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It was the fifth day of our family vacation in Cuba, and we had been having a great time; sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying all that this beautiful resort had to offer. However, after having spent several days with my sons and husband, I began to miss the girlie things in life. I wanted to go do some shopping in the cute little town just outside of our resort. When I voiced my desire, it was as if I had asked them to consider going to the dentist. I realized that I was going to have to go on my own, so I called up concierge and reserved my spot on the shopping bus for tomorrow morning. Afterwards, I thought: “Just as well. They would do nothing but complain the whole time anyway.” This way, I would be free to meander through the village and go where I wanted to go.Waiting for the bus the next morning were a few groups of people, in twos and threes. I saw another woman standing by herself, so I went up to ask her if this was the shopping bus. She smiled, and said it was. She asked me if my family had abandoned me, and I laughed and said they had. She laughed as well, and said that she was in the same boat. She introduced herself as Anne, and I knew from the start that we would get along well. The bus came, and the two of us followed the rest of the crowd, and sat together in the only two seats left in the back of the bus. She laughed, and quipped about how it was just like being back in high school. I noticed then that she had the most beautiful hazel eyes, and when she smiled, she just radiated happiness. Along the way, we chatted about this and that, and found that we shared many things bahis siteleri in common. By the time we arrived in town, it was if we had been best friends forever. I was very glad I had met her.The bus dropped us off, and she asked if I minded if we stuck together. She didn’t feel comfortable on her own, and would feel much better together. I agreed, confessing that I didn’t really want to be completely on my own either. We walked through the village, admiring the stores. She bought a straw sun hat and a couple of cotton blouses. I bought some sandals, a couple of t-shirts for my sons, and a guayabera for my husband. We stopped in a small little market and ate lunch together, then went strolling along the main street to kill time until the bus came back to pick us up. We passed a beautiful little beach boutique, and Anne mentioned that she needed to pick up another bathing suit as she really didn’t like the one that she had brought, so we dipped into the store. We picked through the suits, and found a couple that she would like. She slipped away to the changing room, asking me if I would give her my opinion. The suits were nice, but none of them really showed off her body to its full advantage. She started getting a little down, so I told her that I would find one for her, and slipped out. I had my eye on a cute little bikini, the colour of which would match her eyes beautifully. She was a little reluctant to try on the bikini, but when she did – it looked great! She gave me a big hug and thanked me warmly. As we stood there in the change room, in her arms I felt an attraction to her that canlı bahis siteleri I knew was more than just friendly. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but when we broke from the hug, she continued to hold on to my arm, and became much more tender with me. We left the boutique, and, seeing the bus across the square, we realized that we were late! We laughed like school girls, and she grabbed my hand and we ran for the bus. Alfonso the driver made a comment about ladies shopping, as we boarded the bus, and we found our seats at the back of the bus, empty and waiting for us. We plopped ourselves down, giggling, despite the angry looks that the others were shooting our way. Anne made me feel like a teenager again, and I loved being with her. We continued to hold hands for the ride back, and would only briefly break to point out things we saw to each other. Somehow, we began to touch each other more frequently, a squeeze on the arm here, a soft touch there. My feelings for her were becoming much more sensual. I had slept with several women while in university, and enjoyed it immensely, but since I had met my husband, I hadn’t made love to another woman. However, looking into Anne’s laughing eyes, I realized that I wanted to be much more than just friends – I wanted to make love to her.The bus finally arrived at the resort, and we stood and talked in the lobby. I realized she was just as reluctant to leave as I was, and her gazes frequently locked with mine in a warmth that I knew was mutual. She suggested we get together on the beach the next morning, as her husband would be out deep sea canlı bahis fishing. That worked perfectly with my plans, as I knew my husband and sons would be going scuba diving the next day. With a renewed excitement, we agreed to meet at the beach bar and we would spend the day together. A quick kiss, and we left our separate ways. I’m sure I floated all the way back to our room, feeling the butterflies in my stomach carrying me the whole way.The following morning, I packed my boys off and nearly ran down to the beach. She was standing there waiting for me, wearing the bikini she had bought, and it looked great! We hugged, and she told me that she had modeled it for her husband when she got home yesterday, and he loved that she had dared to buy a bikini. After a few twirls, he had grabbed her, thrown her to the bed, and had the most passionate sex they had had in a long time. I teased her about being sore, and she laughed, and told me that it was all my fault, so I would be held responsible for her recuperation. Those words instantly ignited the butterflies again, as my mind wondered exactly what she had meant by that. She grabbed my hand and we walked down the beach together, arm in arm, until we found a suitable spot. We ignored the resort chairs, instead laying our towels on the warm sand and plopping ourselves down. We began to put on sun screen, and then she hopped towels and sat down between my legs, asking me to put sun screen on her back. I relished the opportunity to do so, and caressed her back, from her shoulders down her spine, ticking her ribs playfully, and moving down as low as I dared to go. I continued to softly stroke her back, pretending to still be putting on sun screen for as long as I could. When I couldn’t stall much longer, I bent down and gave her a kiss on the shoulder, telling her she was all set.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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