A TRANS Formation – Chapter 47 – Rosy’s Desire

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After visiting her family over the weekend, Jill feels so relieved to get back to her apartment. Her life has gone through monumental changes since she last saw them. Yet, at her parents’ house, everything is exactly the same as it was the last time she visited, four weeks before. In fact, it’s exactly the same as it has been the whole time she was growing up there.As she gets out of Jerry’s clothes and dresses as Jill again, she sees very clearly, why her life had sucked for so long. After Jerry got out of the Army, he missed California so much, because everything seemed so right in California. But now she realizes, the real reason California seemed so good was because she was away from the depressing environment of her family.Her alcoholic dad went out drinking Saturday night, as usual, and her mom was more depressed about it than before. She kept bitching about everything from the time Jill got there to the time she left. Her brothers and sisters were constantly bickering and fighting. No one seemed to care if Jerry was there or not. They were all too involved with their own miserable lives to notice he was even in the house.Being there getting stressed out all weekend, knowing she is not even Jerry anymore, all she could do was count down the minutes until it was time to go. She hated to think about it, but when she left, she felt like she never wanted to return.As Jill steps into her panties, she remembers she has new bras to wear. She puts one on, and likes the way the larger ‘B’ cups make her tits show better when she puts on her dress. Walking into the living room as Jill, she rolls a joint and starts to calm down.She lights her candles, puts on some soothing music, and turns off the lights. Getting high on marijuana helps her put the memories of the weekend behind her. She quickly re-focuses on her new life, and the exciting things she has to look forward to. This is going to be another exciting week for her.She is looking forward to her first date with Norm Tuesday night, and there is another Club meeting on Saturday. More sex and more money are in her future. And best of all, she and Allie will be going out on a date Friday night. Her memories of the shitty weekend with her family fade away as the marijuana takes over her brain.She looks around her apartment and sees all the nice things she has now. She remembers the $1500 she has in the bank. She looks at the dress she’s wearing and thinks about how much better it feels to wear girls’ clothes. What she thinks about most of all, though, is her relationship with Allie.’I really like the way things are going.’ she thinks to herself.When she finishes her joint, she picks up her book on meditation. She reads about sitting in quiet stillness, shutting off the conscious mind, and tuning in with her inner self. It sounds appealing to her, so she decides to try it. She gets on the floor with her legs crossed, and sits quietly for about fifteen minutes.She’s not sure if she did it right, but she’s very relaxed when she opens  her eyes. This is something she wants to learn more about. She’s glad she listened to her inner girlfriend when she guided her to buy this book. ‘I’m going to spend some time every day, learning how to do this,’ she thinks to herself.When she goes to bed Sunday night, she’s in a good place and she’s completely tuned out her bad weekend. Her new sheets and blankets feel good as she curls up in them and falls asleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tuesday evening comes quickly for Jill. After talking to Allie several hours last night, she barely had time to decide what to wear for Norm. Not that she has that many choices anyway, with her limited female wardrobe. She rushes home after work to take a quick bath, change clothes, and get her suitcase with Jill’s clothes into the car.She pulls into the hotel parking lot at six-twenty, wondering how she got everything done. The hotel looks very fancy. She’s wearing Jerry’s best clothes, but wonders, ‘Am I dressed well enough for this place?’  Leaving her suitcase in güvenilir bahis the car, she walks into the lobby. Norm is already there to greet her when she comes in.”Hi, Jerry! Good to see you made it,” Norm says, extending his hand.”Hi, Norm. Good to see you, too. This is a nice hotel. I was worried I might not be dressed well enough when I came in.””Relax, Jerry, you look just fine. Are you hungry? I have a table already reserved for us in the dining room.””That sounds good. I’m starved.”Norm leads Jill to the dining room, where a waiter takes them to their table, near the back. This being a weeknight, there aren’t many tables occupied, and there isn’t anyone sitting near them. Looking at their choices, Norm suggests they go with the filet mignon, the most expensive item on the menu. Jill takes his suggestion.While they’re waiting for their food, Jill notices how different Norm talks now than he does at the Club. At the Club, Norm is in party mode, joking around, and showing off a little in front of the other guys. That’s what guys do when they’re in a group of other guys.Chatting over a cocktail, they see a different side of each other. Norm has a warm personality and he’s interested in what Jill has to say. She’s not just a naked body he’s paying to fuck later; he actually likes her. Norm sees a real person in Jill, and