Amanda Discovers Her New Side Ch. 01

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My second story follows a girl that starts to discover herself. Let me know what you guys think, and for possible future direction of the character/story.


I was in my freshman year at college when I had this…”awakening.” I’m not really sure what else to call it. I went right to college right after I graduated high school in a small town. There were maybe around a hundred kids in my grade, so most of us knew each other. I managed to graduate in the top 10 of my class; nothing incredible but something I was still proud of!

I played softball and volleyball during those years, but stopped after high school. I was athletic but I didn’t take sports too seriously. In my earlier years I was always a bit pudgy, but sports and puberty helped me balance that out a bit.

Honestly most of my life up until this point seemed pretty average and dull. In high school it seemed like most of my girlfriends were really enjoying themselves. I would always hear tales of their dating lives and all the cute boys they’d see, which eventually turned into tales of their sex lives.

I’m not sure what it was but I was secretly jealous of them. I had sex with 2 guys in high school but it just seemed so bland and boring compared to my what my friends talked about. Both of the guys I slept with I was in a relationship with for months at a time. We never had any problems really; in both cases we had similar hobbies and interests, got along well, and while I wouldn’t consider them “hot” I was still attracted to them. They both had cute faces but average bodies I guess. Both of the guys were similar to me in that we both were the type of people follow the rules and get good grades.

But the bedroom was pretty boring. We had sex in a couple of different positions. I would sometimes give blowjobs but they never went down on me. Maybe I should’ve asked them? I guess I was still new to the whole thing.

I had never watched porn during that time of my life but I masturbated occasionally…maybe once a week. Honestly I preferred that to actual sex anyways. I liked the two guys I dated but I wasn’t sexually satisfied with them. Of course I’d never cheat on them! So I just settled with the use of my hands, a vibrator, and my imagination. Even when I was single I never went out looking for sex; I didn’t want to be one of those desperate girls or look like a “slut.” I secretly wondered if there was more to sex than what I had experienced, but I was content.

One thing I made sure of though, was that I always made my boyfriend at the time use a condom. Even though I was on birth control, I was still uncomfortable with the idea of having sex with someone without a condom. I really didn’t want to get pregnant or deal with the possibility of having an abortion so I was just trying to be extra safe.

An added bonus was that there was a lot less of a mess to clean up at the end. My blowjobs would always lead to sex anyways so we would go straight to a condom. I never had any desire to have their cum on me, or in me for that matter.

I went to college about 2 hours away from where I grew up; far enough away so that I only ran into a few people I knew from high school. It was kinda like a new beginning. I had to make all new friends and acquaintances and get used to living in a new area.

I guess it was time to focus on myself and what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to improve myself and be a good person; not that I was bad, but I wanted to improve mentally and physically.

Going to college actually made it pretty easy to get into shape. I played catcher on the softball team in high school and I was on the volleyball team, but that only did so much for my figure. There was a gym on campus right next to my dorm that I owed a lot of credit to when it came to getting fit.

I had really come a long way since high school and even middle school. In middle school I was just pudgy. My friends even made fun of me because I had the biggest butt in the group. I had finally started to get some curves in high school, I actually had a pair of boobs and hips. But at that time I was still uncomfortable in my own body.

It was now the first week of the spring semester, which started in January, and I had certainly spent a lot of time during the fall semester working out. I was back in my room at college. As I got changed I admired myself in the mirror. All the hard work I put in at the gym was finally showing.

I still had a really big butt (I guess that wasn’t going away, it was the kind that would jiggle no matter how small a movement I made), but I was starting to feel good about my body. I was short at 5’2″ and 130 lbs. I probably lost about 20 lbs since I started college. My bra size was a 34C. I guess you could say I had a pear shaped body. My tits were kinda big but my ass got all the attention from wandering eyes. My legs were pretty thick, but tight (for a girl), and I owe all that to my dedication to the gym. bursa escort I definitely noticed guys staring at me when I did squats at the gym, but I never gave any more attention to it than that.

