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After a long day at work it was my job to come home and prepare the meal for the evening . My wife usually got back from her job in the city a few hours after and I liked to have a nice hot dinner ready for her . You could say I’m the sensitive type like that .It had gotten pretty lonesome in that house ever since our son Andrew went off to study Pre-Med in Manhattan and our daughter Amber got herself a job as a cocktail waitress at a high-end club downtown . We hardly ever saw each other and God did I think about them all the time .Then I got the call .”Daddy?”It was Amber on the phone .”Can I come home tomorrow night?””Sure!” I said “We’d love to have you? But is everything alright?””Yeah . Everything’s fine . I’ll see you tomorrow .”She hung up but I could tell something was wrong . Call it Father’s intuition – you can hear it in their voice .When my wife got home I told her the news – Our daughter Amber would be coming home tomorrow night . The next day – the same as always . A long day at work . A long drive back . It was Quarter to Six when I pulled up in the drive . I could see Amber’s Goddamned Prius parked out front from a block away . As soon as I opened the door I was pounced by a tiger .”Daddy!” She jumped on my and I fell backwards – dropping my briefcase .I’d forgotten how big my little girl had istanbul travesti gotten . She pinned me to the ground .She was wearing a tiny white tank-top and a tiny pair of shorts – the word “Juicy” printed across her ass . She was exposing more of herself than I immediately felt comfortable with so I gave her a hug and pulled her off of me . My baby girl .She seemed very happy to see me . I sat her down on the sofa and we talked – I knew something was up – otherwise she wouldn’t be home .”Daddy . . .” She said “I lost my job . Can I please stay here with you for a while?”Truth be told I wasn’t surprised . She had jumped job to job for a few years before finally settling away from home – I would’ve loved to have her back for a while but I knew how this would go . “I don’t know baby . You’re mother and I have been working a lot lately and we were hoping to save up for a vacation to Maui .”She put on a frown . You know the one – that cute little pouty face with those big baby doe eyes – batting her lashes as she stares you down . “Please daddy? Just for a little while . . .” She leaned in and pushed her breasts right up against my arm . I couldn’t help but looking down at them . So perky .My God how she’d grown !She reached her arm over and started rubbing my chest .”Oh daddy istanbul travestileri . I’ve missed you so much .” Her face was so close I could feel her warm breath brushing against my neck as she spoke .Her hand began to lower . Lower . Lower . Until she wrapped her fingers around my erect cock bulging under my work pants .Jesus Christ! My ERECT Cock! This is my fucking daughter here . This has GOT to stop!I pushed her away and got up from the chair .”Listen baby . It’s been real nice seeing you . . . but . . . but . . . .”She stood up and walked towards me .”But what?” She said as she got down on her hands and knees and began crawling towards me .”Don’t worry Daddy . . .”Down on her knees right below me she raised her face up and nuzzled it into my crotch . She began to unzip my zipper staring those baby eyes right into mine and said:”I won’t tell Mommy if you don’t”She pulled out my cock – so hard it was ready to burst . She held it up to her face – it stretched the length of it .”Goddamn . I don’t know if I can take all of this Daddy .” She stuck out her tongue and began licking . Up and down the length of the shaftThen Wham! She started sucking . First little by little . Then more . More . MoreAll the way down until her lips touched its base and her nose rammed into my travesti navel . I felt her warm saliva spilling over it inside her throat . She pulled it out of her mouth stringing with saliva and looked me in the eyes”now fuck my face Daddy”What could I say? Certainly not ‘no . ‘ It was too late for that . So I grabbed hold of her little pigtails and started fucking her open mouth . She stuck her tongue out and tickled my balls with it as my cock rammed past – slamming against the back of her throat . She squealed and pulled my cock out of her mouth .”Oh daddy I got something special for you .” She pulled off her shirt . Her breasts bounced out like huge water balloons . So perky . She spat down between her breasts and pulled my cock between them – squeezing them over my cock and lubricating with her spit .”Cmon daddy . Fuck my big titties !” I started to thrust – pushing her back against the arm of the couch until she was nearly bent over backwards – and I on top of her making sweet love to those luscious fun bags I got to watch grow .”Yeah Daddy!” She cried “Are those tits bigger than Mommy’s?”Oh baby! Her mother! I looked at the clock – Half past six . We had an hour and a half before her mother got home . Plenty of time to fuck my little girl AND prepare dinner . My attention was quickly taken from the ticking clock and down to my little girl who grabbed hold of my throbbing cock and slid down on her knees – she opened her mouth and gargled my balls in her throat .”Oh Daddy .” She said “It’s time for you to fuck me .”She stood up – still wearing her tiny little short shorts and pushed me back .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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