Afternoon Ride Ch. 02

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The early morning sun just breaking over the trees turned her hair into an orange fire on the pillow. For a moment she didn’t know where she was. But her memory soon returned and along with it the feeling of her lovers touch, which still lingered on her. Slowly she smiled. Paden was breathing softly next to her, his arm held her close and firm but not tight. Squirming under his heavy limbs she rolled over to peer into his relaxed face. He needed to shave. As the sun crept up and the light crawled across the bed and onto Paden’s calm features his green eyes blinked open. For what seemed like an eternity they just stared at each other, their naked bodies under the sheets pressed to one another.

She spoke for the first time since they met. “ Morning lover.”

Paden blinked, unsure for a moment what to say. He stammered, “uh, m m-m morning.”

She kissed him and slid off the bed in one smooth liquid motion. Her hair dropped down and covered her body from Paden’s wandering eyes. She winked and glided to the bathroom to get a shower. Paden simply lay there in bed and grinned from ear to ear as his recollection of the previous night’s doings drifted back out of the morning haze. From the open bathroom door Paden could hear the sound of running water and a voice as clear and silvery as a crystal bell, singing. From what little he knew of other languages it sounded like some kind of mid-evil tongue. Is she singing in Gaelic? He thought. Paden rolled over and sat up. Much to his delight he was looking right through the bathroom door at his companions naked body outlined in the light from the window and shimmering in water. With a feral grin and a wink she pulled the curtain to, and ended the show.

A few moments later Paden was in the kitchen cooking. He had barely bothered to get dressed; simply grabbing a pair of canvas trousers as he got up neglecting a shirt entirely. The bacon was simmering away, when she walked in wearing only one of Paden’s long sleeve button-up work shirts. It was a coarse tan colored cotton weave shirt that just barely reached passed her waist. Wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him she spoke again.

“Catalina.” Paden frowned.

“Do what?”

“That’s my name. Catalina Constantine.”

“That’s beautiful.” Now why in the sam hell does that name sound so familiar? She kissed him again, then walked over and took a seat in one of the hand made chairs at Paden’s table, which was also hand made by the looks of it. Crossing her legs so as not to distract the man from his cooking Catalina watched him intently.

“So, Miss Catalina. What brings a woman like you out here to these hills?” Paden handed her a cup of coffee.

“Oh I’m just out on a working vacation.” This perked his interest. With an eyebrow cocked he said,

“And what kind of business would that be?”

“Bounty hunting.” Paden’s heart jumped a few beats, and without breaking eye contact or betraying a single notion that he was suddenly on guard he replied.

“Sounds like fun.” He then sat down to steady his thoughts. She gave him that feral grin once more.

“ Oh it’s fun all right.” The shirt wasn’t doing a very good job of covering her ample endowments. Konya Escort

“I guess you could say…” his words trailed off as the hunter traced her way up his leg with her toes. She was peering at him over her drink the same way a predator would look at a possible victim. Is she after me? He quickly thought through the locations of all the firearms in the house and which ones were closest.

Paden set his coffee down and got up to fill two plates with bacon, eggs and a biscuit. Handing Catalina her breakfast he sat down again. Not giving the man a chance to ask another question she asked her own.

“So what about you then? What do you do for a living?” Paden chewed thoughtfully for a moment then shrugged.

“Oh you know… a little of this a little of that, I make things mostly. Custom furniture, weapons, the occasional bit of housework. I even made a saddle once.”

“So you’re a handy man then?” Paden took another bite then spoke around his eggs.

“yep” With a bit of suspicion Catalina asked.

“And just building things pays for all this?” Paden was finding it difficult to concentrate; the buttons on the shirt she was wearing seemed to be coming unbuttoned one after the other each time he stole a glance. So he is noticing. Good! She continued to slide her toes up and down his leg occasionally creeping her way down his thigh then back again. Paden was having an even harder time thinking with her working his legs over. She’s trying to get my guard down. Too bad… it’s working.

“Hard to believe that doing just handy work could be so profitable.” Good thing she doesn’t know about my other job

“Well my work doesn’t come cheap. But anybody that’s good with their hands can work out a living”

With one fluid motion she was out of her chair and moving around the table towards him. The shirt was completely open. Paden suddenly forgot about breakfast, but there was still something in the back of his head screaming not to be ignored. With ease she settled herself down onto his lap, straddling him. Resting her chin on his shoulders she whispered seductively in his ear.

“Why don’t you show me how good you really are?” Paden wasted no time in taking it slow just to torture and tease her right off the bat. Slowly his hands slid from her face to her shoulders to slide the loose and now useless shirt to the floor. He kissed her lips long and slow taking care to taste her. Inch by inch he crept his way down her neck lightly sucking on her silky skin. Catalina let out a soft noise from deep in her throat. Paden continued on down as his hands came back up. Cupping her breast in his hands he tantalized her nipples with his thumbs and breathed across her skin so as to make them even harder. She could feel her self becoming wet; she could smell the eagerness coming off him in waves. As Paden licked her nipples and kissed his way back up he could feel her pressing her body against his growing erection, and the wetness that she couldn’t control. She smelled wonderful. Catalina met his hungry lips and slowly slid back off his lap, and onto her knees.

“Ya know, I’ve never tasted a man quite like you before… Its almost addictive…” She was undoing Konya Escort Bayan his belt so she could release him. Paden ran a hand through her hair. And smiled as the belt came loose.