he’s willing to give her advice, if she wants it.Jill likes talking with Norm. She sees a very bright and intelligent person in Norm. She doesn’t know it, but he’s one of the sharpest business minds in the country, and he’s the CEO of one the largest fertilizer companies in the world. Jill knows she can learn a lot from Norm, so she asks him questions about how he became so successful.”The most important thing to being successful in life,” Norm starts to tell her, “is to always have a positive attitude. You need to have a positive attitude about everything you do, if you want to succeed. And always, look to find where your advantages are. And almost as important, look for your competitors’ weaknesses, and exploit them when you can.”Jill tells him about her job at the print shop, and how it seems insignificant compared to what he does every day. When she starts to tell him about how she grew up being poor, Norm stops her cold, in mid-sentence…”Don’t even think about the difficulties you’ve had in the past, Jill. Always look for the advantages and opportunities ahead of you. Think big, Jill… Can I call you Jill in here? I don’t think anyone can hear us talking.””Of course you can call me Jill. I prefer to be called Jill now.””Good, I think Jill fits your personality better than Jerry. But, as I was saying… Jill… don’t ever tell anyone you grew up poor. It lets the other person know one of your weaknesses, and they’ll exploit you. It puts you at a disadvantage, right off the bat. Always look to exploit their disadvantages.”Do you know why poor people are poor, Jill? It’s because they think they’re poor. And why would they think anything else? They’ve been told all their lives… they’re poor. Their parents told them they were poor, because their own parents told them they were poor. All they ever think about is being poor.”They spend their entire lives bending over, working their asses off, picking up pennies. They never see the dollars, flying right over their heads. It’s because they never looked up to see the dollars, they only looked down, they only saw pennies.””That’s very interesting, Norm. I’m really enjoying talking with you,” Jill says.”I’m really enjoying talking with you, too, Jill. You have a lot of potential. I can see it in you… so… Jill, what I’m telling you is… if you don’t want to be poor, stop thinking about being poor, forget you were ever poor. Think of yourself as being rich, whatever your idea of rich is. When you do, the opportunities will come to you, because that’s what you’re always thinking about.””That’s good advice, Norm. I never thought of it like that before. You’ve given me a new perspective I wasn’t even aware güvenilir bahis siteleri of, thank you.”When the waiter brings their food, the conversation turns to lighter subjects as they enjoy their meal. Jill can’t believe how good everything tastes. This is the best meal she has ever had. And the best part is, as a girl, she isn’t paying for any of it. As they finish eating, Norm tells her about the pressure he’s been under at his job.”We’ve really been working our asses off getting ready for this Brazil trip,” he tells her.”Do they have you working a lot of late nights?” Jill asks.”Yeah… And it’s exhausting. I’m really glad you said you’d meet me here. What we did at the Club the other night, it really helped me unwind so I could keep going. The pressure gets to me sometimes, Jill, I really need a break like this from time to time.””Well, I’ll do my best to relieve your pressures, Norm. Looks like we’re almost ready to go up to our room?””Yeah, I’m ready unless you want some dessert.””No, thank you, that meal was so filling. Everything tasted so good.””Everything is first class here, Jill, that’s why I like it. Are you ready to go up?””Anytime you are. I have to go out to my car to get my things so I can get dressed the way you like me.””Oh, yes… I can’t wait to be with your sexy side.”Norm hands Jill an envelope.”I have to make a couple phone calls. Our room is
57. The key is in this envelope. Why don’t you go up and get dressed? I’ll be up in about thirty minutes.”Jill takes the envelope and says, “OK, Norm, I’ll see you soon.” She blows him a kiss as she gets up from the table.Walking out to her car, Jill wonders why Norm put the key in an envelope. Her eyes light up when she opens it, and finds not only the key, but two $100 bills. Norm has tipped her in advance, and it makes Jill want to give Norm everything he wants, and more.Jill walks into a luxurious hotel room when she opens the door. She is dazzled by the fancy bed and furnishings. She goes into the bathroom and sees marbled sinks with gold-plated fixtures. Norm is first class all the way.She puts on her black lace nylons and panties. She’s glad she has a larger cupped bra to wear tonight. When she puts on her short pink slip, the cotton-stuffed ‘B’ cups make it look like she has nice little titties hiding underneath.Looking at herself in the mirror, she wishes her hair was longer. She wishes she would have thought to ask Allie if she could borrow her wig. She also wishes she knew how to put on makeup. She decides she has to call Carla and Rosy this week for some makeup lessons.When she gets herself looking as good as she can, she walks into the room to wait for Norm. She goes around the room, sitting in the plush chairs, looking out the window, and finally, lying on the bed. She thinks Norm will like her on the bed when he