A New Beginning Unfolds

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We met in high school. Michelle had a smile that the Milky Way was jealous of, while I was a little over eager to help her with anything. Her build was petite, with small firm breasts and a breath taking bottom that jiggled with her short blond hair. Any class with her was a thrill, even if just to watch her, but finally in our junior year she asked for some help with an algebra problem. I wasn’t exactly a geek or innocent, but I was shy and especially around her. Patiently, I assisted her with algebra, in return I received smiles and slowly, so slowly, conversations began to dribble out.

A few months later a friendship developed and there were occasional phone calls. By the end of the school year we were confidants. Michelle encouraged me to ask the girl out whom I told her I admired and she asked for advice on boyfriend problems. Once a month or so, we met for lunch and laughed ourselves silly. At some point she indicated one of her “friends” had an interest and I took advantage of the information. Our talks became plagued by infrequency, graduation jumped out of the box and then we both took off for college.

During summer breaks we would usually got together and chase down a few beers. Mostly, we caught up and laughed like hyenas. I always smile when I think about those moments and how we must have looked. Someone should of tied us together, fully naked. Why I wonder, why didn’t such a stranger come tumbling our way. After college we accepted jobs in different cities and fourteen years after high school graduation I heard her laugh at a conference and sought her out.

Our stories continued to dance together. We were both married and each had two kids. Neither of our spouses were at the conference. She didn’t say much about her man, and I didn’t say much about the mother of my children. Instead we went out to dinner and I bathed in her smiles and laughter. Time hadn’t dulled either, and also kept its hands off her figure. We updated our portfolio on each others life events and our talk even dabbled skyward with exploration of our dreams and mistakes. After dinner we returned to the conference hotel and shared a bottle of bubble.

With the bottle of bubbly empty we agreed to call it a night, so I offered to escort her to her room. She smiled, and accepted. As we entered the elevator, an older gentleman grabbed the door just before it closed and squeezed in with us. She nudged me with her elbow and pointed to him with a wink. After we exited, she burst into a laugh then announced that she had a funny to tell me about one of her cases and insisted I listen in her room.

“That Gentle-Man in the elevator worked on the other side of the case from me. Things grew really heated between us, but I really trusted my client and the facts also stood behind her. But wait, I’m being rude. Before I finish, would you like another drink Jack?”

“Well what does your well stocked bar have?”

“Ahh, my dear the selection is most grand. Cheap wine, cheaper beer and a few miniatures of rum, vodka, tequila and gin,” she said as she bent over looking into the miniature bar. Her figure did look great. No one would ever guess that children had passed through her hips. Brief glimpses of her tummy early in the evening had revealed that she had kept her six-pack. As she indexed the bar’s contents, I couldn’t help but notice the full sweetly tight muscles of her behind. For years I’d wanted to softly caress her tush and then squeeze it firmly. Time seemed to have only heightened this desire.

“How about a vodka and 7-Up, and what are you going to have?”

“I’ll go light and try my luck at a shot of tequila, then use a little of your 7-Up as a chaser if you don’t mind.”

“Not a problem. You sure about the tequila? Ever since college it seems to make my stomach curl automatically upon first sip.”

“I didn’t drink much in college, and recently I’ve gotten into tequila. It seems to get me much more perky then any other drink, and this has been a really fun night.”

“On that point, I must agree. And so now tell me the rest of the story.” After saying this she sat down next to me on her bed and kicked both legs up on top of the mattress on top of one another. Her legs looked incredible in nylons. I tried not to stare, and when caught just smiled like an idiot. She chuckled then continued her story.

“Well, that gentleman and I had a little scrabble over whether his client had produced documents that were key to the case. The documents were medical records on my clients surgery that were suppose to document steps taken to insure surgery was performed on the correct leg. A mistake was obviously made as surgery was unnecessarily done on her left knee. The elevator man told me on the phone that the hospital wished to quickly settle, avoid publicity and he would promptly have all the medical records turned over to my office. I never got the records, so suit was filed, and I was forced to get the court to order production of the patient’s medical records. In the process, I advised rus escort the court about the gentleman’s early pre-suit promises, too which he responded that ‘I was a flat-assed liar.'”

