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Anglian WaterShe backed her car into a secluded water station entrance, we got out of the car to get comfortable in the back where the blacked out windows would  offer some privacy but she wanted to put her jacket in the boot. I followed her to the reared the car, I eyed her up and down as she opened the hatch back. She was wearing a short green dress with poppers down the front and a black pair of heels set off her bare legs.She was teasing me bending into the car, a naughty look a knowing glance. I grabbed her from behind cupping her breasts in my palms, pulling her tight against me as I nuzzled her neck. She canted her head giving access for me to smother it in kisses, l knew she could feel my bulging cock in the small of her back. I move my hands gripping and pulling her dress apart exposing her black bra and soft flesh of her cleavage.She moaned with pleasure and pushed back into me portraying her approval.She tried to turn around to face me but I held her tight in my arms canting my head I met her soft lips kissing her passionately. I slipped my hands down her dress pulling apart the bottom fastener Slipping my hand up to cup her groin, pressing my fingers against her sex I rubbed up and down in time to her heavy breathing. Moving my hands up her waist i swiftly yanked her her pants down to her ankles. She groaned as I raised up again behind her lifting her dress over her hips as I went, a deep sigh escaped escaped her lips as I exposed her naked ass and pussy to the cool air. I pushed her forward off balance, forcing her to support herself off the boot floor on her out stretched arms. Slipping my hand between her thighs I invaded her already wet pussy with two fingers, I pleasured her hard and fast making her groan uncontrollably. I thought I glimpsed someone through the car windscreen walk past the entrance but I was too excited to care. Squatting down I invaded her wetness with my tongue , Her excited gasps spurred me on, I reached up pleasuring her with my thumb as I sucked on her clitoris. My cock was straining in my pants and I hastily released it, raising up behind her I felt it brush up her cool thighs until it nestled in the warmth and wetness of her labia. I was kissing her neck about to enter her when I spotted a middle aged guy, he watching through the car windscreen. He stood rubbing a large bulge in his pants , our eyes istanbul escort met but I found myself just nodding as if to give consent to watch. He moved closer and instead of entering her I pushed my cock back and forth over her entrance as I whispered in her ear “ we’re being watched .“  Her eyes were closed and She obviously didn’t believe me. I slipped her bra cups up over her large breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers exposing her to the stranger. I felt her shudder and moan , “he’s looking at your breasts and rubbing his cock I whispered.” I was sure she thought I was playing games but I knew it was exciting her. I pulled her dress and bra straps down over her shoulders and arms  gathering round her midriff totally exposing her upper body. I was surprised at her lack of opposition to being stripped out doors.I glanced forward again looking for our voyeur’s reaction but to my surprise he was gone. Tinged with disappointment I spun her to face me, kissing her deeply nuzzling her neck and gently biting her ear lobe. I kissed my way down her chest stopping to suckle her nipple  i teased and grazed on it as she groaned.I pulled her head down to my cock and she eagerly enveloped it with her soft lips as I played with her hanging breasts. I was taken aback as our voyeur emerged from around the car behind her, I felt shocked and excited at the same time. He watched on as she pleasured me her bare ass exposed to his view. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and I just reached forward pulling the hem of her dress up over hips, further exposing her nakedness to this stranger. It heightened the pleasure she was giving me beyond belief.I had emboldened our voyeur and he began to unfastened his belt and trousers, the noise never went unnoticed by her. As she tried to look around but I quickly grasped her shoulders holding her firm as I announced we had company. She paused momentarily processing my words but to my surprise she made no effort to escape my grasp, continuing to slide her soft lips up and down my shaft.I looked at the guy, he was middle aged a farmer type quite stocky with dark greying hair. He was wanking his large cock in his left hand as he held out his right hand gesturing to touch her ass.  