Avril’s Awakening

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Avril’s Awakening

A sequel to ‘Shared Moments in Time’


The days and nights since their arrival had passed in a whirl of lustful companionship and pleasure, Claude and Sophie Laurent surprising them in seeking their company, both within the privacy of their villa and also out on the beach, Claude and Lyam windsurfing and doing so expertly, while Avril and Sophie relaxed on the sands, watched them or simply basked in the sun, their skins slicked by an oily sunblock, their skimpy bikinis a colourful patchwork loosely fastened on their bodies. To many they were all but naked.

The women would meet the approving glances of men that passed by, but they took no notice. They had company enough, and reckless ways a plenty, to satisfy their needs.

‘Two more days…a day and a half…before your parents get here,’ Sophie ventured, regret to be heard in her voice. ‘Claude and I will feel your loss…’ He had told her of the change in Avril since he had seduced his way in. There had then followed times of uncomplicated pleasure that matched her own in Lyam’s arms.

Avril met Sophie’s stilled look upon her. She and Lyam had spent more time in the Laurent’s villa than in their family’s place, but she had made clear to Claude that she wanted to take a break from their trysts. She didn’t want to have a run-in with the woman who sat beside her, even if it was Claude that she would have to persuade to spend time with her again, and not Lyam if he could be kicked out of her bed or wherever they chose to share in the heat.

‘It’s been a time like no other,’ she smiled and answering her.

‘My Claude will have taught you well…’

‘He has…oh, he has.’ Avril kept from saying ‘thank you’ to her for letting Claude screw her as if he’d been denied such action for a long time.

She needed a rest from his ways and time to accept that their affair might be at an end. She had chosen not to think too far ahead, to become his mistress. It wasn’t as if a good-looking man like Claude would be lost for company, having learned from Lyam that he and Sophie were into the swinger’s scene, a club of discreet and moneyed high-flyers in their home city, even here, and their lives momentarily disrupted by her and Lyam.

She just hoped her darling bro’ would be let down gently should Sophie call it a day and end their affair. That possibility would affect her also, and it had informed her decision to cool things between her and Claude. He had ben her lover, was never to be her boyfriend, so she could be only too French about it and look on their times together as a passing and instructive affair, no more.

What remained of the day would be spent in the company of Claude and Sophie, then, as she had already persuaded Lyam to accept, they would have some time to themselves. They still had provisions to see them through and would be told what was needed when her mother called to tell them of their progress down to the villa.

She and Lyam, her handsome bro’, got on only too well, the three-year difference in age no barrier to that. Now, with the days and nights they had spent with others, they had a chance to live it out together before their parents arrived and their break in the sun swerved onto a new track.


‘What are you looking at…keep looking at?’ she asked, an undoubted challenge in her voice. She tapped his arm in playful rebuke.

Lyam had kept glancing her way even as he drove back to the villa in the gathering gloom, the evening sky hidden by scudding drifts of cloud on a freshening breeze. It was warm enough to have worn a floaty white dress with cropped sleeves and a billowy skirt, the hem flattering her slender legs. He must have seen her pull her hair into a ponytail and scrabble for a hairband in the stowage point between their seats, her movements tugging tight her dress.

‘At you, sis…how you’ve changed and look,’ he was seen to grin. ‘You’ve changed as if before my eyes…’

‘Not difficult if you keep looking at me the way that you do…’

They had had fun, eaten a light meal and had only drunk a single glass of wine that they had chosen to share, the warmth of the day wearying them and Lyam having to drive them back to the villa.

‘Well, you sure look hot…will have to fight them off when you go to university…’

‘If I go…no plans have been made.’

‘It will piss off mum and dad…’

‘I can’t help that…it’s my life,’ she snapped.

‘Easy sis…’ he soothed, brushing the skin of her thigh as he changed gear, his hand returning and doing that again. ‘You wanted kaçak iddaa Claude to be the one, didn’t you?’

