A rape to remember…

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It was a beautiful sunny day, the kind that makes you appreciate all of the finer things in life. Birds were chirping, dogs were barking, and people were out working in their gardens or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. The best part about it was it was the first day that I was able to bring out the stored summer clothing. Bikini tops, short shorts, flip-flops, tiny little sundresses that were barely there…you get the idea. My flower garden was desperately in need of some attention so I put on my most revealing string bikini top and a pair of shorts that if I bent over just the right way you could see straight up my cunt. Of course, I was trying to attract attention-the other benefit to the warm weather was all the people walking by for my inspection. As was the norm, I was horny and looking for a potential playmate. So I headed outdoors in my not-very-there outfit to do some “gardening”.

Being bisexual really is the best of both worlds. I can appreciate the beauty of both men and women’s bodies equally. As the day warmed up, the sidewalk filled up with gorgeous specimens for me to ogle. As men would walk by, I would estimate the size of their package from the front and check out their ass as they went past. Women were looked up and down, and I envisioned their firm tits wet with my saliva and their beautiful pussies glistening with their juices for me to lick up. My tastes run to just about anything, and there isn’t much I won’t try. My imagination runs wild with fantasies that I have yet to experience but would love to attempt. Probably my most prominent fantasy is of being forced to fuck by someone I don’t know. Some may call this rape, I find the concept thrilling. Of course, I realize that I am a bit unusual. But something about the idea of a perfect stranger walking up to me and bending me over whatever is closest and shoving his burning rod inside my tight hole and punishing it until I scream just sounds about like the perfect end to a day. I just didn’t realize at the time how soon my fantasy would be fulfilled.

The day wore on, people strolled past. I got very little done in my flowers because I would get so turned on watching the women jogging by with their tits bouncing and their asses jiggling and the men wearing shorts that basically outlined all they were packing that I would have to run inside periodically and frantically finger fuck myself to an unsatisfactory climax. While it felt good to have a release, at the same time, my steaming cunt felt so empty and unused. After about four or five repeats of this scenario, my frustrations were coming to a head and I knew I needed a cock in me soon. But despite my best attempts, it seemed that no one was paying any attention to my firm tits all but spilling out of my bikini and my smooth thighs leading up to a pussy that was so wet my shorts were beginning to show dark at the crotch where they had soaked up so much juice. I had gotten plenty of appreciative glances from both sexes, but apparently everyone had someplace else they had to be and had no time for dalliance. The sun was low in the sky and I was about to give up and go inside when I noticed a tall, broad-shouldered black gaziantep escort man wearing a baseball cap and a tight fitting dark colored t-shirt that showed every rippling muscle in his chest and abdomen. He was staring at me from a distance and a shiver went down my spine. Something about his stance and movements seemed odd to me. I knew I hadn’t seen him around before but when he made no move to come any closer I dismissed him from my mind as best as I could and took my meager amount of gardening tools around back to put them away before the sun went totally down.

As I came out of the shed in the back yard, I thought I heard footsteps but after looking around decided they must have come from one side or the other of my privacy fenced property. The only odd thing was the gate leading around to the front was closed and latched and I knew that I had left it open so I could go back in the front door. My back porch wasn’t in the best of shape so I tried to not use that entrance unless absolutely necessary. I headed for the gate to check it out and had only gone a few feet when strong hands grabbed me from behind and dragged me around behind the shed. I opened my mouth to yell and was rewarded with a stinging slap across the face. A husky voice low in my ear told me to keep quiet and everything would be over with soon. When the brim of a baseball cap brushed against the side of my head, I knew exactly who my assailant was and I can’t deny that something deep inside of me was stirring.

I felt warm hands roughly fumble with the strings to my bikini top, and my hands automatically went to help. He must have assumed I was trying to stop him because he grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands against me. My arms were aching from being bent backwards but the more they ached, the more aroused I became. I had read enough about rapists to know that part of the thrill for them was the idea of domination and force over another person, and I knew that if he realized that I was enjoying it he might actually hurt me bad or worse, stop and leave. So I gave a half-hearted struggle against his ministrations to encourage him to continue. He pulled out a knife and cut through the strings holding together the flimsy material and made quick work of my shorts as well. Soon I was standing there in nothing but a tiny g-string that was soaking wet with my own anticipation. He was breathing heavy in my ear and he relaxed his grip on my arms but warned me not to try anything. I heard the rustle of a zipper and the jingle of pants being dropped to the ground. I secretly craved for him to be mean so I started slowly inching away; slowly enough that he had time to grab me by the back of my hair and yank me painfully back to him. He held the blade of the knife against my right breast, and put just enough pressure on it to draw a thin line of blood. The sting of the cut practically sent me over the edge but I held back. Playing along, I begged him to let me go and I promised I wouldn’t say anything to anyone if he would just please not hurt me. A low chuckle ticked the fine hair on the nape of my neck and he told me that he was gonna hurt me good to make him feel good and I better just shut up and take it.

