After the Bar Pt. 01

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“I think you should kiss me.”

We had just gotten back from the bar, and she was lying back on the steps to the front porch, smoking a cigarette. I stood a few paces away, happy to be outside. It was the middle of the night, and the street was dead quiet. One of those nights where you don’t even feel the air, and the world is at peace. A few beers in; feeling happy and feeling loose. Feeling the possibilities.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Because if I come over there and kiss you, I’m not going to want to stop.”

She and I had been friends for years, after being introduced by a guy who was a mutual friend. She and I got along really well; we still do, and that’s the beauty of it. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but she and I became very comfortable without friendship. We would have fun and joke around, talk about our respective relationships or life issues, thrift shop, drink, step outside for a smoke – you name it, we did it. We would also enjoy casual physical contact, flirt innocently, and hug whenever we met up and parted ways. All in total comfort; never any sexual tension whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I always did and still do think she is totally sexy. She is an artist and a free spirit, and I love her. But it’s always been about the friendship, and I have always been totally happy that way. And that’s how the cuddling started.

She was in a long distance relationship, and she didn’t see much of her boyfriend at all. I was around a lot at night (often unable to drive at home) since she was living with our mutual friend, and somehow we started sleeping together. When I say sleeping, I mean it literally. We would cuddle up and sleep. It was great. Everything stayed exactly as before, but after a long night of whatever we were doing, Kocaeli Escort we would hop into her bed, spoon, and say goodnight. Not every night, mind you. Not even every night I was over. It just happened sometimes.

There wasn’t any awkwardness, really no sexual tension. The way things were between us, I figured pretty much anything could happen and our friendship would remain unchanged. We were both so comfortable with each other, so comfortable with our sexuality, so happy as we were. So why didn’t I think it was a good idea? She had a boyfriend.

“Well I think you should kiss me.”

Really, I think it was the look she gave me more than the alcohol in my system. That leaned back, chin down, eyes up look that only a woman can give a man. Smoldering.

I walked over and went for it. My knee between her legs, quad pressed between them. My chest pressed against hers, a hand on either side of her body to hold what little weight I didn’t put into her. My mouth on hers, sharing the taste of the nights beer, whiskey, and tobacco. And the taste of her. She pushed me up with a hand to my chest, and I really couldn’t tell if it had been more than she wanted or not nearly enough. She just smiled.

Her roommate, our mutual friend, and his girl arrived. The mood shifted with the cars headlights, the loud music, and their loud conversation over the music. He killed the engine and all three stopped. He got out.


We all went inside.

It wasn’t long before our friend and his girl disappeared into his room, leaving us in hers. We got ready for bed. For me, this meant stripping to my underwear and tshirt. For her, well, it varied. As often as not, it was just panties, but tonight she kept a top on, too. If her choice even registered Kocaeli Escort Bayan in my mind, I probably assumed she wanted to avoid sending any mixed messages after the kiss. She climbed into bed after me. I was on my side, bottom arm out, making a place for her to lay against me. She did, but on her back, my bicep behind her neck, her body close to mine. This meant she was not ready to sleep yet, which meant continuing some discussion from earlier in the night. Again, I assumed she wanted to address the kiss. It turns out I was right, in exactly the wrong way.

She kissed me. A goodnight kiss, I thought. But no, this was a real kiss. A hand about to press against my chest, I thought. But no, this time she wasn’t stopping. Well, we were dressed, and we had already kissed earlier, so what’s the harm, I thought. I rolled toward her, my top hand hooking under her far shoulder, my top leg finding the gap between hers. So it will be a nice make out session, a step up from cuddling, but still innocent enough. Until I felt her hand running up the back of my shirt. There was a part of my mind that reminded me about her boyfriend. But he was so far away, and away so often. And we were just fooling around a little. It would never go anywhere, and nothing serious would happen. Just keep it above the waist, I told myself. So I decided to go with it.

It wasn’t long before she had my shirt off and her mouth on my neck, shoulder and chest. My hands, which had previously been roaming her body, slid under her shirt. I worked one up her side, bringing it under her shoulder so I could hold her and support my weight. The other ran slowly up her stomach, fingers curled down, nails playing against her skin. It came to her breast which, despite her habit of sleeping topless, I had never Escort Kocaeli felt. It was just as I expected, smooth soft skin, supple and firm, topped with a small and currently very hard nipple. The kind of breast every man remembers from his younger days.

As I toyed with her nipple, her mouth same back to mine. But I made sure that was only I passing, as I kissed along her jawline, down the side of her neck, and along her collarbone. She squirmed beneath me, pressing her head into the bed and arching her back. Not one to miss an opportunity, I used both hands to work her shirt up to her shoulders and dropped my mouth to her now bared skin as she pried it the rest of the way off.

With one breast in my hand and the other in my mouth, the boundary I had set for myself began to blur. If I grab her ass over her panties, that’s still over the clothes, right? They were just plain cotton, full backed. It wasn’t like she was wearing a thong or anything. What the hell, I went for it, and she definitely did not resist. I grabbed her ass and felt it tighten as she pressed herself up into my leg. She brought a hand to my face and guided my mouth back to hers. Her other hand found mine. That one she guided between her legs. Under her panties. She moaned into my mouth and pressed my finger between her lips. She was dripping wet.

Well, it’s not like I’m inside her, right? So still not such a big deal. And hey, we haven’t broken the barrier of my waistband. She must know what she’s doing and be ok with it. So what’s the problem? Nope, no problem. With the pad of my finger working around her opening and the top following suit against her clit, I broke our kiss to look into her eyes. I wanted to see the look on her face, read her reactions, and give her what she wanted. With her hand still against mine, it didn’t take long. I could see it in her eyes first, that focused look as she tried to hold off and let the sensation build. Her body tensed and her breath became shallow. Her hand clamped down on mine, holding it still against her. And then she let go and let the pleasure overtake her.

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