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Annalez was of Filipino, Chinese decent, a young eighteen year old college student, living with her older sister in Southeast Asia. Annalez, at her young age was now, as many young people, looking for a new experience in her life, and one day, after catching her older sister by surprise, having a sexual encounter with a man, had found it to be so interesting and exciting that it would stimulate her curiosity, sending her on a wild adventure, while seeking and exploring her own sexuality.

One evening as Annalez was laying on her bed, dressed in only her bra and panties, she began thinking about the time she had seen her sister and that man laying naked together on the bed. She recalled how the man was running his fingers smoothly through her hair and than kissing her softly upon her lips, than kissing her on the side of her face and than on her neck and than as if in slow motion the man made his way down to her breast where his mouth had covered over one of her nipples.

Annalez removed her bra and began to slowly run her hands over her breast and with her fingers, began to squeeze and pull at her nipples. She continued thinking about her sister and the man she was with and recalled watching him as he moved his tongue in a circular motion around her naval and Annalez could still remember the look of pleasure on her sister’s face that day as the man licked his way down between her legs.

She then took off her panties and began to wonder just what it would be like to have a man do the same things to her as that man had done to her sister. Annalez than closed her eyes and opened her legs and continued thinking about her sister and the man who was than lying on top of her, pushing in and out as they again began kissing. Annalez let her hand slide down between her legs and began to touch the top part of her pussy that had now become sensitive to her touch. She began to breathe a little heavier and moaned silently as she could feel the sensation building up inside of her body. She continued to touch her self, first slowly and than faster as the feeling became more intense, until she could not take it any more and than suddenly had stopped.

The weekend had come and Annalez’ sister had told her that she was having someone over that night and wanted to be alone and had ask her, after her company arrives, to go and stay in her room. Annalez, who agreed, knew who that company would be.

She knew that her sister was very sexually active and was going to spend time with that man who she had caught her sister having sex with and knew that the both of them were going to engage in sexual activity again.

Later that night after the man had arrived, Annalez’ sister had turned and looked at her in such a way as to give her a message that it was time for her to go to her room. Annalez took the hint and politely excused herself and went to her bedroom where she undressed into her bra and panties and had then laid down on her bed.

She was still curious about sex and what it was like having it and wanted so badly to find out. She than removed her bra and panties and as she had done the night before, began to run her hands over her naked body, touching her self and pretending that it was a man who was making love to her.

She began to feel her breast and than her nipples and than she let her fingers slide down between her opened legs and carefully pushed one of her fingers in and out of her pussy, which now had become wet, and had brought her self to a quick orgasm.

The loss of virginity

After the weekend was over and Annalez had returned to school, the thoughts of having sex with a man still endlessly ran through her mind.

There was a girl she knew in her class, who was known to be a very open minded person about her sexuality and not so conservative as most Asian women were known to be.

Annalez had decided to spend some time talking with her between classes and hoped that maybe she could offer her some insight on what it was like to be having sex with a man.

The girl agreed to sit and talk with Annalez and through their conversation, the girl had figured out that Annalez was still a virgin, but had promised to keep it a secret.

She had talked about the wonderful feelings sex could bring to her, and in her own vulgar words had suggested to Annalez to go out and find a man who would put his big hard cock inside that tight little pussy of hers and fuck her brains out.

The girl than laughed as Annalez only smiled with embarrassment, but had listened with interest as the girl continued on telling her more about sex and how great it had felt to have a man give oral pleasure and how the feeling was even more better than being fucked.

They continued to talk until their next class, than afterwards, Annalez thanked her and than they both parted, going their separate ways.

After the last class had ended and the school day was over Annalez had returned home.

Her sister had called to her into the kitchen, where she had prepared an casino siteleri early diner and left it on the stove for her to re- heat when she was ready to eat, and than had told her that she was going out and would return home later that night, and if the man, who had come over last night, should visit, to tell him that she would contact him tomorrow.

She than kissed Annalez on the cheek and had left.

Annalez was sure that her sister was living some kind of wild sex life, always dating many men, and wanted so badly to be doing the same thing.

Annalez went to her room and sat at a desk where she had begun to work on her studies, but had found it hard to concentrate on her school work.

She had closed her eyes and again began to think about losing her virginity and for a few short moments imagined a man walking into her bedroom while she was alone and disrobing her and laying her down upon her bed and stealing her innocence.

She than opened her eyes and dismissed her thoughts about sex and went on to complete her school work.

Afterwards, Annalez went down to the kitchen where she re-heated the food that was left there for her and then sat down at the table and ate the food.

She had returned to her bedroom where she grabbed a clean towel and went into the bathroom where she soaked in a tub of warm water. And while there she began to recall the conversation she had had with her classmate and couldn’t help but to giggle as she remembered the vulgar words she used when she had suggested to her about going out and finding a man to fuck her brains out.

