A Summer Fling

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“George is that it?” she called out to him; Rachel was helping Mike and pack the car.

“Yes, all done inside the place is completely empty. You ready for this Rachel?” George asked

“Tell you what, you better be ready for this I didn’t drive all this way for the two of you to get cold feet on me, get in the car” Mike laughed pushing George in the car.

The three of them were off and Rachel stared blankly out the window. She was just 18 and her George had been together for 2 years now. Rachel had a rocky past she left home at 15 then she had met George and they started living together shortly after .The 2 of them had decided to take a chance and move out of Toronto and head to Windsor. Mike was a good friend of theirs and had moved there with his girlfriend Tania the year before, and then they talked Rachel and George in to the move as well.

Rachel was nervous; she had a pit in her stomach. It would soon pass and they had fun on the drive back catching up with Mike. A few hours later they arrived at Mike and Tania’s and party began. The next week was a bit of a blur.

Rachel and George had plans to stay with Mike and Tania till they got on their feet, but things started falling apart real quick, almost straight after the welcome festivities. George wasn’t looking for work and he was getting angry and miserable.

“What do you mean you going back to Toronto?” Rachel yelled out “We gave up everything to take this chance it hasn’t even been a month yet.”

“Well it sucks here” George said “and I just don’t like it, I’ve called Trevor he’ll be here tomorrow, we should get packing”

“We should get packing?” Rachel chimed. Mike grabbed Tania and left the room. “I didn’t just give up an apartment, and all that other shit to have a month’s vacation” she started yelling

“How the fuck was I supposed to know” George yelled back.

“Maybe George if you stayed longer than a month, really try it out here” as she lit a smoke “I can’t believe this shit, so what does it mean for us George? Is this the end?”

“Well I am going back to Toronto” he was looking her “I want you to come with me”

Rachel butted her smoke and said “I can’t, I didn’t give up a place to live and sell furniture along with my other shit” she paused there was a sadness and anger in her voice “just for a vacation George. I have to stay and try a little harder” she was crying now and lit another smoke.

“Rachel babe we can start over in Toronto” as he tried hugging her, but she moved “Rachel don’t” and he had a tear now.

“If you want to work it out, we stay and try a little harder here” she sniffled and left the room.

Tania consoled Rachel as Mike did with George but either wasn’t budging. It was the end. George had agreed to stay on the couch that night, but he couldn’t resist. He had to try and talk to Rachel and went in her room; well it was their room really still.

“George unless you’re telling me you are staying I think you should leave” she said to him as he entered. “We don’t need to wake up anyone by arguing again.”

“No I’m not staying” he started sitting beside her on the bed “Babe really, is it over” he said kissing her. His hands trailed down her back giving her goose bumps.

“I love you George” she whispered kissing back and crying “But I have got to give it a try”

He hugged her close and then they lay down on the bed. His hands were running over Rachel’s body cupping her breasts in his hands, she didn’t stop him and then she kissed him. He lifted up her shirt and took it off her, and was rubbing her nipples. He kissed and sucked her tits for a while his hand was teasing her making her hot and wet.

George was ravishing Rachel’s body knowing it would most likely be the last time he would get to suck on her big tits. He then moved slowly down her body, leaving a trail of kisses. He took off her panties and threw them on the floor.

“I love your pussy Rachel” and he started kissing her not opening her flower just yet. He just kissed her outer lips, he could see the wetness and smell her taking it all in before letting his tongue dive in and open up her sweet pussy. He was licking her clit; his tongue was moving in circles as two fingers were slowly exploring her inside.

“Oh George” she moaned out

He sucked on her a little harder drinking up the wonderful orgasm she was having, he loved tasting her. George rolled over taking off his pants quickly and Rachel grabbed hold of his cock the second she seen it. Her hand wrapped around his thick shaft, slowly moving up and down as they were kissing each other. She licked her lips tasting her own cum before moving to Georges throbbing erection.

“I always loved the way Harry curves to the left” she said licking his head and letting her tongue trail down his shaft, she then kisses Georges balls. Licking them and caressing them, Rachel works her way back to his head swirling her tongue around it teasing him before she takes him in her warm soft mouth. George’s hands were playing with Rachel’s Kıbrıs Escort hair as she was sucking him hard.

