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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend After Graduation Ch 34 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: AFTER GRADUATION 34 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. If you can, Nifty would really appreciate a nice donation to keep their fine site running for all of us to enjoy!!! ***************** We stood and began walking towards the dining room. Corey held up his hands. “Can I say a few words before we eat and before I start slurring my words?” “This is your house,” Shawn said. “First off, I want to thank everyone for coming and all the nice words you’ve said to me and Matt about our house. Yes, it has been the biggest year of my life. First off, the greatest guy in the world said yes to me with most of you there…” Corey stated. “No I didn’t, bro,” Kris interrupted and got a few laughs. “Just wait til he has a few in him. He’s a laugh a minute then,” Colt commented. “Well Matt and I got married. Then I really thought he was crazy when he wanted to buy a house. Now look where we’re at. None of it would have possible without the support that we have. Yes, being accepted for who you are is growing by the day but we’ve had it from day one. Now we embark on a New Year with changes everywhere you turn. Our other two roomies are tying the knot if they didn’t chicken out first,” Corey said. “Bro, I’ll be fucking dead if I did,” Kris said. “Me too,” Colt said. “Amen to that,” Melissa said. “Also we don’t know what is going to happen but I’m glad everyone is here. I hope you have a great time,” Corey said. “We will,” Teague said and patted Corey on the back. “For God’s sake, let’s eat,” Scott said. I stood back and let everyone get what they wanted. I grabbed Corey and gave him a sweet short kiss of appreciation. Stephan and Robbie walked up to me. “Matt, did you make the meatballs? They are the best,” Stephan asked even though he’d been in the kitchen with us earlier. “No, Cale made them,” I replied. “He’s one hell of a cook,” Corey added. “If he and Daniel ever break up, give him my number,” Stephan laughed. “Are y’all having a good time?” Corey asked. “We are but we knew that we would with this group,” Robbie said. “We’ll need to come visit in the summer when the pool is open.” “Do that. We’d love to have you. There’s plenty of room… well most nights,” I said. I finally grabbed some food and got the last of the meatballs. We had plenty of other stuff to curtail the drinking and had desserts waiting as well. “Bro, does this remind you of anything?” Kris walked up to me. “Our reception,” I replied. “Maybe that but hell, it’s like our old apartment…” Kris said. “But with more room. It’d be like our old apartment if we all got in the living room at the same time,” Corey said. “This is fucking great. I told you that this would be the perfect place for a party on New Year’s Eve,” Kris said. “You did,” I said. “Kris, I love having everyone around.” “I miss this shit but it won’t be long. Are you and Corey ready?” Kris asked and stuffed a sandwich in his mouth. “I am. This will be the place maybe for a Fourth of July party,” Corey said. “Definitely, bro. We’ll be kickin’ by the pool and shit!” Kris said. Cale walked up. “Matt, I need to run to the store and get some more wine. That punch is near the bottom plus I was gonna make some more meatballs.” “Cale, you don’t need to go to that trouble. We’ll make it without them,” I said. “They are no trouble at all,” Cale said. Kris spoke up. “Hey, Cale’s running to the store. Who wants to go with him?” JJ stood. “I’ll go and help pay for something. I feel bad for all the money that Matt and Corey are forking over.” Brennan came up too. “I’ll go too. We need something to do shots.” “We do,” JJ said. It was an odd group but they headed out the door. Everyone was talking and finishing eating. Janet and Amber were in among everyone and mixed very well with the group with Teague in the middle of them. We sat with Colt telling how he purposed to Faith. On Christmas Eve, he waited until everyone opened their gifts and gave Faith a big box. Faith added how she had to open 2 boxes to get to one that had a card saying `Will you marry me?’ Then she got to open her ring. “Colt, I didn’t know you had it in ya for that big of a deal,” Shawn stated. “I just asked Matt sort of out of the blue,” Corey said. “We saw how Kris did it,” Teague stated. “Then Colt gaziantep escort got his present,” Kris laughed. “At least my ass was sober the night I got engaged and didn’t have drunken sex,” Colt laughed. “Bro, my dick still found her hole,” Kris said. “Damn Kris,” Melissa mumbled. “Was it the right one, Kris?” Stephan asked with lots of laughs. “Bro, it was,” Kris replied. “At least I think it was.” “You guys are something,” Janet said. “I warned you,” Faith said. “Nothing is forbidden when you get this group together.” “Hell no. We are all friends here and now adults,” Kris said. “We may be but not everyone needs to know our private life or Colt’s and Faith’s private life,” Melissa said. “I wouldn’t expect anything less,” Faith said with a beer in her hand. We continued with some having the desserts that were available. The space which we had was really nice and made it great for the number of guests. We were in groups and talking with Kris and Colt starting to down a few as was Corey. Every time we turned around someone was putting a drink in our hand. Cale, JJ and Brennan came in the door with their things. “Y’all think we’re having a party. Next door is crazy,” JJ stated. “We had to park down the street with all the cars next door,” Brennan said. “Y’all did get plenty, right?” Kris asked. Brennan reached in a sack and pulled out two bottles, vodka and whiskey. Cale headed to the kitchen to make more of his punch which the girls really seemed to enjoy. I walked over to Faith and Colt. “Is there a date set yet?” I asked. “Kris has already snagged the perfect date,” Colt replied. “We’re thinking of possibly a longer engagement or maybe first of July,” Faith replied. “I don’t guess a winter wedding would hurt things. Any word from your end about moving here?” I asked. “I’ve already put in to be transferred so it could be any day. Faith can move easily transfer,” Colt replied. “Actually I could move now and was thinking about doing so. Melissa and I talked that maybe we could live together here if they have to wait,” Faith stated. “I hope it doesn’t come to that but if it does then Kris won’t be so lonely,” Colt said. “Or sober much,” I laughed. “You know they really don’t drink that much except for occasions like this,” Faith said. “I don’t care to feel like shit every morning,” Colt laughed. “Oh by the way, I do have a present for you. We can do that tomorrow before you leave. Don’t let me forget that,” I said. “I have one for you too,” Colt said and reached in his back pocket. He handed me a gift to the home improvement store. “Thanks Colt. Corey will make good use of it,” I said and stuck in my pocket. I walked away with Faith’s friend coming up to her. I headed to the kitchen and saw Cale working on the next batch. “Matt, you have the best group of friends ever,” Cale said and was about to slide them in the oven. I smiled, “I think so too. Actually, JJ is Corey’s old high school friend…” “He told me and how he treated him. JJ said he regrets that now since they stay in touch,” Cale said. I looked over and saw Robbie messing with Melissa’s hair while Stephan and Kris were standing around. I walked over and was curious to see what was going on. “Girl, I think your hair would look perfect in an up do for your big day,” Robbie said with Melissa’s hair in his hand. “That’s how I had planned to have it,” Melissa said with a glass of wine in her hand. “What would do with this shit?” Kris asked pointing at his short blond hair and laughing. “I’d let Stephan handle that,” Robbie replied. “I’d be more than happy to do your hair for your wedding.” “First off, your salon isn’t here,” Melissa stated. “Plus how much do you charge?” “I’ve got a friend that would let me use his since we swap out when he has a wedding where I live,” Robbie said. “For you, I’d do it for free.” “Melissa, he usually charges at least a hundred for brides,” Stephan said. “Your ass is hired,” Kris blurted out. “I don’t know but I don’t have anyone here locally that I know or trust,” Melissa said. “He’s really good, girl,” Stephan said. “His salon is one of the best around our town.” Faith stepped over and must have heard us talking. “Melissa, I’d go for it. Now what about me?” “For you, I’d go with a short cut like you have now with some nice color,” Robbie said. “Boy, I’ve opened up my mouth now.” “You sure have,” Kris laughed and patted Robbie on the back. “You’re gonna be busy this summer.” “I will,” Robbie said. I continued to walk around and found Corey talking with Scott, Brennan, JJ and Teague. He gave a big kiss on the lips. It was pretty evident that he was enjoying his night with the taste of beer on his breath. “Matt, I was telling Corey that if we ever have a high school reunion, he suriyeli escort needs to tell everyone they can kiss his ass. He achieved more than almost everyone in our class,” Teague said. “I swear half of them have a criminal record,” JJ laughed. “The other half are helping populate the world. No