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Subject: Against The Ropes- Chapter One HI HOWS IT GOING. TO PUT IT IN SIMPLE TERMS THIS STORY IS AN EXPERIMENT. MY NAME IS DANIEL (EVERYONE CALLS ME DANNY) AND MY CO-WRITER IS MY YOUNGER BROTHER NICHOLAS. (NICK OR NICKY) AS IS SAID THIS STORY IS AN EXPERIMENT TO SEE WHETHER WE ARE ANY GOOD AT WRITING THESE SORTS OF STORIES. WE ARE BIG FANS OF THIS WEBSITE AND DECIDED TO GIVE IT A TRY. WE HOPE WE DONT TOTALLY SUCK AT IT. WE ARE BOTH GAY. WE HOPE THIS DOESNT FREAK ANY OF YOU OUT BUT YES WE ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. AS I SAID WE WILL BE CO-WRITING THIS STORY. IT IS IN NO WAY TRUE OR BASED ON ANYTING OTHER THAN OUR IMAGINATIONS. IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS ANY COMMENTS AT ALL PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND THEM TO US WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE STORY. CHAPTER ONE- It was a beautiful day and as Mark looked out the window he wished more then anything that he could be out there enjoying it with his friends. But even know he didnt like to admit it he had known that he was taking the risk of getting injured when he had gotten in the ring not feeling 100 hundred percent. He had know that the chance of him coming out soarer then normal were extremely high. But he had still taken that risk and now he was paying the price. Mark Harris even though only fourteen knew what it was like to feel extreme pain. He had been training to be a wrestler since he was 8. And for the last eighteen months he had been a member of a little known organisation called the American Teen Wrestling Federation. (ATWF). All his life he had dreamed of becoming a professional and he hoped this might be his first step. He knew he had talent. The men who ran the organisation told him so. At first he thought they had been only telling him that to cheer him up. But lately they had been putting him in matches against some of the higher up boys. The ATWF had three major titles that the boys competed for. The ATWF junior title. This was for boys who were under the age of fifteen. There was a tag team title. Then there was the ATWF World Title. This was the big one. The one they all aimed for. There hadnt been a boy to hold this title who was younger then 16. Mark dreamed every day that he would become the first. And It was widely considered a fairly strong possibility. While in no way was he the best in the federation he was definitely an up and comer. During his time at the federation he had made quite a few friends. But unfortunately he had also made a fir few enemies with his ‘Take no shit from nobody” attitude that he had had since he first started out. His biggest enemy was the current World Title Holder. Billy Thompson. Mark and Billy had become instant enemies especailly after Mark had turned down an offer to join Billys faction. The ‘Wolfpack’ as they liked to call themselves were a group of six boys. All arseholes to boot. Ranging in age from Billy who was 16 kızkalesi escort to there youngest Ryan who was 14. When Mark had joined the federation the wolfpack had held all three of the titles and were generally dominating the entire show. When Mark had his first fight it was just an average fight against another relativekly new wrestler. Mark had been in fact poised to win the match when the ring was invaded by the wolfpack. Billy and his henchmen had started to attack Mark and his opponent Tristan. When Mark felt as though he could barely breathe Billy had said to him. “This is youre one and only chance, we’re recruiting and we want you. We want an answer by next week.” Then they had left the ring. That next week Mark had nearly killed himself trying to decide what to do. When the next wrestling show had arrived he still wasnt sure what he should do. He had run into Tristan and the two had talked briefly. It turned out that Tristan was in a match that night against one of the wolfpack members. Just before the maych had started Billy found Mark backstage and told him.”If you want to make it in this business you have to join us. Go out there and make sure that Tristan doesnt win. If you do this. You are in our group. Its as simple as that.” Then he had walked away with a hit eating grin on his face. Mark was in turmoilas the match started. He knew that if he helped the Wolfpack his chances of making an impact were higher. But he also knew he didnt like Billy and it bothered him what might happen later down the track. As the match had gone on Mark watched on. He made a decision to get involved. So he slowly made his way to ringside. When Billy (who was standing at ringside for ‘moral support’ had seen Mark he had smiled from ear to ear. For a few moments Mark had just stood watching then he saw Tristans oponent, Christopher, suddenly nod to Billy. It didnt seem anyone else saw it and Mark hadnt been sure what it had meant until he saw Billy distract the ref before sending him to the mat with a right punch. The ref was down and Billy came over to me holding a steel chair. He handed it to me and nodded towards the ring. Inside the ring Tristan and Chris were locked up and were struggling for supremacy. Mark climbed into the ring chair in hand. He looked at the ref to make sure he was down. then looked at Billy who merely nodded. Mark turned back to the wrestlers. Chris was grinning like a cheshire cat as he moved away from Tristan to allow Mark a clear shot. Tristan looked up at the boy with leading eyes. Begging him not to do it. Mark leaned back and just ashe was about to startto bring the chair down he quickly swivelled and clocked the stunned Chris accross the top of the head. Tristan immediately got up and when he saw Billy climb into the ring he warned Mark. And without even thinking tarsus escort of the consequences he levelled the older