Annalez had heard all the vulgar words before and knew all their meanings. She knew all the common slang words that were used by many people when having sex. She knew that the slang word for a girl’s breast was tits and a girl’s vagina was pussy. She also knew that a man’s penis was referred to as a cock and that the sperm that came out of a man’s cock was called cum. She also knew that giving a man oral sex was considered to be a blow job.

She was ready to use them and ready to lose her virginity too, but only one thing was missing, and that was a man. But not just any man, she wanted a man who was strong, handsome and good looking too, but most of all she wanted a man who had confidence in what he was doing and had lots of experience in providing her with sexual pleasure. She wanted a man who would change her from a girl to a woman.

Her thoughts were than disturbed from the sound of the door bell ringing. Annalez than carefully removed her self out of the tub and dried her body and dressed in only a towel that was tightly wrapped around her, quickly ran down the stairs to answer the door. When she had opened the door, there standing before her was the same man that had come over the past two days to spend time with her older sister.

He smiled warmly and gave a sweet hello. Annalelz shyly smiled back and than had told him that her sister was out and would not return until later that night. He looked disappointed and had told Annalez that he was from America and was going back home tomorrow morning and wanted to give her a gift that he had held in his hand.

Annalez than invited him in and together they both sat on the sofa. He explained to her that he and her sister only had a short term relationship and that he just wanted to see her one last time before leaving.

He than looked at Annalez and began to compliment her on how she was such a pretty and sexy looking woman. Annalez, who never had anyone tell her that before, was thrilled to hear it, especially the part about being called a woman and not a girl.

He continued to compliment her about her lovely black hair and her ebony eyes and how she had such a fine looking figure. Annalez loved hearing him talk about her and began to warm up to him as he than placed his hand upon her legs and began to softly and gently run his fingers up and down along her thigh.

Annalez liked the feeling that she was now experiencing as he than placed his lips upon hers. At first she pushed him away but than as she began to weaken she didn’t resist him any longer and allowed him to continue kissing her.

He then asked politely if it was alright with her to go up to her bedroom. She didn’t say a word and stayed silent, and had felt a little scared too, but at the same time she had felt a little excited as well.

He carefully lifted her up from the sofa and cradled her in his arms and carried her up to her bedroom where he carefully laid her on the bed. The man than removed his clothing, leaving only his boxers on as he lay down next to her on the bed, where he again began kissing her lips and than running his fingers through her hair, just as he had done with her sister.

And even though Annalez had still felt scared and nervous, at the same time had felt submissive and allowed him to continue.

He than loosened the towel that was tightly wrapped around her and opened it up, fully exposing her naked body. The canlı casino man then began kissing her again, first on her lips than on the side of her face. Annalez than closed her eyes and leaned her head back as he started to kiss and lightly nibble on her neck, while his left hand slid down to her right breast where he started to gently squeeze and lightly pull at her nipple. He than kissed his way down to her other breast and placed his mouth over her nipple and began sucking.

He than opened her legs and began to slide his tongue slowly down along her tummy, circling around her naval and than had moved down even lower and began to gently lick her clit, sending a tingling feeling through her body.

His mouth than covered over her clit as he began sucking harder on her clit causing her legs to quiver as she stretched and shimmied with pleasure.

The man than stopped momentarily and stood up to remove his boxers and stood completely nude in front of her.

Annalez looked at his big cock standing so erect and looking quite hard as he than had knelt on the bed near her face and took her hand and placed it on his cock.

Annalez had felt how warm and hard it was in her hand and began to slowly stroke it back and forth.

He then had slid his hand back down between her legs where he than put one finger inside her pussy and than seconds later used two fingers until her pussy became wetter and looser until he was able to move his fingers smoothly in and out of her.

He then, in a playful manner, ordered her to put his cock inside of her mouth while he continued fingering her pussy.

She liked the idea of being submissive and obeyed his command as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began sucking on him.

She loved seeing how she was able to please him and she liked when he began talking dirty to her and it turned her on even more when he referred to her as being a slut and a whore.

He than stopped and opened her legs even more as he than lay on top of her and took his cock in his hand and began to rub the head of it on her clit.

Annalez loved everything that he was doing to her and had felt so sexually excited as he then started to push his cock inside of her. She grimaced in pain as she could feel his cock stretching and opening her tiny pussy, but after several minutes had gone by and the pain had subsided she began to enjoy it even more as she than able to take all of his cock deep inside of her.

She could feel his hot breathe on her ear and the side of her neck as he began to push even harder and faster as their sex had become more intense.

They stopped for a few seconds as he ordered her to turn around and get on her hands and knees where she was now bent over as he then put his cock back inside her where he was able to fully penetrate her small pussy.

While he was fucking her from behind he placed his hands on her hips to get a better hold of her and fucked her even harder and occasionally taking one of his hands and began smacking her ass.

Annalez had moaned and squealed from the pain of his cock pushing deep inside her, but never once complained as he continued to fuck her and smack her ass even harder than before.

A few seconds later he pulled his cock out of her pussy and had told her to turn around on her back.

