All Tied Up Ch. 02

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Jeff followed his mom through the house. His eyes drank in her body that was clearly built to fuck. Apart from the black stockings and lace garter belt, she was naked as she led him towards her bedroom. His cock quickly returning to full mast as he watched her tight ass jiggle with each step. The garter belt framed her ass perfectly and made him dream about what other sorts of lingerie he might get to see his mom in. Her ample breasts visible from the sides as he looked up at her back, Catherine’s hair bobbed as she moved. God how he wanted this view while he fucked her.

Jeff began stroking his dick as his eyes devoured her ass. He couldn’t believe that just minutes ago his tongue was buried between those beautiful cheeks. Her ass was a drug and he needed more of it. Catherine glanced back to smile at her son as he followed her towards her bedroom. She saw his gaze directed at her toned backside before noticing him fisting his huge cock.

“You really do like mommies butt don’t you, baby?” Catherine stopped and stuck her ass out, accentuating her curves.

“Fuck, mom, it’s your best feature by far. I could bounce a quarter off of it.” Jeff responded.

“Haha, well we might have to try that sometime- but first I’ve got other plans.” Catherine said as she caressed her own curves teasingly.

Catherine had to agree that he ass was her best feature, countless hours in the gym had affirmed that and she got off on the attention it was garnering from her son. Catherine led her son into her bedroom and crawled up on the bed. She spread her legs a bit but stayed on her knees to let her son drink in the sight of her butt. She felt so naughty being totally exposed for him. She knew his mouth was watering at the sight in front of him and it made her pussy sopping wet to think about. Catherine looked back at her son, both of them were drunk with lust. Catherines ass was on display as Jeff’s cock twitched.

“If you love my butt so much, why don’t you eat it some more?” Catherine teased as she wiggled her ass at Jeff.

Jeff didn’t need to be asked twice. He climbed on the bed behind his mom and grabbed her luscious cheeks. Massaging them with his strong hand and getting a full appreciation for how toned her butt was. He spread her cheeks as he massaged them to get a full glimpse of her beautiful rosebud, still wet with saliva. Jeff leaned forward and ran the flat part of his tongue over his moms asshole.

“Ohhhh fuck, it feels so wicked when you lick mommies ass. Don’t you dare stop…” Catherine cooed.

Jeff continued to massage her as he took his time to explore the prize in front of him. Jeff pulled his tongue away, only to gently sink his teeth into each side of her firm ass and nibble gently. He then moved one hand between her legs and gently rubbed his moms swollen clit for a few moments before sinking his index and middle finger mobilbahis güvenilir mi deep into her dripping pussy. Pumping his fingers in and out, he spread her ass with his free hand and buried his tongue deep in his moms ass. Catherine’s toes curled as her son slipped his tongue in her ass whilst simultaneously finger fucking her.

“Fuck, mom, you’re so goddamn sexy!” Jeff growled as his tongue lashed at her rosy asshole.

Using the garter belt, Jeff pulled his mom’s ass back into his face as he devoured her. Catherine could feel his tongue deep inside her butt and it made her melt with pleasure. She collapsed into the bed, keeping her ass in the air and began rubbing her clit as Jeff’s fingers massaged her G-spot. The stimulation was bringing the sexed up mom quickly to her first orgasm since untying her son and giving him full access to her body.

“Rim mommies ass while you finger her baby, I’m so close to cumming!” Catherine moaned.

Her fingers became a blur against her clit as the rest of her body tensed for the imminent orgasm. Her asshole contracted against Jeffs tongue, coaxing it further into her butt and her pussy convulsed around his fingers as she squirted all over her son.

“Fuckkkkkk” Catherine groaned as she climaxed.

Jeff continued to pump his fingers in and out of his mom as she sprayed his body with her cum. Catherines hot milf body trembled through the orgasm.

“God you’re so fucking hot” Jeff yelled as he pulled his tongue out of his mom’s hot ass.

“Fuck baby” Catherine panted- “It’s so naughty for you to eat mommies ass like that.”

“I love it though, you’re so sexy and I can tell you love it” Jeff replied.

“I love being dirty for you baby- and yes I love when you rim me but more than that, I want to be a total slut for my baby boy.” Catherine coo’ed as she looked over her shoulder at Jeff and his heaving cock that stood like a steel pipe extending from his torso.

“Will you put that big dick in mommies butt?” Catherine asked innocently as she bit her lip.

“I thought you’d never ask” Jeff replied eagerly.

Catherine scooted over to her bedside table, opened it and retrieved a bottle of lube. She then repositioned herself to a kneeling position in front of her naked son. Her head was against the bed as she wiggled her beautiful ass against her sons raging cock. She positioned her arm above her butt with the bottle of lube and gently squeezed the contents out. Catherine could feel the cool liquid land at the top of her butt, then slowly drip down to cover her sensitive anus. She felt it continue down and further moisten her already drenched lips before dripping off her swollen clit. With her opposite hand, Catherine reached up from between her legs, pressing her fingers against her clit and then traveling up to massage the lube into her butt. mobilbahis Catherine moaned as she dipped her middle finger into her slippery backdoor.

