Almost Like a Sister

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Matt was like my brother. He’d known me most of my life and had been looking out for me during most of that time. Matt was my step brother Steve’s best friend. He had been house sitting for my parents when my friends and I got arrested at a party for underage drinking. The police didn’t book me, they just took me to the station so my parents could deal with me. Little did they know that my parents never dealt with me, and they weren’t about to start dealing with me at 19, especially since I’d just graduated from college pretty early. They were in Europe during that time anyhow.

I remember sitting on the bench at that police mini station with my best friend Carrie passed out in my lap. I saw him walk in. As I looked at him, I realized that he was now more handsome than I had remembered. He was still tall, with a good build, light brown hair and eyes, but something was different about his soft but handsome features. Somehow, graduating college must have made him a man, where it had make me even more of a child. He was dressed in tan and a blue button up cotton shirt, and a black dress coat; yea, he looked like a stockbroker. I laughed out loud; the last time I’d seen him he’d had longer hair, pot glazed eyes, and a Pfish T-shirt on. Now he looked like he’d stepped out of Law and Order, and in my drunken state that was hilarious! I’m sure my appearance was just as shocking to him. I picked up Carrie’s head and got up, leaving her to drool on the wooden bench (she did get home that night).

“Matt!” I said trying to stand up, tripping over my own feet slightly before righting my balance. He signed something at the desk and looked up at me rolling his eyes, then nodded at he police officer, and turned his attention back to me. The party had been a wild one, and I’m sure my appearance reflected it. I had on tight black pants and black heels that made me incredibly tall considering I’m already 5’11. I had a tight sparkly black top on that tied in various places in the back – needless to say it barely covered my chest, let alone my stomach. I walked to him happily and tried to hug him; he grabbed my wrist roughly. “Hey fucker!” I whined, pulling my hand back.

“Cover yourself” he muttered throwing his coat at me. Begrudgingly, I pulled on the long coat. “Get in the car” he said seriously.

“Get in the car…” I mocked. I followed him out the doors of the mini station the car was parked out front.

I slammed the door and began to fumble with the seat belt; he got in slamming the door forcefully “I can not believe this!” he shouted, “What the hell is the matter with you!”

“What?” I said playfully smiling at him.

“Jesus Lola, I just picked you up from the police department!” he yelled, hitting the wheel as he began to drive forward.

“That’s just the mini station!” I giggled “Downtown is when it’s really serious!”

He looked at me angrily. “Cute.. Real cute Lola,” he let out a deep breath, “just shut your mouth okay!” I rolled my eyes and leaned against the window.

It was 5am and I was getting sleepy. I must have dozed off for a bit but was awakened by loud music. I shot up like an arrow, turning the radio down “Hey asshole!” I yelled.

“Shut up, were almost home,” he muttered.

“Yea and now you turn that shit on!” I said messing with the knob.

“Ill do whatever I want, I’m not the one who got busted at a party drunk as shit and dressed like a fucking hoe!”

“You’re a dick Matt, really,” I said angrily.

“Really, Lola, what would your fucking parents say!”

I laughed. “Something incredibly valuable I’m sure!”

“What the hell happened to you Lola?” he said pulling into my mother’s driveway. “What, Ken leaves you and you become a slut?”

“Fuck you!” I shouted, jumping out of the Kastamonu Escort car. He’d hit a sensitive spot.

Ken. Stupid Ken, who’d broken my heart, which in turn sent me on a self destructive pattern – in fact what he’d said was pretty much true, and that made it hurt even worse. I stormed up the icy sidewalk to the side door and pushed and pulled at the door, I was still a bit drunk, plus now I was upset, so I kept kicking and pushing.

Matt pushed me aside and turned the knob letting me in. I threw his coat on the floor, kicked off my shoes and stomped into the kitchen. “Ya know you should fucking talk” I shouted, turning around facing him, “Its not like you’re a fucking saint yourself!”

“Oh shut up Lola,” he said picking up his coat hanging it on one of the hooks. “Go to bed.”

“The only reason you’re with your girlfriend is ’cause you knocked her up – but lucky for you she took the initiative and got rid of it!”

He lunged toward me, his hand grabbing my throat, pushing me against the counter. “Shut up! Just shut up!” Shocked by his own anger, he let go of me quickly and backed away, started by his violent outburst.

Never a quick learner, I started in on him again, “What, you think I don’t know about that?” I laughed, “Everyone fucking knows!”

He looked at me, “Ken was smart for leaving you Lola – he probably figured out you were a fucking whore before you did!”

