An evening out at a club

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An evening out at a clubWe have been swinging for over 7 years now and really enjoy visits to clubs, the thing we love about clubs is that nothing is planned, you really don’t know who you will end up with and you just go with the flow. Sometimes little happens – but sometimes lots does and we’ve had amazing nights, here is what happened on one last year.We’d chatted to another couple on a swinging site and arranged to go with them to a swing club, near Heathrow airport in London one Saturday evening. We’d arranged to meet up in a pub nearby and then go in as a foursome.As usual we went dressed for the occasion and fully equipped – the dressing beforehand is a big turn on and gets us ready for fun!! We both shave fully before a swing so Tilly had a completely bald cunt I had shaved for her and she shaved my pubic hairs and testicles– we both love the feel of skin on skin! As we were meeting in an ordinary pub, we couldn’t dress too provocatively – buy Tilly looked very horny in black leather boots with 4 inch heels, black hold-ups, a short skirt with a thin strappy top – no underwear so her nipples were clearly visible. She had her small “swinging” handbag – containing lipstick, a handful of condoms, KY Jelly – and that’s it. John was dressed in leather trousers, black polo shirt – as with Tilly no underwear.The other couple arrived to join us for a drink and we got to know them. Like us they were in their early 50’s, she was blonde, had on high heels a lacy black dress and stockings a very good looking woman – and as we were to find out later she, like Tilly, had nothing else on underneath.We all went together to the club about half a mile down the road and checked into reception together. The club has a couples only policy on a Saturday evening, single guys are not allowed in but single women can get in for a very reduced entry fee. It was a reasonably busy evening with about 50 couples and a few single ladies there.I should describe the venue – it is a big single story house, with a bar area and a very large lounge with settees all around and a large double bed in the middle. If people want they can play in the lounge and use the bed or settees to screw on. Next to the lounge is a cinema, showing pornos on a large screen with rows of beds for people to sit on and watch or if they want use for sex.There are a number of playrooms in the main house, just the one is lockable for those that want privacy all the others are open or have windows so people can watch the action inside – I should say we are both very exhibitionist and Tilly especially loves an audience when she is fucking.Outside the house there is a covered walkway leading to a swimming pool, jacuzzis, some huts that have bakırköy escort beds in for guests to use (all with windows to make them public and some with grope holes so viewers can reach in and touch). At the end of the walkway is a converted stable building with numerous playrooms, a selection of bondage equipment, a swing, a mock jail area with a cell that has a double bed in it and a dark room.The thing we like about this venue is that if you want you can have sex anywhere that suits you, unlike some other clubs, there are no “house rules” to say anywhere is off limits for sex.Anyway back to the evening, we chatted with our new couple for a few minutes and then went off as a foursome to look around and ended up in the darkroom with them. It is so dark that you really can’t see who else is in there and as with the rest of the venue nothing is “off limits”. Tilly paired up with the other guy and I with his girlfriend, she had lovely little tits but with incredibly hard nipples that stood out what seemed a half inch when erect – they were like rubber when I chewed them. I could just about make out Tilly blowing the guy – she is expert at it and loves giving blow jobs and always, but always swallows. Her head was bobbing up and down as she deep throated him and was giving him a hands-free blow job, just her lips and brilliant sucking ability. I was fucking the other woman, who had just lifted her dress and sat on my dick facing me as I fucked her hard as I chewed those lovely nipples. I heard the other guy cum in Tilly’s mouth and that sent me over the top and came deep into the lady on my lap. It was good for both Tilly and me as Hors d’oeuvre for the rest of the evening. We then spent a few minutes touring the room, snogging with and touching the other bodies in there. Then the general consensus was to break up as a foursome and go our separate ways.Tilly and I went and got a drink and then took them into the cinema to relax, where we watched porno movies for about 30 minutes to get our strength back. We then decided to go back into the house and see what else would happen.As we came back into the lounge from the cinema a young black guy started to chat to us – well really he was chatting to Tilly and coming on to her. I could see he was attracted to her and got the distinct feeling that she fancied him. So a few minutes into the conversation I asked him where his partner was – he pointed to a corner where a 30 something black girl was busy with several guys and women and said “She is busy at the moment, but I’m not”. So I asked him if he wanted to join Tilly and me in a playroom – I was stroking Tilly’s back at the time and she literally quivered beşiktaş escort with anticipation as I said it– he replied “Yes” so off we went as a three-some to find