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Subject: Anthem 23: Completing the Circuit ANTHEM Part 23: Completing the Circuit This story is a part of an ongoing series. Anthem plays to my kinks: adult Dad-son bonding, hairy men, group action, pit worship, piss play, flipfucking, breed sex, foreskin, the scent of a man. If those things are not your bag, now’s a good time to look elsewhere. Likewise, if you’re not 18 years old, please stop reading. Other writers who have inspired mywriting: @talesfromunderthemattress, @drakestories, @boymercuryx, @nattysoltesz. If you need to rub one out between chapters of Anthem, they write excellent go-to fuck stories. If you got off to my story, shoot me an email to tell me what turned you on: roughrawready(at)(dot)com ______________________________________ Previously: As I was still reeling, Sam suddenly jumped and jerked my piece free of his gape. A thin trail of my fuck slime trickled out from Sam’s cunt, the contrast of his coffee-colored skin and my seed particularly bright. His eyes shot open wide, and he scrambled to cover his exposed, just-bred ass. “NEAL!” he cried, his voice tinged with panic. I turned, the moment feeling as if in slow motion. I became keenly aware of the presence of another person in our cramped dorm room. Looking towards the source of where Sam seemed to be freaking out, I took in a naked man roughly around our age. He was built solid, with pale skin stretched over an athletic build. A shock of bright copper hair and a youthful beard framed handsome, familiar features. At his center, the man rocked a huge dick with a ridiculously wicked girth. He was lazily stroking his massive bone as he lewdly stared at the both of us. Sam clearly recognized him as ‘Neal’. I remembered him as one of the many men who bred me in New Orleans. He was my old batting coach’s nephew. Rugby Guy. ____________________________________ “You called me, Sam,” leered Rugby Guy, whose first name I just learned was Neal. “Told me to come over and knock you up. You didn’t tell me it was a party!” Neal strode towards Sam’s upturned hole, a pearl of my seed shining bright against the dark skin of his ass. “Fuck, bro,” grinned the redhead as he met my eye. Rugby Guy’s obscene fuckpipe bobbed in front of him, a thread of pre already swinging from his thick crown. “I remember you! From New Orleans, with my uncle. Didn’t figure you for such a stud top, bro, but you were fuckin’ sexy breedin’ my ex-boyfriend’s sweet pussy!” Sam spun around and raised up onto his knees to nearly match our height. “Oh, snap!” he questioned, “You guys know each other? Fuck!” I nodded, “We’ve, um…fooled around before. Like he said, in New Orleans a while back.” I paused, and my own cunt quivered at the memory of taking Neal’s ball bat-thick cock repeatedly during the back room gang bang. Unsure how much to share, I simply wondered, “Is that a problem?” Sam reached out to both me and Neal, his hands wrapping around our respective bones. “Fuck no!” he almost laughed, his eyes lustfully shifting between us. He stroked both cocks in unison, eliciting a low groan from Rugby Guy in the process. “I wanted my hole wrecked. You boys can both get it if you’re cool.” Neal climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind Sam. He pushed a hand on the back of his ex’s neck, gently shoving Sam onto all fours. Neal guided Sam to eye level with my fuck-slick piece, quickly hardening again at the idea of fucking around with Rugby Guy again. Sam wrapped his lips around my foreskin and slid halfway down my shank, moaning as he savored the taste of my cock. From behind him, Neal spat onto his hand and gave his huge cuntsplitter a couple absent tugs. “You shoot a big wad in Sam’s pussy, bro?” asked Neal rhetorically. He slapped the fat blunt head of his cock into the jizz I left at the center of the cunt I had only just bred. A line of my spent cum formed a tether between Neal’s bone and Sam’s trench. “Fucker’s tight, ain’t it? Fuck, I love slidin’ in on sloppy seconds!” The ginger stud aimed for his prize and pushed forward, half of his massive cock swallowed by Sam’s hot pussy. “God damn, Sammie,” cooed Neal as he hunched onto his pussyboy’ back. “I can’t get enough of that hot fuckin’ hole!” Both