A New Life Ch. 01

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Message from, well Me: This series will contain mainly tickling and foot fetishism, but there will be other kinks involved. All this will mainly be consensual in some shape or form because I’m honestly not comfortable writing stuff that involves the word that rhymes with grape. Even though it’s fantasy (made up). I’m also going to try to have some simple stuff that builds more on the story and moments that make you think “Aw that’s nice”. This is also based on a universe in my own head where it’s both sci-fi and fantasy (Elves and stuff). This may lead to some faults in the story. I’ll try to keep them to minimum to avoid any headaches, but this is mainly for fun. This also my first time uploading a piece so feel free in giving me some criticism. I’ll try to be a big tough boy about it. Either way, I hope you enjoy the series.


She sat opposite of Lucas. Though his life of a slave did involve being sold from one person to the next, she gave him an odd feeling. She seemed like an amazon who had jet black hair with lipstick and eyeshadow that matched while her skin was pale as snow. She wore a dark blue dress that was tight around her chest while it flowed freely at the bottom. She had one of her legs resting on the other and allowed her black heel to dangle off her foot. Her dark brown eyes constantly scanned his entire body with a small smirk as he sat in one of her chairs.

When he first arrived, she immediately had him come into her lounge area and just had him sit down while some maids brought him food and water. Each woman brought him bowls of warm bread and fresh fruits while the water was nice and cool. Though most owners would like to examine their new worker, she was different. She was being oddly kind to him.

She finally broke the silence and in a soothing voice, she said, “Can you stand up please and slowly spin around?”

He stood up and did as she wanted. He spun around twice then she said, “You can sit down now.”

Once he did, she remarked, “You quite the body. Not too much muscle or fat. Not too tall or short. You managed to meet the middle ground unlike most people now a days.”

Lucas only looked at the ground while she stared at him.

“Well, I suppose you should know who you’re new owner is. My name is Camellia Virto. You may call me either Mistress, Miss. Virto, Miss. Camellia or even Camellia if you wish. You’re general purpose will be anything I wish, though it won’t be anything too physical or damaging. So, I’ll be nice and let you choose. You can remain in my care for as long as I want you or you can leave now and be a free man. Which one do you want?”

Seeing no real option, he answered, “I’ll stay…uh Mistress.”

“Good. I do hope you enjoy your time with me. Now you must be tired. Long trips on old ships can do that. I had my maids set up a room and clothing for you. Follow them and you can Kartal escort rest. I’ll see you tomorrow sweetheart.”

She got up and walked away while one of the maids stood next to Lucas. The smaller woman said, “Please follow me.”

He got up from his seat and followed the maid. The halls of the manor were made of some dark wood that almost seemed burnt. The décor consisted of multiple painting of both landscape and of the Mistress. She had a blue carpet on the floors and covered most of the center planks. Despite the current era, the main light source of the large manor consisted of oddly bright candles covered by clouded glass rather than the simple and more popular energy lights.

The two reached his room and when she opened it, he was surprised. The bedroom was well maintained. The bed was large and soft looking with lite colored silk sheets covering it. A bathroom hanged odd the side and seemed quite large somehow. Most of the cupboards and drawers were large and matched the décor of the manor.

The maid then closed the door and allowed him to rest in peace. So, he went over to the bed and went under the sheets. The three layers of blankets were soft and allowed him to get comfortable while the pillows were practically clouds that supported his head. He was already drifting to sleep within moments of lying down.


The next morning, Lucas found himself completely bound to the bed. His arms were raised above his head while his ankles were locked in a pair of stocks at the end of the bed. Not only was he bound, but all his clothes were removed too.

As he looked around, he saw Camellia sitting in a chair next to his bed. Before he could ask anything, she placed a piece of cloth in his mouth and covered it with a strip of tape. She then hovered over him and said, “Sorry sweetie. I tried to resist but you’re just so appetizing to stare at. It’s like a gift that I’ve been told not to open yet. I couldn’t hold back anymore, but don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you or anything. Instead, you might find it enjoyable.”

She then stood up and dragged the chair towards the end of the bed. As she sat down, she said, “Tell me sweetie. Are you ticklish?”

She then traced her nail up his sole and he couldn’t help but jump. She giggled, “I think that means yes.”

She then wiggled two of her finger down his arches and he tried to struggle. The stocks though kept his leg locked in place, only letting him wiggle his foot under her fingers. She continued this motion and said, “Normally I would tie you foot up so it doesn’t wiggle as much, buuuuut I figured I should be nicer to you since this is just me figuring you out. That shouldn’t stop me from using some tools though.”

Camellia then pulled two long stiff purple feathers out of nowhere. She wagged them around the air and allowed Lucas to see them. As he watched Kurtköy Escort them, his mind started to race, and he couldn’t focus. She then said, “I think someone is liking their new position.”

