Acting out Fantasies Ch. 02

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2 years ago, my wife Shar and I started to have sex with our divorced neighbor, Jill, her 18 year old daughter Dian, and Dian’s boyfriend Don. Dian and Don have since broken up, went their went their separate ways, and moved to attend college out of state. Jill is still a regular breakfast visitor with Shar and I and having lots of sex. Jill tells us that Dian is fully embracing her bisexuality and is introducing lots of college girls to the pleasures of bisexuality…

Last week, Shar and I decided to take Jill to go buy some erotic magazines. While in the lesbian isle of the erotic magazine section of the bookstore Shar finds a wallet dropped on the floor, she picks it up and sees the ID says the owner is 20 and is named Linda. Shar puts the wallet into her bag and continues shopping. After a while in the store we leave with a few magazines while I went to a video store to see what erotic movies they had in stock, Shar and Jill went into a erotic sex shop. Shar met me at the car with a bag full of toys followed closely by Jill. That night, Shar told me about the found wallet, I told her that she should call the phone number on the ID. Shar called, and told Linda that we found her wallet, and that she should come pick it up tomorrow, Linda agreed. After that Shar showed me what she bought in the erotic sex shop, a few dildos and a strap on. Shar told me that they are for Jill and Dian when she visited…

The casino siteleri Next day, when Shar and I were eating breakfast we heard the front doorbell ring, we knew it wasn’t Jill because she now has a key and welcomes herself in; so Jill slipped on her housecoat and went to the door while I continued eating. A few seconds later I hear Shar say “You must be Linda, we have your wallet in the bedroom come follow me.” As Linda followed Jill to the bedroom she can see my fully erect cock through the glass top table and was clearly shocked that I was naked in front of complete stranger. As Linda entered the bedroom with Shar, she saw the strap on the bedside table and was turned on but clearly trying to hide it from Shar.

Shar asked Linda to have a seat on the bed. Shar noticed the Linda wouldn’t stop staring at the strap on, so Shar asked if the strap on had any effect on Linda. Linda said that she came from an extremely religious family and was raised that any sex not between a married man and a woman is a sin. But also said that she has always wondered what sex is like. Shar leaned into and asked Linda if she has ever kissed a girl. Linda replied by saying that she has never kissed anybody other than family. Right then Shar gave Linda a short but passionate kiss. Linda’s eyes got big, her nipples got hard, and her pussy got wet. When Shar broke the kiss Linda immediately kissed Shar back. As they were making canlı casino out I entered the room quietly and sat in the chair in the corner of the room.

Shar slipped off her housecoat and Linda immediately grabbed one of Shar’s breasts. Shar then took off Linda’s shirt, and started sucking on Linda’s erect nipples which made Linda start to moan and groan. Just then Linda noticed me in the chair in the corner stroking my cock and she froze in embarrassment. Linda’s face turned red as she grabbed a blanket and covered herself up. Shar pulled the blanket away and threw it at me and to cover it up. Shar moved Linda to the center of the bed and unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. Shar could feel that Linda was wet as she took off Linda’s pants, and once they were off my cock became the hardest it’s ever become in my entire life. Linda’s pussy was so wet it looked like Hoover Dam had burst in her panties. Shar couldn’t hold back the pull off Linda’s panties and started eating her pussy She lifted her hips off the bed, offering up her pretty pussy. Within seconds Shar was tonguing Linda’s young womanhood, lapping up her tasty juices Linda started to moan louder and louder and louder, so loud I had to do something to shut her up or she’d disturb the neighbors. So I got up and sat on my knees on the bed putting my cock in Linda’s mouth. Linda was a natural born cock sucker, she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. kaçak casino

Shar took a break from Linda’s pussy a started to make out with me, giving me a taste of Linda’s pussy. Tastes like peaches I told her. Shar said I like peaches and winked. I pulled my cock from Linda’s mouth and maneuvered down to her pussy and carefully put my cock into her tight virgin pussy making her scream in passion, Shar quickly sat on Linda’s face telling her to stick out her tongue and to start licking her pussy. After a minute of fucking Linda’s pussy she came and a flood of juices and cum burst out of her pussy, Shar came shortly later covering Linda’s mouth in juices and cum. Just before cumming I pull from Linda’s pussy and put it into Linda’s mouth making her suck it again this time with my cock covered in her cum and juices seconds after she started sucking I came in her mouth.

We all layed exhausted. After a while Shar asked Linda how was her first sexual experience. Linda was still speechless in amazement, and said “It was Amazing!” Shar told Linda that she found her wallet in the lesbian isle in the erotic magazines section at the bookstore. Linda blushed and said that she must have dropped it when she slipped away from her mom at the bookstore to look at some erotic magazines that made he feel good. After a while of some passionate kissing Linda’s cell phone rang and so I grabbed it and noticed it said ‘Mom’ on the caller ID, I handed it to Linda and she just let it go to voicemail, saying that her mom is going to kill her once she finds out.

We had sex over and over and over again that day leading into the next day… Sunday…

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