men grunted together as Neal bottomed out inside Sam. Sam’s cry vibrated along my shaft as I buried it down his throat. I clutched the back of Sam’s clean shaven scalp as began rocking my meat along my roommate’s velvet mouth. Neal rested his chin along Sam’s shoulder, staring at my hairy root as I fucked my prick into his ex’s throat. Neal built up momentum quickly, slamming his hips into Sam and pushing him into my crotch. Rugby Guy looked up at me, a hungry grin playing along his face, “You cock’s a fuckin’ beaut, bro! Looks hot as fuck turnin’ Sammie’s mouth into a bottomless fuckin’ pussy!” Neal arrived at a steady fuck pace while clearly fixating on my dick. We remained in this pattern for several minutes, Sam writhing and moaning as he took our fucks from both ends. Abruptly, the ginger stud looked up at me again and licked his lips. “You mind if I get a taste?” The idea of Neal’s handsome mouth taking my cock made it throb deep in Sam’s gagless throat. I pulled free and waved it in front of both men. “Come and get it, cocksucker!” I gripped myself at my gaziantep escort base, my cock flaring at the prospect of having two sexy dudes vying to swallow my meat. Rugby Guy flashed his tongue along my sensitive underside, his lips clamping down at the exact point where glans met shaft. Neal pulled away for a moment, then opened wide to take me in until my full bush mashed into his handsome face. The redhead seemed to breathe deep as he ate my dick, grunting as he absorbed my innate scent. I hooked my hands against Neal’s head and started thrusting to match the rhythm that he brought against Sam’s cunt. The handsome black bottom reached back to spread his ass cheeks wider, goading, “That’s it, Daddy, fuck that deep pussy! Claim that fuckin’ hole while you swallow that big dick!” Neal redoubled his efforts on the ass he was pounding, and I did my best to meet his fuck. Beneath us, Sam began cursing as his ex-boyfriend’s dick was apparently getting him off. Sam fired off onto his bed, his fists thrashing as they clenched his sheets. Rugby Guy was erratically hammering away at Sam’s split-open cunt before locking in and screaming with my shank down his throat. His muscles tensed and released in time as his huge dick erupted inside his ex. Spitting out my cock, he cried out, “Fuckin’ sweet black pussy milkin’ my big dick!” Neal kissed a trail along Sam’s shoulder, admitting, “I am always down for puttin’ my seed in you, Sammie.” Both men seemed to groan together as they rode through their shared climax. For a moment, I felt like an interloper invading on what suddenly felt like a private moment. My cock was aching, my hood skinned back tight as the head of my dick throbbed. Glazed in the spit of both guys, my piece looked especially wicked as it flexed between my thick thighs. Sam pulled from from where was joined with his ex-boyfriend, climbing out from under him. “Fuck, I needed that,” he reached back and gingerly traced his fingers against his pounded-out ass, “You boys are both welcome for more of this cunt anytime.” My roommate pulled his fingers from his trench and brought it up to his lips, slurping on them noisily for effect. Sam cocked his chin towards me, “You wanna get off again, Aldine?” Both men stared at my raging piece as they waited for my response. The idea of fucking around with both these handsome studs filled me with confidence. I stroked my cuntsplitter in front of them as my thoughts reeled. I nodded, then I doubled down. “I wanna fuck you, Neal,” I commanded, my chest muscles tensing as I said the redhead’s name. The look on Sam’s face was suddenly bright as a kid on Christmas morning. Neal shook his head. “Naw, bro. I ain’t no pussyboy. I’m only–” Sam interrupted, “He never let me fuck him. He loves when I eat his ass, though.” Rugby Guy’s face seemed almost guilty as his cheeks flushed. He looked down at the bed at first, but his gaze rested along my big dick. “I haven’t…I mean…it ain’t happened. Ain’t gonna happen.” “You’re a virgin?” I asked, and the handsome rugby player barely nodded. The idea of claiming his hole forced a glob of pre-seed from my cock. Neal stifled a gasp at the sight of my pre. “Fuck, bro,” I began, “that’s cool. But I definitely wanna eat that hot jock