As The Clock Striked…

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The moment excelled as she stepped from her car. The excitement grew as her body swayed to the music that was pumping from the inside of the brick building. She looked up at the windows, watching the lights strobe and the hot sweaty bodies moving to the beat. Eagerly Grace and her friend, Rose, paid the cover charge. A slight tremor pulsed through her body with anticipation. Each girl was tired of her present relationship. Rose had been living with the same man for over 2 years. She desperately wanted to get married, but he had reservations. He was concerned that marriage would ruin their otherwise perfect relationship. Rose needed… no, she craved… stability. As it was now, she was even unable to visit him at work because she wasn’t officially, Mrs. Rose Versey. Love goes just far and then it snaps.

Grace was still a free-lancer. She was deeply in love with love… nothing more. She new Rose needed an out… just one weekend showing her how the other side lives.

They climbed each stair bringing them one step closer to the music. As they reached the top, their first desire was to soothe their nerves with alcohol. The magic elixir, alcohol, that would ease their quite introverted souls enabling them to enjoy the atmosphere.

With drinks in hand, they eased themselves closer to the dance floor. Grace noticed that men were openly staring at them. She smiled at the timid ness… Both women were dynamite packages. Each had very striking attributes, setting them apart from other women. Rose had beautiful long natural Red hair that flowed well past her firm buttocks. She also had an hour glass figure, with shapely long legs. Rose’s favorite activity was to ride her bicycle, non stop, through the clustered streets of her favorite beach cities. She rode for hours, building strong legs and a firm lithe body. Grace, on the other hand, was a dark exotic beauty, like a mysterious goddess. Her favorite asset were her firm large breasts that showed through her tight red sweater.

Without realizing it, each women swayed to the music allowing it to grasp hold and propel them into an erotic dance. Grace’s hands moved over her body and she was ready to press her body against another’s. Both women looked around the bar hoping to see a few prospects. Nothing caught either girls eye. They decided to cruise the bar. Slowly, jutting their hips forward, they started walking around the bar. With their hips jutting forward, their firm tight buttocks swayed invitingly. Immediately, they received several offers to dance. Each girl turned them down noting that none of the offers looked promising.

The girls found themselves walking into a Pool Room. This nightclub was a little different from the norm, it offered two dance floors, a smoking room, a gambling room, and a Pool Room. The sound of balls hitting against other balls and finding their way to specific pockets was enchanting. Rose had an evil thought as the white ball smacked against one of the colored striped. She kept envisioning her live-in’s penis, for the last several years, being crushed between the two opposing balls. Penis… she was thinking too technical, trying to stay the nice girl. They were both out for some action and she should face up to it. Penis… it was a chubby, dick, stick, fucking tool, and when the guy knew how to use it a pleasure piece. Mirth rose to her lips as they trembled with laughter. Grace wanted to know what was funny and then caught the realization in her friends eyes. Grace had been hoping that their experience would have an adverse reaction. Rose had a wonderful man on her hands and Grace wanted to remind her just exactly how hard the single life is. But Grace understood Rose’s need for a commitment. Grace had dated one too many men who wanted a live-in but not a wife.

They stood next to the wall watching the guys play pool. They hadn’t really noticed how attractive escort bayan they were, until the bolder of the two approached. He wanted to know if they would be interested in playing. A spark of thought crossed Grace’s face… oh, would she ever like to play, but not pool. Both girls agreed to play, as they picked up pool sticks grinding the blue powder into the tips.

Grace and Rose kept making eye contact as they established a plan. They roamed the table taking shots when it was their turn, making sure to strategically bend over when either man was behind them. Grace had a fascination with Hosiery. It had started when she was young and became almost an addiction as she grew older. She loved wearing the old Nylon Stocking which, lately, had been becoming more difficult to find. Stockings and garter showed enticingly as she again took another shot.

Dave and Ted were unable to figure the two out. They both played excellent pool and were hotties. Both Dave and Ted were regulars and were accustomed to the night seen. They were also so very bored with it all. Pretty girls hanging around teasing guys and wanting drinks. At the end of the evening, they all played dumb… “me, was I flirting with you…no, you must be mistaken!” Sure, there were many occasions they were able to take the girls home… but when she is drunk, it just isn’t fun. Sleeping with a drunk broad is like sleeping with a dead person – cold and unrelenting. They lay on the bed like a rock…spread eagle. Putting it in wasn’t as enjoyable as it use to be. Both guys craved the women’s participation. Dave approached Grace from behind with the intent to help her with her shot. Okay, so the real intent was to inform her he had a rock hard cock that was eager to play between her stocking legs.

