Aquata Cove Ch. 89

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Going Out

Adam looks at his ceiling on his bed, twiddling his thumbs. It’s only been one night since Jessica’s warning. Merrick is dangerous? He is the reason he was put into the hospital? How, and why?

“Aghhhh…” Adam groans as he feels his head, throbbing painfully, before rolling to the side and getting his secret stash of Ibuprofen pills Jessica made him keep – doesn’t know why they have to be so hush-hush about it, but they do help with his headaches.

He pops a few pills, and downs a whole bottle of water.

Merrick… Dangerous… How? He doesn’t seem dangerous. He was downright playful and kind. “Maybe I should just ask him… Nnnhhh, dammit…” He rubs his forehead, “If I insist… Ffffuck, probably not… He’s probably just going to evade the question like everyone else I talk to…”

“And who is this Jessica…” Adam says as he puts his legs up and around the bed, sitting upright. “She was so concerned for my safety… And I think I may have made her suffer…” He says to himself, “What did I do in my old life…”

“Gaahhh, this sucks.” He frowns, “I don’t have a freakin clue about me, and no one will even tell me…”

He sighs as he gets up, walking around the bedroom, more like pacing. It feels like a prison in here, nothing to do but maybe fiddle with his laptop, or else lie in bed and wait for his headache to disappear. Hell, he’s not even allowed to go anywhere without supervision.

“Screw it. I’m going for a walk.” Adam leaves through the door, looking both ways of the hall, and strolled out.

He goes around and walks casually past several areas. Passing by a disabled patient now and then, passing by a teaching class or casually peering into the cafeteria.

“… Hahhh, what am I even doing??” Adam says as he turns back and aims to walk back to his room. He’s so frustrated and bored and irritable. What is he even doing here??

Adam turns the corner to his arm, and staggered a bit.

There he is, the blonde man from yesterday. Adam blinks and stares at Merrick’s back, while he took his shirt off and let it drop to the floor. Before Adam can even ask why, Merrick pushes his pants down, and steps out of them, wearing what looks like very tight and smooth boxerbriefs.

“A-Ahhh…” Adam’s mouth gaps as he looks at Merrick’s body as he picks up his cloths and puts them neatly on the chair. He stopped for a moment to look at his left hand, moving it a little, and seeing a small sparkle from it, “Merrick??”

He turns, and smiles as he walks to him, “Adam, there you are.” He said happily. Adam glances down at his package, his face feeling hot as he trembles.

“M-Merrick, I- Wha you, what’re you doing?”

Merrick smiles at him as he puts a hand on his hip, “Waiting for you~”

“I-I know, but why are you naked??” Adam asked, his chest pounding like crazy. THIS is crazy! What the heck is going on??

“I told you…” Merrick walks up to Adam, looking at his shocked, blushing face, until they were right up against each other. “I’ve been waiting for you~” Merrick pushes the door knob and closed to the door.

“U-Uhh,” Adam stepped around him, and walked over to the small desk in the room, “Th-That’s nice, did you want to go to the garden, o-or come with me to the Job Course classes?

“I think I’d rather stay in here…” Merrick answered as he hopped up on the bed, and stood on his knees. Adam’s eyes immediately go to his bulge again, outlining a strange shape within.

“Why- Why, why stay in here, Merrick?” Adam says as he forced his gaze to those blue eyes, “It’s… Really boring, you know.”

“Doesn’t have to be.” Merrick grins as he slunks off the bed, and approaches him. Adam’s face starts to sweat as this suggestive man gets close again. Adam’s skull begins to throb as Merrick moves one of his legs over Adam’s lap.

“Na-No, please, don’t,” Adam says as he pushes Merrick’s thigh away, and gets up from the chair, “Look, I-I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m extremely nervous, ok? C-C-Can we just get dressed and maybe go to Art class again?”

“I really like you Adam.” Merrick said, “I’ve been waiting so long for you.” Merrick feels a pull of reluctance inside his chest… Donna would probably not approve what he’s trying to do… But Sasha did say something about Sexual Healing, and this might help Adam, “I saw how you look at me.”

“I- No, I haven’t been looking at you.” Adam says as his pacing lands him on a spot on a wall, “Look, Merrick, just stop this. I don’t know what from anything, please, I don’t know how to handle this.”

“It’s ok…” Merrick comes up so close and personal, his hand gently holding Adam’s wrist. Adam’s heart punches inside his chest as he sees Merrick bringing himself mere centimeters to him. “You’re shaking…” Merrick whispers as he puts his hand onto Adam’s chest.

“Merrick, stop…” Adam whines, breathing becoming very hard to do right now. “Please…”

“It’s ok… I can show you how to handle this…” Merrick doesn’t like how scared Adam seems… Maybe he should just adiosbet yeni giriş put his pants on… Then again, the night is always darkest before the morning. Maybe once he does this… Adam will be able to get through this better… But doing this reminds him of his harsh hunting lessons with Arnaav.