cunt!” “You can eat my ass, but there’s no way that’s fittin’ inside me!” I relented, “It’s cool, bro. Get on your back. Legs up.” Neal paused nervously for a moment, but his own lust won out. He hooked his wrists behind his knees as he rocked back. The ginger stud had a thick ass made of hard, creamy muscle. A thin trail of copper fur lined his crack. His hole was a hard knot the color of bubblegum. The sight of it alone made my mouth water. Rugby Guy’s trench smelled of sweat and natural musk, sharp and manly as I inhaled. Sam stood up on his bed and grabbed Neal’s ankles. Pulling his ex-boyfriend’s legs wide, he encouraged in a voice dripping with hunger, “Fuck. Yeah. Aldine. Chow down on Neal’s top hole!” I lapped his crack with a flat tongue at first, and all three of us cried out at the contact. As I grazed along his hole, I could feel Neal’s ass quiver against my pressure. I intensified the move as I repeated, craning my neck hard as I licked from the base of his crack up to his balls. Neal threw his arms over his head, biting into a meaty bicep at the sensation. The sweet stink blooming from his ginger pits made my cock throb and leak. I narrowed my work on Neal’s rugby-hard ass, slathering my tongue along his bright pink hole. Rugby Guy tasted funky and unmistakably like a young man, and I grunted ravenously as I feasted on his unclaimed pussy. “Fuck, Aldine,” coaxed Sam, a thousand-watt smile plastered across his face, “You look so fuckin’ hot eatin’ that rugby cunt. Tight, creamy top hole!” Sam squatted down, dropping his half-hard dick into Neal’s waiting mouth. “Keep going, Aldine!” I didn’t need to be told twice. I formed a spear with my tongue and forced it inside the virgin knot before me. Neal cried out on the big cock firming up in his throat as my mouth breached his hole. Rugby Guy’s ass shivered against my work on it, and soon Neal was squirming his mostly-untouched cunt back against my tongue. Neal tasted so fuckin’ good, and every nerve I had wanted to sink my cock suriyeli escort into his ass. I smacked his cheeks several times, leaving deep red handprints against his milky pale muscle. The ginger rugby player melted as my tongue slid in and around his most intimate space, and so emboldened I pushed a finger into the tight clench until I found his sweet spot. The ginger stud jerked up as I grazed his prostate, staring at me as he gasped, “The fuck you doin’, Aldine!” He squirmed away from my digit at first. Then, surprisingly, he sank back down against my finger, his throat a ragged grunt as he rubbed his fuck nut against my invader. “That…feels…so! Feels so fuckin’ good, bro!” I kept my finger solid and still as Neal rocked his hole against it in tentative strokes. I kept my mouth close to his breach, spitting against his hole and giving his crack plenty of sloppy tongue. A few seconds in, I caught Sam’s eye. I could tell he was about to say something, but I shook my head sharply to keep him quiet. I figured that, if Neal could enjoy this sensation for long enough, he might be game to go further. I was licking Neal’s hairy ballsac as my finger worked his top pussy. Neal admitted, “Never thought it would feel that fuckin’ good,” then he pushed as deep as my finger would go. He remained there for a moment, and I could feel his virgin cunt squeezing and releasing against my finger. Then, another surprise, “Fuck, bro, I’m scared to ask, but fuck it–put another finger in.” I doused my middle finger with a healthy dose of spit before pressing it against the virgin rugby player’s ass. Neal exhaled deeply and relaxed to let me in. Soon both fingers were wedged deep to the final knuckle, and Rugby Guy swooned as I regularly hit his prostate. “Fuckin’ A, bro! Never thought it’d feel that fuckin’ good!” Neal was twisting his hole around my fingers as he confessed, “If I keep doing this, I’m gonna nut!” Neal reached down and grabbed my wrist, pushing my fingers out of his ass. I jumped on his hole with my mouth, drilling my tongue as deep as I could manage and knocking the air from Neal’s lungs. His hands balled up into tight fists as I ate the virgin jock pussy open. “You think that’s good, bro,” I teased, “you ought to try taking my dick, bro! Feels so fuckin’ intense as it hits that stud