George stopped her and brought Rachel up to him. He kissed Rachel hard and long rolling her on her back and rubbing himself against her wetness before pushing his rod deep in her wet hole. She dug her nails in his back as he was thrusting deep in her. George was slow but deep taking his time and really taking his time to please her it was his last chance.

Rachel then rolled on top of George, and he sat up kissing her nipples as she was grinding on his cock. She held him close as she was reaching climax, George was hungrily sucking and biting her tits and felt his balls tighten ready to release. Rachel bites down on his earlobe as she starts cumming and he cums deep in her as well.

They stayed hugging each other till Rachel slipped off him, George spooned her holding her tightly, running his fingers through her hair.

“I Love you Rachel” he whispered. She didn’t say a word, but he just heard her sniffle.

George woke up and realized he was alone in the bed; he quickly got dressed and packed the rest of his belongings up. As he came down stairs he heard Rachel telling Tania she was staying. George got mad now and went to get a coffee. He never said a word just glared at her then left the room.

Rachel lit a smoke and went outside. Trevor was pulling up to the house now and was waving to her but she just turned her back and went out the back. She stayed out there while George and his brother loaded up the Trans-Am, she didn’t want to see him.

“Rachel” George spoke “I uh… I guess I’m ready, are you sure babe come back with me we don’t have to end it like this” he was holding her hand.

She pulled her hand away and crying she turned to him kissed him and said “No, I can’t”

He looked at her and she knew that look, he was pissed now his face turning red “You know what fuck you Rachel” he started “I can’t believe after 2 fucking years you are going to throw it away, good fucking luck slut! Trevor let’s get the fuck out of here and leave this bitch” and George got in the car.

Rachel had tears run down her cheek as she sparked a smoke. She watched the car speed around the corner Tania hugged her and Rachel murmured under her breath “Good riddance asshole”

Mike and Tania really helped Rachel get her mind off him and helped in blocking George calls, but Rachel really wasn’t upset for long. Soon enough she was flirting around with a few of Mike’s friends. She was with George for two years and now that she getting all this attention at once, she felt like she was on fire.

It was about a month after George left and everything had settled. Rachel had a job at Mc Donald’s it wasn’t much but everyone loved her discounts. She was still living with Mike and Tania trying to save up, but at the same time the three of them were having a blast together. They were partying all the time the house was always rocking.

“Hey Rachel” Mike said approaching her “Have you seen the ol’ lady?”

“She went to the mall with Sue” Rachel glared at him through the sun. “Hey you got an extra smoke till I get out to work?”

“Sure thing” as he handed her a smoke and lighting it. Mike then went behind her and whispered in her ear while he rubbed her ass “Rachel you are sexy, I’ve always thought about you even when we were in Toronto and you were with George” his hand slide between her legs now rubbing her pussy on the outside. “I want to see what a red head is like”

Rachel stood frozen, listening to the words as he spoke in her ear. Mike was a very good looking man and Rachel did think about him before, so this was a dream, but her friend Tania she thought. As Mike kept rubbing her the more Tania stayed out of her mind, her pussy was doing the thinking now.

Rachel leaned back on Mike; she felt the bludge in his pants

“Mike we shouldn’t” Rachel spoke, as he fondled her ass some more

“I have a plan” he said as his fingers went down her pants and into her bush “Oh Rachel you are so wet baby, too bad I can’t just take you here” as he started making the motions, he then kissed her and said “be ready for anything.” Rubbed her clit a little more then took his fingers out and left Rachel standing there with her panties wet and with a need to cum as she watched him walk away and in to the house.

Rachel quickly went to her room; Mike had got her so hot and horny. She pulled her pants down to her knees and flopped on to the bed rubbing her clit. Rachel had two fingers in her and her thumb pressing her button. Rachel quickly grabbed her rabbit from under her pillow and slammed it in her pussy. Rachel moved her toy in and out of her, the low buzzing sound in the room as she let the vibrations work her clit. She started moan and shaking as she brought herself to orgasm quickly.

Rachel was in such a rush to finish what Mike started she didn’t close her door all the way. It was open a crack and Mike seen what she was doing. Mike was so Kıbrıs Escort Bayan turned on watching Rachel masturbate and making herself cum that he took his dick out and was stroking it watching Rachel, and he made himself cum. Just as he blew his load he heard Tania come home and Mike went to clean himself up in a hurry.

Mike didn’t wait long it was about a week after he made his intentions known to Rachel that he set the plan into action.