I reached out and slapped him, “Fuck you!” I felt tears forming in my eyes.

“What, Lola? Don’t you know how happy he is without you!”

“SHUT UP!” I sobbed, slapping his face again. He shoved me against the counter again, his body pushed up against mine, both of us breathing heavily with anger. I glared at him; I hated him at that moment. He stared back at me, his eyes raging. His body was strong and hard against mine, his grip on

my arms was tight and bruising. I had to win this fight, settle it my way. I kissed him, my head jerking forward my mouth attacking his as if it were a defense tactic. He kissed me back hotly, his grip on my arms tightening as he kissed me back hard. Then he pushed me back into the counter, backing away.

“What was that!” he shouted. “You’re like my sister!” I liked how vulnerable and confused he looked at that moment. “But I’m not”, I said, moving toward him. I pressed my body against his. “Come on Matt,” I whispered, “when was the last time your lame-ass girlfriend really let you fuck her?”

He tensed up and grabbed me violently, shoving me against the counter. “Don’t talk about her like that, you slut!” He snapped. He was against me; I could feel his cock, hard against my hip.

I smiled in his angry face. “I know what you want,” I whispered. I moved my hand over his chest; he grabbed my arm and roughly pinned it around my back forcing my breast into his chest, the counter was cutting into my back. I leaned close into him whispering in his ear. “You’ve wanted to fuck me all these years, Matt. Admit it, all this time you’ve wanted me, even when I was a little girl!” I took a ragged breath; I was incredibly turned on – I had no idea what had taken over me but I was enjoying it immensely. He shivered “I know you have been.” I pressed my body against him harder. “I’ve seen you looking at me all these years, do you think about me when you fuck that frigid girlfriend Matt?” He jerked me forward and slapped my face; it stung and I slapped him back. He grabbed me, suddenly pulling me tightly against him. I pushed him away defensively, looking at the hate and anger in his eyes. He kissed me; my body melted. I kissed him back passionately, hot, quick, licking, sucking, kisses. He began tearing at my clothes; I moaned as he broke the snaps of my pants pulling them apart at the zipper and Kastamonu Escort Bayan pushing them down my hips. He lifted me up onto the counter groping my ass roughly and squeezing it, his body shaking, his mouth never stopping the war with mine. My hands ran up and down his chest pulling and unbuttoning the buttons of his

shirt, pulling the undershirt up, feeling his burning hot skin. He pulled my low cut shirt down roughly, exposing my naked breasts. He grunted in my mouth as his hands caressed and pinched them. He pushed me back roughly down my back on the counter, getting better access to my breasts, then began licking and sucking my nipples. I moaned in pleasure, my hands in his hair, my body shaking in excitement. Matt looked at me as he sucked my nipples and bit gently down on one. I cried out softly and he smiled “Yeah you like that huh?” he said softly, filling his mouth again with my flesh. I shivered in response. “God you have great tits!” he moaned, squeezing them roughly.

I sat up quickly jumping off the counter. I stepped out of my pants and pulled my shirt off. He grabbed me, pulling me into him. He crushed our bodies together tightly, roughly squeezing and kneading my ass as his tongue violated my mouth. I pulled at the hem of his shirt and he eagerly took it off tossing it onto the stove. I kissed him deeply and ran my hands over his hard hot chest. He moaned in my mouth as I ran my nails down the side of his chest. Slowly, I began kissing his neck, working my way south, down his body, licking and kissing, feeling his breathing become more labored and ragged with excitement. I slowly slid down onto my knees kissing below his navel and slowly unbuttoning his pants. His body was shivering with excitement, his eyes glued to mine, filled with lust and anticipation. I rubbed my cheek against the fabric of his pants, feeling the heat of his throbbing cock; the hard heat sent shivers down my spine. I pulled his pants down slowly; he groaned in frustration, but I had to torment him.

“God damn it Lola…” he moaned softly. I smiled up at him as I began to pull his boxers down slowly. He blushed slightly, looking away “This is so wrong…” I grinned and slowly pulled his shorts off; his cock sprang out in front of me. A sorority sister of my roommate had dated Ben, and put the word out that he had a small cock (after he’d dumped her, of course). She lied. Looking at it, I knew why he didn’t feel the need to even dignify that rumor with retaliation. I smiled gleefully, taking his cock in my hand stroking it gently “Very nice Matty…” I giggled, licking the head of his cock gently. He groaned as I flicked my tongue back and forth over it.

