At Work with Mark and Andrea

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It was hours after Andrea had let Mark blow his load into her mouth before their graveyard shift at work, but it had been all she could think about. She went around performing her cleaning duties with only the slightest interest. She was wet and she wanted Mark more with every passing minute. Their paths crossed throughout the shift, but it was around his lunch break that she saw her opportunity.

“You going to lunch now?” she asked, as Mark passed by the bathrooms.

“Yeah, they’re making me take it early. There are some new machines coming in that I need to get space ready for.”

Her heart sank. They weren’t going to be able to have lunch together. She took whatever chance she could.

“I have to clean the Men’s Room; there are no guy janitors on shift tonight. You mind checking the bathroom for me?” She put on her sweetest smile, hoping that will charm Mark.

It worked.

“Sure,” he said, smiling back at.

Andrea felt her pussy go wet. She wanted him right there in the basement hallway; to hell with the cameras that may be watching them. Instead, she placed a hand on his neck, pulled him to her, and kissed him gently.

“Thank you,” she whispered, breathlessly.

Mark entered the bathroom and walked all the way back to check the stall. Andrea quietly entered behind him, guiding the door closed, and locking it. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons on her shirt as she raced to get them done before Mark could stop her. Her shirt was open exposing her firm breast beneath the lacy red bra when Mark turned around. His stopped, frozen in surprise with his mouth open.

“You’re all I’ve been able to think about,” Andrea said, walking up to him as she allowed her shirt to drop to the floor. Her smooth, Native American flesh had a subtle tan that was perfectly accented by her bright red hair and bra. She moved against him, pressing her breasts against his solid chest. She kissed him and could tell that he was kissing her back. kazak escort Her lips were soft; she could feel his dick growing hard.

“What if someone comes in?” Mark asked.

“I’ve locked the door. Closed for cleaning.” She loosened his belt and dropped to her knees as she pulled his pants down around his ankles. “The only person coming in … will be you.”

She pulled his boxers down. His semi-erect cock bounced free of the fabric. Before the fabric was past his knees, her lips were around his pulsing cock. She stroked the back of his legs with her fingernails, then grabbed his solid buttocks as her mouth continued to work up-and-down his shaft. There was no toying or teasing this time; she was hungry and man-sausage was the only thing on the menu. She worked his dick hard with her mouth. She stopped only to catch her breath and gaze at the marvelous member pulsing before her eyes. She licked at the tip before thrusting it deep into her mouth once again. She dragged her teeth up along the shaft before licking down to his balls and shoving deep into her throat. She could feel him wanting to cum, but didn’t want that to happen.

She stopped a second time.

“What is it?” Mark asked.

Andrea stood up. “You’re going to give me your thing,” she said, pulling her pants and panties down her tantalizing legs. Mark saw her ass, firm and full. He was still caught by surprise at the entire situation. She grabbed his hand as she got down on the floor. She was on her back, her legs spread exposing her neat, trimmed bush above the pink, wet pussy. When Mark didn’t move right away, she pulled him downward. “Fuck me,” she whispered.

Mark felt the heat radiating from her body. He stared down between her legs. Her legs were smooth and soft. The pussy lips were swollen. He could smell her sweet scent and wanted a taste.

“Just fuck me,” she pleaded, taking hold of his cock and rubbing the purple tip against the entrance istanbul bayan escort of her dripping wet pussy.

Overcome with the urge, Mark slowly pushed all the way into Andrea, feeling her pussy open wide to accept his meaty cock. He got all the way inside of her and moaned with delight.

“Oh, fuck,” Andrea exclaims with pleasure.

Mark slowly swung his hips back and forth. He slides his dick nearly to the entrance before stopping to gently thrust back in. He laid on top of Andrea, kissing her passionately to keep her moans quiet as to not draw attention to anyone passing by the bathroom. He slid a hand around her back; his nimble fingers worked at the bra clasp getting it to unhook on the first attempt. His kiss moved down her chin, along her neck. He allowed his stiff prick to slide out of her as his kissed down between her breasts. He bit the fabric of the bra between his teeth and pulled it free of her body, tossing it to the side with a jerk of his head. Her massive mounds were exposed, topped with perfect, pink, Hersey kiss-shaped nipples. He kissed her breasts and took a nibble on a nipple as he casually eased his cock back into her waiting cunt.

“Oh, Mark,” she moaned. “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.”

The word was music, sounding every time he pushed deep inside of her. He pushed up off her body and watched her tits bounce with every thrust. It was gorgeous.

“Oh, fuck,” Andrea continued. Her hands grasped his hips, encouraging Mark to thrust faster. Her fingers worked to the front of his shirt, loosing the buttons all the way up to the collar. Her hands slipped the work-shirt from his body before dropping back to his waist. She then lifted his tee-shirt upward and tossed it to the side. She gazed at his muscular body, watching his body work to bring them both pleasure. Sweat glistened upon his chest; he was getting hotter to her every moment.

Andrea took one leg and raised it up onto his shoulder, allowing Mark azeri escort to go deeper. He kissed her calf, her ankle, and along the underside of her foot.

“Oh, fuck,” Andrea moaned more intensely.

Mark grabbed the leg on his shoulder and used it to flip Andrea onto her stomach. The floor was warm and coated with a thin layer of sweat. His electric touch on her hips signaled to her to get on her knees. She rose up, exposing the beautiful, wet pussy to his eager, throbbing cock.He slid in behind her and pushed deep into her pussy. She squealed as he thrust into her; feeling his back sack slap against her clit. He could faintly see her tits swinging with rhythm. His cock was growing harder; her pussy was getting wetter.

He put a hand on her back and pushed her shoulders downward. Her chest pressed against the floor. He grabbed a handful of the flaming red hair and pulled back, thrusting harder and faster as Andrea was f***ed to look up at the wall. He watched her lightly tanned ass ripple as his hips slapped against it.

“Oh, fuck,” Andrea continued to endless moan. She was pushing back against Mark just as hard as he was slamming into her. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.”

“Oh, God,” Mark exclaimed. “I’m coming.”

He held back a moment as he felt Andrea’s pussy muscles tighten around his cock as she came. Then, he pulled his cock free. Dripping with pussy juice he shot a load onto her glistening pink pussy before slapping the length of his dick between her firm ass cheeks. He slid his shaft up and down the valley between two perfect hills as another stream of jizz coated her back. Andrea moaned with delight. She shoved a hand between her legs and began rubbing the hot cum against her moist pussy.

Mark, dripping with sweat, got to his feet. Andrea slid along the floor and sat up to allow the cum-coated cock to crease her face. She kissed the tip and took just the tip into her mouth as a second, smaller load was fired inside.

“Hell of a lunch break,” Mark said, starting to get dressed.

Andrea, reluctant to get dress, continued to play with the cum on the edge of her pussy. “Too bad you have to return to the Floor; I’m still hungry and could use seconds,” she said coyly, slipping a cum-covered finger into her mouth.

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