Anna’s Adventures [Part 1]

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Anna tried to wipe the water running down her face off, but, it was no use. Her hands were soaked, her long copper hair was darkened and flattened with dripping water from the downpour.“This is bullshit.” She grumbled, her arms returning to the crossed state, just letting the rain come down. She had that sinking feeling that she was going to have to walk back today, her “friends” must have “forgotten” her. Again. All the cars were pulling out from the school lot, most of them packed with people asking their friends for rides. Like she had asked Beth. “That bitch,” Anna said, leaning forward and tucking her phone into her chest to prevent water from getting on it. She selected some music, put on headphones and tucked the phone in her drenched hoodie pocket. It would get wet, but not as wet as if she were holding it.So, Anna began her mile and a half walk in the rain, her already sour mood worsening, dwelling on her bitch friends, and the attention she lacked. That’s what she craved, someone to actually give her the time of day. She felt invisible. She was the third person of every group, her average grades and average work made her invisible to her teachers. The only teacher who even acknowledged her existence was her Advanced Composition teacher because she actually knew how to write. Other than that, she was entirely invisible to her school. Her friends were worse, often leaving her places and not inviting her to anything. She didn’t mind, not going was better than feeling left out when there. A horn honked, and she turned the music louder. The rain let up as her house came into view, excitement built when she noticed there were no cars in the lot. No one was home. She almost broke into a run, her parents would be gone all night. She’d forgotten, her parents went out for a few days to spend some time and likely attempt to rekindle their marriage. Anna was going to be home alone. She bolted up the few concrete steps and took her bag off and unzipped a small pouch where she kept her key. It wasn’t there.“Fuck,” she muttered. She’d left the key either in her locker or in her room. Anna sighed and circled her house, pushing on all the windows, looking for an unlocked Gölbaşı escort window. The last one was her parents’ window, which was higher up. About six and a half feet up, Anna stood about five-three. It only took a few minutes to find a plastic lawn chair in her backyard. Using it, Anna climbed up and pushed on the window. It was unlocked, so, with a little more muscle, the window slid up. She climbed through the window and struggled a moment when she knocked the chair over with her foot. A surge of fear went through her when she thought she was going to fall, then some adrenaline kicked in and she found some strength to pull herself up through the window. Fell shoulder first onto the floor a couple feet below and groaned. A startled dog started barking, and she got up. The dog sniffed her and relaxed. “Hey buddy,” she said, petting Duskey.  Her heart was still pounding from her near-death experience. She closed the window and took a breath. She was dripping on the carpet, her shoes were waterlogged. She realized now how immensely uncomfortable and cold she was.Her room was downstairs in a renovated basement, the basement had a wide open area with exercise equipment and a large TV that her father liked to use. He rarely used the exercise equipment but insisted he did. To the side, Anna’s bedroom took up a quarter of the basement. When he was renovating the basement, Anna had “helped” when she was little, and for that, her dad built her a new room with as much of a window as he could allow. She loved it, it offered some space and comfort that seventeen-year-old girls craved. He even took the pain to set up a bathroom downstairs complete with a shower, it helped keep the traffic upstairs down and a second bathroom is nice in a family of four. After stripping out of her soaked clothes, Anna felt disgusting. She was soaked with rainwater and freezing, goosebumps rising all over her skin. She rubbed her arm, and stole a glance at her mirror, she looked like a mess. Her hair was matted down and soaked, starting to look worse as it dried. She grabbed two towels and opened the door, out of habit poking her head out to check Keçiören escort bayan if anyone was downstairs. Of course, it was empty. She stepped out, feeling the cool basement air on her naked body. Being nude helped lift the stresses she had, she felt safe in her little basement world where she could be alone.She closed the door to the bathroom and ran the water, letting it get hot. She hopped in and the first thing she rinsed was her hair, then she rinsed the rest of her body. She shampooed and conditioned her hair, and then moved onto her body wash. She wanted to enjoy the shower after such a long, awful day. Plus, the water pressure was feeling great. So, she lathered slowly, becoming acutely more aware of her body, and the places she was touching. The warm soap and water were feeling good on her shoulders and her back.Once she got to her chest, she took some time, fighting back the urge to lick her bottom lip. A flush raised in her cheeks, she felt a surge of apprehension at how good it felt. Her pink nipples had been hard since she’d stepped out of her room, and something between her thin thighs was beginning to ache. Anna rubbed the soap between her lovely smooth B-cup breasts. By instinct, her legs felt week as something she couldn’t name surged through her body and she backed into the wall to support herself.Then she began to lather her breasts, rubbing into them caused her to suck on her lip. Her left hand began to softly twist a nipple while her right lathered her stomach, moving to her thigh. Then she moved the left to her thigh, then both hands around to her nice soft ass. She gave it a light slap, then her left went to her cute shaved mound, lather it slowly. Her eyes watered and a soft sigh of relief escaped her lips. Her right went to a breast and massaged it softly and she leaned into the wall further, giving into her urges and enjoying the feeling of her fingers and hands. It wasn’t enough though. Anna needed more, something to motivate her further. She reluctantly stopped, her sex ached to need. She stepped into the water and rinsed, rubbing her body with a loofah softly, using it to get her Escort Kızılay back. She took time to enjoy the feeling. Then she stopped the water and stepped out of the shower, drying herself and wrapping her hair in a towel. She dropped her body towel in the laundry hamper. Once she stepped out of the bathroom, the cool air hit her again. But this time, differently. She shivered and goosebumps formed. Her thigh ached, and she already knew she was still wet, but not from shower water.She sped walked to her room and took the towel off her head, her hair was dry enough. She set up her laptop and put on some cute lace panties and a matching bra. Then she laid on her stomach, her elbows propping her up. She let it power on, and she felt herself stir. She’d done this before but hadn’t gone as far as she planned to tonight. Tonight, she intended to make someone’s day.She put in her password ino her laptop one it finished powering up. She turned on her laptop cam through Skype and checked her angle. She pushed herself up, so her chest was a little more exposed and angled herself to the side so her ass was visible. She tried to fix her hair a little, and, with that effort, she deemed herself sexy enough. Though, there was still a biting feeling about her flaws. Were her dark grey-blue eyes too boring? They weren’t bright and green like Amanda’s, her hair wasn’t as fiery red as Tiffany’s. She almost just shut the laptop and went to bed, the thoughts were like knives plunging into her chest.She swallowed the bad thoughts and turned off the camera before opening up her browser. She googled a chatroom and went to the first thing she found. The site popped up and she entered, every chat room was the same for her. It was a cesspool of guys asking for nudes. Girls who entered were hounded, and she was always bombarded. She loved it. It was like guys were toppling over each other to talk to her. She created her alias, simple “LittleAnn121”. And she entered, within a second, she heard the pops of PM’s coming in saying “Hi” “How’s it goin’ hottie” “Wanna see my big dick” or “Wanna get lucky with BBC tonight baby?” She usually replied to the nicer messages. She talked them up, flirted and then would stop messaging when bored. She usually waited until someone with charm messaged her, someone who could carry on conversation and make her laugh and feel good. She knew his motive, but that was easy. The innuendos and near perverse talk turned her on. Made her warm and feel wanted.

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