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Subject: After Turning Sixteen Part 8 After Turning Sixteen Part 8 Once again please continue to contribute to Nifty using the donate button as I have. Once again I do answer all emails as hoo (zero one). I am also a prolific author on Nifty if you would like to read other stories I have written. I can give you a direct link to my stories. I am getting better at deep throating and damn, my Dad was the test case for that! To get his huge mushroom head on his thick eight-inch cock down my throat must put me at super advanced level. Of course, since he could get my identical cock down his throat meant that I had to show him I had what he had and could do what he could do in every way! We both eventually came in each other after a long suckfest and I decided I really liked the taste of Dad’s cum. A cumhound me? I had never even thought about it before. When I told Dad I was starting to like the taste of cum he burst out laughing. “Once again”, he said, “Like Father like Son”. He continued to grin at me and said that he loved the taste of my cum! I sort of looked at him in amazement then. And then I looked at the rest of him. Damn, he was hot! He was every bit the man I wanted to be. I wanted to have his older masculine body with the great dark hairy chest and be as Ur-Mann as he was and not the “beautiful” smooth redhead I was, even if I did have muscles now, thanks to Dad and Jack. Dad didn’t even have to think for a second before he read my mind. “Jean-Luc”, he said, “Never wish for what you don’t have and never wish away what you do have. You are beautiful, much more beautiful than you know, but you are also a man and you are becoming a man’s man.” He studied me very carefully, making me blush a bit. “And yes, you will be a star in the business when you turn eighteen. But you can’t be in the business until then.” Dad knew I wanted to ask about the business then but he held up a single finger to forestall my questions. This was a signal we both knew from as long as I could remember. He would not answer my questions now. No need to pose them. OK. At least I could sleep with him naked and feel his hot body against mine. After being with Phil’s 6’7 body it was a bit odd to feel a man the same size as me naked, us both being 6’2. We did sleep well and it was very nice to wind up naked with my Dad in his bed. He did look at me a bit seriously after we shared a morning kiss. Yeah, morning mouth, but who cared? “Jean-Luc”, Dad said, “It is ok for you to suck and be sucked by whoever you want, but be very careful about fucking. Even though I don’t regret you for a second, things can happen.” I had to smile. “Dad, Gio is way ahead of you. He told me that women aren’t ready for me and to stick to `heavy petting’ whatever that is.” Again Dad burst out laughing. “Gio’s English is a bit behind the times at times!” He continued to chuckle. “Heavy petting is doing everything but fucking. And get Gio to give you some instruction on how to please a woman with your tongue. I already know how good you are at using your tongue and you will be surprised at how he can teach this, despite not being a woman.” Well, the mind boggled a bit at that thought? One last comment, “Dad, I think I’ll stick to doing anal with Phil only so we can bareback. I just don’t think I can do a condom right now after what I’ve experienced with Gio and Phil.” Dad looked relieved. “Jean-Luc, that is a great idea! Please stay safe!” He stopped and looked at me again. “When you’re ready let Gio fuck you and take your cherry. You need to know what this feels like and how to make it feel good. Like me, you’ll mainly be a top. People see our cocks and want them in them. That’s just how it works. But you might want someone in you sometime, too.” He stopped again. “I know, I did.” WTF? My super hunky Dad had been fucked by a guy and more than once? “Yeah, your Dad has been in love, too.” Well that revelation would take some processing! But Dad had one more revelation before we got dressed for school. He had a full morning of French classes. Gee, why would anyone imagine şişli travesti he’s not a popular teacher, with guys and gals both? He then had some special project, and then basketball practice. “Jean-Luc, just to warn you, you did win the 10th grade English writing award with your paper on Wole Soyinka, the Nigerian Nobel Prize for Literature winner.” Holy shit, I thought. How am I ever going to make up with the nerds now? Well, well, well. A lot to process. Not too surprisingly, I enjoyed school and classes. At lunch I deliberately sat with the nerds, instead of the athletes. Not too surprisingly again, they ignored me and acted as if I weren’t there. I accepted that and sat quietly and ate. I wasn’t sure how long it would take before I got back in their good graces, but I had decided they were worth it. And I had this very far-fetched fantasy of reconciling them with the athletes and letting each group help the other with what they could do best…Yeah, not going to happen. This was high school after all and even though I was well on the way to being seventeen, I was just a sophomore. Finally one of the guys snapped. “What are you doing here sitting with us?” he asked, “Slumming?” Ouch that hurt as I knew it came from hurt. Joey was his name I thought. He continued, “Everyone in the school is talking about you, even the senior cheerleaders are talking about you and they giggle while not explaining what