By this time, my hot little cunny was oozing down the inside of my legs. He yanked down the flimsy material masquerading as panties and I felt them rip and fall to the ground. Still holding my hair, he turned me around and forced me to my knees and shoved his pelvis toward my face. The biggest cock that I have seen to date was all I could see in my line of vision and my mouth watered just thinking about trying to swallow all of it I could. Apparently he had the same idea in mind for me because he thrust his hips forward and a dick at least 11 ½ to 12” long and as thick as a can of soda was shoved against my lips. Pretending shyness, I attempted to turn my head slightly and he yanked my head back around and reached down and pinched my nose shut so I would open my mouth. I gave in quickly and engulfed as much of his monster cock as I could. When he was against my tonsils and my lips were stretched as wide as they would go, he began thrusting his hips, gagging me with his girth and length. I was enjoying the sensation and trying to relax my throat to allow me to take more when he yanked it from my mouth and stood me back up. I tried to pretend I was afraid and covered my ample breasts with one arm, which he immediately shoved down and cruelly pinched my sensitive little nipples in punishment. I gasped in pain and pleasure and he shoved me backwards onto a waist-high stack of concrete blocks that I had been collecting for future use. I felt the concrete bite into my ass and he moved towards me, stroking his rigid tool. I ended up on my back with my legs hanging off the edge of the stack.

While his left hand stroked that beautiful pleasure pole, his right hand moved towards my dripping cunt. When he found the freely flowing juices, I heard him give a low growl, and I wasn’t sure if it was out of anger or passion. He raised his hand up and slapped me, first in the face, then across my breasts, then finally smacked down hard right on my throbbing clit. It was all I could do to keep from screaming in pleasure and pain and I bit my lip until it bled. He positioned his velvety hard member against the entrance to my love shaft and pushed but even with all the increasing flow of lubrication, was unable to insert more than an inch. I have always had an extremely tight pussy, and it appeared that his rod was just too much for it. Pulling out, he grabbed me by both nipples and roughly pulled me to my feet. He spun me around and shoved me over forwards, scraping my now extremely sensitive nipples against the concrete. I felt my soggy hole flood even more from the sensation. He repositioned himself and shoved and I felt a slight pop and the whole head was in. Even with less than two inches inside, I felt fuller than I ever had in my life. He began slowly and quickly thrusting, each time getting a little further and further inside. After almost 5 minutes of these tiny thrusts, I felt the brush of his pubic mound against my ass and I knew I had taken almost all of him. My pussy was stretched so far it was burning and stinging and I wasn’t entirely sure that he hadn’t ripped me a little.

Once his rock solid shaft was buried as far as it would go, he started to really get down to business and set a solid punishing rhythm, fucking my poor stretched cunt hard and fast. I knew I was going to cum and soon and really was amazed that I had even held out this long. He gripped my throat with his strong hand and squeezed slightly, and even though I saw stars from lack of oxygen I still managed to explode, squirting pussy juice all around his pistoning cock and all down my legs. When he realized that I was cumming, he yanked his cock from my pussy and I felt so empty. Still in the throes of orgasm, I didn’t realize what he intended until I felt heat and soft steel against my crinkled asshole. This I truly was afraid of-I enjoyed anal sex usually but no way had I ever considered letting anything that size near my ass. I whimpered and tried to squirm away and he leaned forward, putting most of his weight on my back while his cock fought his way into my protesting backside.
Pain like I had never felt before shot through me as he worked his way in, inch by excruciating inch. Thank god the lubrication from my pussy had very slightly eased the way because I nearly passed out from the pain as it was. When he realized that he was making little progress, he took the ever present knife and placed it between my legs against my clit. He warned me to relax and let him in or he was gonna make me useless for any other man but him by splitting me wide open to give him access. I willed myself to stop straining and the second I did, he shoved every bit of his huge meat inside my ass. My ass was on fire and I writhed under him. I felt like a bitch in heat with a knot tied up inside of her unable to be freed until the swelling went down.

He almost couldn’t move his cock because it was so restricted, but after a few seconds managed to start thrusting back and forth. Unbelievably, my backdoor started self-lubricating and combined with the pre-cum oozing from the head of the baseball bat shoved inside me, I actually began to enjoy myself again. He started thrusting harder and harder, trying to keep me from gaining any pleasure but it was no use. I had a body that craved sex and punishment, and the combination of the two was just too much for me. With each thrust, he grunted and before I long, I could tell that he was about to spew his baby juice in my upturned ass. I couldn’t help it, and at almost the same time that he shot his hot sticky load deep in my buns, I came so hard that I literally stopped breathing and passed out.

When I woke up, I was half dangling off the stack of concrete blocks with river of cum mixed with traces of blood draining from my abused asshole. My ripped clothes were on the ground and my “rapist” was nowhere in sight. What was in sight, however, was my hot female next door neighbor, leaning over me asking me if I was ok. Even though I had just had the biggest orgasm of my life and was in quite a bit of pain from the abuse I had taken, I felt the familiar stirring of arousal when I looked at her soft breasts dangling over me, covered by only a thin t-shirt and her nipples brushing against mine. I knew I could play this to my advantage so I sniffled and said I think so, but could you help me back inside to my bedroom…

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