Anal Beach Party

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My friends always call me crazy when I tell them I love anal sex. Even today, as a 21 year old girl, still trying to explore and expand my sexual horizons, I have always found anal sex very pleasurable and exciting. The biggest complaint I hear from my friends is that it is physically painful. I must have never received that text because it gives me some of my strongest orgasms.

I believe that anatomically speaking, I may be unique in the fact when I feel a nice hard cock sliding in and out of my ass, it vibrates something inside me which feels like it hits my g-spot. I am unsure if I have a different tilt in my vagina that allows this to take place. There are times when I masturbate, I will slide my dildo in my ass and just leave it there. As I masturbate, I will tap on the dildo end which sends those vibrations throughout my body and I orgasm very powerfully. I am the only person I know who not only uses anal when she masturbates but also prefers it sometimes to vaginal intercourse.

It all started a few years ago when I was 18 and in a serious relationship with my first boyfriend, Sebastian, at least as serious as you could be at that age. He was obsessed with asses. He loved the shape, the feel, and every part of it. Sebastian was a swimmer, about 6’1, and a very lean 160 pounds. He had shaggy blonde hair that he kept buzzed off during swimming season and he also made sure all his body hair was removed. I used to call him my smooth rat.

Sebastian would always ask if we could have anal during our sex sessions and I would always turn him down for fear of the pain. His cock was just under 8 inches but very thin. It also was circumcised, perfectly straight and smooth with a flawless shaped helmet on the end.

One night at a party, I just about gave into his anal sex request when we went back to a friend’s parent’s room. With the door closed, we could hear the muffled music pumping and we were making out. Kissing, soon turned into me sucking Sebastian’s hard cock while he lay on his back. I had my cheek resting on his cut abs while I gave him head.

As he tapped my head, I raised up to hear him mutter softly, “Can we do it now? I just want to feel your ass so bad. I promise I will go slow.”

I was hesitant but I thought I would at least try to give it another chance. I got up and stripped down to my black, silk thong and matching bra. Sebastian, repeated his usual procedure by first kneeling down in front of my ass. He squeezed it several times before kissing my cheeks all over. He gave it some open mouth sucks and licked across the crack from cheek to cheek. He eventually pulled my panties to the side, even though sometimes he pulls them down so that he can bury his face in my ass. He was very good at licking and pleasuring my asshole. At that time I might have been afraid of his cock in my butt but I sure did love his tongue in it.

“Bend over and put your hands on the bed,” he ordered me.

I did as he said and bent over like I was ready to be spanked. My juices were now flowing as it was my time to order him, “Get in there, baby. Eat that ass. You know you want it.”

He slapped my cheek as it stiffly vibrated. He moved my panties aside once again and dug his tongue inside my crack. Since my legs were already spread, he was able to get much deeper. Sebastian first used the tip of his tongue to get my sensitive nerves stimulated on the rim of my puckered hole. He vibrated it by moving his tongue, quickly back and forth and the sensation was overwhelming me. He then used the top of his tongue to lick the entire hole. Sebastian was licking it with enthusiasm like a lioness cleaning her young.

“That’s it baby, get in there nice and deep. You like that ass don’t you? Munch it. Fuckin lick every inch of it!” I commanded in my dirtiest talk.

I reached down between my legs and flicked my clit to get myself off with one hand and reached back behind me and pulled the back of his head so that he would go in even deeper. He was licking and sucking while fighting for air so much that I could feel his warm breath travel up my ass crack. Sebastian put me over the edge and I climaxed when he actually darted his tongue in my sphincter about two inches. That penetration felt amazing. It was warm, soft and his passion was second to none. My legs were shaking.

He quickly stood up and couldn’t get his shorts off quick enough. As they dropped to the ground, he took hold of his leaking cock and placed the head up against my opening. I quickly rejected the advance, “Oh no. There is no way you’re putting that thing in me without lube.”

“You have to be kidding. I’m so fuckin horny. I gotta have that ass, baby. Pleeeaaase!” Sebastian begged.

I gave him an alternative, “You can’t stick it in but why don’t you fuck my cheeks like you do my tits? Use your slobber and fuck my ass cheeks!”