“I can honestly say, you’re the first to make me almost too tired to think.” Paden pulled his pants off and let them pile up around his ankles.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to try harder then wont I?” Paden started to raise an eyebrow and respond to that challenge but she was too fast. Before he knew it she had him in her mouth and was working hard to make him give it up early. Not this time hon.! You’re goanna have to work for it. Catalina felt him tense up and relax each time she sucked in and squeezed. He’s fighting me! Well he won’t last for long. She worked his head teasing the little cleft at its base, kissing the end, and tickling his sack with her hands. Paden was doing all he could to hold back. They had been going at it for a while now, almost ten minutes. Paden could feel himself starting to sweat as she kept on working harder. Taking all of him in and swallowing his cock then pulling it out again. He was already moaning rather loudly when he began to feel the trembling that always comes before a heavy load. She felt it too. That’s it big boy, come to momma. Paden gave a light jerk, and as if on queue she pulled hard and inhaled. He blew his seed hard into her mouth. She attempted to swallow it all but the second blast came and spilled down her chin. Paden was in the height of ecstasy, as he pumped her mouth no less than eleven times. Each thrust brought less cum than the first, but not much less. Catalina just reveled in the taste. To her it was almost as good as wine, almost anyway. Slowly just to make him twitch she licked up what she spilled and wiped off her chin on is sack. Paden opened his eyes and stared into hers. She still wanted more. You gave up too early man…now lets see if she’ll hold out that long.

Paden picked up Catalina by the waist and carried her back to the bed. Easing her down he thought back to the previous day and what she had done when he touched her. Barely parting the skin between her legs Paden inserted a finger just below the surface of her still wet and incredibly warm flesh. Trying to keep her self under control she didn’t react save for those same tale tell goose bumps rising again to give her away. But instead of attacking her again with his tongue Paden simply moved his finger in circles and watched her face has his other hand played lightly on her skin. Moving up and down her sides, across her stomach, over her supple breast and onto the very tips of her bead like nipples. Her breathing had noticeably quickened but she was, like him, trying to control her reactions. It had become a competition. He moved his hand to her left breast and cupped it gently. His lips roamed her neck yet again memorizing her curves and lines. His breath slid across her skin like a fog clinging to the ground. She drank in the sensation as his hands tweaked her body’s weak points. Some how in his searching Paden found a nerve, a special nerve. Her muscles tensed and her body arched up and a rather loud moan escaped. Paden took his time in untangling himself Escort Konya from her. Catalina had almost knocked him unconscious as her knees came up when she folded on him from the shock of his touch. Paden sat back on the bed and stared at her for a moment. Wow…The thought was ironic considering that they both had it at the same time.

Paden’s lips found her and they kissed a long time as the bodies maneuvered between the sheets. Rolling onto his back he slid Catalina on top of him. Almost of its own will her body impaled itself on his erection. He was hot inside her, hot and hard. For a moment they locked eyes and stretched on those few seconds to minutes. Slowly Catalina began to rock back and fourth, sliding up and down the shaft. As she thrust down Paden pulled him self closer to her by holding onto her hips. He could feel her muscles moving under that delicate skin. The rhythm became a rolling sensation and soon their breath came ragged as Catalina progressed from rocking to bouncing up and down on him, her breast bouncing with her, her nipples hard as rocks. She was close to an orgasm now. Paden could hear it in her moans. But before the pleasure could release from her he pulled her off his manhood. Catalina was aching to let go of that energy that was building up, and he just stopped! He was torturing her and he knew it. WHY did he stop? I was so close! Paden picked up his lover who was still tense and then stood; she wrapped her self around him. He held her just high enough so that the tip of his penis tickled her cunt. It was driving her mad. Paden sank to his knees on the floor and laid her down, licking her from chin to crotch as he went. Slowly tracing a lazy trail over her breasts and nipple down her stomach and to her genitals. He tweaked first on one breast then the other then each nipple in turn, his fingers were rough but delicate. Paden now knew her exact pleasure centers, she was still wet from the bed. Good, this will only take a few seconds.

Those few moments of oral teasing only lasted a few minutes. For Catalina it felt like it was hours. He carved little lines with the tip of his tongue, sliding in circles around her smooth opening, darting in and out too fast to see but too slow to be ignored. She was sweating now, and painfully aware that she was on her edge. Slowly he moved to her outer lips, then her inner. His mouth pulled at her as he sucked hard then released. He bit lightly with his lips and pulled tickling the flesh in between them with his tongue. With out any warning Paden thrust in hard and deep. Once, twice, and on the third time she came spectacularly. Again she doubled up. Again her moan went to a scream, her legs tightened around Paden’s head, and she picked him up off the floor when her back arched high. HOLY SHIT! She almost broke my neck! Paden was having trouble breathing. Slowly she lowered back down; slowly she released him. Where did this man get that kind of talent? Catalina’s hand slid under the edge of the bed.

Paden was feeling quite satisfied with him self, and was about to say so to his lover when he heard a very familiar click and the felt the familiar sensation of cold hard steel pressed to his head.

“Looks like I finally found you. Although I never expected the ‘Gentleman Rouge’ to be so good in bed.” Well shit….

I hope this one is a bit better. I think I’m actually going to develope a plot! I need help on sex ideas though, send me a suggestion or two. Hell, tell me what works for you.

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