Near the end of last semester I started to gain more confidence in myself and as a result I started to wear more flattering and revealing clothing. I got a boyfriend, Alex, near the beginning of last semester and he had mixed reactions. I could tell my body and new clothing turned him on but he was also pretty jealous whenever we went out or if I was around other guys. But I didn’t let his jealousy bother me – I obviously wasn’t going to cheat on him!

I noticed that I was spending more time in front of the mirror lately, but I couldn’t help but to admire my own body and all the work I’ve put into it. Before I slid on my bra and thong I let my hands explore myself a bit. I let them gravitate to my boobs. I cupped them in my hands; they were about a handful. Milky white and pale, just like the rest of my body. I squeezed them gently and pinched my nipples just enough to get them hard. It felt good but I had to get changed, maybe there would be time for that later.

I undid my ponytail and let my hair down. It fell down just past my perky nipples. It was jet black and naturally a little wavy. I liked my dark hair a lot since it contrasted against my pale skin. When I was younger I always wanted to be tanner with light hair but now I appreciated what I had.

I gathered my clothes and started to change into them; first up was my underwear. My bra and thong were a matching pair that was lacy and black. My hands wandered to my tummy; I still had extra weight there that I wanted to lose. I realized I looked better than I ever had but it still made me self conscious. I slipped into my leggings which were nice and cozy, I was glad to wear something warm during the winter. Since they were so tight they were sure to turn some heads, but I didn’t care since they fit me nicely.

So I put on the rest of the clothes and checked my hair and makeup to make sure everything looked alright. There was a knock at the door; I had been waiting for Alex to get here so we could leave for to go hang out with some friends.

I tried to get out of my room a lot since my roommate, Kate, was a bitch. She was loud, obnoxious, and disrespectful to me. I think she might’ve been oblivious to how she was. But I couldn’t deny she was hot. She had guys over so much it seemed like she couldn’t keep her legs closed for more than a few days at a time. Which was another reason I disliked her; she always kicked me out of the room when she had guys over!

I opened the door and Alex greeted me. “Hey are you almost ready?” he asked as he kissed me on the cheek. “Yeah I just got finished changing. Just gimme one more minute,” I said as I went back to the mirror. I just wanted one more look before I headed out. Alex came up behind me and put his arms around me; hands resting in my hips and I could feel him against my butt. I quickly finished with the mirror and gently pushed him away and said “Now now, don’t get any ideas!”

At this point, Alex and I hadn’t slept together yet. I was trying something new and was trying to wait and have sex with my boyfriend. You see, with my previous two relationships, we had sex within the first week. And it ended up being so-so. I was trying to make this special by waiting. I know it took a toll on Alex and he had to restrain himself a little bit, but I really wanted to make this work. Luckily, he was pretty understanding.

“Oh I wasn’t going to do anything!” he told me. “Honestly I have no idea why you even let a guy like me touch you. I think I won the lottery.”

“Oh stop that, you’re pretty cute,” I told him. While it was true he wasn’t the hottest guy around, I still found him attractive. He looked similar to the guys I dated in high school. He was average height with short dark hair. He wasn’t really fat or muscular; kinda skinny with some muscle showing. And while it was true we hadn’t had sex, that didn’t mean we didn’t do anything. Up to this point he has received a few handjobs from me (I never let him cum on me though, the most that ever got on me was on my hands). And he had fingered me a few times, although it wasn’t anything special.

I put on my winter jacket and the rest of my winter clothes and we headed out. We were going to my friend’s place who had a suite with 5 other people. In this case, their suite had 3 bedrooms (2 people to a room), and they all shared a common living room and bathroom. This suite in particular was gender neutral; so guys and girls lived together.

My friend in that suite was Jess, and Alex and I both knew Dave. Jess and Dave lived in separate rooms and had both gotten new roommates this semester which we hadn’t met yet. The other room was 2 girls who we didn’t really talk to.

Alex and I got there after a few minutes of walking. Luckily it wasn’t too far from us, bursa escort bayan it was freezing out. We were greeted by Jess who let us in. Dave was sitting in a chair in the common room. Jess introduced us to her new roommate, Lauren, who was sitting in a chair too. Me and Alex took a seat on the couch with me in the middle, and Jess on the side of me.

