Bachelorette Party with 3 strippers

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Bachelorette Party with 3 strippersMy name is Nikki and I got married a couple months ago so I thought I would share my Bachelorette Party experience. My husband, Josh, and I are swingers and we love to include both our close friends and strangers in our sexcapades. I am bisexual and Josh is straight, however, he isn’t weirded out if he bumps into or touches another guy during threesomes or orgies. After a 2 year engagement and over 4 years together we made a deal in the last 2 months before our wedding that we would not exercise our swingers rights and would be faithful to each other due to how busy we were with work, wedding and everything else in our lives. This kind of backfired and was difficult because we had been swinging multiple times a month for 3 years at this point and we had regular people we hooked with monthly or sometimes weekly. Josh had to unexpectedly travel for his job a bit in the last couple months before the wedding which caused the stress to build up and we were unable to satisfy each other, and now we had agreed to not swing either. We definielty love each other but we also very much love our expanded sex life and it is one of the reasons we are so happy. At this time though we were very unsatisfied sexually and with the stress of the wedding on top of our jobs we were ready to relax.We decided to have our bachelor and bachelorette parties on the same night, 2 weeks before the wedding. We had agreed that they would be low key and only include our wedding party and a few other friends. He was having about 8-10 people at his and it was to include target and skeet shooting at his best friends farm, a fair bit of drinking after that and camping at a hunting cabin on the farm. Both of our dads would be in attendance as well as his 2 brothers, Rachael’s step brother Zachary and a few other friends.Now a description about who is at the bachelorette party. There are 9 of us attending including me. It consists of me, my maid of honor, 3 additional bridesmaids, 2 coworkers, and both our stepmoms. First I am 31, 5’8″, 145lbs, shoulder length, straight blonde hair (pulled back in a tight ponytail) and blue eyes. I have 36C tits, very perky, and I am attractive. Not a model by any means but above average. My maid of honor is my best friend Danielle, who is 30, 5’4″, 120lbs, shoulder length, dirty blonde hair that she keeps wavy most of the time, and blue eyes. She has perfect 34b tits and is more attractive than me. The rest of my bridesmaids are longtime friends from school and college. There is Rachael, best friend of Danielle and I since we were in grade school who is mixed race, 5’6″, 135lbs, 34B, shoulder length wavy brunette hair with brown eyes. She is stunning and did a little modeling work, think Zendaya with glasses. Next is Kate, my college roommate. She is 31, 5’7″, 175lbs. She has nice 36C tits and even though she is a little curvier than the rest of us she is still attractive. She is (bottled) blonde hair and blue eyes and wears glasses. She had the shortest hair, a little bob cut. Ashley, Josh’s stepsister, who is the only single woman at the party is 23, 5’4”, 120 pounds, has long brunette hair and looks a little like Allie Haze, the pornstar. Our Stepmoms are there who are both attractive women in their mid to late 50s. My stepmom Nancy has shorter blonde hair, is 5’6”, 145 pounds and 36 D tits. Josh’s stepmom Julia (Ashley’s mom), has long curly blonde hair, is 5’7”, 155 pounds, and has huge 38-40 DD tits. Lastly there are 2 coworkers, Melissa, who is 5’5” 120 pounds, long black hair, she is part hispanic and has beautiful caramel skin with small 32B tits. Last is Sara, 5’3” 130 pounds, long black hair, she has beautiful black skin and perfect 36B tits that look almost fake but are very real.Myself and the bridesmaids were all wearing short sundresses (mine was all white) as it was still summer and very warm, Julia was coming from work wearing a pantsuit with a blouse and jacket that struggled to hide those huge tits and Nancy was wearing capri pants and a tight t-shirt that hugged those nice big tits. Melissa and Sara were both wearing jeans with Sara in t-shirt and Melissa wearing a short sleeve plaid button up with no bra.Danielle was in charge of planning the Bachelorette party but Kate, Rachael and Ashley helped a bunch with it since we had all been friends for years. It is important to note that these were the only attendees that knew about our swinging, in fact Danielle, Kate and Rachael have all slept with Josh, while I have slept with Danielle, Kate, Rachael, and Ashley (who accidentally found out about our lifestyle and wanted to try out a lesbian experience). The party was at Rachael’s house, her and her husband had a beautiful 2500 sq foot house with a basement the same size. The basement was mainly just a giant bar/entertainment