Sebastian though for a moment, shrugged his shoulders as if to say, almanbahis şikayet “Oh well,” and then allowed a huge glob of saliva to stream down from his lips and land on my ass crack. He placed the tip of his dick in my crack to add precum to the mix. He then took his cock and slapped the shaft around while moving it back and forth to spread the lube evenly in the crevice.

I coaxed him through the entire process in my familiar sexy coo, “Ooo yea, that’s it baby. Get it all greased up for your cock. Make it slippery, baby. I want you to fuck that ass like you mean it. I want to feel that hard dick sliding in between my cheeks!”

He put his cock in the valley between my ass cheeks while holding it down with his thumbs. He then squeezed them together like buns around a hotdog. His cock now had a warm skin tunnel to abuse for his pleasure. Sebastian wasted no time thrusting inside it. He was grunting and swaying back and forth very quickly in a short amount of time. He was so horny and excited to be getting a piece of my ass that a bomb could have went off in the next room and he wouldn’t have noticed.

“Get it, baby. Get that ass. Please fuck it and shoot your cum all over my back. I want you to shoot it so far. I want to feel it,” I encouraged.

“God dammit. Ohhhh! Fuck! Ohhhhhh!” Sebastian screamed as he launched his cum up across my back and even a tiny amount in my hair. I could feel the warmth of his spunk splat on all over and pool in the crevices. I loved it. He was in heaven to finally be able to milk that cock of his with my tight butt.

We cleaned up and it wasn’t until the next weekend before we jumped to the next level. I would be lying if the exciting scene didn’t have me thinking about that smooth cock penetrating my ass. I knew it would happen soon but not that soon.

It all started when Sebastian’s twin cousins who were a year older than us and freshmen in college, came to visit him for the Christmas holiday. There was a beach party with a campfire in the sand and many people were tenting all night in the grassy area before you reached the beach. There were probably 6 to 8 tents and I would estimate 30 people. One guy was playing the guitar while the fire crackled as people drank, made out and were generally having a great time. The wind was blowing off the ocean, so it was a little cool but most people were dressed in shorts and a hoodie or jacket with bare feet.

We were both sitting in the sand, with me leaning up against his chest, between his legs. We both were drinking and feeling real good while Sebastian would periodically lean down, nibble my ear or kiss on my neck which he knows always gets me hot. With everyone’s moods basically mellow, inebriated, and horny, Sebastian whispered to me that we should go to the tent for some fun.

I agreed with every intention to fool around and have wild, uninhibited sex. We got inside the tent and were making out while rolling around on top of our sleeping bags. Sebastian was probing my mouth and playing with my boobs from under my shirt will I rubbed his hard-on through his shorts. That eventually led to Sebastian taking off his shorts and while on his knees, I was sucking his cock with me laying on my side. He held the back of my head and thrusted softly into my mouth. Just as his precum was building on my tongue, I couldn’t help wanting more.

“Get a condom. I want you inside me,” I slurred.

Sebastian fumbled around but couldn’t find one in our small duffle bag that we had brought. He did pull out the Astroglide bottle, showed it to me and smiled, “We don’t need rubbers. Look what I have. Please baby, let me put it in your butt. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

First, I liked how he conveniently “forgot” the condoms and second how he conveniently “remembered” the lubrication. I was tipsy enough to agree but warned him that if I didn’t like it, we were stopping. He agreed, and as excited as a child on Christmas, crawled behind me. I put my head down to the ground anticipating the entry. Sebastian slathered the lubrication all over his smooth dick, put the head against my anus, held on to my hips and pushed.

“You ready baby? Here I come,” he warned.

When the tip popped in and penetrated my hole, the pain shot through me like a lightning bolt and I started to move forward when Sebastian clung to my hips and tried to stop me, “Where ya goin? Don’t fight it. You have to let yourself get used to it.”

I tried to get used to it but eventually had to pull off his cock. I took a couple of deep breaths and surprisingly gave permission, “Ok. Now put it in again and just hold it there.”

I now wanted it in me just as bad as he did. Sebastian repeated his actions and this time, it was painful but not unbearable. He held it still like I had requested and then eased it into me, “Breathe deep. Take deep breaths. Here it comes again.”

I clenched my jaws as Sebastian slid the rest of his 8 inches in my rectum until his pubic hair and balls were pressed up against almanbahis canlı casino my ass crack. I was breathing deep and fast trying to get accustomed to it while Sebastian let out a pleasure sigh from the snug warm feeling he now had wrapped around his shaft.

