At the Villa Ch. 23

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Chapter 23: Corrine

Sam returned back to the Island.

The coordinates were precise. The taxi driver stopped exactly where the main entrance to the complex of high quality apartments and of which, one belonged to Sam’s, whose company originally built the whole complex on five floors with underground parking facilities. Corrine, as she alighted from the taxi she handled the driver the exact fare. When he counted them he swore at her as he was expecting a tip. Corrine gave him a dirty look but she did not swear back; she just ignored him.

She walked a few steps to the door of the huge block of apartments and pressed the bell button. Within seconds she heard a man with a sweet loving welcome voice; ‘Welcome; you look stunning. Fifth floor please.’ A click and the door automatically opened.

Sam left the door of his apartment partly open while he walked half way through the landing where the elevator was. By then the lift had arrived and the sliding doors opened. Sam with open arms and that special smile welcomed her; while he hugged her as she pressed her body against his. Her nipples felt already hard, but Sam avoided looking into her eyes.

As he held her tight with one hand around her back, he whispered. ‘You feel really hot not to mention the beauty; Corrine.’ At that moment Sam moved the other hand and cupped her ass. They felt bare underneath the thin dress she was wearing. With his already hard cock pressing against her pelvis it sent shocking feelings within her body, whilst she pressed her pussy harder against his roaring steel hard member.

Her body shook as their lips lightly met. It was then that they walked those few meters to Sam’s hideaway, with the door closing behind them. As they were safe within his beautifully furnished apartment, Corrine put one hand around his neck and looked into his eyes. Liquids, which had started leaking from the moment Diana phoned Sam and introduced Corrine, continued to leak all the way during her taxi ride. She never stopped dreaming about what she was expecting to find, or better, what she wondered what was going to take place from that moment she arrived.

Who was this Sam who broke into so many virgin pussies, along his years in Thessaloniki? A question a lot of students in her days at Athens University had often asked when it seemed; that the gossip became rumours and the rumours ended as an anecdote.

Too many questions, few answers and soon she thought that she was looking forward to her mystery man of years gone by. Corrine had fantasized so many times while feeling her little clitty in the darkness of her dorm. She could not believe that he had truly existed and that it wasn’t just a dream; a rumour; it seemed that this Sam really was an icon of years gone by.

Stunned with that look into her eyes her body trembled and melted into his arms. Their lips were jammed against each others as she felt the zipper at the back of her light dress, moving downwards.

Without breaking the jammed lips, Sam pushed her body slightly backwards until her sleeveless dress crawled to the floor behind the front door. It was then, that as he massaged her bare ass he noticed that she was wearing nothing more. He held his hands in place and lifted her like a baby on his arms, before he walked the short distance and laid her on her back in the middle of his bed.

With her eyes closed she stretched herself until she relaxed. Then she looked up at Sam, and their eyes met again. With a smile on her lips she quickly scanned his body, looking shocked as she noticed that his hard truncheon was resting against his lower belly.

‘What the hell have you there? It looks incredibly huge!’ She excitedly cried.

‘Until now; it had fitted precisely in every pussy and ass it had the honour to roam in.’ Sam answered rather teasingly.

‘Fuck Sam!’ She shockingly cried as she heard him mentioning the back entrance.

Sam was more a man of action than waylay and within seconds he was crawling on the bed next to her stretched body. Her eyes were watching him coming towards her like a snake. His eyes were focused on those cylindrical breasts which perfectly fitted her perfect structure. The areolas were small, light brown coloured and the nipples were hard and rather long.

A long lick around the areolas which ended with one nipple between his lips, while the other nipple being rolled between two of his fingers. He rolled it and squeezed it while he sucked the one, which he had seized between his lips. Corrine moaned and the heat between her legs started to multiply rather quicker than ever. She started to explode quicker than when Di was massaging her during the previous sexual encounter on the massage table. Sam did not stop. He continued to play with them until… he decided to move backwards, opened her legs as wide as he could opened them until those hot lips separated. His eyes focused and like a connoisseur examined what there was within that wet and saturated valley of love.

