A Walk In The Sun

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A Walk In The SunJan and I had been together for a few months I guess. We had only been having sex for a few weeks though and were still getting comfortable with each other you might say. She worked long hours most of the week but had Mondays off. She was a beautician and used her days off to buy her supplies, balance her books, make bank deposits, etc. My work hours were flexible. I was working in a factory and worked a lot of late nights but could choose my days off to coincide with hers. On this day I went with her as she ran her errands and afterwards we decided to take a short drive and go for a nice walk. There was a park that I had visited a few times in the California town we lived in that Jan had never been to. This place used to be a well-known mineral springs with baths and spring water to drink. Now it is just a lush park with a creek running through it, a lot of evergreen trees and brush, and a few old oaks. It was a hot day so I brought along a backpack with a few water bottles and a little blanket to sit on. We were both really physically involved with each other. (I don’t know how else to say that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.) We stopped almost continually to make out and cop a feel here and there – a little bit of boob, a pinch of butt, a rub of the groin, and so on and so forth. There weren’t many people in the park on a Monday. We didn’t care if the few we saw could catch a glimpse of us making out like that. It wasn’t like we were getting undressed or anything. I was wearing my typical t-shirt and jeans and she had her sweet 38D breasts within a tight fitting black and yellow blouse. The material was just a little thicker than a t-shirt and the sleeves went down to her elbows. It had no buttons. She was wearing tight capri pants that reached down to her calves. She rarely would go out without a bra and this day was no exception, I could see the outline of the straps in the back.After walking about a 1/4 mile from the parking lot we went up a smaller marked trail towards a little hilltop. It was a little steeper than we expected and we were hot and tired and decided to veer off to a shady and artemisbet yeni giriş grassy area away from the trail. There was some good shade but the grass was very green and relatively soft there. I spread out the little blanket and we sat down and opened our water bottles. I think we may have chatted a little, who knows about what? and then commenced to make out again.I started kissing her while we were sitting up with our legs out in front of us. As we progressed I pressed her flat on the blanket and kissed her face while rubbing her big heavy breasts through the blouse. Occassionally I would sweep my hand down and across her pussy mound. She was playing with me about the same way and had her hands underneath my t-shirt, eventually pulling it up to my armpits. When it got to that point I went ahead and took it all the way off. She started kissing my chest as I slipped my hands under her shirt – first from the back and then to the front where I could feel those big globes through her bra. The material of the bra wasn’t thin, but I could still feel the hard nipples underneath. I looked around to be sure that no one was present and I lifted her shirt right over her head. She took it off the rest of the way and straigtened out the sleeves, pulling them back out from their inside-out position. She looked gorgeous sitting their even with the pants and white bra still on.I think about this time she turned her attention to me and started undoing my belt buckle. I’m sure she could see that I was hard as a rock and showing pretty good. I’m just under 7″ but she makes me feel like I’m huge. I have a tendency to have a lot of pre-cum quickly and I probably had a little wet spot going as well. She got the buckle undone and the Levis unbuttoned and was reaching in and feeling around without much rhyme or reason. She would cup my balls and turn her wrist exposing my cock and balls to the sunshine and then push everything back in and massage a little more. Then she would stop to run her index finger along the shaft practically from my ass to the very tip. Eventually she would squeeze a little juice out of it and artemisbet giriş expose me again and rub the slime around the head. While this was going on I was playing with her tits. I couldn’t reach the back to disconnect it so I eventually just pulled the bra up and flipped it over the top of her breasts. Those things were (are) beautiful! So nice and round and really firm for their size. It seem that when I took the bra off they hardly wiggled. They just stayed up high like that. Somewhere around that time she took her bra off but I don’t remember her doing it. I know I couldn’t do it.Now she was in her tight pants and my pants were down to my knees and we were still making out like crazy. When I got her flat on her back again I started working on her pants. She was really jerking back when I got my hand too far down her pants. I could reach her fuzzy mound and even rub across her swollen lips, but when I hit the clitoris she would jump like I was tickling her. Eventually I was able to get her pants down and off but she still had this little blue bikini panty on. It was really nice seeing how wet she was there. It was showing right through the panties. Now I took my pants completely off. I took my socks and shoes off too. I was just as naked as can be and sought to get her caught up. I repositioned myself with my face against her pussy/panties and started kissing and licking her through the cloth. She followed my lead by first kissing my cock, nibbling up and down the shaft, and then putting my balls gently in her warm mouth. She didn’t do anything with them like that, just sort of closed around them. It was a great feeeling. Eventually I tried pulling the panties down again and she adjusted her legs and lifted her butt enough to let me slide them down and off. Her pussy was finally mine to play with! Jan is naturally kind of hairy but she keeps her pussy trimmed neatly. She has dark hair in sort of a straight line running about an inch wide by about three inches long starting just above her clit. She was extremely wet and her pussy lips were really swollen even without my touching them. I touched her clit artemisbet güvenilirmi and got sort of the same response as last time-she pulled away. I shifted my fingers to just above her clit and stretched the skin (sort of pulled up just a little) with two fingers to better expose her clit and then I moved in and put my lips on it. I swear she almost came right then. She was moaning and gasping for breath in moments. She had completely let go of my cock as all attention was spent on her enjoyment. I changed my position so that I was facing her pussy with my head between her legs. I still had my fingers playing around above her clit. I would have been uncomfortable if I had been able to think about it, because my knees were completely off the blanket and the ground was a little rough right there. We didn’t care – this was total joy.Eventually she came, hard. She seemed to stop breathing and made a little noise deep inside. She actually seemed to turn pink around her waist and up to her belly button. Her eyes also appeared to roll around in a strange way. It was great!She motioned me to come to her and I knew what she wanted and I sure as hell knew what I wanted and needed. She had closed her legs for a moment when she orgasmed, but now she spread them invitingly. I moved towards her and then into her, slidding easily with her natural lubrication and the dripping pre-cum that I was serving up. I really tried hard to make it last, but there was no way. She wanted it bad and I wanted it bad and my body wanted it fast and hard. I don’t usually make a lot of noise when I have sex but I was doing some huffing and puffing. I came about as hard as is possible. My dick seemed to pump for a minute or more deep inside of her. My toes curled and I thought I would pass out. It was the best sex I had had to that point. Eventually I pulled out. Jan rolled over and partly off the blanket, pulled her knees up towards her chest, and expelled a creampie any man could be proud of. We continued to lay down together for a little while and then decided to cover up in case someone came by. You would think this was the end of the story, but there’s more. When Jan was turned around with her back to me and was shaking out her bra a man walked out of the brush right behind us (maybe 100 feet away) and proceeded to walk right past us. He was smiling all the way. I guess our little private fling wasn’t totally private after all.

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