never imagined it happening to me. Please wrap those sweet lips around my cock and take me deeper.”

I knew immediately that Nikki had considerable experience with giving head. She was masterful as she worked her lips and tongue over my cock, and she took me as deep as she could in her mouth. Nikki was in complete control and all I could do was moan with pleasure as she brought me to an explosive orgasm. I steadied myself by grabbing the edge of the table, and then handed her a small towel to wipe away the jism that was all over her face.

When we had both calmed down a bit, she rolled over on her back to let me finish the massage. I took my time as I gently stroked her breasts, and she seemed to enjoy the sensation of my fingers on her erect nipples. My hands did a thorough exploration of her torso and legs, but we both knew that my main target was her pussy that was completely shaved and deliciously smooth. Nikki parted her legs slightly as my fingers slid between the folds of her labia, and my goal was to bring her to orgasm like she had done for me. I urged her to shimmy down the table so that I could replace my fingers with my tongue. She responded immediately and began to moan as I worked my tongue over her most sensitive spot. Her climax was as explosive as mine had been, and when she was fully satisfied, she gently guided my hand away.

By the time we had put the massage table away, Megan walked back over to the pool. She had apparently slept through our entire adventure, but she could tell by the looks on our faces that she had missed something. She said that she was ready for a swim, so we spent the next hour relaxing in the pool and talking about what to have for dinner. The consensus was Thai, and so I went inside to call in a delivery order and slip on some shorts before the food was delivered. I was consumed with memories of Allison and the many times we had enjoyed our dinners au naturel in our private back yard. Sitting here with Megan and Nikki was not the same, but I was at peace with the world as I gazed over at the two naked beauties on the other side of the table.

After dinner, I grabbed a bottle of wine and three glasses from my wine cellar and we headed for the inground hot tub adjacent to the pool. The warm jets of water felt good, and for a few minutes, we all just sat quietly and soaked in what was left of the sun now dipping lower in the sky. Any concerns I may have had in bringing a new person to our arrangement had been erased hours ago. Nikki brought a new dynamic to the mix and clearly a wealth of experience that I hoped she would impart on Megan. As I looked over at her, I wondered if she was going to share our afternoon escapades with Megan. For the moment, we all seemed to be content to savor the jacuzzi jets and listen to the birds.

Nikki finally broke the silence. “Megan, you’ve done good girl. Your man has quite a place here. And I must say, Mother Nature was very good to him as well. I’ve had a few guys in my life, but I don’t recall that any of them was blessed like Paul. He must love it when you put your sweet lips on that magnificent cock”

“First of all, Paul is not ‘my man’. Second, I didn’t really have a way to compare until I spent a day at the resort,” said Megan, “but I agree that he is, how do you say it, well endowed.”

“Excuse me ladies,” I said with a smile. “I’m standing right here. “I’m a human being, not just some sexual object that you can talk about like I’m not even here.”

“Believe me, I’m fully aware that you are here,” Nikki said with a seductive smile as she reached over to stroke my cock. “And I’ll say again, I bet it feels amazing when Megan kisses this beautiful piece of manhood and makes love to you with her mouth.”

Megan looked over to me nervously and then said, “Full disclosure, I have not done that with Paul. I feel guilty about that since I have heard that guys go crazy when girls suck their cocks, but I could never work up the nerve to do it. Two of my old boyfriends begged me to do it, and they got pissed when I told them I could not do it. I am guessing that is why they broke up with me.”

“Well then, we have some work to do here, don’t we?” Nikki replied. “Your arrangement is not complete if you have not explored all of the ways that you can pleasure your man.”

With that, Nikki motioned me to sit on the edge of the hot tub and then she pulled Megan close so that their heads were within inches of my groin. The next fifteen minutes will live in almanbahis giriş my mind for a long time. Nikki expertly stroked my thighs with her soft fingers. She came tantalizing close to touching my penis, but with each stroke, she was careful not to make contact.

“The first inclination may be to just open your mouth and take him in,” Nikki explained, “but you can enhance the experience by teasing him first. Watch as I run my fingers across his thighs ever so close to his cock. Can you see his muscles tighten and his cock start to twitch in anticipation?”