‘Yes…and I don’t need you to touch me like that…I can live with what I’ve decided even if you can’t.’ She took his hand from her skin. ‘Don’t get taken in by her…by Sophie. She knows what she wants, gets it and lets them go…’

‘Says the expert…all of a sudden.’ The car’s headlights picked out the gates to their villa and she held up the remote key fob. ‘Looks like the Laurent’s have company…’

They both looked across at next door before Lyam let in the clutch and the car jerked forward.

‘Don’t let it get to you…any of it.’

‘You’ve already said that Avril…’

She took hold of his hand, then gripped his arm, as they walked across the gravelled driveway and to the front door. They had remembered to leave the porch light on. ‘You’re wondering about it already…what company they’re keeping.’

‘And you’re not?’ Lyam threw the car keys onto the small hall table. ‘I think I’ll go for a swim…’

‘I’ll come along…I’m feeling the same way you are…but I’m trying not to let its show.’


Avril gasped in awe on seeing him again. ‘You’ve got it all.’

She felt a palpable sense of risk that she was taking from simply being with him and knowing Lyam’s mood. It had been impossible to ignore on the way back.

A crazy and wayward thought now took a hold in her, one she had never encountered.

‘Live it all out, while you can, with him,’ she murmured, pressing her fingers to her belly as if that would quell the ache of longing for the young guy she now saw, brother or not. Could she really succumb to her reckless mood? ‘Take what you can from the time we’ve got being together like this.’

Yes, Lyam really did have it all…and Sophie had taken him, to the max. Gone were the modest, baggy swimming shorts he’d been seen wearing at the beach earlier in the day. Lyam now wore figure-hugging briefs, their cut and kaleidoscopic pattern failing to conceal the swell within them. They were like a second skin, an afterthought. Every step that she saw him take was now a provocation to her, as if Lyam knew what he was doing…slowly bringing her on.

‘At last!’ she called out, delighting in everything that he did; thrilled by his very presence with her. Avril watched, totally engaged with him and wondering what their late-night swim might yet lead to, given their moods. They’d be crossing a hidden line, wouldn’t they?

Her wondering didn’t quell the ache she now felt in her belly, the tingle in her nipples as she looked at him, bathed in the lights on the back wall of the house and those of the pool.

‘I’m watching you! Get on with it!’ Avril called out once more and saw Lyam cast aside the towel and run to the edge of the pool. His leg muscles rippled. She saw a moment’s tension in his stomach muscles before, with practised ease, he did a single flip into the pool.


‘Show off!’ she laughed out when he surfaced.

‘You try it, then!’ Lyam called back, gleefully, soon striding through the water towards the curved steps, set into the end of the pool, close to where they had sunbathed during the day.

Avril waited; she simply had to take in just what she was embarking upon. She was with her brother, her lustful brother, and they had each been claimed by a couple next door, had pursued trysts that had defied all logic. Now, she was being drawn into…into what…a time with her own brother?

It was inexcusable what she now thought of and felt, that only too-settled ways were again to be cast aside; that she’d live for the moment and have an unexpected holiday fling with Lyam too, before the semblance of normality was again restored to her life. She drew some reassurance that Lyam seemed to be so disconcertingly relaxed in her company, in spite of those who’d be angered, and deeply hurt, by their behaviour; the evident pleasure they again took to be in each other’s company.

But it now held a palpable sense of risk…

‘No, I won’t do that…dive in, Lyam…but I’ll swim with you? I’m not as good as you, you know?’

Avril saw him nod before Lyam retraced his steps and entered the pool. She liked how his skin glistened from the sun block that he had applied in the afternoon and had failed to fully wash off before they had gone out.

She had it on her skin too and felt reassured by the sight of him swimming, his undoubted confidence in the water. She had spoken only briefly of what the future might hold for her in going with Claude, but she felt in limbo, kaçak bahis detached from all known ways.

‘We’re alone now…and hooked on each other,’ Avril murmured as she now stepped slowly down the steps and into the water. ‘And…I don’t want it to be any other way.’