She did what he asked her to do as he then grabbed her by the head of her hair and began to masturbate until his warm cum had squirted out onto her face.

After he was done with her they both had sat on the side of the bed and had a small conversation. He had insisted that she keep everything they did a secret from her sister. Annalez had agreed as he then kissed her upon her lips and than departed.

The threesome

Annalez had wrote a note for her sister, who hadn’t come yet, and left it on the kitchen table along with the gift the man had brought over for her.

Annalez than, after taking another bath lay down upon her bed and before she would fall a sleep had smiled and then giggled while thinking how she had about fucked her sister’s short time lover.

Annalez had felt so wonderful now that she had finally had her first sexual experience. But there now seemed to be a wildness growing inside of her that had become unleashed and although she did enjoy every second of every moment of the sexual pleasure the man had given her, she was not completely satisfied as she now desired and yearned for even more.

It wasn’t until her last class on Friday when Annalez, while walking through the hallway in school, had bumped into her classmate, who had been out of school on a leave of absence for the past four days.

The girl walked up to Annalez, accompanied with a young Chinese girl, who stood beside her.

Her classmate then pulled Annalez off to the side where they couldn’t be heard talking, and ask if she had any luck finding a man.

Annalez, who couldn’t keep it a secret, smiled back at her and in kaçak casino a low voice had told her that she had fucked a man that her older sister was dating. They both looked at one another and had laughed about it.

The girl had told Annalez in a low voice that if she were still interested in going out and exploring more of her sexuality, that the Chinese girl who was with her was the person she needed to talk with.

After she had introduced Annalez to her she had told the both of them that she had to report to the dean’s office and explain why she had been absent for the past four days of classes and would see them around at another time.

Annalez and the Chinese girl walked out side and together sat down on a bench and began talking about their sex life. Annalez didn’t have too much to tell the girl and just listened as the girl had told her that she was bi- sexual and was into many types sexual activities and went on to tell her how she liked group sex which sometimes included gang banging, but most of all she loved being involved in threesomes with two men, but really preferred the threesomes to be with two girls and one man.

Annalez listened as she continued to talk and had told Annalez that she was currently dating a European man and was looking for another girl to join them in a threesome and than had ask if she were interested in being part of it.

Annalez, who of course never had been in a threesome before, but always had heard many things about it, was eager to learn new things and expand her sexuality and without giving it much thought had agreed to join her.

The girl than gave her a cell number and had told her to call her Saturday afternoon and she would than let her know just where and when they would meet.

Annalez than returned back home only to find the house empty with a note from her sister that was pinned to a cork board that was hanging on the wall of the kitchen. The note had stated that she had to go and cash in the large alimony check she received each month from her ex husband, and was going away for the weekend and would not return until Sunday morning and that she had left her some money along with food that was once again already prepared and left on the stove.

Annalez, who had no studies from school to work on, had decided to spend the rest of the afternoon until the early part of the evening cleaning out her bedroom.

After she got done with her cleaning she went down to the kitchen and ate the food that was left for her and then returned to her room, where before she had gone to sleep, had thought about what new sexual experience tomorrow night would bring too her.

The following day Annalez woke up later than she expected too and after realizing that it was late in the morning, had hurried out of bed to begin her day.

First she went down to the kitchen and prepared herself a nice warm breakfast and afterwards went to the laundry room to gather some of her clothing and from there she went back to her room and undressed than went into the bathroom where she had filled up the tub with warm water. She then got in and soaked her body in the warm water, soothing her skin for a good half hour and than began shaving her legs and carefully shaved her pussy too, leaving it smooth, clean and soft to the touch.

By the time she was done it was now half past noon and she grabbed her cell phone and called the girl she had met at school yesterday. The girl answered and sounded so delighted to know that Annalez was still interested in meeting with them and becoming part a their threesome.

The girl had told Annalez that she would meet her outside of the campus around six o’clock and from there the three of them would than go to an apartment that man she was dating had been renting.

Annalez agreed and was also asked by the girl if she could dress in some sexy clothing, which Annalez also agreed to do. The girl than whispered to Annalez on the cell phone that she would not regret it and would meet with her later and than said goodbye.

Annalez felt excited about being involved in another sexual experience, and knowing she had no sexy clothing, and knowing her sister did and would not be home until Sunday, rushed into her sisters room and began searching through drawls and because they were both the same size had found many things to choose from and picked out what she had thought would be sexy enough to wear.

While looking through her sisters belongings she began to giggle when she had found a few sex toys hidden under some of her sister’s panties.

After she was done choosing the clothing she would wear she than had left the room.

It was six o’clock in the evening and Annalez, as she was asked to do, waited near the campus.

She didn’t have to wait very long as a car pulled up outside the college where she stood.

Annalez walked over to the car and recognized the girl sitting in the passenger seat as the girl from school. They smiled at one another and exchanged their greetings and than Annalez climbed into the back seat of the car.

The girl from school had introduced the man she was with, who looked at Annalez through the rear view mirror, smiled and said hello and than the three of them drove away.

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