“Tania babe,” he shouted out “I need to take Rachel to the mall you need anything?”

“No” she came in to the room kissing him “What you need at the mall?”

“Oh Rachel needs to drop in work and pick up her pay, then I need to go to the bank as well” he said picking up his wallet and putting it in his jeans.

“Babe” Tania started “Can you stop in and get some beer too we are almost out”

“Sure thing” he hollered back. Then he looked at Rachel winking at her “get in the car”

Rachel immediately felt herself get warm between her legs, and lit a smoke to calm her nerves. Mike was not taking her to the mall, he drove right past it.

“So where we off too” Rachel casually asks looking at Mike

“Trust me Rachel” as Mike turned up Stone Temple Pilots that was on the radio. They went just outside of town and Mike parked by a Lake.

Rachel knew why Mike took her here and she grew anxious.

“This Lake” Mike starts saying getting out of the car “has the best fishing spot” helping Rachel out of the car he kisses her “but we are not here to fish”

Mike pushes her against the car and they start kissing wrapping their arms around each other. Mike lifts her top up and fondling her breasts pinching her nipples softly. Mike gets her to lie down on the soft grass as he takes her top off, unfastening her bra and setting free Rachel’s bountiful bosom. Mike held Rachel’s hands down as he was licking her nipples making them erect.

He slowly worked his way down Rachel’s body, kissing and licking her stomach and then back to her tits. He unzipped her pants and pulled them off her.

“Rachel, what’s this no panties, you bad girl” he chuckled letting his fingers explore how wet she was.

“I never wear panties” she sighed and Mike parted her legs

“I Love it Rachel, and look at that pussy so neat and trimmed” and he went down and started kissing her “mmmmm you are so wet.” As Mike’s tongue went diving and lapping up her juices. He held her lips open and sucked her little button softly and he let his thumb wiggle around deep inside her. Rachel’s hips were moving around on Mike’s face, his tongue, so soft she came so quickly.

Mike quickly unzipped his pants and pulled them to his ankles he grabbed her legs throwing them on his shoulders, he teased Rachel’s pussy a little bit but Mike couldn’t hold back for long before he had pushed himself deep in her warm folds. Mike kept his pace slow and hard, holding her legs tightly. Rachel could feel his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust in to her.

They changed quickly to get Rachel on top; she slowly slid herself down onto Mike’s cock. He reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing and twisting her hard nipples, Rachel was grinding her hips around on his hard dick. Mike looked up at her watching her tits bounce around as she fucked him.

“That’s it baby, ride that cock” Mike sighed as he smacked her ass, Rachel sat up and felt her orgasm building up, her pussy clenched on Mike’s cock, she cupped his balls wet in her juices as she climaxed again. He smacked her ass hard as he slid out from underneath her and quickly went behind her pushing her down grabbing her hips and slamming his hard dick back inside her.

“Oh fuck!” Rachel cried out as Mike started fucking her from behind. He held her hips tightly and was pumping her soaked cunt so fast. Rachel started rubbing her clit moaning and squirting her cum down her legs; Mike had one final thrust before he shot his cum deep inside Rachel.

He pulls out of her and Rachel falls down, she can feel Mike’s cum drip down her thigh. The two of them lay there panting out of breath.

“Fuck Rachel, that was incredible” Mike panted “but we should clean up and get back to the house before Tania wonders what’s taking so long.” And Mike got up and went down to the lake.

Hearing that snapped Rachel out of the bubble, what did she just do she thought as she grabbed her cloths getting dressed.

On the way back there was a silence in the car. Rachel lit a smoke looked out and the window, she was wondering what she just did. Rachel felt bad because it was her friend Tania, but at the same time was she feeling very sexy and naughty the thought of being caught and sneaking around. She put her smoke out and put her hand on Mike’s thigh as they turned down the street to the house.

“I had a great time Mike” Rachel looked at him as they pulled into the driveway. “I hope it wasn’t a one off” and Rachel opened the door getting out of the car.

She went over and started talking with Escort Kıbrıs Tania and a few friends that were there as if nothing happened. Rachel starts flirting around with Jeremy as well. She let him grab her ass. Mike had to adjust himself; he was getting hard again seeing Rachel being hounded by the guys.

“Mike you ok?” Tania asked him “Looks like you are pissed at something”

“No babe” as he kissed her “Nothing at all what’s with the party tho?”