room. We were in the basement having the party because of the bar, extra seating space and extra open room to dance and watch tv and whatever we wanted. The gifts started coming after a point and they were some nice gifts then some raunchy gifts including some fuzzy handcuffs and a hitachi wand. I blushed a little opening these in front of my stepmom and soon to be in-laws but was glad to receive a replacement for my hitachi which was several years old and losing some of its power. Rachael then turned the music back up and opened up a curtain in the corner and there was a small stage and pole there. She told everyone that we were going to have an innocent contest to see who was best. “Clothes can stay on” she told us. One by one we each went up and did our best little pole dance. Even Melissa and Sara seemed to loosen up and have a good time doing this which I wasn’t sure as we only started hanging out over the last 6 months or so after work. My mother in law, Julia, had apparently done this before or she had very good beginner’s luck because she looked like a pro. She looked really hot in the pantsuit that she was wearing dancing around the pole, stripping her jacket off, twirling it around and throwing it in the Amsterdam Escort Shemale crowd. Then she was doing booty drops and at one point bending over and looking back at everyone through her legs before slowly dropping her booty again. I started to get a little wet watching all these attractive women dancing like strippers and was cheering so loudly that I didn’t realize Danielle snuck away. She returned from upstairs and asked for everyone’s attention before introducing Diesel. Out came a 6’2″ 210lbs rock solid black man with a wrestling mask on. The music was already playing and he started to dance. I was speechless, my mouth dropped open and I stared at Danielle. Apparently everyone else was aware that there would be a surprise stripper. We all took seats again and he worked his way around the room. Taking off his shirt and revealing an 8 pack like I had never seen. He was glistening, probably due to oil that he put on before, and he proceeded to give each woman a little show. As the show went on he finally pulled off his pants and revealed a blue g string pouch. The ones that let the man’s dick kind of stick out and only surrounds the dick and balls. He wasn’t completely hard but you could still tell he was about 9-10 inches. My husband is about 7 and pretty thick, and I’ve had some that big, just not in a while. Now since the moms and my coworkers are unaware of our lifestyle I was hesitant to do anything but I definitely wanted to due to the sexual frustration over the last couple months. He finally came up to me and was doing his dance and thrusting in front of me obviously wanting me to grab him and maybe more. The other ladies were screaming at me to touch it but all I did was run my hands over his pecs and abs. Then he went over to my stepmom, Nancy, and she reached right out and grabbed his pouch covered dick before throwing her head into her hands in embarrassment . I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before long all the ladies had a little tug and some had even started licking whipped cream off his stomach. My panties were getting wet by this point and I was getting ready to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to make myself cum.Just then Danielle told us that there was more and Diesel got up and went to the back of the room. Two more guys came into the room, both of these guys were white and they both wore those similar wrestling masks and had long coats on. They danced around and teased all the women and one came over and opened his coat in front of me revealing a bright red g string pouch. He had a very good body as well and a little smaller cock than Diesel. There was just something familiar. I looked at his mask covered face and he had a big smile and twinkling blue eyes staring back at me. I gasped and he quickly shoosh’d me. The dancer in front of me was none other than my soon to be husband. I was already horny from Diesel but now my panties were soaked. I knew right then that he had helped set all this up so that I would be getting fucked tonight. He took his jacket off and I went back to playing little miss innocent. The other guy came over with his cock in its little pouch and something seemed familiar about him too. He was in good shape and had a nice sized cock as well but I couldn’t figure out whether I knew him or not because I couldn’t see through the mask. After all the ladies gave the other two some tugs I turned to see Rachael cozied up to Diesel rubbing his cock a little as he whispered in her ear. As the guys moved to the back of the room Danielle got up and came up front and said that now it was time to get really naughty. All the women started cheering and I couldn’t believe my stepmom, in laws and friends from work were all