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It was a Saturday night in October. Amy was bored at home since her best friend’s out of town. Amy was trying to decide if she should call Melissa up and see what she’s up to. When she called Melissa, she instructed her to wear her sexy attire and come on over for fun with her.Melissa also told Amy what time to be at her house. Amy began to get ready for the meeting with her mistress. Melissa this evening. Amy figured she had enough time to jump in the shower giving her enough time to make it to Melissa’s house on time for her session. Melissa wanted her there at 9pm.Once in the shower she began to think about her session with Melissa and started to rub and play with herself. Her hand rubbing her pussy between her legs thinking about getting spanked and paddled over Melissa’s lap.Amy began soaping up her tits rubbing them slowly. She then took the showerhead and massaged herself with it, making her orgasm inside the shower.By the time she realized it she was running a tad late. Hopping out of the shower with the towel around her waist. Amy started getting dressed into her leather skirt, pyramid belt, fishnet stockings and a fishnet shirt worn over a black blouse.A pair of black Converse finished off her sexy attire. Then she brushed and towel-dried her long black hair and wore it naturally straight. Amy looked at her twenty-one-year-old, 5′ 5, 122 pound cute frame inside her mirror.”Damn I’m cute. Shit! I have to go, I am running late now.”Looking at the time it was going on 8:49 and she knew she wasn’t going to make it on time now. Then she exited her apartment, made sure she had everything and then walked down to her car. Amy got her keys out of her purse and unlocked the car.Amy got in and started it right away. She gave a quick look in her mirror looking at her self, and playing with her black hair. She smiled and then exited the parking spot with her directional signal. On the way to Melissa’s house she caught a few red lights which detained her longer.Melissa was a tall girl, about 5′ 11″, about 168 pounds, with long dark brown hair, and twenty-eight years old. Amy loved the size difference in both of them and loved the humiliation in it too. Amy knew she was going to be punished for her lateness. It was now 9:12 and Amy pulled into Melissa’ s driveway.Amy was seven minutes late for the session meeting already. She got out of the car and locked it. At 9:13 pm she rang Melissa almanbahis s bell at her front door. Melissa opened the door and said your late in her higher voice. “You’re thirteen minutes late and you’re gonna be punished for it.””Yes mistress, you see…””I don’t want to hear it, you know what’s coming now”.”Yes, mistress.”Melissa had her dark brown hair down, dressed in her leather mistress outfit and black leather cut off gloves. Knee-high leather boots finished it off well. The lights were dimmed inside the rather large living room with dark wood steps going up to the right.”Okay time to get started. Silence.”Melissa took her leather-clad cut off finger gloves and held her finger to Amy’s red lipstick mouth, meaning silence. Melissa smiled at her slave seductively with her wide eyes. “Are you ready for your spanking ?” “Yes, mistress.” Melissa said good and pulled up a high back leather chair. It looked rather comfortable. Melissa in a stern voice commanded, “Come here, slave.””Yes, mistress.”Amy slowly approached her mistress in the high back leather chair. Melissa then reached out her leather-clad hand and pulled the smaller cute Amy over her lap. Amy fit nicely over her lap since she was smaller.”I’m glad you wore the proper attire to be punished in, slave. You know I hate lateness, next time you’ll be here when I say to be here, bitch.”Melissa first rubbed Amy’s leather ass softly before the punishment. She rubbed her fishnet-clad legs too holding her in place while she prepared for the spanking that was going to happen. Melissa then spanked Amy’s ass but not hard. Again Melissa raised her hand and spanked her cute leather ass a little harder.”Are you a bad girl?””Yes, I’m a bad girl, and I need to be punished.”Melissa spanked her leather ass again. Amy began to moan softly. She rubbed and caressed her leather-clad ass again. Rubbing her hand in circles, hearing her slave Amy moan in enjoyment of the erotic punishment.”Ooohh, thank you mistress may I have another?”Her mistress, the larger Melissa raised her hand again and spanked her cheek harder through her leather skirt. Amy noticed she was becoming wet and horny in her black lace panties and she began to moan again wanting more. Melissa noticed how Amy was reacting to the punishment.”Oooohh.””You’re enjoying this aren’t you, whore?””Yes Mistress, I want more.””I like the way you’re reacting to me, like a whore.””I almanbahis yeni giriş think fifteen will be sufficient for being late. Do not