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Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 48 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note** All locations are accurate including mileage, Ian comes for the summer. Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ jacoblion@tutanota **Your comments and emails are the driving force of the story** . . . Chapters 48 . . . Mornings have been wonderful. Lately we have been sleeping so soundly. The daily routine is always the same and Ian has been amazing to have here both for the boys and myself. The time is passing to quickly and here we are at the end of the third week of July. I will be very sorry to see Ian return to New Haven and Yale. In the past few weeks Garret and his dad have been helping Neil knock down a wall between two small bedrooms to make a new very large bedroom for Garret when he decides to spend a night or two at his dad’s house. Professor was spot on when he thought Ian would be good for the boys. I can’t believe how much Liam, Kori, and Garret have learned. Their math is 2 or 3 grade levels ahead of where they were. Ian has taught them geography, world and ancient history. Kori and Garret enjoyed and laughed at the parts about Greece and how married men would have young boys living with them and how the Olympics were played naked. Well of course that would excite boys their age. Ian speaks to the boys in French and is teaching them to speak in phrases like, j’aime aller pêcher – – I like to go fishing or j’aime monter � cheval – – I love riding horseback; now this did create a little problem. The boys think it is funny to come to the kitchen or where ever I am and speak to me in French knowing I have no idea what they are saying. Then they laugh like they said something they shouldn’t have. The thing is that Kori, Liam and Garret have grown educationally so much and they didn’t even realize it. Peter and his mother have had the boys twice for a camping weekend. This has been a break for me and Ian. With the boys gone Friday night and Saturday night it has given Ian and me an opportunity to get to know each other in more ways than one. It was Friday night of the first camping trip that the boys went with Peter and his mom that Ian really got to know each other. We spent the evening having ribeye steak for dinner and trail riding till almost dark. Ian is fascinating and intelligent in ways older than his years. His father is a history professor and his mother teaches elementary school. Our conversations touched on a number of subjects including his being gay and the nights with Garret. Ian told me he and Garret have been sleeping together most nights. It mostly it has been just hugging and sleeping soundly till morning and the smell of fresh coffee woke him. He said the most they had done was to jerk each other off. Then Ian said he was surprised that when he wanted to have oral sex with Garret that Garret said he wasn’t ready. That surprised me a little, but maybe it shouldn’t after the Ayden thing. It was late that night and we went to the barn and finished nightly chores. Back in the house I said I was going to take a shower and hit the bed. Ian walked to his room and I had just stepped in my shower when I heard Ian say . . . “Jake would it be alright if I joined you?” It took about � second for me to think about that and say . . . “Ian I would love to have you join me.” Ian stepped in and for the first time, other than the night at the Clarion pool when he stepped into his Speedos, I saw him naked. When Ian stepped in it was like standing with the Greek god Apollo. His young body is absolutely perfect. There is not a spot or blemish anywhere. In seconds we were both in an embrace that lasted minutes. I think Ian needed this as much or more than I. His lips were soft, warm and felt overwhelmingly right against mine. I was oblivious to anything other than the safety of his touch. One by one, the senses flowed and suddenly I felt the wild thrill of joy, fear, and excitement, I surrendered to him. His kisses were pure joy and the feeling of his lips as they descended sent excitement and electricity to my entire body. He stood and once again embraced me in the most erotic hold. I could feel every ripple of his torso and with the excitement of his erection against mine it brought us both to an amazing and thrilling climax. We dried and went to bed. We simply held each other and the warmth of our bodies entwined brought us both to increased sexual sensitivity. I began to kiss and nibble his body. He tasted sweet an almost vanilla taste and as I continued to descend I felt his hand so tenderly and gently on my head. We are about the same size and perhaps Ian is a � inch longer but not more. I was so surprised that bursa escort even here he tasted sweet. I could feel his body tighten and arch slightly and when he climaxed