“You fucking tease,” he mumbled grabbing my hair pushing his cock into my mouth. I moaned, tasted his thick cock as it slid into my hot waiting mouth. I ran my tongue in circles around it as I slowly began to suck. He cried out hoarsely as I began to work my mouth and tongue back and forth over his cock while I massaged the rest of him with my exploring fingers. He grabbed my head, forcing all of his cock

down my throat, my face buried in his fine pubic hairs. I gagged slightly then began rubbing my tongue around his shaft as it took up almost all free space down my throat. “OH FUCK!!” he moaned, letting me up for air briefly then slamming his cock down my throat again. “God you’re a freak! Holy shit, you suck cock soo good!” Barely breathing, I kept licking and sucking him as my hands squeezed and massaged his heavy sack. I gagged again as he fucked my throat, but I didn’t mind the slight asphyxia. He pushed my head back and forth on his cock and I eagerly sucked it. “Goddamn your good at this…” he growled as I braced myself by grabbing his ass, my mouth siding back and forth Escort Kastamonu over him. “Ohh I can’t wait to fuck you! I can’t wait to fuck that pussy!”

He pounded into my face harder “Goddamn, I’ve wanted that little pussy of yours for so long… Ahh, that’s soo good Lola!”

He pulled his cock from my mouth, I looked up at him lustfully, licking my lips. “Get up here!” he said grinning. He pulled me up off my knees and pushed me roughly back onto the counter, knocking over my mother’s ceramic Aunt Jemima, which fell to the floor breaking into pieces. He roughly spread my legs, standing in-between them. “Your gonna let me fuck you right Lo?” he whispered into my ear as he slid a hand between my thighs.

“Yes..” I replied as he began to rub my clit gently. “Hmm… your so wet…” he whispered biting my earlobe.

“Please Matt..” I whispered, longing for him to finally put his cock in me, while his fingers slid back and forth over my clit.

“Please what?” he said, jamming a finger into me making me jump.

“Please!” I whimpered, his finger slid back and forth inside me, my pussy tightly gripping it, making me feel like cumming.

“God your pussy feels tight!” he mumbled, somewhat surprised. He laughed as he continued to kiss my neck “Please what… Come on, just tell me what you want!”

“Please Matt!… ohh… fuck me! Please!” I moaned, pushing against his hand. He slid his fingers out of me kissing me roughly. He pulled my legs around his hips and slowly began rubbing his cock up and down my slit spreading my labia with the head of his cock. He pulled my back toward him and finally thrust himself partially into me. I cried out in pleasure; he moaned, kissing me. Leaning back, he took a deep breath, pulling out of me then forced his cock deep into me, bottoming out, grunting and making me scream louder, my nails cutting into his lower back. I shook in pleasure; he grunted happily, kissing me, keeping his cock in, then slowly starting to move. He pulled out and thrust back into me, kissing me; I cried out again in


“Ohh yes! ya like that Lola?” he said, thrusting into me again, “like me fucking your tight little pussy?”

“God yes!” I whimpered, pushing against him as he fucked me hard on my mother’s kitchen over priced marble counter. My legs were wrapped tightly around his back as he pushed and pulled himself in and out of me, grunting and snarling with every move. I held onto his shoulders as he pounded away at me, fucking me hard.

“Matt…” I whimpered, feeling the tension in my body rising “… I’m gonna cum…”

“Hmmm…” he moaned, pushing me back, pulling my thighs up, putting my calves on his shoulders. He slammed his cock into me deeper as he fucked me harder. I began to cum on him, hard, my pussy contorting violently, making my eyes water in pain and pleasure. “Holy shit!”Matt moaned, feeling my muscles on him. He gasped and I felt him cumming hard in me; he moaned in surprise. “Lola…” he yelped, releasing himself deep into me. He looked down at me in shock and embarrassment, “Shit, I ca…” he began.

“Its ok,” I said shaking my head. I was on the pill, and relief put the color back in his face and he collapsed down onto me, letting my legs slide down his sides. He kissed me softly over and over, stroking my body slowly.

We were there in the middle of my mother’s now disheveled kitchen, laying naked, covered in sweat, surrounded by shards of a broken antique syrup icon. Matt rested on one of his elbows, “Um.. how did this happen?” he said, looking at me.

I looked up at his handsome face; my heart was still pounding. “I dunno,” I whispered. “Probably shouldn’t tell Steve about this!” I laughed.

He stood up “No… probably not.”

I sat up on the counter and looked at his naked body… he was an excellent specimen of a man, like an art sculpture – he was so perfectly proportionate. “Wanna take a shower?” I giggled.

He looked up at me grinning. “Oh yes!” He said nodding.

*Based on my life, names and places have been changed to protect privacy.

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