He Kars Escort loved what he saw, even though in shape and structure was mostly identical with what every woman was endowed with; but Sam finds it incredibly exiting to stretch, open and spend a few minutes looking into the depths of that valley of love, thinking and concentrating of what nature is capable of producing; perfection.

The first touch of his tongue against her clit produced the next shock of waves. Corrine moaned and cried. She became quite hot when the excitement started. The heat within her body was high, especially when Sam started to lick and suck on her clit, while leisurely he pushed a finger slowly and quietly into her vagina.

Another shock wave arrived as he hit both buttons at the same time. ‘Fuck Sam… What the hell are you doing?’ Corrine shouted.

‘Why did you come here?’ Sam answered.

‘Sure you know why? Just to be pampered, fucked and sexually satisfied!’ She cried.

‘That’s exactly what I have in mind of doing; but, just in my own way.’ Sam answered. ‘Are you not happy?’

‘Can I trust you?’ She asked.

‘Do you have another option?’ Sam asked as he watched her eyes scanning him. Sam focused his eyes on her’s while his lips and tongue were still close to her vagina. Shocks of desires erupted within her body as he hit her sensitive spots and started again to massage both, at the same time. She cried and shouted as her body trembled on the bed.

Sam, while he kept his finger inside her vagina massaging her G-spot, he started to suck her clit between his lips. With the sudden shock of a new eruption, Corrine closed her legs and with her hands pressed his mouth as hard as she could against her clitoris. She cried and shouted while her body was shaking like a seven point earthquake.

A flood of love juice seeped out from within her vagina, some of it straight into Sam’s mouth. Corrine lifted her ass to get more of his tongue within the insides of her vagina while the cries of pleasure never ended.

‘Fuck me Sam… fuck me now… now Sam stick that monster inside my pussy… aaaahhhh Sam how hot I am for you. Fuck meee pleeease… fuck me.’ Corinne cried as she could not control her body any more.

Her anal entrance became so wet with the flowing juices that Sam’s middle finger started to rub against her wet rosebud. Sam started to massage the entrance before he pushed his finger just enough to have it up to his first knuckle, inside her anal tube. It was just enough to send Corrine again into the heavens. The orgasms were flowing one after the other while she continued to beg and cry for more.

Sam with his fingers still active within her anal confines crawled forward until their eyes met once again. With his eyes still focused, he gave her that sexy look while he pulled his fingers away from her most critical zones, lifted one leg and put it on the other side of her torso while his lips were all covered in love juices jammed against her’s.

He felt her tongue sharing what had flowed naturally out of her vagina. It was an opportune moment for Sam to take hold of his wand of light and move the head against the door of her portal of love. Feeling the generated heat she opened herself wider, pulled her legs towards her torso, closed her eyes, and concentrated all her attention on that moment when Sam’s hard manhood started its journey along the walls of her vaginal tube.

As the head got within the opening, she enjoyed the first flavours of the flesh. She felt the stretching from the purple bulbous head until it was all the way within, all the way until it touched her portal of procreation.

‘So big it feels Sam.’ she moaned as he moved his lips away. ‘It stretches me more than the one I received when a friend of mine used his to take my cherry.’

Sam, enjoying the feeling of her tight vagina, he gave her a few short strokes at the entrance which sent Corrine’s body into one orgasm after another. She cried and shouted while asking for more. Sam sent it deep in one stroke hitting the door to her womb again and again.

Her legs flew over his bums while she tightened her muscles to hold Sam as deep as she could with that fucking tool he had all the way, embedded inside her vagina. She tightened her vaginal muscles around it, holding it there while she could not stop cumming. She cried and moaned all the time asking for more. Sam pulled his ass back and started to fuck her slowly at first, increasing the speed and the span.

‘Harder Sam, harder, harder; fuck me harder? Yes, yes, yes, fuck me; fuck me.’ Corrine cried and shouted as she was overtaken by another orgasm which became stronger as Sam’s cock did not stop moving back and forth into her portal of love.

Sam did not stop fucking her, even though at times she wanted a little relieve; just a quick rest from that hard banging. In and out; in and out Sam continued to fuck his Greek queen until she begged him to stop. A few more and she exploded Kars Escort Bayan into one real explosion. She begged him to stop which for Sam meant nothing. He was also about to explode and fill her with his sperm; but Sam had other ideas.