Lyam pointed at her. ‘You look so good…so hot, sis…your bikini really is something else.’ His overt interest in her, now, made him draw nearer still. ‘You’re beautiful…I’ve never had the chance to tell you that.’

‘Perhaps you shouldn’t now…’

‘It’s only the truth.’ Lyam pointed. ‘Is your watch waterproof…it looks too fancy for you to wear it when you’re swimming.’

‘I’ll take it off.’ She said it nervily, and now slipped away, soon placing it at the top of the steps. Avril then turned to look at him. ‘Lyam? Where have you gone to now?’

She squinted into the glare off the water’s surface.

‘Ha!’ Lyam had reappeared some distance away and beckoned to her.

‘Ha, to you too!’ she laughed. I shouldn’t be going along with his ways of it, or should I?

‘Swim to me, if you can?’

Everything that he said to her, all that Lyam chose to say, and do, sounded easy and confident. His behaviour flattered and it did not deceive her, even if she had played a part in encouraging his idea of going for a swim.

What she had agreed to, as a distraction from thoughts of others, Lyam now sought to take on.

Wasn’t that the reason for going on holiday; to break out of the box, it often felt, that you lived in? Complicated and destructive as it would be, she wanted the passion and the heat, then the softer ways of it between two people…just for a happy and quite unexpected change. And yes…even to be brazenly selfish and to think only of herself…and of Lyam now.

But, she remained on her spot and simply dipped under the water, soon rising to sweep away her hair, adjusting the beaded clip that held it in place.

She could feel confident of Lyam’s attentive and gentler ways and now she met his stilled, appraising look upon her, knew that the small triangles of cloth barely covered the swell of her breasts, covered only her nipples and not much more.

Compared to Sophie, she was a novice in all of this, the games between two people, male and female, brother and sister, friends and neighbours. What he had with Sophie he now wanted from her, now that we’re alone and can be together just as we please.

It was crazy to be falling for him and his exuberant ways.

I’m alone here with Lyam…and it will set my feelings, and fears, tumbling all over again.

What a riot of conflicting emotions he had aroused within her as the minutes passed and he became more confident in his attention to her.

Lyam swam to draw closer. ‘What’s up?’

‘I’m…I’ve taken to wondering what I’m doing here now, alone with you, Lyam.’

The stood close, not touching, but taking in the moment.

‘The same as I am…what we found with Claude and Sophie has been brought to a shattering end…swingers don’t get trapped in an emotional whirlpool. We do…I guess.’

‘Sophie told you all of that?’ She said it as his eyes drifted over her. The bikini really didn’t hide what she had from his sight, may even have stoked his aberrant hunger for her, a surrogate for Sophie. She felt the first touch of his fingers to her waist, then the surge of longing that thoughts of him, and Lyam’s presence with her now, had aroused. ‘Don’t…I hear my phone.’

He heard it too, felt that she had slipped out of his grasp.

Lyam watched as Avril went quickly up the steps, felt the rise of blood at the sight of her glistening skin; her fulsome, tended shape, the unmistakable knot of longing for her. He eased the fit of his swimming briefs. He was minded to swim …then changed his mind on seeing her glance his way and beckoning.

Close the space between us again…what now?

She was seen to clutch the phone, the call soon at an end.

‘Lyam…Lyam, be with me, ‘ she sighed, holding out a hand to him.

‘I’ve…I’ve nowhere else to go with what I feel for you now…’

‘That was our parents…mum. She can’t get hold of Sophie…told me that they’ll be here tomorrow, late afternoon. They’ll be bringing food…so we don’t have to do any more shopping…’

Lyam pressed his fingers to her lips to silence her. ‘I’ve heard enough…’

‘We’ve got time now…’ she heard herself say.

Lyam had watched and listened. Now he sought to claim her. She pushed his hands away but met his look upon her, knowing that it was impossible for her to turn illegal bahis back from what she had begun.

