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I walked in the room and, he put me up against the desk. He was behind me and I was between him and the desk. I felt his hand push my body down on the desk, so that I was standing but my chest and head were lying on the desk. His hands I felt them travel up my legs, I felt them between the holes in my fish net high thighs. When he reached my skirt he pulled it up. Now he could see my black garter belt that was holding up my stockings. Still holding me down, he spread my legs.

I lifted my hands up, and reached them behind my back. I moved them around, until I found his fly. Then slowly, I pulled the zipper down. Reaching in to his pants, and in to his boxers, I pulled out his hard dick. He took out from his pocket, a bottle of lubricant, and handed to me. I put some on my hands and then I reached back again and rubbed it on his dick. I started to give him a hand job, running my hands up and down the shaft. I stopped after awhile, because I didn’t want to rub the lubricant in too much. Then he took my hands and put them on the desk, he had me grab both edges to hold me down harder. He took his dick, holding it with in his hands, and started to put it in to my ass.

He almanbahis şikayet pushed me down even more and with one of his hands he grabbed my ass cheeks. Then he took his other hand the one that was holding his dick and put it too my ass. He griped tighter on his dick, it was hard and stiff and pushed it in slightly into my ass. I felt it go in and it did hurt a little, it was like I don’t know a pinch on my skin or something. It wasn’t like some big pain, I kind of liked it. I thought of pain for pleasure as kinky and it makes sex even better, so as long as it brings orgasms in the end then I’m up for it. He kept pushing it in me, not like so fast, but slowly, and when he got more of him self in he would stop and let me get used to it. It didn’t hurt that much when he would stop, and when he did he would run his fingers over my body, mostly on my ass. When he did that my body shacked a little and I started to giggle but not a lot, it wasn’t funny it just tickled. When he finally got his dick in all the way he sighed, I guess it was a big deal. I don’t know I said that’s it, that’s what getting fucked in the ass feels like, I definitely got the almanbahis canlı casino short end of the pleasure there.

When I said that, he pushed me down again on the desk and grabbed my waist and started to thrust his dick in me. As he continued to do that, I realized that he wasn’t done yet. I could feel his legs on my ass, and I could hear him moaning. It did feel a lot better them I though, you know I hadn’t done it before, so I was open to it. Each thrust I went back in to the desk harder and I could feel his dick moving inside me. It didn’t hurt any more, it became appealing to me. I told him to go hard to thrust himself inside me more. He liked that I said that. I started to moan lightly, I’m a big screamer but you know in a class room I didn’t think I should go all out and let every one know what I was doing. My fingers grabbed the desk and tried to hold on but my hands were so sweaty I could hardly hold on. I was getting so hot so fast, it like came out of now where. All of a sudden I felt him thrust two more times then he slowed down. It was like I was running so fast and then I was just pulled down. I was over headed and I wasn’t going almanbahis casino any where, I told him I wanted more, continue. He was surprised again. I guess he thought because I wasn’t screaming that there was something wrong.

So he continued to fuck my ass, each time it felt even better. He grabbed on to my waist and pulled me to him as he trusted in to me. And when he trusted out he pushed my back way from him. I stared to get hotter, I could feel his body sliding up against mine, and I could feel his legs shacking. I heard him breathing heavily as he was moving in to me. Then he said I’m going to cum in to your ass, and he asked me if that was all right. I said if you want to, go ahead. He got harder, thrusting moving back and forth, harder and longer, her stayed in side me, until he came, and when he did he made on last thrust and stopped. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in to him, closer as close as I could get to him and he let lose his cum inside me. I felt it; it was warm like his dick. Then he slowly slides his dick out of me, and I only felt warm for a second longer then it stopped.

I got up on the desk and he sat down on the chair and he looked at me for a while. Then, I got on my stomach and leaned over to kiss him. He grabbed my ass and pushed me closer to him. I felt his tongue move around in my mouth running around the sides of my cheeks. His lips felt soft and warm as they moved across mine and my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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