He pulled his hard cock out and watched Corrine body vibrating on the bed; her legs still wide open in a vee, resting on the mattress, while her eyes were closed. She felt alone, except for a pair of fingers rolling one of her nipples while her hand was massaging her vagina with a couple of fingers hidden inside, while the outside of her vagina was covered in love juice.

‘What a view Sam thought.’ He had seen many along the years, sometimes remembering those virgins he had taken care off in the good old days, in Thessaloniki and other places. Corrine worked her hand over her drenched vagina massaging the inside while she stood so desirable, that Sam wanted to do more than something.

He got on the bed in the opposite position, crawling slowly until his still hard cock shocked Corrine as it landed on her closed eyes. His mouth went straight down over her vaginal slit after he pulled her fingers away from her vagina. She moaned as she felt her pussy, empty. Then Sam lifted her legs from under her knees, spread them wide until by that moment, more than half his hard cock was inside Corrine’s mouth. With his tongue he was scrapping the sweet juices from between the walls of her burning volcano.

Sam continued moving his tongue back and forth with stops for his tongue to penetrate the entrance of her vagina. A finger entered to get some lubrication with which Sam would start to prepare her back door.

Corrine started to tremble as her orgasms started to duplicate. She wanted to shout but her mouth was too loaded with more than Sam’s hard thick cock. The feelings of a finger crawling through the entrance of her back door sent more fire and so she pulled her body away, as she turned on her stomach with Sam nearly ended stranded on the floor.

Sam pulled himself quickly and stood up examining the situation. He grabbed her from her waist and settled her as quickly as he could on her knees, her ass pointing outwards and her face still pressed against the bed sheets.

Lost in her own thoughts and without a word of complain, Sam knelt down and started to lick the juices from the bottom end of her slit up to her asshole. That rosebud was looking so desirable that Sam wanted nothing more than to stick the tip of his tongue within the folds of her anal entrance.

On the touch Corrine cried. A hand was crawling underneath her body until Sam felt that she was again massaging her own pussy. A finger crawled inside her vagina before another one ended inside her asshole. Another lick and the finger ended totally deep in.

Corrine cried as another orgasm roamed though her blood stream before Sam stood up, found a stick of KY and after lubricating the head of his cock he moved it slowly until it pressed against the opening of her rosebud. A slight hard push and the head entered inside and beyond her sphincter. Corrine cried a big cry as a painful shock within the opening of her ass, was too much for her, to bear.

‘Aaauuchchchch. Fuck Sam fuck you. Aaachchch.’ She cried as Sam pulled it out and pushed it back in again; while Corrine started to swear for the way he intruded and just fucked her virgin ass.

Slowly Sam started to fuck her. Every time he pushed a little more, she cried with the endless pain until by the next few minutes, he had conquered more than half the way through her dark channel.

‘Fuck you Sam. I never thought it hurts so much… fuck auchauch.’ She cried

The pain was evident although she tried to hold her composure. It was something she never tried, even though she had a couple of guys who had showed interest in her dark entrance. Sam had planned the way and he planted it into her ass when the least she was expecting it. The pain continued to be unbearable from the beginning and he could not complain as he was already too far deep.

She tried to compose herself. A few times she took deep breaths which helped ease the pain deep within her stretched sphincter. Sam was also getting easy as the feelings around his embedded cock were becoming more relaxed.

With her head buried into the bed covers Sam continued to move his hard cock back and forth into her ass. It felt easy. The pressure seemed to have eased as her entrance became wider and more flexible. The strokes became longer as the pain was turning into pleasure. Corrine relaxed and soon Sam noticed the different positive atmosphere. He pushed his hard monster further and deeper inside her arse, until he managed to hide his entire long thick prick deep in.

Corrine cried but did neither complain nor swore. Sam waited a few minutes until he felt Corrine’s more relax feelings before he started to fuck her again. The strokes were rather long, feeding his hard cock as deep as it could go and nearly all the Escort Kars way out. The more strokes the more relaxed Corrine became, until she passed through a strong unexpected orgasm.