comes in.After a few minutes, there is a light tap on the door before it opens.”Anybody home?” Norm says in a devilish tone of voice.”Just me… waiting for you,” Jill giggles.”Oh, Jill… don’t you look nice laying on that bed.”As Norm walks towards the bed, Jill gets up and goes to the edge of the bed on her knees. They put their arms around each other and Norm gives her a kiss.”I’ve been wanting to get you alone ever since we first met at the Club,” says Norm.”Well… you’ve got me all alone now, Norm… I’m all yours tonight, for whatever you’d like to do.”Norm likes running his hands over Jill’s skinny little body. She rubs her hands over his chest and starts to unbutton his shirt.”I think you’ve got too many clothes on, Norm. We need to do something about that,” Jill teases.When she gets to the bottom shirt button, she unbuckles his belt and whispers in his ear, “Would like to have your cock sucked? I’d love to suck it for you.””Oh…baby… you know just what I need.””I want you to give everything you want and need.”As Norm stands next to the bed, Jill gets on her stomach and unzips his trousers. His cock is already pretty hard when she takes it out; she looks up and iddaa siteleri smiles at him as she kisses it. She teases his head with her tongue as he smiles down on her. When she takes him into her mouth, Norm holds her head and starts fucking her mouth with slow strokes. Jill hums “Mmmmm” as he works it in and out.Jill manages to unsnap his pants and reach her hands around Norm’s ass, pulling him deeper into her mouth.”Does that feel good?” she asks.”It’s just what an old man like me needs. I love your mouth.””I love your cock, Norm. I loved it the first time I sucked it.”Jill’s encouraging words make Norm fuck her mouth faster as he reaches down to grab her ass. Jill likes lying on her tummy while Norm does all the work. All she has to do is hold her mouth open, and work her tongue around Norm’s shaft as it moves in and out.Jill can see Norm struggling to reach her ass. She looks up at him and asks, “You wanna get up on the bed with me? You’re getting me so fucking hot.”Norm quickly takes off his shirt and steps out of his pants. When he gets up on the bed, he rolls Jill over on her back. Jill props her head up on the pillows and spreads her legs, showing Norm her clit sticking up above her panties.”Damn, what a sweet treat you are, Jill,” Norm says as he crawls between Jill’s legs.”I like being your treat, Norm. I’m only here to please you,” Jill replies.Norm runs his fingertips over Jill’s panties, outlining the hard shaft that lies underneath. He bends down to lick her clit area, and starts to pull her panties off. Jill lifts her ass so Norm can easily slip them off and toss them aside.Jill spreads her legs as far apart as she can. She moves her ass up and down slightly, enticing Norm’s appetite. Norm takes her shaft in his hand and licks it from bottom to top.Jill teases him, saying, “I think you like sucking cock as much as I do, don’t you, Norm?””God damn, Jill,” he says, “Big cocks turn me on. They always have. I just love how you shave your cock so smooth and clean, it’s a joy to have it all to myself.””It’s your cock right now, Norm, it’s all yours. Suck it all you want,” she giggles, “You already know how much I love it. You can play with it you want.”Watching Norm eagerly sucking and kissing her cock, she remembers what Norm told her earlier. The thing he said about exploiting a person’s weaknesses, and finding your own advantages. She sees Norm clearly has a weakness when it comes to large pricks like hers. She has no intention to exploit his weakness; she just takes note of it.Norm seems to be in a trance as he sucks and plays with Jill’s cock. At times, it’s almost as if he is worshipping her. Norm’s sucking doesn’t come close to turning her on like Allie does, but Jill moans with fake sounds of pleasure, to enhance Norm’s enjoyment.She puts her hands under each knee, and pulls her legs back to raise her ass up in Norm’s face. Norm responds by licking her balls on his way down to her asshole. Jill lets out fake moans as Norm licks her hole for the longest time. When she feels it’s time, she says to him, “You wanna fuck me, Norm? I can tell, you wanna fuck me, don’t you?””There’s nothing I’d rather do right now than fuck you, Jill. Your skinny little ass was made just for fucking.”Jill giggles, and tells him how much she loved his cock when he fucked her at the Club. Jill sees the lust in Norm’s eyes as he spreads the lube into her hole. Jill starts breathing heavily for him to make him think he’s really turning her on.”Oh, Norm… I can’t wait much longer… I need your cock, Norm.”Jill has Norm feeling like he’s the world’s best stud when he mounts her. As he pushes himself into her, Jill feels only a slight pain around her hole.”Oh God, Norm. You’re splitting my ass apart. I love your cock, Norm. Fuck me like a girl,” she tells him.Jill squirms and moans for Norm as he gets into fucking her ass. She enjoys making Norm feel good. That’s what she’s here for. She’s his whore tonight, and she wants to earn her money so he’ll want to pay her again. She wraps her arms and legs around him and keeps telling him how good he is. They fuck like this until Norm starts to slow down. He’s not a young man anymore, and his stamina soon reaches its limit.”I need to take a little breather here,” he says to Jill.

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