they’re giggling about!” OK, at this point I wanted the earth to swallow me up. I guess I was glad that my cock size wasn’t known by everybody at the school, but it seemed it was by those in power. I totally flushed red and looked down at the table. I had nothing to say. It was the end of lunch period and they all got up to leave. I knew I had to, too. I did make it to math. Not my best subject, but the teacher was very, very, good. I would give her a teaching award if I could. The afternoon wound down and I was finally at practice with my team. We had a very good practice and my Dad and the head coach were happy and calling out praise as we worked on new plays. For whatever reason I became the point guard then, instead of James. My new understanding of myself as a dominant guy helped. And I deliberately avoided looking too much at Phil. I started calling the plays and putting the guys through their paces. And the fact that all of us were at least partially gay and knew what the others looked like naked and hard made this easier, not harder (no pun intended). I was glad to see our progress as a team and I did have hopes for a small high school championship and maybe meeting again at X University as a team. It was then that I had another epiphany. HJL, you’ve got to stop doing that, I told myself. After practice and after Dad and the head coach left (and the head coach wasn’t much of a coach, let’s be honest. He was on his way to a comfortable retirement and let that be known.), I gathered the team around me. I finally looked at the team. What a bunch of hot guys! We had it all! We had Devont� who was very tall, thin, noble (aristocratic?) looking and quite dark. We had Josh who looked like a taller and younger version of my Dad with a great hairy chest and a very handsome face. We had James, who was supposedly my twin in body, and wasn’t he handsome with his bit of beard, and chiseled features? And we had Phil. My heart jumped as I looked at his soft brown eyes, tall body, and sweet smile. But we weren’t here for love talk. “Guys”, I said, “I have had two ideas and I need to know what you think, all of you. First of all, I know you know I’ve been working out at my Dad’s gym (which one I didn’t say). One of the reasons I’ve gotten so good at basketball is from working out with the guys on the gym team. They are all in their twenties and thirties and very experienced players. Their first team is aiming at a major championship, just as we are. What if we scrimmaged with them?” The other guys were pretty much taken aback, but were thoughtful. We all knew we had plateaued and weren’t going to get any better unless we beylikdüzü travesti did something different. And we all did want to get better. We all wanted the best scholarships possible at X University, and, at this point, we all wanted to continue to play together, both here at the high school, but also there. While only Josh and James and Phil and I were in love (!) we all were in serious “like” with each other. Finally Devont� broke the ice as only he could and said, “So, are they hot?” We all laughed then. I finally answered, “Yes, and a lot of them are pretty hairy and we know that one of us likes hairy men” as I stroked Josh’s hairy chest though his shirt. I think James laughed the hardest then. I then upped the ante, “Yes, they are all muscular and pretty hot and the gym director would like us to scrimmage shirtless with them shirtless.” I stopped to gauge their reaction. Again a bit of shock, but not bad. “And at the end of the season he’ll put out a Youtube video of the best of our scrimmages, which just might make us a bit of money, if you are all ok with that. No labels, no idents of course.” Whoa! OK, they all started to get hard, including me. And I looked at Devont� then. “And Devont� I am close to being 100% sure there will be at least one guy and probably more chasing after you.” I smiled at his astonishment. “Yeah, you will be able to pick and choose.” His beaming smile was the only thing I needed to see to know this will work. And I knew the gym team would be panting to work out with us. I mean, a bunch of tall, hot, muscular late teens, half naked? Probably most guys’ fantasy in one way or another! I decided to keep my other epiphany quiet for now. I think I had sprung enough on the team for today and I needed to talk to Dad about it first, since I needed to find the right teacher and only could with his help. Once again, I figured he had just about any contact in this town I could think of. After meeting with the team, Phil and I had a few minutes together alone. We couldn’t meet up that day. We both had things we had to do. But we could exchange a long kiss and feel each other’s body next to each other, even if clothed in workout gear. Damn he felt good! And I had to draw back a bit to look at his face and his eyes. His smile disarmed me once again. OK, this was it. I had fallen hook, line, and sinker. I was officially in love with Phil. That felt so good and I had to declare my love to him. He smiled that same smile and just said, “I know”. I wanted to punch him then, but his laughter disarmed me yet one more time and he said, “Hunter, I love you very much, but you can be so serious and earnest at times!” OK, I had to acknowledge that he was right. I am a very serious dude normally and this being in love thing was not something I had ever done before or even thought about doing! He followed all the thoughts I had and kissed me