‘Give me a moment?’

Avril moved to put her phone on the lounger. She did so to try and quell the racing of her heart as she knew where these moments with Lyam were now leading her…taking them.

Yes, a palpable sense of longing gripped him on seeing Avril move. His fingers again touched; they slowly traced a path over her back; his hands slowly slid around her waist and over warm skin. He held Avril to him, smoothed and pressed his fingers to Avril’s body and touched gently the small stud piercing by her belly button.

‘I want to be with you now, closer than close…if you’ll let that happen between us?’ he murmured, his grip on her restraining hand tightening as, together, their fingers brushed the fabric swell of her bikini briefs, their quickening breaths mingling as their mouths were close but they did not kiss.

‘Lyam…Lyam?’ she asked on a whisper, squirming in his embrace to meet a questioning look upon her. She felt compelled to clamp his questing hands, yet the touch of his fingers upon her mons so pleasurable, the press of fingers into her. Another man wanted her. ‘What can we do about this?’

She wanted to know of him…she would know of him. She would endeavour to share every moment that she could with him, now, while they had the opportunity. She wanted to know of a different heat from all that Claude had brought to her; to feel wanted and not just to feel possessed. She had seen how it could be between Lyam and Sophie, their ways lacking in affection.

One hand rhythmically clamped the hard swell in his swimming briefs, and she heard his harsh intakes of breath as she brought him on; felt his unrestrained touches upon her; the tugging away of her bikini and the slow, questing press of his fingers to her…in her. She moved to meet them. Would he bring her on as they stood against each other?

It seemed that Lyam could do that for her.

‘And then?’ Avril shivered. ‘And then…and then…go on…go on?’ she kissed in halting breaths, moving in a slow rhythm to meet Lyam’s sliding caresses with increasing urgency.

‘And then, we do this…to know the madness of it…and what we did with others changed me…changed us…I know that now. Then…we remember how we lived for the moment…every one of them…while we could.’

Avril sighed. ‘Don’t say any more, just do it for me!’

They would only have this one chance, and they took it.


Lyam removed the full condom from his still stiff penis and left the bed, scurried into the bathroom and threw it in the pan. He pissed, his jetting stream hitting the water in a thunderous roar.

He saw her in the mirror, then felt Avril’s sliding caress to his back. They stared at each other in silence, taking in each other’s naked young bodies. A primal sexual instinct, base and illegal, had been satisfied, experienced for a first and possibly only time. Just as it had been with Claude and Sophie, where would this lead them?

‘I…I wanted you…know it was wrong,’ he said gently and giving voice to his guilt.

‘I know that too…now.’

Lyam felt disgusted by the taboo act they had just committed. He was ashamed by how easily he made love to his sister, taking her without a second thought, but he had not taken her virginity. It was of scant comfort to know that. He was, however, most ashamed by how much he had enjoyed being with her, how good it felt to penetrate his beautiful sister with her wonderful breasts, flat tummy and long legs, and to feel her sweet heat around him.

‘Are you really okay, Lyam….darling brother of mine.?’ Avril asked as she noticed the look on her Lyam’s face. ‘I love you, but…but I didn’t ever think it would get me where I am now…with you here and like this.’

Her pussy was still tingling from him having been in her body. It would take a while to recover from the wildness of the act, the thrashing of her feet on the bed, her aching legs and arms, the slam of his body against her, the tug of his lips on her breasts…all of it…all that they had discovered and then pursued…one condom being filled…then another…an hour later, another and the last.

Lyam turned to embrace her, and Avril felt his body shaking. ‘I’m so sorry for doing what I did…I love you…should have kept on letting you know but differently…just as before. We were used…you and I…’

‘Perhaps…but I had to learn of it with a good man. Now I’ve been loved…known of a love that cannot speak its name. It’s our secret and we’ll keep on being strong for each other.’

She held his hand as he led them back into the bedroom. She knew that ending what had begun between them would take a while longer.

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