“Oh my god! This is fuckin awesome, Britt. I fuckin love it,” he whispered.

At that point, I wish I could have shared his enthusiasm but it was still painful. I will say that the pain quickly disappeared and then I gave him the green light, “I’m ready now. Take your time and be gentle with me.”

Sebastian started pumping in and out slowly while mumbling in pleasure. At first it was painful but it didn’t take long for it to also started feeling good. I was actually surprised. The smooth flesh of Sebastian’s dick had that familiar friction us girls love in our pussy. His cock felt warm and became quite pleasurable. Sebastian is humping and pumping away and that is when I first felt that magnificent vibration deep inside my anus which transferred to my vagina.

He was moving faster and faster while asking, “You like that don’t ya? You like when I fuck that ass. Look at that, you are taking every inch. I’m proud of you baby, you are taking all of it. You love that dick, don’t ya?”

He was right, I was loving it. I could feel my own orgasm starting to build. I put my hand between my legs and inserted two finger between my now wet pussy lips. Out of nowhere, Sebastian announced he was cumming.

“Fuck! Britt, I’m cummin! Oh, fuck!” Sebastian grunted while I could actually feel, first the twitching of his cock ejaculating and second, each spurt of his warm sperm being deposited deep in my bowels. It was hot but now Sebastian had already blown his load and here I was just getting started. He pulled out and his cum followed his cock and left a thick trail of slime on my pussy lips in which I quickly wiped it off. Sebastian dropped to the ground, gasping, totally satisfied, and leaving me with the female equivalent to “blue balls.”

“That was great, baby. Thank you,” he gratefully said.

We talked a little more and out of left field he said, “I have an idea. Why don’t you let Justin and Jason do it in your butt? They think you are so hot and it turns me on thinking about them doing you anally.”

I honestly did a double take and thought I had heard him wrong. “Do what? Did you just say what I thought you said?” I snapped back.

“Well… yea. What’s the big deal? It’s not like they’d be fuckin your pussy or anything, plus this would give them a great story to take back home to New Jersey. Like I said, it’s in the family and it turns me on,” he tried to rationalize with me.

At first I was blown away and a little hurt but after he kept trying to convince me and maybe the wine coolers were helping him, I wasn’t completely against the idea. Jason and Justin were both very cute and hot with their dark hair, dark complexion and perfect smiles. They were athletic, well dressed, and had the sexiest eyes I’d ever seen. They seriously had movie actor good looks. The final point that put me over the edge to agree with Sebastian was the fact I was still horny and completely unsatisfied.

“Ok I will do it but I don’t want to hear you get mad after it’s all said and done. You live with the consequences and I don’t want a shred of jealousy. Agreed?” I informed him of my conditions.

He agreed, unzipped the tent and walked off for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I had cum oozing out of my asshole and I was doing my best trying not to get it all over the very blankets we would sleep on. Jason was the first one to show up. He peeked his head in the tent and asked, “Britt. Are you ok with this?”

I told him that I was and he crawled inside and zipped the tent back up. He was still hesitant until I leaned over and unbuckled his belt and pants, pulling them down to just above his knees. It was dark but I could make out his cock in the moonlight. It was already sticking straight up in the air with a slight arch like a banana. It was just a shade shorter than Sebastian’s, but thicker. I leaned in and put Jason’s cock in my mouth in the same manner that I had done to Sebastian’s earlier. From inside my mouth, I confirmed that it was fatter and also circumcised. My inhibitions were now gone as I sucked Jason. He was on his knees with his hands down to his side while I blew him. Because I was drunk, with a hot strange guy, I now was in heat and wanted him inside me.

“Get behind and mount me,” I ordered. “Let me put it in so I make sure it goes in my butt. Hand me the lube right there so I can get you ready,” I added.

Jason shuffled his way behind me with his bunched up pants still constricting his lower thighs. He was just like Sebastian when he took hold of my hips, only I reached between my legs and directed his fat cock to my stretched out, gooey asshole. Jason pushed and his girth actually hurt a little even with all the lubrication and Sebastian’s slimy creampie inside me, but almanbahis casino it wasn’t painful enough to cause me to stop him. He quickly buried it to his balls like his cousin. When he began to thrust in and out, I began to get that vibrating feeling once again, maybe even stronger because of the curvature of his cock.