it was somewhat sweet and faintly salty but still remains that slight vanilla taste. We continued to hold each other and the scene repeated three more times and once in a position where we could pleasure each other at the same time. I have never experienced such amazing sexual gratification as this night. I remember when Neil and I were 11 and 12 but that was just boys having a little fun. This experience with Ian was one of love and tenderness. We enjoyed Saturday night in exactly the same way. Sunday the boys arrived and it was great having them home. Liam started with the stories and between Liam and Kori, and Garret the stories lasted till showers and bed. We watched at great movie and a Russian team at the North Pole. Garret stuck to Ian like glue and Kori and Liam were in their usual positions with me. As the night evolved we decide to go swimming at D.A.R. swimming hole and rock slides. So tomorrow it would be chores, breakfast, showers and lessons the off for swimming. Liam said he had a slight stomachache and I suspect it was all the soda he drank at Peter’s. It was time for bed and as usual the boys all went to their bedroom even though I knew it wouldn’t last, and it didn’t. By midnight Garret was sleeping with Ian and Kori and Liam were all snuggled up with me. It was a completely different feeling as I hugged up to Kori. The feeling was that of complete and unconditional love; and as I watched Kori as he hugged Liam it was the same. Sometime in the middle of the night I felt a soft kiss and it was Kori. I looked at him and softly he said . . . “I just wanted to kiss you, no big deal.” Then it was the smile that haunting smile that says so much more than words could ever say. The morning arrived and it was the usual routine and by now you all know it as do we. The boys were excited to go to D.A.R. and the swimming hole. Liam was a little slow and I think he picked up a stomach bug. I told Liam he could just sit and watch with me and he didn’t have to swim. Liam being Liam said . . . “No way I’m swimming and diving too.” We all jumped in the truck ran over and picked up Peter and were off to our favorite spot at D.A.R. We were at the swimming hole for about 2o minutes and the boys were having fun. The next thing I knew Garret was carrying Liam saying he’s sick and threw up. Ian drove as I held Liam on my lap. We dropped Peter at home and we went directly home. Liam was running a fever and I gave him ibuprofen but in just 2 hours Liam was “sweaty, clammy, pale and lethargic. He was hunched over, and when I tried to straighten him up, he squealed,” Ian picked Liam up and held him on the back seat as we drove a quickly as we could to the emergency room. The ER pediatrician touched Liam’s stomach and sent him for as CT scan that revealed a perforated or ruptured appendix. No one will ever know the pain and fear I felt. The pain of knowing there is a possibility of losing Liam As much as I love my boys this was extremely stressful and while I was digesting the diagnosis, I knew that there was no one else but Dr. Lim I would rather have care for Liam. He was in excellent hands. We were probably his last surgery of the day but he made us feel like we were his first. After we met with his surgery team, we knew he was in the best hands possible. Dr. Lim said this is the worst case of appendicitis I have seen this year. Liam sailed through surgery with flying colors. His appendectomy was done via a single incision hidden in his belly button, meaning he will have minimal to no scarring after surgery. After surgery, Liam only needed to stay for one night for observation. I then witnessed the true love Kori has for Liam not only had he cried on and off all during the surgery but he refused to leave Liam that night. We all ended up staying but Kori spent the night on a small bed they rolled in for him and placed beside Liam. Liam being Liam actually said he had so much fun and loved being at the hospital because he felt like he was the boss! Everyone was so attentive to him. Every person that we interacted with, from the nurses that cared for him and spoke in a way he would understand, to the volunteer in the play room. I know any fear of doctors; hospitals and surgery that Liam had were all lessened because of this environment. Once home most things returned to very much our normal routine. It was the last week of July and Liam spent the week recovering . . . that meant that Liam took advantage of every situation he could with everyone he could. I have no idea how many hours Kori, Garret and Ian rubbed his back or gave him a bath, oh I had my share too. Ian and Liam became best friends as Ian treated Liam like one of his brothers and spoiled bursa escort bayan him rotten. I am so thankful that our home has so much love that is shared by each of us in so many ways. When I see Kori hug Liam or Garret walking with Kori