Astrid, our first cuckcake

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Astrid, our first cuckcakeAt 24 she was younger than i would have normally swiped on, but she was cute and had an infectious smile & a wicked personality. We’d been chatting for a few days & we had both been on the fringes of each others age limits but we got on like a house on fire. To be honest i didnt have high hopes for Tinder but here i was butterflies in my belly and a little excited that this meet might actually happen. Usually when i get excited about these sort of things, something always seems to happen. Plus the year being what it was; it was highly likely that the universe would just throw a spanner in the works.She was meant to go to a party nearby so she suggested swinging by for a park and chat before she headed off. It worked out for me since with rennovations going on, randomly going out for a date with contractors all over the show wasnt going to happen. She arrived a little later than planned but that didnt matter once i set my eyes on her little black dress. She sat across from me almost curling up in the seat; her dress fighting against all hope not to ride up her thighs. I would later come to find out that despite my mentioning how grateful i was to the weekend and the heat for informing her wardrobe choice, she didnt seem to think i took much notice of her body.I assured her that my eyes were well trained at stealing glances that she just likely never saw me undressing her periodically. Our afternoon turned into evening the conversation flowed like we had know each other for years. Every so often a cheeky, sexual comment would be tossed in, a touch to emphasise a point just added to the comfort between us. The hours flew by and the fact she hadnt been sent directions yet seemed less and less important with each minute that passed.As the contractors left for the day, my wife did come to say hi…albeit reluctantly as she felt she looked dishelved from all the work in the house. She walked towards bahis şirketleri us, and i felt equally grateful that she took the afternoon foreman duties for me and that she was walking to the car braless. The pendulums of her breasts swaying with each step as approached the car and proceeded to explain her abscence. At least i think thats what she was saying i was too busy in my head wondering if Astrid saw her breasts swaying and if the thought of touching them crossed her mind. The pleasantries were soon over and my wife returned indoors to decompress and leave us to our own devices.After a quick dash for some takeout we were alone again as darkness fell. My wife elected not to join us, though she was keen to know how the pseudo date was going. My ridiculous grin said it all as left the room. The directions did eventually flash up on Astrid’s phone as did a followup phone call from her friend confirming the location. The date was going to end and neither of us wanted it to but without a word, i felt we both knew it wouldnt be the last.We danced around a goodbye, both comically stating that we needed to at least end the night with a hug. At this point i must disclaimer that hooking up on the first night was never a thought, perhaps a stolen kiss? Definitely a bear like hug was all i had in mind for the day. I was trying to show some level of restraint after all.The height difference really became apparent as she stood on her toes and i crouched down to wrap my arms around her waist. I pulled her in close, reminding myself not to let my hands wander onto the ass id so admired as she pulled a sweater out the back seat hours before. We squeezed each other and slowly began to part..our faces brushed up against each other and at that moment im not sure exactly what happened….perhaps it was her perfume that became intoxicating or flash of courage. I hadnt kissed a woman other than my wife in over 7 years but here i was bahis firmaları pressing my lips against hers again and again. Our lips parted and gave way to pure lust.Her hands were on my face what was left of my trimmed beard and each hand grabbed a cheek, kneeding and pulling her into me. She moaned as i kissed into her neck; her hands reaching desperately for my zipper. That became a combined effort with my hands soon back on her ass as her warm soft hands clasped my throbbing cock.We half stumbled to her open car door as she sat on the drivers seat and pulled me to her. I nearly melted as i felt ber warm mouth engluf my cock. I stood there in awe, looking down at this young woman i’d met in person only hours ago lavishing my cock with attention. The fact that we were so exposed was a distant thought. The only reason it was of concern to me was if my wife came to the window and could maybe see what we were up to and would she be aroused watching?With my hand lightly placed on the side of her face, Astrid looked up at me and kissed my thumb,taking it into her mouth as her other hand continued to stroke my cock. It was then that i decided that i wasnt going to let her leave without tasting her. I pulled her up from the seat kissing her deeply again..the slight taste of my precum on her tongue. Quickly opening the back door, she lay down. The dim light allowing me to see her wet pussy, as i pulled her lacy black panties aside.I wasted no time, diving hungrily between her thighs,sucking her lips and teasing her clit. I soon found myself in a rhythm, her hips rocking in unison and her moans rewarding me for my effort. She wiggled her little black dress up further to revealing her bra, which soon too, was lifted to expose her pert nipples.I reached up cup each breast, teasing her nipples between an index and thumb.Her moans became more intense, her thighs squeezing my head and her hands pawing at my head as the orgasm kaçak bahis siteleri began to build and burst as she shuddered under my tongue lashings. I could her hear, between thighs squeezes, what sounded like her begging me to stop as another orgasm washed over her and the sensations became too much. I slowed my assault and began to lay kissed around her pussy and thighs.Astrid’s phone beeped again, another reminder that she had another place to be. We kissed again as we fixed ourselves, or at least she did. In the off chance my wife didnt get curious enough to wonder where i was, i was going to let her see the results. Astrid and i parted ways and as she drove off, i shook my head in disbelief as to how my day had ended up this way.I walked back into the house and made a bee line for my wife. Hoping that she would still be able to taste Astrid on my lips. That plan was a little harder in practice as she tried to take in my dishelved appearance. My shirt unbuttoned to Miami Vice levels and my cock peeking out. She was momentarily speechless trying to process it all. A few quick kisses and off i went to shower.Wasnt till we were in bed a little later that we spoke about what exactly happened and how she felt about it, how we both did.My wife was happy for me, a cocktail of doubt and compersion which pretty much matched my surprise at how far id gone so quickly and wondering if she’d truly be ok with everything.she was keen to know details, which im sure i hope to capture in photos and video should she not be around for any future rendezvous. Having had a few days to process i am certain now thatA) i couldnt have been any luckier to find my wifeB)an interesting side effect/ desire for aftercare had me even more affectionate towards my wife. I mean how could i not be appreciative of such an amazing woman.C) Astrid was probably the best first cuckcake experience. Definitely an unexpected find on tinder, from age to well just how well we get on…she brings out some different dom characteristics than my wife does but similar to some ive had in the past. D) i am definitely looking forward to more adventures…particularly with both of them in the same room

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