again, passionately. My toes curled then! “Oh Hunter”, he said then, “I can’t wait for our next time together. Saturday?” I nodded yes. And he looked at me carefully, “Hunter, there isn’t anyone on the gym team you are interested in, is there?” “Hell no”, I yelled. “You’re the only man I want and I’m going exclusive with you!” Phil couldn’t help but have a self-satisfied smile. “Good”, he said, “Because you’re the only man I want, too.” And he couldn’t help but tease me and said, “And besides, you’re super hot in bed!” It was all I could then not to throw his big body up against the wall and “rape” him! He smiled a bit sadly then and said, “Saturday”. Yeah Saturday. That night I asked my Dad about a teacher contact to help with my second epiphany. He was surprised and then thoughtful and said I might be brilliant once again. I also told him I had texted Jack to ask if I could meet with his first team at the gym either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and that I had a date with Phil Saturday afternoon/evening. Dad’s only question was about Phil’s parents. I said I would leave that up to Phil and would go with the flow. Dad’s raised eyebrows indicated istanbul travesti a bit of skepticism. Yeah, I know I’m coming across as dominant now, but I do care about other people and their limits. We thought about a 69 but Dad had another special project the next day and I thought I might get hard for the gym team as an incentive for them. Not sure yet though. Friday I continued my attempt at placating the nerds at lunch. I could tell the athletes and the cheerleaders were confused as were the nerds. Joey started to launch into me again, but Heather stopped him. Joey was quite weedy as were most of the male nerds. Heather was the opposite and she was a senior woman. In the old days she would have been called voluptuous. She had all the curves she needed and plenty of flesh. I suddenly realized she was my kind of woman and decided to be super cautious around her. She noticed my reaction of course and said, “You’re not the first. So, what do you want of us nerds?” indicating this table and some others. OK. I knew I was on thin ice and all could go wrong super quickly. I thought through my words very carefully. “Heather”, I said, “Joey, and others I could name. I had no intention of becoming a jock and a starter on the basketball team. I love being a nerd and learning. That I who I am. But my Dad wanted my help with the basketball team and he signed me up for a trainer to teach me basketball. Well, I guess I have my Dad’s genes. It all clicked. It seems I have a chance for a basketball scholarship to University now. I super want to go to University, but on Dad’s salary not a certainty without a scholarship. I’d rather work for an academic scholarship, but an athletic scholarship is a full ride. That would assure me of University. Can you accept me as who I am both nerd and athlete?” Well, I hadn’t meant to be that vocal, but I had one more thing to say. “I think we should have a Nerd Club at the high school. I volunteer to help organize it. And I think Heather should be the President.” I will be a member only in it. But I would like to help bridge the gap between the Nerds and the Athletes, too. I know this is pie in the sky, but that will be my project as a member of this new club.” OK, I was totally done now. I wish I hadn’t said the last bit, but too late. I looked down at the table again, waiting. Heather surprised me by lifting up my head and said, “Jean-Luc tu ne sais pas comment tu es beau dans tous les sens.” I was quite startled but understood her perfectly of course. And she saw the stirring in my shorts as she held my head. “Oui, �a c’est l�gendaire aussi, d’apr�s les cheerleaders.” OK, totally flushed scarlet again. Very few people could follow her French where she called me beautiful in all senses and said, indirectly, that the cheerleaders had commented on the size of my cock. I hadn’t realized she was one of Dad’s star French pupils, but now did. Stupid me one more time. She saw me start to berate myself and wasn’t having it. “Jean-Luc, please come sit with us at lunch on Monday. We have much to discuss. What you said, does make a lot of sense, but we Nerds will have to talk about it over the weekend. All the nerds nodded then. I could tell I had shaken them and some shaken to their core. At this moment I hated being “beautiful”. I just wanted to be normal again and one of them. But I remembered what my Dad said about not regretting what one was. I was what I was and that was it. “On parlera lundi Jean-Luc, Heather said.” I was dismissed. Yeah, we would speak on Monday. And I guessed I would never be Hunter with the nerds, but Jean-Luc. Fine with me. Hunter with the athletes and Jean-Luc with the nerds. OK. I didn’t mind having a dual identity. I was wondering if this would be the story of my life though. As if today wasn’t already too much I did have my meeting maybe scheduled with the gym team and Jack about scrimmaging. I was super grateful that Jack put that off until mid-morning on Saturday, saying he couldn’t get the right people to the gym until then. I went home and crashed big time after eating. Today had been too much. Dad did get me up from the sofa when he came home late and put me in my bed. I made happy noises as I fell asleep again. All for now. hoo To be continued tomorrow with the guys in the gym with Hunter Jean-Luc and Phil.

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