somewhere to go and enjoy!!We wandered back through the house and on the way Tilly popped into a toilet – while she was in there Nick (I found out was his name) told me he was from Kenya, over in the UK at university (doing a post-graduate in something I really can’t remember) and he was 27 years old, just over 6′ tall, slim but muscular – and as Tilly confirmed later quite handsome. Now I just knew that Tilly at 53 (but still really attractive and sexy) would be more than happy with a guy half her age.When Tilly came out, we went back toward the stables and found a vacant hut, with a king size bed in it vacant. When we got in there Tilly immediately started kissing and caressing Nick and I played with her tits, squeezing her nipples so they were fully erect – I reached down and put my hand up her skirt – she was absolutely dripping, so very very wet. Afterwards she told me she hadn’t gone into the toilet to use the loo, but in order to squeeze half a tube of KY up her cunt as she knew what was going to go in there mmmmmmm – she told me that she had snogged with Nick in the dark room and knew just how large he was.Yes it’s an old tale – white woman meets black man who has a huge cock – well – in this case it was true! She got down on her knees, undid his trousers and got his dick out – fortunately I am not a jealous sort of guy. I am not exaggerating when I say it was over 10 inches long (for our European readers that is 25+ centimetres) and at the base about the same width as a coca-cola can (although it did get a bit narrower toward the bell end).Normally she can deep throat and get the whole length in her mouth – this time though it was merely the first half. Nick handed her a condom (he brought his own XL ones) and Tilly rolled it on for him. I had taken her top off while she was kneeling – she stood up, pulled up her skirt so it was like a tight wide belt, got on the bed and lay on her back with her boots and holdups still on, opened her legs really wide and pushed three of er fingers into her cunt – Nick said “That is one horny woman you have there” and knelt between her legs and gently fed his cock into her very ready cunt.I squatted over her head and face fucked her – and so it went on, Tilly loves being roasted, we did it with Nick fucking her and her blowing me, then changed around places me fucking and him getting blown. At one stage Nick and I stood back to watch her masturbating in front of us, she held her cunt wide open so we could see right inside her. We were beylikdüzü escort in the room for nearly 90 minutes, non stop fucking of Tilly until finally Nick came and then she blew me so I came into her mouth. Absolutely brilliant, the room reeked of sex and Tilly was sweating, her hair was even slightly damp. After we’d all cum, we spent a few minutes recovering and then got dressed.Outside the hut, we said our goodbyes to Nick (got his phone number – but that’s a story for another time) and then Tilly and I went back into the main house. We really thought the fun was over for the evening – we’d already had hours of sex. Anyway as we got into the house, the original couple we went there with were sitting just inside the door so we stopped to chat to them. During the chat I went off to get us both a drink and go to the toilet. Probably I was gone about 10 minutes – imagine my surprise, when I came back – turned the corner to see Tilly down on all fours eating out the woman’s cunt out (the one I’d fucked earlier in the dark room). Remember Tilly is a lady who likes cock first and foremost and always claims not to be really bi. The other guy was standing there watching with his cock out and wanking – I must admit I did exactly the same – I was amazed I could get a hard on again after coming twice already – but if you’re turned on enough anything can happen.He stepped forward, put his hands under he shoulders and lifted Tilly up and guided her to the nearest playroom, I took Jane’s hand (that was her name – by the way he was called Rob – I really should have introduced their names to you earlier) and we followed on. I said to Tilly, why did you go down on Jane – she said because Rob asked me to – so I said OK, I am asking you to 69 with Jane now. So they got on the bed, Tilly on top and Jane under and started eating each other out. Boy was this horny and others had come to look at what was going on – standing in the doorway and some watching through the window into the room.Tilly loves a full cunt and at one stage Jane had just about all her hand inside Tilly, well Tilly then returned the compliment – to watch two women effectively fisting each other is just amazing – noise of cunt juices slurping as fists go in and out – well I leave you to imagine …..Next thing I know, Rob has pulled Tilly off Jane and is fucking her doggy – her tits swinging back and forwards with the nipples brushing against the bed under her. As for me – I was still erect and Jane got on top of me and rode my cock, this went on until the club owners called around that it was 3 in the morning and time to close up – how time flies when you are enjoying yourselves. Well Rob managed to cum inside Tilly – but I must admit I really couldn’t manage again that evening.So that was the end of a brilliant night – in total getting on for 5 hours of almost non-stop sex. I am sure there are those that have read this and thought – OH YEAH – but I assure you there is not one word of a lie in this. That’s why we just love swinging!!

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