boy. As the two memebers were layed out in the centre of the ring Mark had looked at Tristan and they both had left the ring and the arena for that fact very quickly both knowing that they were going to be in deep shit when the guys came to. They got into a taxi and left headed for Marks place. And on that night had started one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the ATWF. But it had also started one of the biggest teams of friends in its history as well. From that night on Billy had done everything in his power to make the two younger boys lives hell for them. Thus far though he hadnt succeeded, though he had definitely made it intresting for them. The next time the federation met the commissioner, who Mark soon discovered did basically anything Billy asked of him, had put Mark and Tristan in a match against Billy and the Junior Title holder. When Billy had enforced it as a no-disqualification match Mark had known it wouldnt be a fair fight so he came up with an idea of his own. He went to the actual owner and requested that seen as it was no dq’s he asked that it be made a match with both the World and Junior titles on the line. Meaning that if Mark and Tristan were to win the match whoever got the pin or submission would then get whatever title the one they pinned held. Damien, the owner, had considered it but didnt give consent until just before the match started. When Billy and his partner Stephen heard the announcement they were furious. But not having any other option other then to fight the match had started. It had been an out and out brutal match. Billy twice tried to use a chair on their opponents, three other members of the wolfpack came out to intefere during the match. It ended when Billy was attacking Tristan on the outside which left Mark and Stephen in the ring. Mark was losing the battle and when Nathan the youngest member of the pack came into the ring with the chair it looked academic. Stephen was holding Mark up so Nathan had a good shot but at the last moment Mark was ablke to duck and the chair connected with Stephens head. When Nathan had dropped the chair Mark had grabbed him delivered a DDT on the chair then he had covered Stephen. The ref counted three before Billy had a chance to do anything. Mark was the Junior champion. Once again Mark and Tristan made a hasty exit. It had been a miracle that they had survived and didnt want to take a chance on being able to celebrate long enough. Thry figured the wolfpack wouldnt allow it anyway. So instead they had gone to Marks house and celebrated. The only problem being that Mark was startingto realise he felt something towards his new friend. And while he had always known that he was gay he anamur escort was in no way out and was afraid that if Tristan was to discover the truth their friendship might be over. Now as Mark sat there recovering he smiled at all of the memories. He had told Tristan that he was gay about a month after that night. Tristan had been shocked but had told him that that was okay. But he made sure that Mark knew that he was staright. It had been such a weight lifted off of his shoulders. Mark had held the junior title for close to three months before losing it to Nathan. But by the time he had lost it Mark and Tristan had won the tag team titles of the wolfpack. So he still held a title. Him and Tristan battled some matches together and some seperate as singles. At the moment while Mark was earning a shot at the World Title Tristen was getting a shot at the Junior title. They hoped wothin a month or two they will have both suceeded. They trained together every day and always had each others backs. They had helped each other out numerous times over the course of the year and a half. But last night had been different. Mark was in a number 1 contenders match. If he won he wouldfinally get his shot at Billy title. But Mark knew Tristan wouldnt be able to help him because of the fct he wasnt going to be at the show. Mark had been still sore from a match the week bfore where he had twisted his ankle. He had been given the option of not fighting but he had wanted the shot at the title so badly he had ignored his doctor’s warning and had had the match. Now as he sat here he was partly regretting his decision because his ankle had flared up. But he was glad because he had won the match and now he finally had his shot to becomeworld champion. He figured he had at least a fortnight before he would have to fight the match. And he knew that he woulf be fine by then. Marks thoughts were suddenly interupted by his phone ringing. He leaned over and picked up the reciever. “Yeah this is Mark.” There was a slight pause on the other end of the phone before the slightly shaken voice of Tristan came on the line. “Hey Mark its me” Mark immediately knew something was wrong apart from the shakiness of his voice Mark knew that Tristan never calls during the day unless something big has happend. “Hey Tristan whats wrong why are you upset.” There was another long pause before Mark heard Tristan gulp. “Oh my god Mark youre not going to believe this, I just got off the phone to Damien. He told me the worst news imaginable….” Mark was becoming scared what had shaken Tristan up so badly. “What,… what is it.” Mark looked out his window and saw it was becoming late afternoon. “Youre title shot. Youre match against Billy…… its to be fought on Friday night.” I nearly passed out.” END OF CHAPTER ONE WELL GUYS THATS THE FIRST CHAPTER. WE HOPE SOMEONE OUT THERE LIKED IT. THIS CHAPTER WAS USED PRETTY MUCH TO JUST DET UP THE STORY. THE ACTUAL SEX AND THAT IS COMING. ONCE AGAIN PLEASE SEND US ANY COMMENTS. WED LOVE TO KNOW WHETHER ITS ANY GOOD OR WHTHER IT JUST SUCKS ARSE. UNTIL NEXT TIME. TAKE CARE OF YOURESELVES AND EACH OTHER. DANNY AND NICK

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