spot!” The ginger stud sat up and concealed his ass from me, but then cupped my jawline and brought me up to his lips. When we kissed, Sam erupted in a long, low Fuuuuuuuuuck that goaded us into a fierce make-out. As our tongues wrestled, I felt Neal grab my wrist again and guide my fingers against his ass. I pulled away and and gave him a questioning look, “You want it, bro?” Neal nodded, and I let a thick wad of spit fall from my lower lip and fall onto my fingers. I pushed two inside him, and the ginger stud opened up more easily this time. He nodded as I pressed against his prostate, then he nodded more feverishly. “That’s fuckin’ IT! Fuck, bro…give me another.” It was Sam who dropped down close to where I was fingering his ex, and he hocked a big wad of spit against Neal’s bulging hole. A moment later, and I was slipping a third finger into Rugby Guy’s unclaimed cunt. Sam buried his face in Neal’s trench, slobbering more and more spit into his ex-boyfriend’s opening hole. Looking up at me, Sam confirmed, “He’s never let me do this to his ass. That’s so fucking hot!” Neal agreed, his tone clipped and full of tension. “Never thought I’d like this so much! My ass…my…fuck!…my cunt…never felt so good!” I egged him on, “It gets even better, bro. I fuckin’ promise, stud, I can make that hole fuckin’ sing if you let me!” Neal trashed his back on the bed as he fucked himself on my three fingers. I couldn’t remember a time when my cock was more hard. He threw his head back and his hands behind his neck. The scent from his pits was ripe and fresh as the sweat flushed from the exertion I fell forced against his virgin hole. “Fuckin’ unbelievable, bro, how fuckin’ good you got me feeling! Can’t believe how I’m edging so fuckin’ hard, so close to blasting just from the way you’re touching inside there. Fuck, bro, I want it, God damn me! Can’t believe it, but I want it.” “Want what?” I asked coyly. He shot me a sharp glance, but I willed my face into a stern mask. “Really, bro,” I demanded, “Tell me what you want.” Neal blushed, “You know.” I shook my head slowly, letting my voice drop to a hoarse whisper, “Fuck naw, bro. Say it, or maybe I’ll just stop.” To drive home my point, I let my invading fingers go slack inside him. “Come ON, Aldine!” begged the ginger stud. His expression was a concentration of conflicting desire and fear. “You know what I…fuck, need!” “Come on, stud,” I pressed, “Tell me what you want, and I promise to give it to you, bro. Make it so fuckin’ good you’ll want it all the fuckin’ time.” Neal sighed, then pushed himself free of my fingers inside him. He glared at me hard, and for a moment I thought I might have pushed him too hard. His brows knitted, and his tone dropped until I almost struggled to hear him. Neal said, “Fuck, bro! If I’m gonna go bitch, I’m gonna sit on it so you can’t just ream my ass out! Get on your back, Aldine.” Sam scrambled between us without rus escort a word, smearing my big uncut piece with half a gallon of lube before pushing almost as much into Neal’s soon-to-be-taken hole. Laying on my back, my cock stood up defiant of gravity and ready to get inside some tight rugby cunt. The ginger top stud stood above me, then squatted his beefy ass down until it hovered over my cock. He said absently, “Can’t believe I’m givin’ up my ass!” as he lowered himself. The head of my dick touched his bubblegum pink cunt, and then Neal pushed further down onto my shaft. “Fuckin’ A!” cried out the rugby stud. The look of release on his face was gorgeous, almost saintly. “Gettin’ my jock cunt claimed by a huge fuckin’ dick!” I bit my lip and let the young man do the work he needed to acclimate. Neal’s tight hole pulsed and shivered along my piece as he worked his way down. Soon enough, the virgin pussy had fully enveloped my cock, the copper fur of the stud’s crack tangling into my full, dark bush. Neal’s eyes went wide at first, and then he bucked his hips along the bone that had taken his pussy for the first time. “That’s fuckin’ right, Neal!” I urged, “You’re such a fuckin’ stud that you gave me that sweet rugby ass. Showed me that you’re man enough to take another man’s dick! You gonna let me cunt that jock hole, bro? Show you how fuckin’ good I can make that pussy feel when I lay