“Don’t be scared…” Merrick whispered.

‘You can’t trust him!’ Jessica’s voice echoes in Adam’s head. Adam panics as Merrick closes his eyes, ‘He’s the reason you almost died! HE put you in that hospital! He DID this to you!’

Adam gasps and whimpers fearfully as Merrick’s face gets closer, his lips coming closer.

‘He’s dangerous, Adam!’

“STOP IT, NO!” Adam yelps as he shoves Merrick back, and runs to the left side of the room. Merrick staggers as he looks at him with hurt eyes.

“Adam…!” Merrick looks at him, seeing Adam pant, almost hyperventilate as he looks back at him, like a terrified rabbit cornered by a fox. A pause goes by, before Merrick takes a step forward, “Adam-“

“Merrick, no.” He tells him. He takes several deep breaths, before talking again, “I think you should go. I-I can’t handle this…”

“Adam…” Merrick’s voice shook, “I-I can explain, I-“

“Merrick, please don’t, please!” Adam begs as he backs away again, “I can’t handle anything right now, and I can’t handle you.” Merrick gasped lightly from that, “I-If this is what’s going to happen when I see you, then I don’t think I need to see you right now.”

“A-Adam…” Merrick said sadly, “I… I didn’t mean-“

“Please, just go.” Adam turns away from him, looking his head down, “J-Just please get dressed, and go…” He sniffs as he turns around completely and faces the window, looking at the floor, and holding into his hair. He’s still feels himself shaking, completely confused and cornered. He hears the shifts, clicks, and slight rustle behind him.

“I… I’m sorry, Adam…” He says, “I’m sorry,”

“I know, I know, just…” Adam barely responds. Merrick turns, and opens the door, taking one last look at what he’s done, and then leaves.

Adam huffs as he holds his head. He clenches his eyes as his brain starts to spark an electric pain, pulsing as he climbs into bed, curling up and whimpering as it plunges his psyche into waves of hurt.


“Dammit…” Adam said on his bed, leaning forward with his head bowed down. His insides are still pulsing with the recent event. He feels scared… At the same time, he wished he would’ve let Merrick explain himself… The look on his face… He looked rejected and hurt…

Adam’s insides purge with guilt as he remembers Merrick standing there in his underpants, right after he screamed at him…

“Hi, Adam~!”

“Hm?” Adam looks his head, and sees Jessica come in, holding a fruit basket. His eyes brighten as he sits up when she comes in, “Hey.”

Jessica heart swells as he smiles at her as she comes to him, “I’m just here for a short visit, wanted to let you know you’re still on my mind~”

“Awww, thanks, Jess.” He said as he accepted the basket.

“I’ve noticed you have gained a few in your time in bed.” Jessica says as she tugs at Adam’s belly area, “Just bringing you some fruit to cut out those carbs.”

“Uh, thanks…” Adam says, a little degraded from her comment and gesture, “I um… Don’t suppose you also brought a game for me to play, did you?”

“Hehehehe, not this time, but I’ll bring on next time.” She sits down on the bed, “So how are you doing, Adam?”

“Bored. A little scared after what you told me yesterday.”

“It’s alright, Adam.” She said softly, holding his hand, “I am here for you in case anything happens.

“Ah, actually…” Adam says, “S-Something DID happen a while ago…”

“What? What is it?”

“U-Um… You know that blonde man you warned me about? Merrick?”

“Yeeees?” Jessica says as her eyes locked onto his.

“Well, I came in here, a-and he was there, and he… Was removing his clothes.”

“Hhh!” Jessica gasped, “He did not! Oh my gosh, Adam!”

“A-And the way he was talking to me, he, uh…” Adam’s face feels so very heavy and hot as he admits to this, “He said he WANTED me, and he kept getting too close to me.”

“That is EXACTLY what I was afraid of.” Jessica says as he gets up and crosses her arms, “Adam, you can’t allow this man to come that close to you again.”

“What?” Adam asked, “I-I think I can reason with him, if I just told him I’m not comfortable with what he-“

“Adam, no!” Jessica said sternly, “You can’t believe a word he says, or he will violate you in every possible way!”

“J-Jessica.” Adam says with a hint of disbelief, “He made a mistake, he was really sorry when I refused him. I want to at least give him a chance.”

“No, Adam, that’s how it starts.” Jessica says before she both her hands onto his, “He ruined you once, he almost killed you. I can’t stand the thought of losing you again.”

“A-Alright,” Adam nods, “I-I, if he comes back, I-I’ll tell him not to…”

“No, Adam. You’ve been adiosbet giriş through enough.” Jessica says, “I’ll tell the officials myself not to let him through, or he will tamper with your health.”