After revealing this portion of the story, she stood up, placed her back to me, and then as she turned her head towards me and arched her back she asked, “Does this look like a flat ass to you?”

My lips somehow became instantly glued together. She waited patiently, and her silence demanded an answer. Alas, my tongue thawed and I nobly stated, “I’d have to disagree with such an assessment.”

“I think my ass is rather nice,” she replied.

With a smile, I added, “Yes, I would agree.” Damn my palms were sweaty, and the tummy was doing flip-flops like I had four or five shots of tequila. Finally, I saw an out and clumsily asked, “So what finally happened to the case?”

“The jury agreed with us, gave her a reasonable award, and then had enough balls to tack on some punitive damages for the hospitals ‘misplacement’ of her records. Of course, our version of events used the terms ‘deliberate destruction,’ rather then misplacement. It was nice to see, but I still wonder whether the person who made the decision to destroy those documents lost their job or were promoted. Did the result make a difference to anyone other then those directly involved?”

“Do most lawyers think about things like that?”

“Too few. I do trial work on both sides, and those are the questions that haunt me. Should I continued to work in law or should I try to make this world a better place through some other more effective endeavor.”

“Are you thinking of switching careers?”

“I don’t know, but I do know that this conversation is getting too serious. Here is a question for you. If you could take any two movie stars with you to a deserted Caribbean island who would they be?”

“Hey that is a huge leap. But I’m game, provided you also play along.”


“Today, it would probably be Angelia Jolie and Penelope Cruz, but maybe I’d go with Carmon Diaz. I’ll stick with the first two. And now my question. ‘Where is the most public place you’ve done it?'”

“You are getting right into the subject there Mr. Blunt, but I’ll answer and then only one more question each. In college, at noon, on top of a picnic table. No more details.”

I started laughing. “I never figured you for an exhibitionist. Was it exciting?”

“No details. Next question. How come you’ve never tried to kiss me?”

Shit, this was a real zinger. “Maybe we should stop now?”

“A deal is a deal, and I’ve always wondered why and with kids I know you are not gay,” she replied.

I thought for a moment, my mind, and alcohol fueled buzz, cleared damn quick. “I don’t think this is a fair question, but I’ll answer. It has not been for lack of want, or desire, just lack of nerves and now a marriage. I’m sorry.” For years she seemed interested, but only in friendship. I never dreamed there could have been more.

“Sweetie, sweetie, please don’t be sorry.” As she said this she cupped her hands around my cheeks, then bent in and gave me a quick kiss. While still holding my cheeks, she gazed into my eyes and said, “I too was nervous, but fantasized you’d make the move. It is I who am sorry. Sorry I didn’t act on my dream, my fantasy and just questioned why you didn’t want me. But I’m not going to look back with regret, because now I know that I still have this incredible friend and who knows what would have happened if we had fucked each other silly.”

We both laughed at this, and then I added, “So, I’ve got the last question. Tell me, tell me, about your two top fantasies since you brought up the subject.”

“You are so so Mr. Blunt and what a typical guy question. You were honest so I will be also. Not in any particular order, but one of those would be a threesome, but there is a hitch. You cannot tell a soul. I think I’d prefer that threesome to be with another guy and girl.”

My crotch throbbed with this information. What guy’s wouldn’t? “Nice. And what about the other fantasy?”

She giggled a little, then replied, “The second one is very old, and sweetly innocent, but unshakable. Since high school I’ve fantasized about making out with you.” As she said this she looked directly into me eyes.

“You’re pulling my leg?”

She smiled, and blushed a little as she looked downward, then replied, “Nope. I’m just being humbly, under the influence, embarrassingly honest.”

Now it was my turn to turn red and being the kind of guy to easily take a hint I announced, “We’ll I need to get some rest and drink some water. Why don’t we have lunch tomorrow?”

“That sounds great. Here I’ll help you to the door.”

I grabbed my coat, slipped on my shoes and as I was reaching for the door handle, Michelle called my name, “Jack?”

I turned towards her and asked, “Yes?”