Jess and I chatted a bit and Alex moved to sit by Dave while they played video games on the TV. Lauren was on her phone a lot but talked with us a little too. I overheard Alex ask Dave if he met his roommate yet and he said he did. “Yeah, his name is Jack and he’s kind of an asshole. He seems really cocky but he hasn’t been around much. But when he is here, he always has a girl with him. So he ends up kicking me out. I’d complain but it’s actually not too bad since he’s always out.”

As if on cue a guy and a girl walked through the common room door. I didn’t get too good a look at Jack but what I did see confirmed what Dave said about him. He was tall, probably around 6 feet but definitely a few inches taller than Alex. He had short black hair which looked like he kept well trimmed. I couldn’t tell because of the jacket but he seemed pretty well built; I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a six pack hiding under there. But he also had this attitude to him, the kind that made him seem like he knew everything and was always the center of attention. And he had some dumb smirk on his face. The girl was about my height but way skinnier. I was definitely straight but there was no denying that she was gorgeous. It made me a little jealous because I knew it’d be a long time before I could ever look like her, but I didn’t care that much.

They walked past us and Jack only acknowledged Dave out of all of us. “Hey I’m gonna need the room for a bit,” he told Dave. “Sure, just let me know when you’re done,” Dave replied. “Sure thing buddy,” Jack said and he slapped Dave on the back. It seemed like a friendly slap on the back but it was kinda loud. Judging by the look on his face, it didn’t seem like Alex liked him. He caught me looking at him but I just smiled and he went back to his video games.

Jess poked me and said “He’s so hot. I wish I had a chance with him. But I don’t think I’d do anything anyways since he lives in the suite. You could totally have a shot though! I thought I saw him checking you out!”

I thought I saw him looking at me for a split second but I brushed it off and whispered back, “No way he was looking at me. Besides I’m happy with Alex anyways. We have a good thing going.”

And I was happy with him! Sure we weren’t lovebirds or anything but I really liked being with him. And sure we hadn’t gone “all the way” yet but like I said I was trying to make this work and for it to be special. We were happy so there was no reason to rush things.

Jess continued, “Still you have to admit he’s pretty fucking hot.” I looked from Alex back to Jess, silently urging her to keep her voice down. I gave in, “Yes, he’s kinda hot, but it ends there!” I don’t think Alex overheard us, he was busy with his games.

A few minutes later we could hear some noises coming from Dave’s room. A very loud and girlish “Oh!” came next followed by more sounds you’d probably only hear in a porno. It was pretty obvious what Jack and that girl were doing in that room. I couldn’t believe how nonchalant they were being about it, they could at least try to keep it down! I looked at my boyfriend and saw him and Dave rolling their eyes at each other. I kept chatting with Jess but it was hard to ignore the sounds from the other room. We would occasionally giggle but we tried to ignore it for the most part.

After a while it seemed like they finally stopped and the bedroom door opened. The girl walked out quietly and made her way to the door leading outside. There was an awkward silence during this whole thing; everyone was watching her out of the corner of their eyes. She opened the door and left.

I noticed Dave and Alex were still engrossed in their games and I asked Jess “So is that his girlfriend or something?” Jess said “No I don’t think so, he doesn’t seem like the type to stick to one girl.”

Dave and Jack’s door opened again and out came Jack. Of course this guy still had that same smug look in his face. And for whatever reason all he had on was a pair of boxers! I couldn’t believe this guy. I bet he was doing it just to be an asshole…

But it did afford me a better look at him. I could see now why Jess was going on about him. He was definitely built and you could tell going to the gym was a hobby of his. My earlier assumptions were correct and he had a really defined six pack. His chest looked like it was chiseled out of stone like a statue and his shoulders were so broad. His legs were pretty muscled too and he had a fine ass.

Jack walked over to the bathroom and I saw Dave and Alex roll their eyes at each other again. Jess poked me again and smiled escort bursa knowingly at me like she thought I was staring at Jack and said “I told you he was hot! You should totally try to talk to him! I’d be so jealous..” I nudged her with my elbow and motioned towards my boyfriend and whispered “I told you already I’m very happy with Alex. Besides he’s not even my type. I don’t go for guys like that.” And that was the truth. Jack wasn’t even close to my type. The guys I dated were so different from him. True, he was hot, but that didn’t matter at all.