There was a strange aura and I found myself nodding yet avcılar escort again , he wasted no time taking a step forward and his out stretched hand settled on her ass cheek. She flinched pausing on my shaft, her eyes raised upward meeting mine I could feel the tension run through me but to my surprise she continued to slowly pleasure me. There was a heightened tension an electricity in the air, with our eyes locked she slipped off my cock head her tongue flicking the underside of my hood it was sensitive and tingled I  closed my eyes soaking up the pleasure. She groaned loudly gripping my hips, I opened my eyes to the sight of the guy pleasuring her, he had invaded her pussy fingering vigorously. Before I could process the sight fully, she had taken my cock in her mouth once more, she sucked me harder and deeper than ever before, had she known he was there all the time. I could feel her being pushed onto me, she parted her legs further giving him unhindered access, she was enjoying the attention. I could hear her pussy squelching on his fingers,  she released my cock once more as she groaned in pleasure holding onto me for support. The more she groaned the harder he fingered her, I  strained trying to see what he was doing but to no avail. He realised what I was doing and with a broad grin he pulled  his fingers out of her. Moving his hand up  to show me four dripping wet fingers as if to taunt me, he wiped her juices over her bum cheek. He moved his hand back clearly rubbing her wet pussy with the flat of his hand. She took hold of my cock again, her warm mouth pleasuring me again, She paused at intervals releasing muffled groans  as she sucked me. I watched as he took his wet hand coating his cock with her juices and stroking its length, I couldn’t help but find it exciting. His hand returned to pleasure again, she lurched forward and gagged on my cock each time he thrust into her. I knew he was spreading her pussy, his four fingers were ploughing her pussy and once more she released my cock, gasping and groaning she ?starred up? at me wide eyed as she was taken over by orgasm. I so needed to fuck her and was about to move to claim my prize but she enveloped my cock once more and I couldn’t forgo the pleasure. The guy stood back wiping her juices from his hand up and down his cock once more but I hadn’t şirinevler escort  realised why. I felt her tongue on my head once more, looking down she starred wide eyed as she teased me with the tip of her curled tongue flicking under my head and sliding up and down  my shaft yet again. Her face suddenly changed she squealed out, her head turned back to look behind for the first time to see her assailant. I followed her gaze to see the guy had a hold of her by the hips and was buried cock deep inside her. I watched her bum ripple and the sound of slapping flesh rang out in the air. He was fucking her hard and fast now and whats more she was enjoying it, pushing back to meet his every thrust. Turning    back and gripping me tightly she tried to steady herself against his thrusts. Her mouth gaped as she groaned in pleasure, I was over come by an a****l instinct and took a hold of her hair shoving my cock deep into her mouth. I could feel it hit the back of her throat each time she was thrust forward onto me, gagging on my member with each.I could feel my balls tightening,I had a hold of her hair with one hand and captured a breast with the other. My sperm was rising I couldn’t hold on any longer, I pushed deep into the back of her throat emptying my load she gagged and I pulled out to offer respite. Her face was reddened, a bead of sperm glistened on her sweet lips.I stepped back leaving her to steady herself off the car. I watched the stranger as he fucked her for all he was worth, the sound of flesh on flesh the squelching of her pussy intermingling with her cries he was calling her a slut a tart and I could see it was having an effect on her. She was yelling out openly encouraging him, “ fuck me harder” “ yes yes yes , faster “ she yelled.He groaned out calling her a whore stabbing his cock into her with a full hard stroke nearly lifting her off her feet. He held deep inside her as she panted uncontrollably before giving another short stab, I knew he was filling her with his hot sperm. He held in her for what seemed an age before his member slipped out, a string of his seed dripped  from her stretched hole. I could smell their sex, their juices trailing down her inner thighs her pussy gaping wide. The air fell silent apart from her deep breathing, he gave her ass a condescending slap and a critique of how good a fuck she was by way of thanks.  He swiftly dressed and was gone before I could process the events, it seemed an age but barely ten minutes had passed. She look disheveled and used  like a cheap slut but I loved her. Our eyes met as we rearrange our clothing in silence, I pulled her to me  telling her how excited  I was and how much I loved her.

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