“The guys wanted to chat up Rachel and brought some beer over” Tania laughed hugging Mike “I think we should try and get Rachel and Jeremy together”

“Really? And where did they put the beer?” Mike asked “Think Rachel would?”

“Yes” Tania smiled “I’ll talk to Rachel tonight and they put it in the fridge where else” Tania kissed Mike and went over with Rachel and the others.

Mike went in the house; he looked out the window watching. He didn’t really want to share Rachel. He quickly grabbed a beer and went outside with everyone. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur for everyone there was more beer that came in to the house and more people. Throughout the evening however Mike kept looking at Rachel trying not to get angry at the attention she was getting.

It was only 2 days later that Mike came in to Rachel’s room. He quietly crept into her bed.

“Rachel” Mike whispered in her ear “Wake up sexy”

She quickly woke up “Mike what the fuck are you doing in here” she whispered loudly “You are crazy you are going to get us” but before another word came out Mike kissed her.

“Meet me downstairs in 5” he said and left.

Rachel looked at the clock it was 4:30 in the morning what was Mike thinking, coming in here like that she thought. She was mad and excited at the same time being so sneaky, but what did he want at this time in the night as she got out of bed and went downstairs.

There was a faint light in the kitchen as she went in. Mike was sitting at the table with a coffee and a smoke.

“Made you a coffee” he smiled

“Why so early Mike seriously” Rachel sipped on her coffee.

“It’s Jeremy, Rachel” Mike started rolling a joint “Tania wants to”

“Get the 2 of us together” Rachel interrupted “I know Mike; she has already been talking about that” she grabbed the joint off Mike. “Mike you can’t expect me to”

“I know Rachel you need to date” he said “But fuck it makes me jealous seeing you with him”

“And like when you don’t go to bed with Tania every night and I’m left alone?” she snapped back. “That’s ok?”

“I get it” Mike grumbled

“Mike the only way is if you guys split up, and I’m not asking that of you.” Rachel started “I thought we were just having fun nothing serious.” She looked at him “or has it changed?”

Mike cleared his throat “Rachel I can’t leave Tania I just asked her to Marry me. But I love you both”

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too Mike” Rachel smiled glancing at the clock noticing it was only early still “But if you want you can eat this pussy tho Mike” and she sat up on the table in front of him. She spread her legs slightly and he caught her sweet smell.

He pushed her nightshirt up “How can I not eat your pussy Rachel, fuck you are a little devil” Sliding her panties off.

“Just think of us Mike as Fuck friends” she moaned quietly as Mike’s tongue parted her lips. He opened her up licking and sucking her hard clit.

“Who would say no to a friend like this” Mike said muffled through Rachel’s pussy. He then pushed his fingers inside her, curled slightly stroking her spot and holding her clit in his mouth. He quickly grabbed her and turned her over the table and held her down as he dropped his pants and quickly pushed deep inside Rachel.

Mike held Rachel’s arm behind her back as he was thrusting hard and slow. Squeezing her ass hard, he started going faster.

“Oh Fuck Mike you like that pussy” Rachel whispers “come on Mike fuck me harder”

Mike grabs a hold of Rachel’s hair pulling her head and then he starts fucking her cunt hard. He rubs her clit as he dick slams in and out of her hole. He feels her tighten around his cock as he pushes on her clit. He can feel the fire in his balls coming up too.

“That’s it cum for me Rachel” he grunted in her ear and smacked her pussy lightly. Mike felt her juices rushing down his balls and he shot his load deep inside Rachel’s pussy. He pushed so deep and far inside her squeezing her ass.

“Fuck Mike “she sighed “so think you handle it” as she got up and quickly put her panties back on.

“I fucking hope so because you have a nice wet pussy” Mike said kissing her and pulling his pants up.

“I do need another coffee tho” Rachel said starting a fresh pot. Just then Tania walked into the room.

“How long you two been up for” she said rubbing her eyes “Long enough to smoke one without me you little shits”

Rachel busted out laughing “Coffee Tania?”

“Yes please, Mike did you tell Rachel?” she kissed him.

“Nope, left that for you babe” he started rolling another joint for Tania.

Tania turned to Rachel with a huge grin “Rachel guess what? Mike and I are engaged!”

Rachel rushed over and gave Tania a hug “that’s great news chickie!” as she looked over at Mike with a slight grin.

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