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Abused.She opened the invite, simple straight forward, come to the cottage wear your red rubber basque and dress! Be here at 8! Sharon was so excited she was getting her fantasy delivered!At 7.52 the was a knock on my door, when I opened it Sharon with a huge smile was there eager to enter and start. You are early I said, sorry Sir she replied, I stepped out removed her coat and told her to bend over the garden table and wait there for me, I returned to the house. At 8 I went out and attached her leash to her collar as she bent over the table, and on the leash led her into the house! We passed the dining area, and the table set for two, passed the sitting room and into the master bedroom, stand against the end of the bed frame, back to the frame and facing me, I felt I needed to be precise in my instruction as you have made a mistake already by arriving early. I bound her wrists to the end of the bed frame, and she stood there resplendent in her red rubber dress, I took a stone from the dresser, round smooth not large and told Sharon to open her legs, and I hitched up her skirt and pushed the stone up into her cunt. I left her there, and returned to the table for a glass of wine, a boy 20 minutes later I went back into the bedroom, with sharons wine, I let her drink a small sip of wine, and watched her heavily painted red lipstick glisten slightly as she drank. Thank you she said, I smiled and spat in her face, a large gobble of spit, hit her in the face and rab down to her chin, never arrive here at the wrong time! Sorry Sir she mumbled.i brought out the two dildo’s long thick rubber cocks, one of a large dog and the other a horse and her eyes immediately fixed on them. I changed her bindings to just under the cross bar of bahis siteleri the bed so she could now lower and raise herself, up and down as I commanded, squat down I said, which she did, I moved her knickers to one side, and told her to push out the stone from her cunt, she contracted her pelvic muscle, I could see it under her rubber dress, and watched as her cunt lips were pushed out and down and the stone glistening emerged from her cunt, and popped out into my hand. Thank you I said, now stand up again, which she did, her dress had rumpled a bit so I gently smoothed it out for her, I told her to open her mouth, and I put the stone in her mouth, hold that for me I said.I unzipped the front of her dress a little, and lifted her tits, quite small but with huge nipples, her nipples rings already holding them proud from her tits, I pinched and pulled on the rings , Sharon moaned, behind the stone in her mouth, ( she was never a talker during sex and I did try to get her to talk dirty during our sessions, however she could not raise to that challenge, so I used the stone to mute her now). I attached the weights to the rings, and her tits fell forward and down under their weight, I grabbed her hair, spat on her face again and pulled her head forward and bent her down till the weights extended and stretched her tits and reddening nipples. Do not move from this position. I left the room returning 5 minutes later. You can straighten up now, I said and as she obeyed the change in pressure the weights produced brought another grunt from behind the stone. Her nipples were a red to purple colour now, I removed the weights and this caused another groan as blood rushed back into her tits, I licked each nipple softly and the groan turned canlı bahis siteleri into a sigh in her throat.I brought over the dog dildo, asked Sharon to give me the stone, and delightfully it slide Welty passed her extended pursed lips into my hand, she inhaled a deep breath, I said open up again and slid the first 4 inches of dog dildo into her mouth, and walked away to place the stone on the dresser. As I approached her again with my palm I pushed the dog dildo all the way into her mouth, hold it there I said, the dogs balls squeezed back her red lips. I spat in her face again, Sharon was quite flushed now with how hot the house was and wearing rubber clothing, she disliked both sweat and a wet face, the spit dribbled down her face and dripped onto her dress. I fixed the base of the horse dildo on the floor under her and told her to squat down into it, she slowly carefully squatted, and I guided the dildo into her wet cunt, it’s girth pulling back her cunt lip still it was all the way in she could take, and her lips almost breathed back out again and gripped the horse dildo, I pumped some fluid into the dildo to harden it some more so she could ride it as instructed. I sat on my chair and told her to ride the horse cock, and slowly she raised her cunt up But not off the cock, and slid down its long hard length and it now began to glisten with her cunt juices, after she got into her rhythm I attached the nipples weights again and told her to ride the horse cock again. She did this with enthusiasm as Sharon loved cock any cock up her cunt, I the took the dog dildo and started fucking her mouth with it, and she was soon drooling and moaning from the fucking. Not flushed and sweating like the bitch she is Sharon toppled canlı bahis over spent after her 4th orgasim. I went back to my seat and left her there in a heap her wrists attached to the bed meant she could not fall fully to the floor. I waited till she recovered, the dog dildo had fallen out as she came the last time, I told her to stand I picked up the dildo, the horse cock was still in her cunt as the fluid I pumped in so engorged it it would not easily fall out.Walk with me and you can have your fantasy fulfilled, we went out to the garden again and she bent over the table again, I returned from the house with two huge black dildos ten inches long with a huge girth, I placed them on stands in front of Sharon, from behind her I slide the dog dildo into her arse so she was DP with a****l cock, and I started fucking her cunt and arsehole with the dildos, panting moaning and finally screaming for me to keep fucking her slut holes, I pumped harder she screamed more fuck me I am just a slut cunt fuck me.The last surprise now was the emptied the two dildos into her with the spunk fluid I had filled them with, and she howled like the bitch she is as the spunk filled her and flowed out her gapping fuck holes. She slumped on the table, and I walked round to the front, and her flushed face, her Sweaty reddened face still dribbled with my spit, was a wonderful beautiful thing to see.Now Sharon what was that fantasy you told me about, Sir I have always wanted a black man to pee on me! That’s right I replied, I stood up and pressed a button on the black cocks poised at her head, and the both started peeing on her, on her face at first then with harder jets in her hair and down her back. Standing between the black cocks I could feel the urine splash back onto my thighs, I then joined in and peed on her face head and hair..empty of pee, I took Sharon to the front door, told her to remove all her clothes, and then took her to the shower room, and washed her clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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