“O-Ok… J-Just… Nothing, ok.”

“I’ll see you soon, Adam.” Jessica leans in, and kisses his lips. Adam sits there, looking at her as she goes. His chest feels strange after this kiss… It doesn’t feel the same as when Merrick kissed him…

Her kiss just feels… Awkward. Like he doesn’t really want it again.


Jessica marches up to the receptionist desk, her chest and mind full of conviction. This is the beginning of her life, and pushing that disgraceful sinner away from the love of her life. She comes to the receptionist, who looks rather bored and drowsy.

“Hello, I need to have someone reported.” Jessica began.

“Name.” The man behind the desk dully.

“Merrick… I don’t know his last name, but-“

“No, ma’am. YOUR name.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Jessica Foster.”

“Alright…” The receptionist typed a few things on the computer. “And the person you wish to report?”

“His name is Merrick, but as I said, I don’t know his last name.”

“Is he a patient, staff, or visitor…” The man said, looking more asleep than awake.

“He’s a visitor, and he’s been interfering with the recovery of a patient, name of one Adam Bryant.” She says indignantly.

“And what is the nature of the report, ma’am…”

“He exposed himself to Adam, and inducing a panic attack.”

“That is a serious accusation, ma’am…” The receptionist said. He’s actually met Merrick a few times – Merrick gave him a weird fish-paste that took care of a rash this guy has been suffering for a couple of weeks. Exposing himself though? From what he’s seen of that kid, that sounds a little far-fetched, “Do you have any proof or witnesses of this taking place?”

“Adam can tell you! He just told me so himself.”

“Mr Bryant is under a thorough program, his claims will not be enough to open an investigation about this claim…”

“W-What?? Adam is mentally sound! He’s-“

“If you want to open an investigation on this claim, you will have to speak with Adam’s psychologist…”

“Alright, fine.” Jessica nods, “Tell me who it is, and I’ll bring the news straight to him.”

“Here’s HER card…” He said as he takes a contact card, and gives it to Jessica. She takes it, and reads it.

[Doctor Donna Dietrich-Bryant – Mental and Emotional Psychologist]

‘Bryant?? Is she related to him? I don’t think I can go to her, she may not understand yet.’

“Hang on, are you sure there isn’t anything else you can do for me??” She asks, “Um… Dr Bryant may not always be around, can’t you just put Merrick on a ban list or something??”

“Mr Piscien has been volunteering at the ward for a couple of weeks, any accusation that has anything to do with a patient must be taken up with their therapist, counselor, or otherwise chaperone.”

“Please! Isn’t there something you can do??”

“Unless you have any other evidence for you to take to security, there is nothing I can do for you.”

“But-” Jessica was interrupted when the phone started to ring. The dreary receptionist holds a finger up to stop her from talking, before he picked up the phone.

“Hello, thank you for calling Enrique Psychiatric Ward, how may I help you…” The receptionist nods as he types into the computer again, “Alright, let me check that for you…”

Jessica huffs as she waits for him to finish whoever is calling.


“Ah…” Adam’s hands shake as they try to inch a wire to a tiny fishhook. They can’t stop moving as he tries to concentrate.

“Ya almost got it, steady…” Jamal says as he sits with Adam, guiding him through this. Adam tries to aim and coil the string around, but meshes it for the 6th time.


“You good, just try again.”

“You sure I did this for a living?” He asked.

“Not all the time, just like, twice a month. You were really good at it, man.”

“I just can’t seem to get it straight…” He hissed as he looks at his thumbs, seeing tiny dots of blood appearing there.

“Aight, you had nuff.” Jamal says as he puts the tools and materials away. Adam sighed as he leaned back.

“Again, you’re telling me I did this as a job?”

“Kinda.” Jamal answers, “You were a fishing guy – you fished on the dock and delivered stuff around.”

“I fished, huh?” Adam asked as they get up, “What does that entail?”

“Well… Think I can just show ya.” He smiles as he pats Adam’s shoulder, “C’mon, you’n’me.”

“I can’t go anywhere, Jamal, I’m stuck here.”

“Naw, you can’t go no where without permission.” He pointed out, “Lets git you a pass.”


“Just to the docks?” Donna said sternly, “No where else?”

“Yeah, Doc. Just wanna take Adam on a short fishin trip.” Jamal says as he and Adam stand before her for her written consent.”

“I don’t know…” Donna pondered fretfully, adiosbet güvenilirmi “The last time he went further than a mile than here was when he got a searing migraine. I don’t want him exposed to too much again.”

“It’s gonna be at the Fish House, he gonna be around a lotta good people, we’s just gonna catch a couple of marlins or somethin and come right back. 2 hours, just gives a couple of hours.”