She then reached her arms around my back and pulled me into her as her lips istanbul bayan eskort met mine. At first, my face was frozen, but quickly thawed. Her lips felt marvelous against mine and then her delicate tongue began to trace the outline of my lips. My thawed state rapidly heated as my tongue began to dance with hers and my hands roamed over her back then softly descended onto her perfectly curved ass.

As my hands glided over her bottom she let a soft moan then thrust her groan into me. She started a pattern of thrusting hard, grinding and then slowly pulling away. After a few minutes of this she broke our frantic kiss to whisper, “Squeeze my ass hard.” I complied, and with one hand she reached around to grab my hard cock through my thin pants. A wet spot was forming, and her caresses caused me to use her ass to pull her up towards my hungry cock.

We dry humped and suckled on one another’s face and mouth for ten to fifteen minutes. Her small hand then released my member, reached down into my pants and firmly grabbed my cock. She used her palm and four fingers to envelope my cock while her thumb danced across the top gently smearing my juices over its entire head. As she continued to seduce my cock with her right hand she unbuttoned her dress with the other and let it fall to the floor.

In front of me stood a beautiful lady whom I’d dreamed about and masturbated over since high school. Almost naked except for a semi-sheer silk thong with a wet spot, garter belt, and fine stockings. After her dressed dropped to the floor she peered into my eyes with her electric fire blues and asked, “So what do you think?”

How could I respond. My brain wasn’t thinking, it was purely in fuck mode. Given my mental state, I uttered a brilliant, “You look really hot.” She responded with a, “Mmmmhhh?” Then pressed her body against mine and again started to kiss me while unbuttoning my button up, then unfastening my belt and finally exposing my cock to fresh air.

I pulled her into me and our thrusting game continued. This time my hands firmly sank into her incredible butt and I raised her upwards so my head pressed into her silk covered crotch. I kept her in this position for half a minute, grinding into her clit and then slowly lowered her earthward. When she returned to her toes, our kiss continued, while our hands focused on one another’s private parts. A finger easily slipped into her, and forced out an audible sigh. She continued to teasingly slow pump my hyped up dick. I was getting too close to eruption.

In response, my fingers eased out of her to explore her magic button. Slowly I uncovered it from its protective fold, then softly caressed it while subtly applying increasing pressure. This seemed effective as her hand movement stopped and was replaced with squirms and unhhhs. This game continued until she jerked her bottom away and uttered a simple, “I want you.”

My hands again reached around her to grab her cheeks and pull her into me, then again I raised her upwards. With my arms straining I suckled and nibbled on her small perky breasts. Her nipples were seductively sensitive as my teasing bites caused her to wiggle and hump my chest. As my arms grew tired I was forced to lower her. As I eased her down she curled her legs around my back and her arms over my shoulders, which took the pressure off my arms and lined up our private parts for copulation.

Then with one hand she pulled her thong aside, tilted my cock into position and slowly enveloped me dick. As she did this our lips were locked and tongues wildly fucking each others mouth. Her pussy was pure liquid velvet and so tastefully tight. With my hands I pulled on her cheeks hard and fully entered her. For a few minutes we mimicked aroused rabbits who had been unable to breed for months. I thrust into her harder and pulled forcefully with both hands on her ass. Our building sweat caused one of my hands to slip towards her rear so that my index finger firmly pressed against her rosebud. “Ahh, I love that,” was her response. My cock twinged towards eruption, while at the same time my mind freaked out.

A flood of society/culture/christian thoughts raced through my head. You are married. This is your best friend. You’re going to fuck up your friendship. I’d love to fuck her, but not like this. No, exactly like this, and forever. What am I doing and thinking? I have kids. What if I lost them? This last bit did it. Suddenly I pulled her off, and put both hands in front of me. “We’ve got to stop. I can’t do this Michelle.”

She was in shock and desperate. I felt horrible. One of her hands played with her swollen lips while the other reached for my cock. It felt amazing. I lowered my hands and she again leaned into me and locked her lips on mine. For a bit I yielded. Sparks flew off our tongues while me hands freely explored her body. Her thighs were even wet. With two fingers I entered her again, while with my thumb I diddled her clit. Minutes later she broke our kiss as she came.