one in our town has ever heard of fucking birth control.” “It doesn’t surprise me at all,” Corey said. “We were smart and got the hell out of there.” The party continued with the normal buzz with no one getting that loud. We could hear a little of the noise next door whenever someone went outside for some fresh air. With the midnight hour getting closer and a few people monitoring the countdown with a phone app, we turned on the TV to watch it but knew it was delayed for our time zone. “We need to take shots,” Kris suggested in his booming voice. “Great idea,” Brennan said. Corey and I had maybe four shot glasses including two souvenir ones from our honeymoon. We pulled those out and used them as measuring devices. We circled around the TV, arm in arm and began counting down until the clock struck midnight. We downed our shots and grabbed our loved ones for a sweet kiss. JJ, Teague, Janet and Amber improvised with JJ and Teague giving them a peek on the cheek. Amber belt out `Auld Lang Syne’ since she knew the words. We followed along in horrible harmony thanks to several drink being taken during the night. After the song, Stephan, who was standing next to me, pulled my head over for a kiss squarely on the lips. I was shocked but saw Corey laughing. “Bros, it’s gonna be the best fucking year ever!” Kris yelled. “Fuck yeah it is,” Colt said right behind him. “Last year will be hard to top for me,” Corey said. “Y’all try to beat that shit!” “I’d say we all have great things in store,” Scott said and was one of the few that weren’t drinking. He along with Amber hadn’t so that they could get their parties home safely. We separated and continued to eat whatever was around. Colt walked up to me as I was eating a cookie. He put his arm around my shoulder to balance himself. “Brennan talks about old Garrett but I’m not sure that he didn’t contribute. He’s fucking hammered.” I laughed, “He along with a few others. JJ and Teague have really enjoyed themselves. I see your point but… this is a special occasion.” “Fuck yeah it is,” Colt said and kissed me on the cheek. “We’re having a blast.” “I’m really glad you are,” I said. It was about 2 before the first ones left. It was Amber and Janet. They thanked me for hosting them and said they’d see us again. I said goodnight and wished them well. Next were Scott and his group. “Wish me luck,” Scott said. “Brennan is unlike I never seen him before.” “He’s just having a good time and may regret this in the morning,” I said. “You did well, Matt. Everything was great. I hope we can find someone to get Brennan and Stephan out to the car now,” Scott said. It was a struggle but Scott and I got them to his car. I said goodnight and asked that Scott text me when he got home. He said he would. Things started to wind down. We pulled out the air mattresses and found just enough pillows for our added guests. Cale tried to say that he was okay but I knew that he’d drank far too much wine and punch to be anywhere close to being able to navigate a vehicle. “That damn Robbie and Stephan were a hoot,” JJ said laughing. “They were,” Kris said holding on Melissa. “Once Stephan got a few in him, he was something else.” “I was cracking up when Robbie was messing with Melissa hair but you know I think he’d do a great job,” Faith said. “Now, I remember why we didn’t hang around them that much, too,” Colt said. “The main thing for me was everyone had a great time and nothing bad happened such as a hole in the wall or broken furniture,” I said. “You’d been pissed,” Teague said. “All I know is Cale is the fucking man.” “Thanks,” Cale said and held up his glass. “I was trying to watch and learn,” Melissa said. “Even the punch was good,” Teague said. “Daniel, you’re gonna be a fat dude if you don’t watch it,” JJ said. “I fucking know. That’s why I hit the gym as often as I do,” Daniel said. “I don’t cook like this all the time,” Cale said. “When I do, I try to go all out.” “I haven’t had one bad thing of his,” Corey said, leaning on me. Finally after a little more talking, we separated to sleep with my eyes barely able to stay open. Daniel and Cale got the living room while Teague and JJ moved the table and slept in the dining room on our old air mattress. The next morning, I woke up and just lay in bed until hearing someone. After getting up, I went out to see that it was Kris, Daniel and Cale having coffee. They looked rough but I’m sure I did rus escort as well at ten in the morning. “Matt, we were talking. They are going to keep their eyes open if a house comes up for rent in their neighborhood,” Kris said in his shorts. “There are a few here and there but they are snatched up in a