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My wife Teresa and I live in a very large house and my son Eric and his wife Natalie live with us. There’s plenty of room in the house for anyone who wishes privacy so, things have worked out pretty well. We have an interesting living arrangement that works out very well for all of us. My son doesn’t care if I fuck his wife, my daughter-in–law, and I don’t care if he fucks my wife, his stepmother. We’re all exhibitionist as well as being confirmed voyeurs so, being nude around the house and, not always closing doors when we have sex is pretty normal for us. Eric and Natalie are in their late twenties and like my wife and I they love sex and sometimes they just can’t seem to get enough.

When Eric was about nineteen he got home from work early one day and he came in when my wife Teresa and I were having sex on the living room sofa. He was embarrassed and started to leave the room but Teresa told him he could stay and, “watch us fuck if he wanted.” That didn’t really surprise me because Teresa loved sex and was always horny. I admit, sometimes had trouble keeping her satisfied. Her suggestion really turned me on just by knowing that that’s what she wanted. I remember that Eric stood next to the sofa and watched us as I hammered Teresa’s pussy with my cock. The sweet cries and sounds of her pleasure filled the room as we fucked and it wasn’t long before I came. The feeling I was experiencing as I fucked her with someone watching was incredibly intense. I remember that my orgasm that day hit me hard and fast as I suddenly came. As I began spewing my hot cum into Teresa’s sweet vagina Teresa cried out and I felt Teresa’s orgasm flood over her as my cock continued to fill her tender sex-hole. We lay together for several minutes enjoying our shared pleasure and when I looked up Eric had left the room. Teresa had an erotically wicked look on her face and she said, “I wonder if Eric can fuck as good as his father can?”

I don’t know what came over me but I answered, “There’s only one way to find out.”

Teresa looked at me without saying anything as I added, “I think he’d love to fuck you, shall I go ask him?”

“Are you ok with it?” Teresa asked me.

“More than ok,” I said, “I think it would be good for both of you — and I’d love to watch.”

I got off the sofa and took Teresa’s hand and we went down the hallway to Eric’s room. His door was open and he was lying naked on his bed and he was gently jacking-off. We walked into his room and he stopped when he saw us. We stood at the side of his bed, my cock was still half-hard from being inside Teresa and I simply said, “Teresa wants to know if you’d like to fuck her.”

He looked surprised and before he could say anything I said, “Look, its fine with me Eric! I’ve known that Teresa’s wanted to fuck you for a long time, it’s no secret and honestly, I know that you would like to fuck her as well. So, if you want to fuck her she’s very ready.”

“God yes!” he said. “I’ve always had a fantasy of fucking you,” he said to her. He looked at me again and asked, “Are Isparta Escort you sure you’re ok with it?”

“I’m more than ok with it…I’ll admit that it’s been one of my secret fantasies to watch you fuck her!”

Teresa smiled as she got onto Eric’s bed and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. He let out a low groan as her tongue and lips pushed his foreskin back and started to work on his swollen head. I think she realized that Eric wouldn’t last too long so she slowed a little. Teresa was on her knees on the bed with her ass and pussy exposed to me. I could see the redness that was still on her cunt lips from our fuck. I could also see the traces of my white cum that oozed from her vagina. Her tight anus looked delicious and inviting and I wanted to fuck her again as I watched them. I was surprised that my cock was already hard again and the pre-cum was dripping out of the opening and onto my thighs.

Teresa stopped sucking and she moved up and straddled Eric’s hard cock. Taking it in her fingers she directed it between her cunt lips in search for her vagina. She rolled her hips and I watched as Eric’s cock slowly disappeared into her body as they began to fuck. Teresa was like a woman possessed as she rode Eric. Their pleasure mounted and she cried out loudly each time his cock went all the way inside her. It was as if she was finally able to let go of one of her deepest kept secrets. Eric was moaning and massaging her tits as they fucked and I couldn’t help but start playing with her anus with my fingers. In moments Teresa cried-out as loudly and I have ever known her to do as her body began to shudder. Her orgasm was one of the strongest and loudest that I could remember. I watched her as she kept slamming her hips down on Eric’s cock to receive as much pleasure as she could. He groaned loudly as his cock erupted with his cum and filled her cunt so full that it was running down his shaft as they slowed their fucking motions.

After that first time it seemed as if they fucked whenever they got the chance. Sometimes we even had some very intense 3-somes with Eric and me both taking turns fucking Teresa. Yes, sometimes even enjoying DP sex and, more; we really stretched some boundaries.

That’s how it all started.

Several years had passed and whenever he was home from college he and Teresa fucked a lot. After Eric finished college he and his fiancée Natalie got married. Natalie is a pretty, sexy young woman. After a couple of years on their own they had a little financial trouble and they moved into the house with Teresa and me. Both Teresa and I thought that since Eric seemed to be getting sex from Natalie that he wouldn’t be interested in fucking Teresa anymore but that was where we were, pleasantly, very wrong. Soon after he and Natalie moved in we could hear them having sex in their room at night and it always turned Teresa and myself on and we would fuck too. Within the first few days Natalie felt comfortable enough to walk around the house nude like the rest Isparta Escort Bayan of us. Natalie had average size tits with small nipples, a very cute ass, and her pussy was shaved except for a small square patch of hair about the size of a postage stamp just above her cunt lips. It seemed like I got hard every time I saw her nude. I remember one time she and I were in the kitchen and I got a very hard erection just being close to her. I saw her glance at it several times but she acted like it was no big deal. That night in bed I told Teresa what had happened in the kitchen earlier and it really turned her on. We fucked each other with hard strokes and deep passion and both had very strong orgasms.