pipe?” Neal was grinding his cunt against me, quickly growing accustomed to the sensation of a man’s dick burrowing into his chute. My words were doing something to empower Neal, because his mouth erupted in a river of filthy talk. “Fuck yeah, gonna cunt me out, Aldine! Fuckin’ pound my virgin hole flat, ruin me so I only want stud dick as a full-time pussyboy! Make me fuckin’ blow my nut without even touching my huge dick!” Neal almost caught himself, then went a bit further than even he felt ready u till he said it, “Fuckin’ gonna take your deep dickin’, bro, until you put a fuckin’ baby nuts deep in my rugby top cunt!” I rocked up, thrusting upwards and making my cock throb inside Neal’s virgin ass. Neal cried out wordlessly as I grabbed his thick ass cheeks with both hands. We locked our gaze as I thrust up again, and then repeated once more. Neal scowled, then his features softened. The muscular stud sank down to the hilt, then he rolled onto his back. I awkwardly bent my knees around until I was back on top of Neal, our bodies still joined at cock and newly-taken cunt. Soon, I was fucking the virgin athlete at full bore. Both of us were egging the other on, cursing and thrusting and telling the other how much I was gonna mark his now-claimed pussy with my big college boy prick. How the idea of being the first man to breed his top hole, turning it into a well-glazed cunt, got us both off. Neal begged me to hammer his ass over and over, to make him take my dick on command. To make him go bitch for my buddies as they took turns fucking him. Sure, Neal confessed, he had a big dick and was a gifted fuck, but he had always wanted to get cunted. Now that the flood gates were open and his rugby ass was turned into a fucked-out gape, all Neal wanted was to get his hole demolished. The filthy talk was getting me off as much as the suck and friction of Neal’s tight cunt. Neal was gasping and heaving as he also arrived at his own release. He hiked his right arm up to reveal a hard, veiny bicep, and the masculine stink that erupted from his pit made my balls further churn. I smashed my face into the sweat-matted fur of his armpit, inhaling deeply before opening my lips against its very center. Neal tasted bittersweet and ripe and fucking alpha, and my senses went numb as the stink in my mouth connected to the harsh, growing buzz that built up in my pumping dick. Neal gasped and croaked as his first shot of cum burst from his impossibly hard, ridiculously large dick. It hit my chin and splattered so hard I could hear it. The second erupted as a thick, bright rope of seed that painted half of Neal’s face. I was rabbit fucking with every muscle tensed, and my pound was bringing the just-virginal rugby stud off hands free. The sweet clench and spasm of his pale, hungry cunt, the sight of his load, and the smell of his pit lingering in my beard all combined into a dazzling, electric sensation along my cock head. A moment later, I emptied my balls deep into a virginal top jock pussy. We both came down from our high pretty quickly. I put eight solid blasts of rugby-fucker seed deep into Neal’s tight hole, marking that cunt as the first man to claim it. I slid my piece out of Neal gently, and Sam shouldered me aside. My handsome roommate sank his steely black prick into his ex-boyfriend without asking, humping wildly against the newly cunted jock ass. Neal wailed as his ex cored out his stud pussy like a man possessed. Sam lasted less than a minute before he finally bred Neal, exclaiming loudly that he was creaming that sweet, lilywhite ass. The three of us collapsed on Sam’s bed, sweaty and half hard as we caught our breath. A filthy idea came to me as I rocked up into a seated position. I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand. The distinct stink that came from my own exposed armpit made my hole wink. I didn’t look at the two college boys I just bred when I asked aloud, “You guys free this weekend? I’m headed home to see my Dad, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind if I brought you guys along for the ride.” _________________________________ Coming Soon…Chapter 24: Leveling Up

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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