With one of the feathers, she pointed towards his waist and he saw that his penis was slowly becoming erected. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. As his face turned red, she smiled at him. She said, “Don’t worry sweetie. I’m enjoy this too. In matter of fact, I’m glad I found someone like you. If you enjoy this then you will enjoy your time here. Now let’s get started.”

She then swiped both feathers. One went up while the other went down. With each downward swipe, she would drag the feathers in between each one of his toes. If it wasn’t for the gag, Lucas would be screaming and begging for her to stop. The feathers felt like they were going through his skin and shocking his very nerves. He tried to wiggle free from his bondage but even though he could move his upper torso, his feet were locked in place and she managed to track his movements easily.

Though he would’ve wanted it to stop, his body was showing her otherwise. He was now sporting a full-blown erection and this only fueled Camellia’s desire to keep going and he was in no place to say otherwise. He was at her complete mercy.

Camellia quickly discovered that his most sensitive part was his soles, she decided to do some patterns. She would trace the tips of the feathers around his heels then slide them up his soles. Then she sawed the feathers across the base of his toes then slide them down his arches. To make sure he didn’t get used to the pattern she would saw the feathers across his sole while stroked the other up and down as quick as she could.

After what felt like an eternity but was only five minutes, she finally stopped. As she put the feathers away, she stared at his twitching erection while Lucas was taking deep breathes through his nose. She then said, “Suppose I should take care of you now.”

She then got up from her chair and walked over to him. She took off her heels and lied on the bed next to him. She said, “Though maybe you can wait.”

She sat on his waist and wiggled her fingers over him and started to smile at him. Her first target was his sides. She dug her fingers into his sides and despite her size advantage, she was on top of him, he was almost shaking her off. Though she might fall off, she couldn’t help but laugh as she enjoy herself. He was trying to throw her off like he didn’t like the tickling, but she felt his erection twitch under her.

She giggled, “You must be having a blast sweetie. You just keep laughing and your ‘friend’ is squirming under me.”

After another five minutes, she finally stopped. His sides were red, and his stomach felt like they did a 100 sit ups. She put her arm under his head and pulled his head closer Pendik Escort to her large chest. She combed his hair with her nails and allowed him to recover. When his heavy breathing clamed, she pulled out a small paint brush that was had pink bristles. She hovered it over his dick head. She whispered, “This will take care of your built-up frustration.”

She brought the brush down and as soon as it made contact, he immediately thrusted out of reflex. Her strokes were slow and methodical. Each time she reached the bottom, she shot the brush up the shaft and over his now leaking head. And each time he thrusted up and tried to follow the brush. Camellia couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction.

After a minute, Lucas felt the pressure slowly reaching the top and that’s when she started to slow down. He felt more than ready to blow his load, but the bristles only made sure the pressure stayed up. Not enough to blow. While keeping him on the edge, she asked, “Do you want to cum sweetie? To blow your load all over yourself and me?”

Before he could even comprehend, he found himself nodding to her question. She then said, “If you cum to me now, you’re mine. Understand?”

He nodded again.

She giggled at his desperation and gave him a kiss on his head. She cooed, “Alright then.”

She quickly picked up her pace like she was trying to fill in the blank spaces on a painting. As his breathing picked up, she ordered, “Cum now!”

Before he knew it, all the pressure and frustration blew out and over both him and her. She kept stroking and he kept thrusting until his penis finally stopped. Though it didn’t go limp she put the brush down and swipe some of his cum up on her finger. She sucked on her finger and said, “Hmm. Delicious release.”

Camellia then snapped her fingers, and two maids entered the room. One of them asked, “Would you like me to bath him Mistress?”

“Heavens no. That’s my responsibility. But please clean up the room though.”

In unison they said, “Yes Mistress.”


Camellia brought Lucas to a large bathroom attached to his room. She filled the square like tub with water that doesn’t seem to be losing its warm temperature and bubbles that felt soothing to the skin. She had him rest on her while she soothed him as much as the bubbles were.

As she rubbed the back of his head, she said, “Aftercare is a very important thing. You can show your pet rough love during a session but afterwards, you have to care for them softly. Show them you see them more as a sex object.”

“What am I to you then?” he asked under his breath.

“You’re my pet right now. But not just that. I was looking for a student and you fit it perfectly. I’ll teach what I know and slowly, you’ll grow and become like me. A fetish witch or in your case a warlock. Right now, you’re at pet level. You’ll be taught, teased and toyed with to slowly break you out of your shell and build up your endurance. It might be awhile, but I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“I uh don’t know what to say really,” Lucas responded.

“No need to say anything. Just rest. Welcome to your new life sweetie.”

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