Grace finished her shot and was surprised to find Dave behind her. She felt his hard cock between her legs and her pussy immediately got wet. They had found the perfect two… or at least she hoped so. She looked over at Rose and found her laughing in Ted’s arms. Rose was surprised that she could even think about being with another guy. She was in lust and Ted was the instigator. Every time she positioned herself for a shot, he stood behind her. This last time, her stick made human contact and it was quite funny. They both started laughing, though Rose knew she had hit him hard. She moved her hand down is leg with the intentions of rubbing his leg, but her hand found something else.

Dave turned to Ted winking his approval. “Hey, how would you two like to get out of here. We have a boat in the Marina. And maybe… ah… you know… would like to… ah… join us. There is a really beautiful view and we could have Maurice make some sandwiches if you are hungry!” Dave felt quite stupid after making that long declaration. He had never stumbled on his words. And besides that, he never took women to his boat. Ted looked at his friend with surprise and then he smiled as he looked down at Rose. He felt the same way, these girls were special.

They left the bar in separate cars, Ted driving with Rose and Grace with Dave. As they arrived at the Marina, Grace was surprised to see just how big was the boat. She had envisioned a small sail boat and thought Maurice was a Deli or Restaurant at the pier. Maurice ended up being a man servant and the boat a huge island of plastic and steel. As they boarded the boat, each girl looked around admiring the stunning view. On the upper deck they found comfortable love seats and large arm chairs. As they sat down, Maurice came in with Champagne and the promised sandwiches. The girls nibbled and sipped their drinks as they participated in the conversation. Both girls agreed, it wasn’t food or drink that they wanted. The boys looked so intimidated, as if they didn’t know how to make the first move. Grace actually was use to this phenomena. Rose was bursa escort bayan a different story. Her live-in never had treated her this way. He was always so matter-of-fact when it came to sex.

Rose stood up, not wanting to waste anymore time and approached Ted. She sat on Ted’s lap and snuggled deep into his arms. She looked up into his eyes, noticing his lips and started sucking on his tongue. Grace met Dave half way, reaching out as she stroked his large prominent cock. Dave mumbled that this was not the place, leading both girls to another part of the boat.

The floor was covered with soft thick rugs of pure Lambs Fur. The luxuriant material rubbed against their flesh causing ripples of pleasure to cascade down their legs. Ted gently held Rose inside his arms as if he was holding her namesake instead. He ran his fingers down her face, brushing the stray hair away. He wanted to first devourer her with his eyes, before he started with his lips. He still couldn’t get over that this delicate beautiful women was there, in his arms. Rose looked up at him, enjoying his soft caresses. Her mind though was thinking of someone else…why had she stayed with her live-in for so long. Rose opened her mouth, wanting to speak. She wanted to tell Ted all about her live-in and what was happening. Most of all… she wanted to be honest. But Ted wouldn’t have any of that. He saw the flicker of sadness that crossed her eyes, and he didn’t want the moment to be ruined. As Rose’s lips parted, Ted covered her mouth with his embracing against the words and filling her mouth with his long demanding tongue. Rose reached around his neck, pulling his face closer to hers enjoying the deepness of the moment. The thought of the other quickly evaporated from her mind. Her hips jutted upward, molding her body with his and sending one powerful message… take me!

Groans were growing from the other side of the room. Grace was already naked except for her nylons and garter (two items she refused to remove) and sucking on Dave’s magnificent cock. She was more than willing to stay on all fours, as long as she could continue sucking on his joy stick. She marveled how his cock reacted to her tongue and how his fingers kept brushing against her legs stroking the nylon material. Dave was excited having Grace hovering over him and giving him head. But it was different than with most girls… this just didn’t feel like a one night stand. Grace had a natural power about her and Dave wanted to experience more. Besides, he was very aroused by the stockings. He remembered when his mother use to wear a garter and nylons. He was a young boy then and didn’t realize he was sexually aroused. All he could remember is that he kept trying to look under his mother’s skirt and that a part of him was ashamed. The thoughts of his mother drifted from his mind, as Grace moved. Dave pulled her face up to his and devoured her lips with his passion. Their bodies melted in one as they moved their hands caresses each crevice and mound.