into it this much. I was really just catching up to what had happened when I realized that Josh’s stepmom and stepsister may have just stroked their his cock and didn’t know it. I didn’t see it because of the other guy near me but it might have happened. He finally came up and whispered in my ear that I need to go wild and do whatever I want to with anyone here. Danielle was still talking and proposing that we all get way raunchier which got a ton of cheers. I was still nervous about doing something in front of those that weren’t in my inner circle of friends who knew about mine and Josh’s lifestyle but I was so horny I started to care less and less. Finally, Danielle finished talking and all three men came back up and started dancing again. Diesel came straight to me while Josh and the other guy went and mingled with the rest. Again, the only single woman at this party was Ashley. Everyone else was married and they were all over these men stroking on them and then I saw something I couldn’t believe. My stepmom, Nancy, had pulled my husband’s cock free of his pouch and was stroking it. He shot a look over to me and smiled while I looked on, mouth open. Danielle was sitting next to me and started to chuckle and pointed me back towards this beautiful black man in front of me. While she helped me pull his pouch down his giant cock sprang free and was amazing looking. I grabbed a hold of it and started stroking it lightly when everyone started cheering me on, including the other two dancers. I was so embarrassed not because of it being in front of people but because it was in front of some of these people. Danielle grabbed my ponytail moving my head forward and I stuck the head of his cock into my mouth and ran my tongue around the head a couple times. The cheers were deafening and I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started at his balls and licked the vein on the underside of his shaft all the way to the head before going all the way down on his cock. I have no problem deep throating my husband’s 7 inches and I almost got all of Diesel. Only about an inch was out of my mouth and throat as he let out a major groan as I held there for as long as I could. The tears started coming up to my eyes when I pulled back off his shaft with a gasp of air and saliva dripping out of my mouth and all over his thick black meat. rotterdam Escort Shemale The cheers came again and so did the murmurs about how much I took and a few comments about my husband being lucky and well satisfied, if they only knew how true that was. I started to stroke this huge cock sliding the saliva all over it when I looked over and saw Ashley sucking on her stepbrother’s, my husband’s, cock. I looked at Danielle and asked if she (Danielle) knew who it was and she said of course and waived for him to come over. I then asked if Ashley knew and she said no way. Josh came over and stopped in front of Danielle and she took his cock into her mouth. This wasn’t a big deal as they had fucked many times over the years that we’ve been dating and engaged. I just couldn’t believe she had set all this up the way she did. Our stepmom, Nancy, was cheering both of us on while Julia was sucking the other cock. About that time my mom started sharing that cock with Julia. Diesel leaned down and gave me a soft kiss and went to get sucked off by everyone else. At that time the other cock came jogging over and stuffed his cock in my mouth. I could taste the saliva of several other women on him and he had a nice cock. It was only about 6.5 inches but it was a nice thickness and it had a little up curve to it. And it was so incredibly rock hard. When it wasn’t in a mouth it pointed straight up curving back towards his belly button. My husband has a rock hard cock too but it points straight out with a small curve to the left. I sucked his cock alternating between fast and slow and just working the head and deep throating. He was very easy to take all the way down and I would lick his balls when I did. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and he knelt before me and stripped my sopping panties off and tossed them to my husband who gave them a sniff and smiled. He had moved over to Melissa and Sara and was getting his cock sucked by them both. Diesel was now in front of Julia and Nancy and they were double teaming his huge black cock. Danielle and Rachael were over at the pole dancing around and had pulled their panties off and were waving them around. Kate had pulled Melissa’s jeans off and was licking her pussy. Right after this mystery man started licking my pussy I started to seep more juices out and as he slid a 2 fingers inside and curled them up rubbing that perfect little g spot inside me I squirted all over his face. I looked over at my husband and he just smiled and gave the same motion implying he told him how to make me cum instantly. He got up to move to another girl but I grabbed