miscount bitch.”Mistress Melissa spanked her slave’s ass fifteen times, spanking the left cheek and the right cheek repeatedly.”One mistress, 2 mistress, 3 mistress, 4 mistress, 5 mistress, 6 mistress, 7 mistress.””Is that seven or eight? “”Uh um, eight mistress?””No, wrong slave, I’ll now have to start over. “”Yes, mistress.””One mistress, 2 mistress, 3 mistress, 4 mistress, 5 mistress, 6 mistress, 7 mistress, 8 mistress, 9 mistress, 10 mistress, 11 mistress, 12 mistress, 13 mistress, 14 mistress, 15 mistress.””Remove your skirt.””Yes, mistress.”Amy removed her leather skirt and belt and put it on the chair neatly. Amy walked back over to Melissa and waited for instructions. “I will now spank you again over my lap with just your panties and then bare ass slave”Amy held out her soft hand and was pulled over Melissa’s lap again. Melissa brought her hand down on both cheeks left and right, reddening them nicely.Melissa ran her hand over the tops of Amy’s fishnet stockings. Amy was really getting horny now because she was moaning louder.Melissa then reached to her table drawer and brought out her black studded leather paddle and showed it to her slave. Amy smiled brightly and looked forward to it. Her face turned so red.”Spank me hard, mistress. I’ve been a bad girl”Melissa then started to spank her slave’s ass with the leather paddle several times. Melissa counted as she spanked her ass.”You like that slave?”At the same time, Melissa pulled Amy’s bikini panties up with her hand. It showed her entrance to her pussy as Melissa pulled it up erotically, giving Amy a sexy wedgie. Amy had a look of surprise and on her face.Amy’s ass was now reddened by the paddle. Melissa brought the paddle down on her slave’s ass again with a crack. Amy moaned to the sound of her ass being cracked hard. Melissa pulled her bikini panties up again, pulling it up and down. She played with them. Melissa slowly yanking on it, giving Amy another wedgie.”Uhhhhh, uhhhhh.” “Do we like that?””Mmm yes, I like it, mistress.”Melissa spanked her ass with the paddle again. Then she came down again across Amy’s other cheek. Melissa grabbed her slave’s hair and pulled it hard.”Are you my little slut?””Yes mistress, I’m your little slut.”Melissa paddled her ass again almanbahis giriş on the other ass cheek. She then put the paddle down. Melissa reached for the gel and begin to rub some on Amy’s red ass. Melissa pulled down Amy’s wet black panties and put them aside.Amy then opened her legs for a better entrance. Melissa then rubbed her pussy slowly with the gel. Melissa rubbing her crotch, and around the soft entrance of her labia. Melissa took the other hand and she put her finger on her entrance and then entered her anus agonizingly slow, worming her finger in and out.”Uuuhhh.””You like that, whore?””Yes, mistress!”Amy started moving her ass back and forth again and again. Melissa finger fucked her harder. She went harder and faster for a few minutes, Amy moving her ass back against Melissa’s hand.Melissa started speeding up moving her finger in and out. Amy was getting closer to climaxing. Amy closed her blue eyes. Amy was moaning louder.Melissa went in harder and faster slapping her ass with her leather-clad hand as she finger fucked her. Amy’s juices flowed out of her as she reached her orgasm.Amy was shaking a little across her lap and was already panting and sweating a little. She was satisfied that she had her orgasm. she let out a deep breath and sighed. Melissa then commanded her slave, Amy to get up.”Now we will have a drink together and take a break.” “Yes, mistress.”They sat on the leather couch. Melissa already had the red wine glasses set up on the coffee table with a bottle of Australian wine. Melissa sat next to Angela on the couch. Melissa poured them both wine. The lights were dimmed and one candle burned. The blinds were closed tightly.They toasted and said here s to tonight and friendship. They sipped the wine slowly and talked. They kissed slowly as Melissa rubbed Amy’s leg. Then Amy thanked her for the amazing night she was having. They finished their drinks. Melissa got up, grabbed the glasses and said:”Put on that black tight lace see-through top, I brought  I want to see those lovely tits emphasized. I’ll be right back.”Melissa got up and went to get more supplies. Amy changed her top to the lace where her tits will be seen right through it. Amy had lovely 34 B tits, which weren’t small at all. Melissa came back in five minutes brought out a black rubber strap on, a pair of handcuffs, a flogger and a leash and collar set.Amy’s face turned beet red and her eyes lightened up and widened, as Melissa put on the black rubber strap on in front of her. Although the harness was made of leather. Amy looked stunning in her lace see-through blouse and made her tits get emphasized to the maximum.

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