hurry,” Daniel stated. “Plus they are pretty close. You keep your eyes open too. Hell, Melissa will just move here if that’s what it takes to get us a house. I wish we could afford something this sweet. I told em that I was the reason that you had this house, me and my fine act,” Kris laughed. I laughed, “He got me more than I thought I could get.” “There are some really great school districts and private schools around here. I’m definitely gonna apply around here and see what happens,” Kris said. “I think it is great that we have people who still wanna be teachers,” Cale said. “I know that I couldn’t handle it.” “Trust me there are some that you wanna ripe their head off and cuss them out,” Kris said. “I’m surprised that you haven’t done it yet,” I laughed. “I’ve wanted to but had to use my constraint. Matt will tell ya. I used to one hell of a temper,” Kris said. “We saw just a glimpse of it,” Daniel said. “Bro, that wasn’t shit compared to the old days,” Kris said. I heard some stirring and saw JJ stand up followed by Teague. Both were shirtless with JJ showing off his hairy body. They started laughing. “MMM Matt, you and Corey should consider buying a new mattress. This sucker is about half of what it was,” JJ said, walking towards us. I turned around and saw what they were talking about. “Bro, y’all broke it,” Kris said and laughed. “It’d be his ass. He was all over me last night,” Teague said. “I had no idea you two were like that,” Daniel said with big smile. “Just fuck you, dude!” Teague laughed. “You knew what I meant.” It wasn’t that long before everyone was up and about. Our supply of aspirin was well used by everyone after a great night. Cale and I cooked breakfast for everyone. After we finished eating, everyone started making plans to leave. Before anyone left, Kris invited all to join in on our Valentine’s Day weekend at the casino. JJ and Teague laughed and said that they would if they had dates but otherwise would pass. Cale and Daniel were familiar with the casinos and told us the nicest one was on the state line. Kris looked at the map and said it was doable for them as well since Valentine’s Day was on a Saturday. We watched everyone leave with Kris, Colt and their fianc�s being the last. Corey did have a long goodbye with JJ and Teague just before. Corey and I both sighed loudly once we shut the door. “I know you’re glad that is over and done with,” Corey said. “I am. I love having everyone but damn it is so stressful,” I said with us walking back to our living room. “Matt, I’m no surer what to do than I was before Teague got here,” Corey said with us sitting down on the couch. “I was hoping for some real clarity.” “You got a little sense of what he was like,” I said. “Oh a little. The thing is we’re not one hundred percent certain that his uncle is my dad. I know Teague said his son looked just like me but hell so could a hundred other random kids.” “The only certain solution is a DNA test…” “I’m not going through that nor am I putting him through it. If we do that, we might as well go on the Maury show and make it really dramatic,” Corey said. “I see your point. You decide the course of action. I’ll be behind you no matter what,” I said. He pulled me over for a kiss. “I know you will. Matt, this new year is really gonna be rather boring for us. Hell, we’re married and living in a house. What else could we do?” “Adopt,” I replied with my eyes big. “Now that’s really wishful thinking and very expensive. We’d have to move to do it legally as well. I agree that it will seem uneventful but I doubt boring. We’ll really adjust to living here as two married men without the worry of holidays.” “I’m sort of looking forward to that. I hate the cold weather but we need time to really live here,” he said. “We do. In the meantime, I’ll be on the lookout for patio furniture,” I said. “I don’t doubt that one bit. You’re so ready for that.” “Not like you’re ready to plant and grow stuff all over the place…” “Hey I want it to look good. You forgot about mowing. I won’t look forward to that.” “I will. There’ll be no better sight than seeing your hot ass out there shirtless and sweaty behind the lawn mower,” I said. “While you sat nude watching me in a lounge chair tempting me with that big cock of yours…” “Then imagine the great sweaty sex we’ll have,” I said. “Hurry up, summer! Hurry up!” Corey said. TO BE CONTINUED… You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Please put “Rooming” so it doesn’t get lost in my spam. Also, my ies, has all my stories along with a place to sign up for my emails when new stories are posted such as this one.

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