Ted had removed Rose’s blouse and was working on her small tight skirt. The articles of clothing simply melted from their bodies as their erotic need started to boil. Rose wanted him in her now. There was plenty of time for seconds which would enable both of them to explore, caress and play. But Ted wanted to take this first time slow. He knew Rose was eager but he wanted this first time to be special. He moved his hands up to her face stroking her jaw as he kissed her. She moved her hands down his back feeling the strong rippling muscles. His kisses filled her so completely. They were like a drug as her head started spinning, envisioning other days in his arms. Ted was unwilling to let Rose go… not yet. He laid on top of her, carefully not crushing her, and continued exploring her body with his hands. Ted’s lips left her mouth and found her soft mound of breast bursa eskort flesh. He teasingly sucked on her nipple, squeezing the base in his hand. As he played with her breasts, Rose stroked his thick hair. She marveled on how fresh he smelled even though he was sweating. It never occurred to her that he was nervous.

Grace and Dave were in full swing. Dave was grinding his large cock deep inside as Grace was holding on for dear life. With each new plunge, Grace withered with pleasure. Dave continued kissing her and holding her as his cock drove home. Grace’s body molded to his wanting his cock to move deeper. Grace reached up stroking his head closer to her face as she ran her tongue over his lips. Dave moved like a Tiger, sleek and with a purpose. They both started moving in unison as their orgasms rippled through their bodies and exploded from their lungs.

Ted turned to look at his buddy. He marveled how quick Dave had cum. He looked down at Rose and was finally ready. He inserted his large dagger deep inside her wet folds. It was immediate. Their bodies started rocking back and forth a 5 alarm emergency. Rose held on to Ted’s broad shoulders as she was rocketed to the moon. Her hands slowly slipped down to his firm ass. She squeezed his ass as he continued pumping inside her. The urgency grew until they both shuddered with the first signs of cumming. It was wonderful. Rose had never felt this type of power and elation after an orgasm. She laid back breathless, knowing full well she was ready for more. She eagerly spread her legs, wanting Ted to enter her again. He gently closed her legs and kissed her nose. There would be plenty of time for repeats, but right now he needed a moment to rest.

Rose rolled away toward Grace. Grace embraced her friend and they shared a moment (girl talk). Both girls were humming with the desire for more. They started stroking each other as the guys watched with disbelief. Grace tentatively stuck her tongue into her girlfriend’s mouth. She was so surprised when Rose responded. Rose had fantasized, so many times, about screwing her good friend; but, she never had the guts (nor desire to ruin a good friendship) to approach her with her desires. Grace gently stroked Rose’s hair wondering why this moment hadn’t come sooner. Both girls were wired from their recent orgasms, as they played with each other’s breasts. Rose brought her head down on her girlfriend’s mound. She first nibbled on the nipple and then started sucking the whole breast. The elation grew inside Grace. Having your breasts sucked by a women was substantially different then having a man do it. Grace snuck her fingers between Rose’s firm legs. She found her wet river, dipping her hand into its hot torrent current. Rose wiggled with pleasure as Grace penetrated one finger deep inside her friend’s pussy. Just sucking and fingering brought both girls to the edge of orgasm.

Feeling left out, Dave and Ted joined the girls. The swapped girls, Dave taking Roses rear end and Ted taking Grace’s. They both took the girls from behind as the girls continued playing with each other. Dave and Ted rode each girl hard as they watched them play with each other’s breasts. They both pulled out just before orgasming, spraying the girls with their cum. Finally, the girls had had enough. At least for the moment. Without comment, Maurice had brought thick Robes for all and more refreshments. As the Rose nibbled on her sandwich and realization hit her hard. She did not love her live-in. Not that she had fallen immediately in-love with Ted, but she was open to looking elsewhere for her pleasures.

Grace caught her girlfriend’s eyes, as the guys discussed plans. She knew she had decided to leave her live-in, and why not. After fucking her best friend, she realized Rose deserved better. She deserved someone who cared about her feelings and would show her respect. The guys turned and approached the girls. They discussed their plans for next week and it was settled. Next weekend they would sail for a short holiday. If all went well… well, the sky was the limit!

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