Adult Theater Fun in Florida

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Adult Theater Fun in FloridaI’m not good at making up stories, and the truth is not usually as exciting as fiction, so the following true story may not be the greatest – but here we go.Several years ago I went on a business trip to Tampa, Florida. I worked as a government contractor setting up and installing computer systems and I was assigned there for two weeks. I had made several separate trips out there and racked up some frequent flyer miles which I used on this occassion for a ticket for my wife. We figured that, even with the hours I was working, we would get evenings and two weekends free and be able to enjoy the area and visit the beach.My wife (call her Jan) is 5’2″ and about 140 lbs. She has natural 38D breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, and very fair skin. She colors her short hair blonde but her natural color is light brown. She has beautiful green eyes. You’re probably not interested but I’m 6’2″, 185 lbs, salt & pepper hair, hairy chest, and around 7″ cut. Jan is pretty quiet but confident. She’s great in bed and knows that the guys really notice her tits. She likes to leave an extra button or two on her blouse undone sometimes and bend over, just the right way, to show off just a little.When we arrived we went straight to our motel which was located directly across the street from a titty bar that had sort of a flying saucer sign outside. We were almost right next to another adult nightclub. It was just across the parking lot. Jan noticed the clubs and we got to talking about the seedy area we were in. I told her that there were a lot of those places around as well as adult theaters, book stores, and so on. She asked me if I had ever been to one of the bookstores and I told her that I had been to a few over the years. I’ve been to theaters with private booths and I’ve been to theaters with real seats where you could enjoy a film with a group of viewers. That seemed to get her interested and she asked about what goes on in there. I said that I had rarely seen any women in those kinds of theaters but the ones I went to had separate seating for couples and reduced rates for women. I said that sometimes guys would get a little horny and maybe play with themselves a little but that they would be respectful of women. I was trying to encourage her to volunteer to go but I wasn’t sure she was really ready for that. Eventually I asked if she would consider going (just to take a look). I offered to bring her right back if it was too sleazy or she was at all uncomfortable. I was successful! Jan agreed to my terms.As I recall she was wearing a white colored blouse that looked sort of like a man’s button shirt. She had a white bra that connected in the front. She wore tight blue jeans and, I think, slip-on shoes. I had a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing particularly sexy – just practical for a warm humid evening in Florida.It was a short drive to a little adult theater that I had visited several months before. It was actually an older home turned into a bookstore and about 10 small video booths downstairs and 1xbet yeni giriş two fairly large but separate theaters upstairs. There were about eight cars in the parking lot and maybe about four across the street in a little parking lot when we arrived about 9:00 pm. We went into the bookstore area first and just sort of strolled around. From one end of the store you could see down a dark hallway were the light from a film was reflecting under the door of a booth just a bit. It looked really dark and dirty in there and didn’t make a good impression. Eventually we went toward the front counter which was next to a wooden staircase and a sign to the theaters. A sign behind the cash register said tickets were $8.00 per person or $10.00 per couple. While Jan stood a little behind I laid down a $10 and received a little ticket stub and told to enjoy the movie. We went up the stairs.At the top of the stairs there were two doors, one on either side. We could hear the sound of sex (from the movies) coming from both doors. One was a little louder than the other but the sounds were about the same. Lots of moaning and such. Jan blushed and I asked her which door we should try. She just shrugged her shoulders nervously. I pushed the door to the right open and we passed through, shutting the door behind us. We stood just inside the door for maybe half a minute as our eyes got used to the dim light. The movie was really bad quality but it gave off enough light that we could make out about six couches (two rows of three) with a little bit of an aisle between them. There were two guys sitting close to each other at one of the back couches and another guy sitting by himself just in front of the other two. I honestly don’t remember the movie at all. We sat in the other back couch with Jan in the corner farthest from the couch with the other guys and me, in the middle of the couch, sitting right next to her. From where I was sitting I could kind of just make out that one (maybe both) of the guys on the couch to our left had his pants unzipped and was playing with himself just a little. Hard to tell details. It sort of looked like the guy next to him had his hand on the other guys leg. I don’t think Jan saw what was going on. After maybe 5 or 10 minutes the guy who was sitting by himself got up and started walking towards the back door. Before he got there, he moved around to the back of the couch we were sitting on and got up close to Jan. I was pretty turned on by all of this and was getting quite hard myself. For a while I held Jan’s hand and, after a time, I moved her hand over to my lap where she began to play with me a little from the outside of my pants. I responded by giving her a little kiss on the neck, first a short peck and then a longer necking session. I let my left hand reach across and brush against her right tit and briefly put a couple of fingers inside between the buttons and felt her smooth and dense breast. The guy leaned over more closely. He was almost right over Jan and looking straight 1xbet giriş down at her tits. She didn’t look at him but I knew