Eric and Natalie had been living in our house for a couple of weeks and things were working out well. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and I’d been out playing golf. When I got home I went through the house and out to the patio where I took off my clothes to take a quick swim in the pool to cool off. I hadn’t seen anybody when I came in but that wasn’t unusual. After a few quick laps in the pool I picked up my clothes and went toward our bedroom. When I got to the door I was stunned by what I saw. Teresa, Natalie and Eric were all nude and on our bed having sex. Natalie was on her back with her legs spread and Teresa was eating her pussy. Eric was fucking Teresa from behind with long, slow strokes into her upturned cunt. When Eric saw me he had a huge smile on his face and he stopped fucking Teresa and he pulled his wet dick out of her vagina. Teresa stopped eating Natalie and smiled at me as she got off the bed and stood next to Eric.

“We have a surprise for you,” Eric said with a smile. “Natalie knows everything about what’s happened here. I’ve been honest with her. She’s known for as long as we’ve been together. That was one of the reasons we were excited about coming here to live with you both. Natalie and Teresa are both alike; they both need, and love, lots of sex and,” he paused as he looked at me, “Natalie wants you to fuck her!”

Natalie was still lying on the bed looking at me with a broad grin on her face. “I thought you might have fucked me that day we were in the kitchen together and you got really hard,” she said with a soft giggle.

“Believe me,” I said with a chuckle, “I wanted to!”

“He actually took it out on me that night and fucked me as hard as he could!” Teresa said with a laugh. Teresa was playing with Eric’s hard cock as we stood there. My cock was hard and throbbing as I realized that in moments I was going to fuck Natalie’s tight body. She still had her legs spread and she reached down and started to finger her clit as she looked at me. I got on the bed and got between her legs and put my hands behind her knees and lifted her legs enough so that her cunt was slightly upturned and ready to accept my hard cock. The swollen head of my cock was less than an inch from the tight opening to her young vagina. I moved my hips just enough so that my cock pressed gently Escort Isparta against her labia without going inside her. Natalie’s pussy was wet and slippery with my wife’s juices — deposited from their oral sex moments earlier. I finally pressed my cock into her vaginal opening and felt it travel completely into vagina. I was amazed at how tight her young vagina was as we began to fuck. Natalie’s breath was sweet and innocent and her young breast jolted gently each time I thrust my cock into her cunt.

Teresa sat on the end of the bed and Eric moved in close to her. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking on it as Eric watched me fucking his wife. Natalie and I were face to face as we fucked. Her cries and whimpering of pleasure filled the bedroom and heightened the erotically charged atmosphere around us. She was so wet that each time my cock pulled out of her vagina a gentle, wet, sucking sound could be heard.

We fucked! Simply enjoying the special act that we were sharing with each other at that moment; it was more incredible than I had imagined it might be. It was strange but I have to admit that it was very erotic just knowing that I was fucking the same hole that Eric fucked Natalie in. I wondered if Eric had fucked his wife before I had come home and if I was actually fucking her vagina that was already full of his cum.

As we fucked Natalie’s breath was rough and labored as she kept whispering, “Fuck me!”

I felt her fingernails pressing into my back as her movements became more frantic and demanding and I knew she was close to having an orgasm. I started fucking her pussy with long strokes as she pressed her nails even harder into my back. Her body tensed and she began to cry out loudly as her body was being taken over by the intensity of her orgasm.

“Oh fuck! I’m coming! She cried out.

“Fuck me harder! Please fuck me harder! She pleaded over and over again.

I began fucking her cunt with hard strokes that slammed into her naked body. The pressure that built in my own body was almost more than I could control. As Natalie’s orgasm suddenly exploded inside her vagina she was sobbing from the intense pleasure of her orgasm. I came immediately after she did. My cock pumped my hot cum into the dark depths of her aroused vagina. Natalie’s body periodically jolted with smaller waves of orgasmic pleasure as we lay together. What I didn’t know until later was that Eric shot a load of cum into Teresa’s mouth when he saw his wife come as I fucked her.

That afternoon together with the four of us went from the afternoon well into the night and the girls definitely drained both Eric and me, more than we’d expected. We both fucked the girls and the girls enjoyed sex with each other as Eric and I watched. At one point in the evening Natalie went to their room and came back with a strap-on and she and Teresa took turns fucking each other with the realistic looking penis.

This was just the beginning and for the four of us and it’s an understatement to say that it really changed our sex life in a lot of ways. We explored new things with other people besides Eric and Natalie and it was wonderful. Teresa and I both agree that it actually taught us more about ourselves and our sexual desires and needs.

It really opened up a new and exciting world for both of us.

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