or Ian walking with Garret with their arms around their shoulders I realize this summer will be remembered for the rest of our lives as A Story of Love. Today when we finished chores and breakfast and lessons it was time for fishing. “Yes Liam we are going fishing and yes Liam you can have a chair, even though Dr. Lim said you were ok just no hard activities, if you need a chair. Yes Liam I will net your fish or Kori or Garret or Ian. Liam you will be just fine and we all know you are the king when it comes to fishing. We were about ready to go when Liam had to pee. This happens all the time . . . we are either in the truck or about to get in the truck and we hear Liam . . . “I gotta pee wait.” Sometime I wish I had a clamp in my pocket. We were in the road and yes we are heading to D.A.R. forest just a few miles down the road, it’s marked on the map in the discover section, https://jacoblion.weebly/discover.html and photos are on the home page. . . . We arrived and Liam took us to the best spot for fishing. Geez how damn lucky can this kid be? Liam’s line hit the water and before anyone else could get a hook in the water he had a nice one on the line. That is 1 for Liam. We all had lines in and were being patient when that little obnoxious brat had 2 on the hook. Now get this he is only 10 feet from me and I haven’ had a bite. Ian jerks his rod slightly and he has one and at the same time Liam has 3. I told him if he was going to be piggy about this to go sit in the truck. Everyone is having a great time. Lunch was perfect with fresh fruit, crackers and cheese and ice cold tea. Garret, Ian and Kori were having a good time when Kori’s pole started bending. Kori had hooked a big one. We all watched as he fought to bring it in and he had it right to the net . . . right to the damn net and it got away. It was ok because we got a great photo of it. I noticed we were all getting a little red so it was time for more sunscreen. I had to take video of how it was applied . . . oh yes. I watched Garret as he applied it to Ian. Kori was going . . . ooh . . . that looks sexy. Garret turned a little red and Ian said . . . “It is, and is causing some excitement elsewhere.” We all laughed and when Ian turned to face Garret to have his chest done we all could see where the excitement was. When Garret was applying the sunscreen to Ian’s chest and stomach there was a slightly noticeable wet spot in front of the silky thin shorts. What was more revealing was when Ian applied the sunscreen to Garrets back and Garret was facing us . . . wow! Obvious woody! Then Garret got all embarrassed and was trying to turn around when he lost his balance and fell in the lake. We were hysterical with laughter. When we “fished” Garret out of the water his woody was gone. I hope the remainder of the summer will continue to be this much fun. I see the boys so happy. Ian is just a delight to have with us. We decided to call it an afternoon and head home. We could use the extra time to ride Eric and Dusty. When we arrived Neil was there and his cast is off and he is feeling fine. The boys decide who would ride first and it was Kori and Liam but Liam could only walk, not trotting for sure. Garret, Ian, Neil and I sat on the porch and just watched as the boys rode the upper pasture. After about 10 minutes Kori and Liam came back and Garret and Ian rode the upper and lower pasture and if we were not mistaken at one point Garret leaned over and kissed Ian. At least it looked that way. We all just smiled and no one said anything but I’m thinking the way this day went it would be a horny night for some of us. While the boys were riding Neil told us about the renovation at Garret’s father’s house they have knocked out a wall between the two small bedrooms. Now there is one very large bedroom like the boys bedroom here. Garret’s father is making plans to give Garret whatever he wants for the room including a queen size bed or a bed like Kori’s. He is trying his best and now wants to convert half the garage to a two stall horse barn. Then Neil said something that was interesting. Garrets father is thinking that by the start of school Garret will be back home living with him but the question is if Garret will want to leave Kori and Liam. Neil told us that Garret feels that this is his home and that going to his father’s house is like just for a visit. This will be a very interesting situation if that is how Garret feels. I think Garret’s father might want to not push things and let that be a Garret decision. It was a beautiful day and Ian and Garret were just returning. We decided to let Eric and escort bursa Dusty stay out in the upper pasture and only Finley would need to go before bed. The boys were ready for dinner so tonight it would be pizza and that was good for all of us. I ordered 3 medium 3 topping and an order of wings. We enjoyed sitting on the porch