“That seems mean,” Megan whispered as she watched Nikki’s technique. “You can tell he wants it so bad.”

“Just keep watching. Every time my fingers come close to his cock, he is silently pleading with me to touch him and put my lips on the tip of his rock-hard prick. Then, when you feel that he is about to go crazy with the anticipation, start with your tongue and begin working your way up and down the shaft. At the same time, gently massage his balls with your fingers to ramp up the sensation.”

“Damn he looks hard,” Megan observed as she watched in fascination. “But doesn’t it taste gross to have his thing in your mouth?”

“I love everything about giving and receiving pleasure. If the thought bothers you, just do it in a place like the pool or hot tub like we are doing here so you can rinse as you work. In the bedroom, get creative. Try whipped cream or chocolate syrup. They even sell flavored products to make it seem like you are sucking a lollipop. A big hard lollipop!”

Sensing that I was getting close to climax, Nikki urged Megan to come closer and take over the task. Nikki told her to open her lips and begin to engulf my cock with her mouth. She reminded Megan that the idea was to simulate the sensations that a man feels when he is deep inside his woman. She took the hint and began tightening her lips on my shaft as she bobbed her head in rhythm with my gyrating motions. My climax came faster than Megan expected, and she ended up with jism in her mouth and on her face.

I slid back to enjoy the warm jacuzzi jets, and we all sat and talked quietly for a short time. We all agreed that the night air was too pleasant to go inside to sleep, so I grabbed some soft blankets from the cabana next to the pool and laid them out on the soft grass. We all lay back and listened to the soothing night sounds before we drifted to sleep.

The morning sun on the horizon and the sounds of the birds woke me up. I got up to make a pot of coffee and some breakfast. Megan and Nikki heard me move and sat up to watch me walk to the kitchen. After I got the coffee started, I looked out the window and noticed that they were in the outdoor shower together. I smiled as I watched them lather each other up and caress each other under the warm water, and I realized that there is something especially erotic about watching two beautiful women showering together. I quickly made a batch of scrambled eggs and sausage to bring out to the patio along with a carafe of coffee. When the girls saw what I had prepared, Nikki got a wicked smile on her face and whispered to Megan.

“Where are you going?” I asked Nikki as she headed for the house. “Did I forget something?”

“I think she has a surprise for you,” Megan said as she grabbed my hand. “Let’s go lay on the soft grass and see what she brings.”

“How about the breakfast I just made?”

“I don’t think you are going to mind waiting a little bit for breakfast,” Megan answered.

“I prefer maple syrup on my sausage,” Nikki said with a big smile as she walked back to the patio holding up a bottle of syrup. “So much more delicious that way!”

I was a bit confused at first as she lay down next to me and Megan on the grass, but her intent was soon obvious to me as she motioned for me to roll over on my back. She flipped open the cap and began drizzling syrup over my chest and torso. Now, flanked by my two beautiful companions, they began licking the syrup from my body with slow and sensual motions. They continued to work their way down my naked body until they reached my navel. Knowing that the sensation would drive me crazy, they drizzled more syrup into the depression and then took turns licking it clean.

“Well, that was fun,” Nikki said. “What do you say we go have some breakfast”

“Maybe we should ask Paul,” Megan offered as she looked seductively at my cock that was now fully at attention. “Since you mentioned that you like syrup on your sausage, Nikki, maybe Paul also thinks that is a good idea.”

“It’s possible that he does not want us using up more of his syrup,” Nikki countered with an equally seductive smile. “I guess we should ask him.”

I did not need to answer since the pleading look in my eyes conveyed my desires. They slid down a bit and began playfully pouring the syrup on my thighs, my balls, and eventually over the tip of my cock. As their lips and tongues did their work, I was totally in their control as they masterfully carried out their mission. While one made sure that my balls were getting the attention I craved, the other was exploring the length of my shaft with her soft tongue. When to became clear that I was close to climax, Megan poured more syrup on my cock and took me in her mouth. That put me over the top in moments and I shot my load all over my chest.

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