“Ohhhh fuck, mommies almost ready to give her ass to her son” Catherine said. Imagining how lewd the show she was giving to her son made her want to thrust her finger deeper.

“I’m ready baby, but go slow” Catherine instructed as she removed her lubed finger.

Jeff approached the site before him tentatively. He couldn’t believe he was about to slide his dick into his sexy moms ass. This was an act he only ever dreamed of while her jerked into her dirty panties and the image of her spreading her ass made his cock pulse with anticipation. Jeff gently pressed the tip of his cock against his mommies asshole.

“Oh fuck baby, go slow, mommies not used to this” Catherine said.

Jeff continued applying steady pressure with no advance. “Fuck mom, I don’t want to hurt you- I think you’re ass is too tight.”

Determined to let her son anally fuck her, Catherine pressed her thick hips back against his cock. “Take my ass baby, Mommy wants your dick so bad.” She coaxed. “You’ve already emptied those big balls in my pussy, now fill my tight butt with your cum.”

As Catherine pushed back against the monstrous cock, she felt the sensation of it begin to penetrate her. Jeff thrust his hips forward and the head of his cock popped into his mommies tight ass.

“Ohhh yesssss take mommies ass, it’s yours baby” Catherine screamed as she felt the ridge of his crown slide into her hole. Catherine began rubbing her clit again as her son slowly advanced his cock into her ass. To Jeff, the sight of her ass stretching to accommodate his dick was heaven, but it was nothing to how tight her ass actually gripped him. After moving forward another inch, Jeff slowly withdrew his phallus before advancing back in. Jeff grabbed the garter belt and pulled back on her hips as he slowly fucked deeper and deeper into his mom’s ass while she rubbed her swollen clit with lube.

“Fuck mom, your ass is so tight- I can’t believe how good this feels.” Jeff grunted as he fed another inch into his mom’s tight butt.

“Mmmhmm, The feeling is mutual baby boy- I love how you feel in my ass.” Catherine replied.

Catherine couldn’t believe how much her son was filling her ass. Catherine had a preference for anal, but unfortunately her ex husband hadn’t been too fond of the whole process, afraid it was too messy or some stupid excuse along those lines. As far as dating had gone, she never felt like she met anyone who fully deserved to take her ass and therefore was reliant on her own means as a way of scratching (And stretching) that proverbial itch. Catherine loved laying in bed when no one was home, gently rubbing her clit, pussy and asshole with a generous amount of lube. She would get herself totally mobilbahis giriş worked up before moving to her hands and knees and inserting her favorite set of anal beads deep in her butt. She loved the stretch and immediate sensation every time a bead popped past her ring. Once her toy was fully inserted she would reach between her legs and finger her sopping cunt while forcefully pulling the beads out and sliding them back in. Catherine thought about all of this while Jeff filled her ass. God was he big, initially she wasn’t sure she’d be able to take it but she was glad she went for it. Every inch of his cock sent electricity through her body. The intensity of it all further heightened by the attention she was giving to her clit. The horny mom felt her orgasm building as her hung son drove his meaty cock deep inside of her. Fucking back and forth, slowly diving deeper with each thrust. Catherines body was on fire as her muscles began to tense. Jeff thrust one final time to give his mommy the total length of his girthy cock. Catherine felt his balls pressed against her needy pussy and exploded into an epic orgasm. Catherines body convulsed as her pussy squirted all over Jeff’s legs.

“FUCCCCCKKKKKKK” Catherine yelled, not caring that she probably would wake the neighbors up.

“Cum for me mom, you’re so fucking sexy!” Jeff encouraged as he picked up the pace of ass fucking his mom.

“Fuck! FUCK! Don’t stop baby! You fuck mommies ass so good!”

“I love fucking your tight ass, mommy, take my hard cock!” Jeff loved the idea of how much his mom seemed to be turned on by the dirty talk as he pounded her ass.

Jeff’s balls slapped against his mom’s pussy as he fucked her through another orgasm. The bed sheets were soaked and Catherines body was soaked with sweat. As Jeff continued to ram his member into her ass, he could feel his balls begin to tighten. He grabbed her hips and pounded harder, ready to empty his swollen balls into her ass.

“Oh fuck, mom I’m gonna cum so hard.” Jeff said through gritted teeth as he slammed in and out of her.

“Cum for mommy, baby! Fill my ass with your hot cum! Cum in your slutty moms ass!”

Jeff’s cock unleashed a torrent of cum deep in his mom’s bowels. He was amazed at how much he could feel pouring out of his cock for the third time that night. His cock throbbed with each spray as he emptied his balls. The feeling of her sons cum spraying deep in her ass drove Catherine over the edge again as she came with him.

“Fuuuuucccckkkk” Catherine moaned into the bed.

Jeff collapsed back as his cock slid out of his mommies tight ass. He gazed in awe at her gaping hole, oozing cum as her body heaved with each breath. Catherine was in a daze as she collapsed to her side. Jeff shortly followed, wrapping an arm around her and spooning her while they both caught their breath.

“You’re crazy” she said as he cupped her breast and kissed the back of her neck.

“Crazy about your milf body.” Jeff responded, thrusting his hips into hers to emphasize the point.

“Good, Cause I can promise you, I wasn’t planning on this being a one time thing…”

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