Adventures of Babydick Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning from a frightening dream where my Mrs. Tyler, my widowed landlady, stripped me naked and put me to bed. Pushing back the covers, I realized I was naked and a sickening feeling hit my stomach like a horse kicked me. Everything had been true. The accident, my sprained wrist and ankle, and even Mrs. Tyler holding my small penis in her fingers to help me urinate.

I pulled the sheets back over my head and wanted to die from the humiliation.

Mrs. Tyler opened my door and stepped inside. I noticed that she didn’t bother with knocking or asking if she could enter.

“Let’s get you up before you wet your bed,” she said, as she pulled the covers all the way down to my feet and exposing my naked body. I fought the urge to cover my groin with my left hand and a chill ran over me. She noticed my shivering and laughed, “Looks like a certain little boy has to use the potty!”

“I’m not a little boy, Mrs. Tyler,” I groaned as she picked me up in her arms again.

I caught her looking at my undersized genitals as she answered, “Well, you’re certainly not a ‘big’ boy.” She openly giggled now, not bothering to contain herself anymore.

Again, I felt totally humiliated to be naked in front of her. But what could I do? I was helpless.

We entered the master bathroom and Mrs. Tyler started to put me down. However, as my feet touched the cold tile she turned me and pushed so that I sat down on her toilet.

“What are you doing?”

“We can’t have you falling down and piddling all over the place again,” she answered, “now can casino siteleri we?”

She stood in front of me and crossed her arms. I couldn’t look her in the eyes, so I let my gaze fall to her pudgy hips and belly. They looked like soft pillows in her house dress. Just when I was about to start peeing, I made the mistake of looking up to large breasts. They were round and beautiful. I could see the indentations on her dress of thumbsized-nipples barely being held in by the fabric and I started getting an erection.

Mrs. Tyler was watching my small penis intently and noticed it moving slightly upward. “Oops, we can’t have you making a mess,” she said, kneeling down and taking my penis in between her right thumb and forefinger, aiming my urine stream down into the toilet.

It was a strange sensation feeling the hot urine flowing out of me and her cool, smooth fingers holding my penis. I closed my eyes, unsure of why I was starting to enjoy her touch.

After a few moments, the stream turned into droplets and then I was done. Mrs. Tyler took some toilet tissue in her left hand and wiped the last of the urine away. I closed my eyes and didn’t move, not sure of what was going to happen.

Mrs. Tyler didn’t take her right hand away. Instead she began to slowly move her thumb and forefinger in a rubbing motion. My penis grew to its full size in response, 3 inches long and as smaller in width than her thumb.

“Honey,” she whispered, “do you like when I rub your peepee?”

I nodded without opening my eyes.

“I”m going to ask you a few questions,” canlı casino she told me, “and as long as you answer, I’ll keep rubbing your little willy, okay?”

Again, I nodded without opening my eyes. She changed from her rubbing motion to a very small stroke.

“Did you know you have a very, very small penis?”

“Uh, huh,” I whispered.

“Say, ‘Yes, Mrs. Tyler’ like a good little boy.”

“Yes, Mrs. Tyler.”

Her left hand reached up and touched my bare right hip. “Do you know that you can’t please many women with such a tiny little thing?”

“Yes, Mrs. Tyler.”

“Good,” she whispered, “we don’t want you getting hurt by some college girl.”

The fingers of her right hand kept stroking as her left hand moved from my bare hip up my naked body to my lips. She ran her fingers over my mouth a few times before sliding a single finger inside. My reaction was to start suckling on her finger like it was a nipple.

Pleased, she giggled loudly. “My little boy likes that, does he?”

Her stroking increased pace and I started wiggling my hips in response. I was going to ejaculate soon. The combination of being naked and stroked off by my elderly landlady while I sucked on her finger was too much. My breathe quickened.

She began teasing me by dragging her wet finger along my bare upper body and with her soft voice. “Is my little boy going to make a mess with his little penis? Tell Mrs. Tyler, honey…”

“Yes, Mrs. Tyler,” I whispered, “I’m going to cum soon.”

“I don’t think so little boy,” she continued teasing me, “men kaçak casino cum but little boys with baby-sized dicks just make little messes.”

That did it. My hips shot forward and a single glob of semen shot out of me and landed on her dress. I collapsed back and tried to catch my breathe. After a moment I heard water running and Mrs. Tyler was at the sink soaping up a small washcloth.

She started humming to herself as she washed the cum off of me, even reaching under and running the washcloth over my anus several times. She noticed that I jumped a little when she did it and she smiled.

Without a word, she picked me up again. However, this time she didn’t carry me back to my own bed but to her king-size canopy bed just outside the master bathroom. She gently laid me down on my back and pulled the covers up. She was being so quiet that for a moment I thought I had imagined everything in the bathroom. But then I felt her reach her right hand under the covers and cup my entire groin.

“Rest now, honey,” she said, leaning toward me, “my little boy needs to get better soon so we can have more fun.”

“Yes, Mrs. Tyler,” I answered.

“Hmmm, that doesn’t quite work anymore, does it?” She kissed me on the forehead, then whispered in my ear, “Call me ‘Mommy’ from now on.”

When I didn’t reply right away, she closed her fingers on my groin and squeezing my testicles.

“Yes, Mommy,” I whimpered.

Her hand relaxed its grip. “That’s my good little boy.”

Then she quietly left the bedroom. I closed my eyes and wondered where all this was going. I was completely humiliated, but now all I could think about was Mrs. Tyler’s — Mommy’s — big suckable nipples and her smooth, cool fingers. I wanted more of both.

What I got was even worse… and better.

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