that she knew he was there looking. After a little while another guy came in stood next to the other guy behind us. He was a little further away and having a hard time seeing what was going on. Jan loved the attention and after a while took my hand and placed it right on her tit. I unbuttoned the top button and reached under the cup of her bra and grabbed a handful of her right boob. She was rubbing my cock like crazy from the outside of my pants and finally unbuttoned the top button of my pants, unzipped me and reached in. She was surprised to find that I wasn’t wearing underwear. She moved her hand up from my balls and exposed my entire cock to the view of the guys behind us. Exposing me was like a signal to the first guy who was closer to Jan than to me. He put his hand on her shoulder and slid it down to just past her collar bone. I guess he went a little too fast for Jan and she pulled away from him. He continued to reach down to her breast and she said, “No”. I could tell he was going too fast so I asked him to step away which he did. Now the other guy, not particularly good looking and smelling like alcohol started mouthing something I couldn’t understand. Jan looked over and saw the other two guys making out and she didn’t really like what she saw. I could see that she was really uncomfortable so I said, “It’s time for a change. Let’s check the other theater.”We straightened ourselves out and walked out of the theater and into the little lit area at the top of the stairs. It was really bright compared to the theater. We then went into the next theater. This one was arranged much differently. It had some kind of old church pews in about six rows with a walkway along one wall. There were many more people in this room than the other and the movie was much better quality and the sound was more pleasant. Every pew had at least one person in it and there looked to be about four guys sitting together in the back row. We eventually went back to the second to the last row and took a seat against the wall opposite the aisle. We had to walk past an unusually nicely dressed man to get back on that side. There were no women in the theater.Soon we were relaxed again – even though two guys came over from the first theater to visit “our” theater. Gradually we returned to what we had been doing. My cock was out and she was gently playing with it as I had my hand inside her blouse. We got a lot of glances from the guys around us and two or three moved closer to us but all were polite. I enjoyed the fact that the guys were looking so attentively at Jan after a while and I think she was having a good time with it too, She spread her legs for me as I played with her pussy from the outside of her tight jeans, but she wouldn’t let me unbutton her pants. Eventually she let me unhook the front of her bra and unbutton the final buttons on her blouse. The guys were really getting close to us 1xbet güvenilirmi now. One guy came around from the back row and started walking down our row towards the gentleman who was about six feet from me. I think this guy (nicely dressed one) was afraid that someone was going to get between him my wife and I so he moved really close to me to sort of cut-off the other guy. That resulted in the three of us (Jan to my left between me and the wall and this guy to my right). We were all very close to each other.My cock was out and as hard as can be. The purple circumcised head was shiny with pre-cum. Jan was occassionally flashing her nipples to the full view of the guys around us and several of them were obviously enjoying the show. There were a lot of hands in pants and a couple of exposed dicks, including one that was a lot bigger and thicker than my seven inches. This one was being sported directly behind me at an angle where Jan could clearly see (and reach if she wanted to). She didn’t. Eventually two of the guys behind us got brave and flicked just a bit of Jan’s hair. She smiled and encouraged them. Eventually there was some shoulder rubbing by the guys behind her as they gave her a gentle little neck and shoulder massage. Soon her blouse was hanging off her shoulder exposing her white bra strap. I looked up and smiled at the guy, it was the one with the big cock, and pulled her blouse completely off her shoulder and then pulled the bra strap down. She had already been showing off her tits, but now they were in full view and she was basically topless. She has really nice full round tits with large pink nipples. I guess I was paying more attention to the guys behind us and twisted around to look at them. I didn’t notice the guy who was sitting so close to me had reached across and was rubbing Jan’s pussy from the outside of her pants. Her legs spread wide. I turned around in time to see him working on the buttons of the jeans and Jan letting him have his way the whole time. I was fascinated and just stared as first two, then four sets of hands reached around from behind to play with her tits while this other guy unbuttoned her pants and slid his hand deep inside. Jan wasn’t smiling but she was obviously delighted! She can be quite noisy during sex but this time was just purring with happiness. She adjusted in her seat and briefly got to her feet so that her pants could be slid down to just below her knees. With her pants like that, she couldn’t spread her legs but you could see her dark pussy hair and the beautiful shape of her mound. For the next few minutes she let these guys have their way with her. She didn’t attempt to touch them or give in to requests for oral sex, but she did allow them to touch whatever they wanted. It was extremely hot!Eventually we decided to leave for our own motel and an evening of fun. As we got up she let her jeans fall completely to the floor and bent straight over to slowly pull them up – allowing the nicely dressed guy (she really enjoyed him) to slip two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy from directly behind her.That’s my story. It’s true to the best that I remember it. We’ve been to adult theaters twice since then and once I took her to see a video booth, but we’ve never done anything like that since.

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