A Seduction at Dinner

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A Seduction at Dinner*This story is a work of fiction.*This happened a few weeks ago, and I’m still kinda shocked..My friend – whom I will call Tim – invited me for a sleepover since his mother was travelling for a work trip and she would not be home for three days.. I agreed since I had nothing planed anyway.I went to his home at about diner time.. I went there wearing the most informal clothes I had, shorts and a kinda stupid looking shirt and sneakers.. it is just my friend right?! wrong! unfortunately, when I knocked on the door his mother opened! I was shocked and embarrassed because of the way I looked.. and well because his mother is a gorgeous milf! I always liked her sexy body and thus a sleepover while she was still home was not the best idea for me.I said nervously: ” Hey.. ms. Green.. how are you?”she smiled and said :”Hey Jack.. come in” I entered the house and she said :”I know you might wonder why I’m still here, my flight got delayed so I figured that I should stay and make diner for Tim and you, I will leave in an hour or something so I won’t ruin your sleepover” and then she laughed.I smiled nervously and said:”Thank you ms.Green. I..”I was so nervous but then Tim showed up and said izmir escort :”Dude! how are you?!” We greeted each other and I went with him to watch some TV, about 15 minutes later his mother called from the kitchen saying that the diner is ready.We went to the kitchen and I took my seat, while Tim and his mother sat in front of me across the table.. we started eating dinner and his mother started chatting about college and things.. the regular stuff..5 or so minutes passed and then I felt something on my leg.. something moving up and down my leg.. it was a foot! a very soft foot!I looked at Tim’s mother in shock.. she looked perfectly normal.. Just a normal woman eating dinner with her son and his friend.. but under the table, she as playing footsie with me! I didn’t know what to do.. her feet felt great.. and just the idea of this sexy lady doing this for me under the table was unbelievable, but still, she’s my friend’s mom! and he’s sitting right next to herIt was just extremely awkward.. I tried to pretend that nothing wrong is happening and I continued eating.. and then I felt the foot going up.. it started rubbing my inner thigh and at that time, I was already rock hard.. I started to sweat escort izmir and I looked at her again, she was still looking normal.. but then the foot moved to my hard cock, and started rubbing it slowly.. and god was that foot skillful! That foot knew what it was doing.. it just felt like heaven, and I didn’t even want to resist it anymore, I just left her to rub my hard cock with that soft – tho surprisingly big – foot. I wanted to look down and see her sexy foot as she rubbed my throbbing cock, but I thought I would look very weird if Tim noticed that I’m looking down at my cock..Time passed and I was still enjoying that soft foot.. then His mother said:”I’m going to be late, I have to leave guys, bye Tim, Bye Jack!” I just screamed in my mind:”Nooooo!” I didn’t want this hot footjob to stop.. but I never showed anything on my face.. I just said :”Bye ms.Green, have a nice trip” She said:”Thanks Jack.” then she stood up and left the Kitchen and I heard the house door open and shut again.. but the foot was still there, rubbing my cock even harder and faster now!I was shocked when I realized what that meant.. that was Tim’s foot! all that time! I looked at him in shock, and he looked me with a look izmir escort bayan and a smile that I can’t find any word to describe them but “sexy”I said trying to sound angry, but I failed:”What the hell are you doing Tim! stop it”He just rubbed faster and said:”Do you really want it to stop? Your cock isn’t even becoming softer.. you are getting harder!”I’m straight.. or I thought I was.. but he was right.. I didn’t want this to stop.. it just felt like heaven.. I felt so weak, and instead of moving his foot away, I pulled my zippers down, exposing my hard cock.. and I relaxed in my seat letting his bare foot rub my exposed hard cock.. He had sexy feet, even I thought the looked nice long before this happened, I always thought they looked kinda girly, and they were so soft and big with long toes and clean and trimmed toenails.. He had a very wide smile on his face and he put his other foot on my cock and started giving me a footjob with both of his feet.. his feet felt so soft and warm on my cock, and pre-cum started oozing from it.. He said”You always liked my sexy feet, didn’t you Jack?”I said:”Yes..” He rubbed harder and harder, playing with my cock’s head and balls, my god he was so skillful, he knew what he was doing.. and a few minutes later I cummed all over his feet.. he looked very happy and said :”That’s what I was waiting for!” Well, a lot of things happened next, but this will have to wait for the next sotry..

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