This allowed ukraynalı escort enough of a break for my spasming brain to seize control. “Michelle, I can’t continue. Believe me with every muscle in my body I want to spend every minute we have left of this conference with you naked and living out my life long dream of sexing you beyond all rational limits. What I didn’t tell you is that I may soon be divorced as we are now going through counseling and so far things are not looking up. In two and ten years down the road, I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and know I got divorced for the right reason. If it happens I love the idea of seducing you, but in my or our own special way. I have to go right now because if you touch me again I will do whatever you want.”

After this utterance, I quickly dressed and essentially ran out of the room. Michelle was left there naked and with her eyes watering up. I feared that I had just lost an incredible friendship and she would now hate me. That night I barely slept, and struggled with a rugged full throttle headache.

In the morning, I dressed slowly and deliberately showed up late for the last portion of the seminar. I sat in the back row and tried to focus on the government contract platitudes that echoed off the cavernous auditorium. With an hour to go Michelle quietly entered, took a seat next to mine, smiled and whispered, “Hello there stranger. We have a lunch date don’t we?” I returned her smile and nodded my head in agreement while pretending to be enmeshed in the seminar noise.

An hour later we were seating at small sushi restaurant several blocks away from the conference center and its crowds. After ordering she started our dialog. “Jack, I didn’t fully disclose something last night. As you said yesterday, our lives do seem to be running in parallel. However, I am getting divorced, currently looking for a new house and have really been spending time reviewing my life and choices I’ve made. I should of been upfront with you about this, although technically I am still married.”

I can’t say why exactly, but I felt like Mt. Rainer was just lifted off my back. In response to Michelle’s disclosure and the mountain removal, I laughed. “Our lives are eerily parallel. So do you mind if I ask what your limitless analysis has revealed?”

“Well, a girl does have to keep some secrets, but I suppose that I could let you peak into my partially unfogged window. Mostly a focus on me, what makes me happy and how I’m living my life. I need to spend much more time doing what makes me happy and that is a promise I have made to myself.”

“Which begs the question, what makes you happy and why?”

“That is what I focused long and hard on, and then rehashed again, but there should be no permanent answer as people should change and grow throughout their lives. At this stage, I find happiness in playing with my kids, witnessing them learn and become dependent. As for myself, it is learning and sex that rock my jets. And placing smiles on others faces, especially when needed.”

“Kids are wonderful. I cannot imagine a life without them. Sex is wonderful also, but admittedly it has been a cellar dweller in my marriage–another of those ignored red flags. Was it the same with your marriage?”

“I don’t want to blame my husband, we both failed our marriage. Instead, during my deep think I focused on me, what I wanted and why I hadn’t been able to achieve those goals or dreams or fantasies. Society does control a majority of the population. I decided I wanted to get away from that and if someone aroused me then I was going to go for it and have the balls to at least try all of my wicked fantasies. And so there you were last night, hot, tipsy and alone in a room with a lady who countlessly got herself off by imagining you screwing her silly, and so I went for it. In hindsight, perhaps I was too bold, perhaps not enough. But whenever you are ready Jack, to finish what we started, please let me know. And if you wish to go beyond and explore other erotic avenues, you have a willing female partner. And now, I’ll back off and just limit it to a terrific friendship.”

“Thank you, Michelle. You do have my mind spinning and drooling. Why don’t we get back to the last portion of the seminar and then I have an early flight to catch.”

“We can try. I’ll get the bill and use the restroom, then we can go.”

“How about we split it instead?”

“Absolutely not! You picked up last nights tab, and fair is fair.”

We headed back to the conference center, but were first distracted by a cooking store, then a lingerie botique and finally decided we were too late so just strolled through one park and another shopping area where Michelle picked out two new dresses and I a pair of slacks so as not to look like an extra thumb. While walking we discussed politics, favorite places to travel and our kids.

This time she escorted me to my room and walked in when I opened the door. After entering Michelle turned to me and announced, “One of my rules when buying new clothes is that I always model my goods. So I know you are rushing, but just sit down on your bed and give me some feedback on the new additions to my wardrobe.” With that annoucement she hauled her gear to the restroom, and closed the door behind her.

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