Before Jack got out of the bathroom Alex got up and said he was ready to leave. I told him I was ready to go too and we put on our winter gear and headed out. On our way out Jess winked at me and I rolled my eyes at her.

On our walk I said to Alex “Well Jess’s new roommate seems nice enough but I don’t think I liked Jack. He seemed like an ass. And why wasn’t he wearing any clothes? You’d think that was a sauna the way he was dressed. Alex agreed and said “Yeah he definitely seemed like a jerk.” It didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about Jack though because he quickly changed the topic to something about the video games he was playing with Dave.

We got to my building first. We said our goodbyes and Alex kissed me goodnight. Before the kiss ended though I pulled him in for a deeper kiss. I felt his hands wander to my butt and and squeeze. I felt his tongue poking at my lips and opened my mouth a little, letting him have his fun. He pressed his crotch against me and I could tell he was getting hard. But I broke it off soon after, I didn’t want to give anyone that might be watching a show.

“Did you want to come to my room?” he has asked me. “No I’m going back to my room, I’m feeling kind of tired.” I felt bad that I was doing this to him, but I felt daring. I gently grabbed his package, which was very hard, and said “You can think about me before bed though,” and I lightly kissed him one more time before walking away.

I felt like a tease but honestly it turned me on a little. I still wasn’t ready to sleep with Alex yet but hopefully I gave him a nice mental image of me to fall asleep to.

When I got to my room there was a wristband on the door handle. This was my roommate’s code for “I have a guy in the room.” I texted Kate to let me know when she was done. My room wasn’t in a suite so I didn’t really have anywhere to go. I thought about calling Alex but I didn’t want to interrupt him. So I texted Jess to see what she was up to. She said she was falling asleep now but I could come over and hang out in the common room if I wanted; the door was unlocked.

I made my way back over to Jess’s place. It was getting pretty late so I wasn’t surprised to find her common room deserted and empty. As I sat down and got settled Jack came out of his room. This time he had more clothes on than just his underwear. “Hey,” he said with a quizzical look on his face, “weren’t you here earlier? My name is Jack by the way.”

“Yeah,” I responded, “I’m friends with Jess and my boyfriend Alex is friends with Dave. My name is Amanda.” Then Jack asked “So what are you doing back here all by yourself?”

I responded with “Well my roommate has the room occupied now and I have nowhere else to go, so here I am.”

“So why aren’t you with your boyfriend Anthony?” Jack questioned me. Wow, this guy was pushy. “His name is Alex and I didn’t want to bother him. But I don’t think that’s your business anyways.”

“Woah I was just trying to make some conversation. It wasn’t anything personal. Do you mind if I sit down?” he said.

“Sure, I’m just watching TV anyway.” Jack sat down on the couch on the opposite side. It had 3 seats and there was one in between us so I wasn’t really uncomfortable with him sitting there.

He sat down and put his feet up on the coffee table and his arm around the couch, which was a bit close to me. He sat down like he owned the place, which I guess wasn’t a big deal since this was his suite.

“So what are you doing here? What’s your major?” he asked me. “I’m still figuring it out but my major is sociology. I’m thinking about psychology though,” I said.

“Oh I could never get into that shit. Too many definitions to remember. I’m a business major,” said Jack.

“I never took any business classes. Are you on any sports team or anything?”

“No but I could see why you’d think that. But just because I have the body of a football star doesn’t mean that I’m on a school team. I don’t have time for that.”

Wow, this guy is so full of himself. “Ok hotshot, I definitely wasn’t thinking that. I was just being polite and trying to make conversation.”

“Woah now I was just kidding around. Don’t take it so seriously, no need to get worked up over it,” he said, grinning the whole time. I replied with “It’s fine I guess. So how long have you been going here?”

Jack said, “Oh this is my third year. How about you? You look like you just got here. I bet this is your first year. I can tell, you look like a freshman.”

This guy really thought he knew everything, didn’t he? “Yes I am a freshman, but I’m not sure how I look like one.”

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