“What if he collapses again? Jamal, the docks are further from here than the house.”

“If he gets his head wrecked-“

“Jamal!” Doctor Donna sternly said, “Can you rephrase, please?”

Jamal huffed as he resisted rolling his eyes, “If he gits hurt, I will call the ambulance if it gets bad before we git to mah car.”

“Agghhh, I’m still not sure.”

“Oh come on, Doc, ain’t there somethin about fishin bein therapeutic or something?”

“He’s right, Donna.” Luther said as he looks into her small office.

“O-Oh, Luther… Dad.” Adam said.

“Luther, I just…” Donna huffs as she gets up to him, “I don’t want him falling again, not like after the first time…”

“Look, Jamal’s a quick kid. He’s the one who saved Adam, you remember?”

“What?” Adam’s eyebrows raised.

“Luther…!” Donna hushed him, straining herself as he stands there, “Luther, you know what I’ve said about-“

“He will be fine, Donna. I trust Jamal, he’s been with Adam for years, he can look after him, and Captain will be there too, he’ll have his hand on the button if anything happens.”

“Hagghhh… Fine. Fine…” Donna relented. Irritably defeated, Donna bent to her desk, and signed her fancy signature onto the permit, “Just the docks. 2 hours, I want him back before 4PM.”

“You got it, Mrs D.” Jamal says as he accepts the permit.

“Take that to the receptionist, and he’ll have you cleared for the time.”

“Aight, thanks.” Jamal grinned before he and Adam turned to leave. Adam peeks his head around, glancing at Luther curiously, and seeing Doctor Donna again before he turns his head back around.

There’s something about how Luther came in and talked to Donna, he didn’t even call her ‘Doctor’…


“Aight, we here.” Jamal says as his car parks in the piers garage, “You feelin ok, man?”

“Yeah, I think so…” Adam says as he rubs his forehead, “I think my head’s going to be ok, I took some ibuprofen before we went.” Jamal quirked his brow at him.

“Where’d you git ibuprofen?”

“Um… Just some friend gave some to me.” Adam shrugged.

“Aight.” Jamal shrugged as he got out of the car. Adam climbs out too, and walks around the vehicle, waiting for Jamal. Jamal turns after a few steps, “What you waitin fo?”

“Oh, um… Don’t you have fishing stuff?”

“Naw, we gotta git it first. C’mon.”


They walked below the old, aged, ornate bronze sea-horse archway as they walk along the shops. “You just tell me if yo head starts goin nuts, ok, bud?” Jamal said as he pats Adam’s shoulder.

“Ok…” Adam nodded. This guy seems kind of… Protective? Well, that’s not really the right word. Since he’s been at the ward, Jamal’s been showing up everyday, not always at the same time, but he always hangs out with Adam whether he’s in a job-training class, doing therapeutic gardening, doing coordination exercises or playing some sports at the outdoor area. Doesn’t matter what time of day, it just seems Jamal is always checking up on him.

“Yo, Harold!” Jamal called as they approach the back of a huge tin warehouse. Harold looks to them as they come, fully dressed in his Fish House uniform.

“Oh, hey Jamal. And, wait, Adam??” He smiles at him as he comes, “Hey, buddy, how’ve you been?”

“Ah- w-what?” Adam took a step back as the stranger in the blue rubber overalls and green top and hat comes to him.

“What? Oh…” Harold nods, “You still don’t remember me, huh?”

“Nobody. But he’s getting better.” Jamal says, “Can we barrow some fishin stuff for a while?”

“Um… Sure, I guess. Under my card, right?”

“Yeah, that cool?”

“Sure, just gimme a minute.” Harold said as he walks into the warehouse. He comes back minutes later with some checked out rods, a bucket, and a tackle box. “Here you go, just have it returned within an hour, that’s when my card is expired for the check-out.”

“Aight, thanks.” Jamal says as he accepts the equipment.

“Thank you…” Adam said, feeling slightly more awkward as this Harold guy pats his shoulder. He and Jamal walk along the very tall docks over the wavering ocean. Jamal pulls one of the old metal chairs up, while Adam looks over the railing.

“Aight, lets git…” Jamal glances at Adam, and sees that he looks unsure.

“… I… Don’t think I like it here.” Adam says, “I think we need to go to a different spot.”

“Hm? Aight.” Jamal nods, and picks the stuff up. They walk around and around, Adam scanning the water’s area each time they stop. Jamal wonders what he’s doing as they go, wondering if Adam’s alright at the moment.

“… I like this spot, I think…” Adam says as he chooses this part of the dock, which is on the other side of the Fish House from where they came.

“Why this spot?” Jamal asked curiously.

“Just… Feels like we need to be here for this.” Adam shrugged, as does Jamal.

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