and telling Neil all about the fishing for fish and Garret. Yes there were lots of laughs. About 7 Neil said he a few things he need to finish and headed home. With that we decided to play Monopoly and have an early night to bed if the game didn’t go to long. The brat seemed to be very lucky and at 9:30 had everyone’s money and the game was over. Together we walked over to the barn and brought Finley in closed things up for the night. Back in the house it was shower time and without any discussion Ian and Garret went to the boy’s bathroom to have their shower. Now you can guess where that left Kori, Liam and I. Yes Liam we can all have a shower or bath together. Bath it was. Just as we were ready to get the bath ready Garret came and wanted to talk to me. I told Kori to get things ready and I would join them in a few minutes. Garret and I went to the living room and sat on the couch. I could see he was a bit nervous and I just told him everything was Ok and to just take his time. Garret said . . . “Jake I think I want to have oral sex with Ian.” I stopped Garret and said . . . “Garret you and I had this conversation after you were upset about that with Ayden. The only thing I can say is that it has to be your decision, it can’t be that Ian or anyone else pushes you. That will only end up in hurt feelings, so be sure it is what you want.” With that Garret said . . . “Well it is different with Ian, he’s not pushing, he said only if I wanted and I don’t have to do it to him. I just wanted to tell you.” I looked at Garret and said . . . “Then you are going to be fine, if it doesn’t feel right to you just say stop and Ian will. I think Ian is a great person and is someone you can trust, and he will be gentle. So enjoy the experience.” Garret smiled and said . . . “that is why I love you so much it’s because you listen and you love all of us.” With that Garret went off to have his shower with Ian . . . now who knows what will happen? Will it be in the shower or after the shower and in bed or not at all? What I know is that I have to sit in a warm bath with Liam and Kori who I bet is hot and horny. Not to mention my state. Liam and Kori had the bath ready and were in. I stepped in and behind Kori and it was as I thought . . . Kori was hot. I mean his body was actually hot. Something else Liam was sitting like Kori sits with me in-between Kori’s legs. I lathered his head as he was lathering Liam’s and I used plenty of strawberry shampoo so he was slippery from his head down to the water. I reached around to his tummy and he immediately shoved my hand down to his erection. I leaned down to his ear and said not now Kori. He understood what I was saying and we just had a nice fun bath with all three of us in the tub. Liam needed to get dry and head for bed so Kori dried him and said . . . “Liam you go get in bed and Jake and I will be there in a minute or two. Liam left happy and headed to the big bed. Kori stepped back in the tub and I said . . . “I know what you want but let’s drain the tub and turn on both showers. We stood and were both in the same condition. I set the showers to gentle spray and emptied the shampoo bottle on Kori’s chest and as it began to run down his chest I continued to create a slippery mess. I knew it would not take either of us long. Tonight Kori was more loving than ever. His hands explored and then stopped. Kori picked up a sponge and began washing me from my neck to my toes and back; he turned me around and did the same passing the sponge between my legs then dropping it. His hands were lathered and he slid his hand forward and began to massage my testicles he was so gentle and it felt amazing. He stood and as he did his hand and a finger slid to that magical place and continued up my back. I turned and pulled him to me tightly. I let my hand reach just below his belly button and just as I touched him I could feel his orgasm still dry but stronger than before. Kori’s hand hardly touched me and it was over. We dried and went to bed Liam was sound asleep. Before Kori and I drifted off to sleep he needed one more. As a few times before I just held my hand in place and could feel a slow rocking motion as he rubbed gently across my palm and with just a few strokes I felt his body stiffen and the throbbing and he softened. I slept soundly until about 3 am when I felt a gentle rocking I turned and it was Garret . . . Had a smile and bent down and whispered in my ear . . . “It was amazing all three times. I did Ian too and he is sweet and slightly salty and a vanilla taste. Thanks Jake you were right he was so gentle with me.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Goodnight ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chapter 49 Next Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ **Your comments are very important to ota

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