Sam kept the same tempo, back and forth and every now and then, he popped the head all the way out. He took a good look at that deep red whole Sam had stretched wide open, much like a volcanic crater, but just missing the lava. It was quite a hole; there it was round wide open ready for more. Sam just did that to the surprise of another orgasm.

The action continued. Sam was also getting more excited while she was expecting another orgasm. He rather slowed down the speed of the thrusts, but he was determined that the next load he was going to shoot, it will go straight into the depth of her arse.

A few more thrusts and Corrine shouted a cry of pleasure as her body was overtaken by a latest orgasm. Sam was on verge of shooting. He fed the whole length of his hard thick prick all the way into the depths of her arse, when the first salvo filled her anal tube. The second came close as the rest followed.

Corrine was still lost moaning and crying with the pleasures and the pain of her anal tube. The still light pain was still in a way being felt around the interior. Sam very slowly and unnoticed pulled his hard cock all the way out, already half way down. Then he pushed Corrine on her stomach, her legs still wide open and her anal entrance with that red circular hole on show.

Sam examined the crater’s opening without touching and watched it until it was totally closed. He moved away while Corrine who was still lost in her carnal dreams while enjoying the aftermath. Sam walked away to the kitchen to get a drink for two but on his return Corrine was asleep probably still enjoying the aftermath of her anal fuck. She had that sweet smile on her lips. Sam had only one option, to let sleep quietly until she will wake from her dreams on her own.

There was a lot of time left, before the real night life starts. He just relaxed on a sofa, enjoyed a shower and even passed away for an hour or two. When he woke and checked the bedroom, Corrine was still there, maybe still dreaming. It was already after nine in the evening, so Sam, wearing nothing crawled next to her on the bed, his manhood as hard as steel, ready to please.

Sam thought that the position she was in, resting on her side with her ass pushed a little backwards, the entrance of her vagina was perfectly in position for an easy incursion. He continued to move slowly until he had his hard member in perfect line with her vaginal entrance, but just before the bulbous head was about to touch, Corrine abruptly turned.

‘What the fucking hell are you up to Sam?’ She cried.

‘I thought it’s another virgin, ready to learn about the pleasures of the flesh.’ Sam teasingly answered.

‘You still dream about those virgins in Thessaloniki, do you or not?’ She asked.

‘Let’s fuck off to find a good restaurant and some nightlife; at least we can dance the night and forget about the Thessaloniki virgins.’ Sam shouted.

‘But I like to know; if they were true or a fake?’ Corrine asked.

‘Time is pressing. I love to fuck you again; but maybe when we get back. About the virgins; I think, ideally we will speak about them tomorrow.’

‘Thanks darling. That should satisfy my curiosity.’

After a quick fuck in the bath and a hot shower they took a taxi to an exquisite restaurant where they ordered some fish dishes and a bottle of champagne. After ending dinner just after midnight they proceeded to an upmarket bar where they spent the rest of the night with a drink every now and then while they danced the night.

The heat between them never stopped and many times Corrine checked his manhood, especially in the rather dark areas. They even changed partners until it was time that the bar had to close for the night. When they left it was in the wee hours of the morning, having difficulty in finding a taxi.

The sun was about to start showing when they got into Sam’s bed stark naked. They were so tired that there was no more energy left to even have some fun. Within seconds they were lost in their dreams.

It was just after midday when Sam started to move. He got out of bed about half an hour later as nature was calling. Corrine did not wakeup until two in the afternoon when she became too pressed and had to go to the bathroom. When she came out she found Sam was preparing some food which she had asked for.

Although he was still young, Sam felt still tired after such a long night out. He was still trying to get himself off the ground, when Corrine came out of the bathroom she looked fresh when she entered the combined dining room. The food smelled good and she started to put something inside her mouth. Coffee was also ready. Their energy started to come back as much as the fire between their bodies was also building up.

Both wearing a housecoat which they found hanging behind the door of the bathroom, they felt cosy with the air conditioner blowing cold air. They ate lightly as they were sure that they were going to have an early dinner as much as an early night. Sam had already planned how he was going to spend what was left of the rest of the day.

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