Jason didn’t fuck as fast as Sebastian had but he was pounding a little harder on each thrust. There was an echo and you could clearly hear the slapping of his thighs to my ass, not to mention the jangling of his loose belt buckle. I cooed and then groaned as I whispered desperately, “Don’t stop, I’m cumming…yes…aauuuggghhh.”

Oh my god! I couldn’t believe how my orgasm brought on by anal stimulation, had given me a more powerful sensation than a vaginal orgasm and I hadn’t even touched myself! He kept fucking my ass and his breathing became shorter and more erratic. I knew that was a signal he was getting closer which was another disappointment because I was now ready for a long fuck session. Jason was slightly shy and not real verbal plus any first time is a bit awkward.

Without saying a word, Jason began to moan, then slammed his cock as deep as he could and while holding it there, he growled and grunted an array of animal noises that would have made the wilderness proud. Jason was adding his load to Sebastian’s while I could feel his pubic area trembling on my upper ass cheeks. When Jason’s cock stopped contracting, he fucked for a couple more minutes to finish himself off properly. When Jason withdrew and dismounted me, he immediately sat down, lifted his ass and pulled his underwear and pants over his half deflated, slimy cock.

I took my finger and motioned him too me and while kissing him on the cheek, I seductively said, “Thank you baby. You were good. I hope you liked it.”

He assured me that he had thoroughly enjoyed it and left the tent satisfied. Now my ass was gaped and sloppy as I waited for Justin. As he arrived and knelt down to the tent, he crawled in and zipped it behind him. Justin was much more outgoing and assertive than his twin.

“Let’s do this, sexy!” Justin announced very confidently.

Already displaying the bulge in his shorts, he had a brief problem trying to get them off without the waist band catching on his hard-on. I couldn’t see it very well but it looked to be about the same size as his brother’s and arched up the same. He skipped the preliminary sucking that I had performed on the other two guys and got directly behind me. Instead of getting down in his knees, he remained on his feet but squatted down to line himself up. No lube was necessary so I never bothered telling him to put it on.

His fat cock slid directly into my stretched sphincter without much resistance and filled that void that I had grown accustomed to feeling during the last hour. He put his hand directly on the small of my back and began pumping in a downward motion.

“You are so hot, Britt? I like how you took all my dick without any trouble,” Justin commented as the slurping sound from the friction filled the tent.

I was moaning and squealing, “Uh huh,” as he pounded my asshole.

He was talking dirty which only increased my lust for his dick. He then reached inside the back of my hoodie and grabbed my bra strap like a jockey holding onto his horse’s reins.

“Oh fuck. Take that dick baby. Take it all in your ass. It’s so fuckin tight and good,” are some of the comments he was making which caused me to orgasm full force. As I growled into my sleeping bag, Justin stopped thrusting so he feel my rectum contract around his pole. As soon my orgasm subsided, he would start back up. This went on several minutes before he wanted to change positions.

I was impressed with his stamina and we both slipped into the same sleeping bag. I was on my side and Justin put himself back in me while snuggling up against my back. He was fucking me much slower now while kissing the back of my neck and smelling my hair. He was very sensual and also rubbed my clit with his hand. I couldn’t believe how good getting fucked in the ass felt and why I hadn’t been doing it before then.

I can’t remember but I either had two or three more orgasms that way before it was my turn to take control, “Lay down on your back. I want to ride you.”

Justin did as I requested and it was my turn to mount him. I squatted down while holding his cock, trying to make sure it went into the correct hole. I had found my target and was now sitting down, completely impaled on his cock. We locked hands so that I could get better leverage. I began to bounce on that dick and ride him like a well-trained cowboy.

Oh my god it felt amazing! The vibrations of us fucking was just about to cause me to squirt when Sebastian appeared in the mesh opening of the tent and said, “What the hell guys? Are you about done, Britt? It’s been an hour!”

I chimed in while I sighed in pleasure, “Not yet, baby. Just about done. This is amazing. Let me get a little more.”

He huffed as he walked away and I thought to myself, to heck with him, he’s the one who instigated this whole arrangement and now he can’t get mad when it backfires in his face. He didn’t like that I was cumming so much on his cousins’ pricks.

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