him and gave him a big kiss licking the cum off his lips through his mask. He moved over to Nancy and Julia with Diesel and my husband moved over to the stripper pole and and bent Rachael over. Danielle knelt down and lubed up his cock before placing it in Rachael’s pussy. Rachael moaned loudly and got everyone’s attention as cheers echoed out. All the other girls were either eating pussy or sharing cocks at this point. I walked over to Kate who was now swallowing Diesel’s huge dick. She looked at me and forced Diesel to sit down. She motioned to me and I climbed on top of him. As I was positioning his cock to take it in me everyone stopped and watched. I slowly slid down onto his huge thick dick and almost came just from that first slow entrance into my pussy. I moaned louder and louder as I slid further down it. I leaned forward and gave him a deep passionate kiss as he finally bottomed out inside me. I felt my dress flip up and then a soft wet sensation on my asshole as I looked and saw Kate start to tongue it. I love the sensation of my asshole being eaten and with the massive man inside me I started to convulse, cumming immediately. I felt her slide a finger inside it and I was moaning and still shaking from the orgasm. I started to bounce on Diesel’s dick and my pussy was stretched out so much. More than it had in awhile. A few minutes later I felt the tongue and finger move away from my ass and diesel moaned a little. He said he could feel his balls being licked and caressed. I felt a hand on my ass again and turned to see the mystery man behind me with his cock poised to penetrate me. I nodded and he slowly slid his rock hard dick into my tight asshole. It was sliding in nice and smooth due to Kate lubing me up and all the ladies lubing him up. I propped up a little from diesel and let him and the mystery man both pump their cocks inside me. I moaned in ecstasy as I came for a third time. My husband had made his way through Rachael and Danielle and was now fucking Sara next to us on the couch. He pulled his dick out and stuffed it all the way down my throat. I swear I could taste all the pussy and saliva on it as he left it buried in my throat until I had to back off. Spit was all over the place and he slid right back into that waiting pussy. Julia and Nancy were now up at the stripper pole playing around and making out. Nancy had her hand down Julia’s pantsuit rubbing her pussy. Mystery man pulled out of my ass and Kate took him all the way in her mouth. I climbed off Diesel and asked who was next. I think every woman’s hand in the room shot up. Mystery man moved on to a new woman and Diesel did too.I was laying on the floor having my pussy eaten by a Melissa, whom I always got along with but who I always thought was a little uptight and goody goody. She was really good at it too. I had also just watched her be fucked by three different guys and swallowing strangers cocks like it was a normal occurrence. After cumming for what seemed like the hundredth time my bridesmaids were standing at the front of the room calling for attention. They had turned off the music and asked who would like to see the main attraction. Since it was my party I was to be front and center being hammered by all three guys while all the other ladies watch. I walked up to the front covered in sweat and pussy juice and stood there waiting with my dress still on but pulled down below my breasts. The three hard Amsterdam Escort cock strippers came up and all stood around me groping at my body, kissing me and sucking on my nipples. I was stroking off two of them and nustling my ass into the third. I was forced onto my knees and they all lined up while I sucked and stroked all three of them. All eyes were on me. Some of the girls were rubbing their own pussies. Some rubbing each other’s. Everyone was at least partially naked and everyone was watching and cheering. Diesel was in the middle flanked by Josh and this mystery man I didn’t know, yet anyhow, and I was deep throating and gagging and spitting and sucking all three of them. Finally Diesel said he had to cum and I told him to cum on my face. He unleashed a moderate load letting it just kind of ooze out of his massive cock onto my lips and chin. Mystery man was second and he shot a good load all over my mouth and up onto my forehead and hair. My husband was last and I knew he would be because I wanted him to. I took him back in my mouth and while rubbing his balls and deep throating and gagging he gripped the back of my head tight. It was this one little thing that I could get him to cum almost immediately when I did it. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and dropped a huge load all over my face. He is a very heavy cummer and all the girls gasped when they saw it, minus my friends who had fucked him before. Long strings of white jizz bellowed out onto my face from my chin to my hair and onto the wall behind us. There was a huge applause as he stood me up and bent me over and started to fuck me again. Another huge cheer happened and it seemed to re-energize everyone as the ladies seemed to attack the other guys. The were manhandled and soon were both hard again. As my husband was fucking me, Ashley, Rachael, Kate and Danielle were licking the cum off my face and kissing me and each other swapping the cum back and forth. Finally after I had received most of the cum that was left and swallowed it I told him I needed filled up. All the ladies got the cocks rock hard for me as I proceeded to get all three holes filled by each of these men. They would switch out what holes they were in and after about 20-30 minutes I told them I needed their cum inside my pussy. Diesel went first and gave a nice load inside me. I came as he did and knew I was going to be full in a couple minutes. I was leaning back on the couch and stayed in position as mystery man came up and took his turn. He shot his load inside pretty quickly and now that was 2 down. Each time one of the guys pulled out the girls were fighting to clean them off to taste a little bit of the cum. Finally my husband came up and and he is able to cum quickly if he wants to and I whispered to make me cum at the same time, something we had perfected. He started to pump away rubbing my clit a little. Finally I told him I was close and he pulled his cock to the edge of my pussy and instead of shoving all the way in to cum he left it at the edge so I could feel his massive load squirt all the way to the back of my pussy. I let a scream out and my juices flowed out while this happened. I told all the girls to line up and had each and every one of them come up and get a taste. A couple went at it trying to make me cum again while others just got a taste and moved on. I was laying back with my eyes closed and didn’t even realize that Nancy had knelt down and took her turn. I opened my eyes during the murmuring to see her eyes staring up at me as she licked my pussy. I asked what she was doing and she told me that she wanted a taste as well and if that meant eating it out of my pussy then so be it. Danielle was the first one to take her turn, and made sure she made me cum. Finally Kate and Rachael took their turns before I asked if the bridesmaids should get a special treat for this awesome party. Everyone cheered in agreement and I had them all lay on the floor as I stood over them and squeezed a little cum into their mouths. I then fingered my pussy and released a big squirting orgasm all over them making them soaking wet with my pussy juice and having three guys’s cum on their mouths and faces.After a couple more hours of pussy eating, fingering and fucking we had all cum so many times we had lost count. I couldn’t believe that these girls were doing all these things. I watched my husband to be fuck his stepmom and his stepsister. I watched my stepmom suck and fuck a huge black dick as well as eat my friends’s pussies. She also licked cum out of mine. We were all kind of in awe about what just happened. The guys were upstairs getting cleaned up, taking showers and what not. I decided this would be a good time to sneak up and say hi and see what he had to say. I went to the first guest bathroom and saw Diesel in the shower with Danielle so I went to the master bedroom thinking Rachael would probably let Josh use it since he’s family and I go in and he’s there talking to the mystery guy, who is in the shower. I walk in and give him a big hug and kiss and thank him for what just happened. About that time I heard a voice come from the shower and now I knew who the mystery guy was. I said, in an almost scream, Zachary??!!!! It was Rachael’s younger step brother. I asked my husband how he could bring him into this and whether Rachael knew. He said she did and that they had both wanted to fuck anyhow. He was also hoping to win a date with Ashley after this and watching how he fucked her and how much she enjoyed it she will probably accept. I couldn’t believe it and asked who Diesel was and was told he was just a friend who was willing to help out. I told him I never thought that I could repay him for that and also asked what Kate, Rachael and Danielle had to do to get them to do it. He told me that his bachelor party was already done the week before while I was out picking up the dress and planning some wedding stuff with the girls but that he wanted a second bachelor party the next week with certain select people to be similar to this bachelorette party. Seems like my bridesmaids and I all have a Bachelor party to work the following week. Hope the boys that are there enjoy us all being hot stripper whores for them. It also looks like my husband and I have some new people to swing with also. Those stories to come later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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