Beach Adventure

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Beach Adventure’You want me to flaunt myself in public?!’It was our penultimate night of our 14 day holiday on the South Coast of France. I had deliberately chosen our hotel as it was placed centrally on a ‘clothing optional’ beach. Despite Julie loosening her attitude to exposure in private (read my Fantasy Photoshoot story) I had yet to persuade Julie to expose herself in public. I had hoped I could persuade her to maybe lose her top at the beach. She would look so hot sunbathing topless! I had even brought her a new swimsuit! She had insisted on a swimsuit as she didn’t like to reveal too much skin… I brought her a black ‘suit’ which looked more like a bikini, the two halves linked by black ribbon criss crossing its way around her slim, toned body. She had initially been shocked by my choice, but secretly I know she loved it! Yet despite all this, I had failed to persuade her to reveal anymore than the suit naturally did.’I just think you will look stunning laid out on the beach, your pert 34B breasts bare, It would be such a turn on for me, and I think you’ll love it too!’ I replied.’Huh!’ She wasn’t impressed! The atmosphere at our evening meal was frosty for the rest of the night.The following morning, we got ourselves ready for our final day at the beach. Julie had slipped into her swimsuit, and thrown her crochet beach tunic on. I was in my shorts and t-shirt. We grabbed our beach bag and headed for the beach.We found a spot on the beach, not too crowded and made ourselves comfortable, Julie sat on her beach towel, trashy holiday book in hand. I couldn’t help noticing half a dozen woman around us, all topless, one completely nude! Julie ignored them, kept her face buried in her book. I removed my t-shirt, and applied some lotion. I offered canlı kaçak iddaa to do Julie’s shoulders, and she slipped her tunic off, laid on her front, still reading her book. After about 10 minutes, the heat of the sun was getting stronger, my mouth drier. ‘Fancy a drink from the bar?’ Julie nodded, but didn’t lift her eyes from her book. She was still clearly annoyed with me. I got up and walked the 40 yards to the beach bar. I wasn’t the only one wanting a drink, the sun had encouraged plenty of trade for the bar man. As I waited I cast my eyes back to my beautiful wife, laying on her front, her 5’6″ slender figure stretched out, with her gorgeous arse looking awesome in her swimsuit, propped up on her elbows reading her book, her long brunette hair swept over her right shoulder. She looked amazing!Suddenly she looked up, not towards me, but towards a guy sat on he’s beach towel just 2 yards in front of her. From that position, he must be getting a great view of her modest, but sexy cleavage!They were talking, maybe about her book? She started to look as if she was flirting a little, running her slender hand through her hair. The guy was smiling back. He was a big guy, black and obviously well acquainted with he’s local gym! I looked back at the bar, still about 10 people waiting! I turned back to my wife.She was beckoning him over! He got up and within a couple of strides was beside my wife. And boy were those white speedo’s tight on him! Julie wriggled and little as she slowly slipped her swimsuits shoulder straps off, the black ribbons across her back loosening. He knealt down beside her, he’s thigh’s slayed out, he’s groin no more than 2 feet from Julie’s face.She held up our sun lotion bottle, and waved it playfully at him, they internet casino were talking again, more flirting. He took the bottle, tipped it upside down and squirted some into the palm of he’s big hands. Then he leant forwards, and started massaging the lotion into my wife’s bare shoulders! He slowly worked the lotion into her pale skin, Julie’s head dropped, she was obviously enjoying the massage. He’s fingers started to dip a little down her back, each time easing the ribbons holding her swimsuit together an inch further down her slender back. I released my jaw was hanging open, and I had a semi in my shorts!In a short time, the ribbons were down at the base of her back, and the cups holding her breasts had fallen flat on her towel, the sides of her pert tits just visible behind her upper arms. the stranger was now applying more lotion, working it into her back, from her shoulders all the way down to her arse. He leant forwards and appeared to whisper something in her ear. She giggled, and shot a quick glance over to the bar, but seemed to fail to spot me.What she did next stunned me! She rolled herself over, pulling the top half of her swimsuit down so it bunched up over her lower tummy. She was laying there topless!! She laid right back, her head on her towel. The guy had the biggest grin on he’s face and he upped the sun lotion bottle again, pouring a large amount out into he’s palm, then placed he’s hand on my wife’s toned waist, making small circular motions, rubbing the lotion into her bare skin. The contrast of he’s big dark hands on my wife’s pale skin looked incredible! He applied more lotion to her arms, working he’s way up her forearms to her upper arms, her breasts jiggling as he occasionally nudged them.Then he grabbed the bottle, canlı poker oyna held it over her chest, and squirted out a line of lotion across her breasts. He’s hands easily cupped her pert breasts, massaging the lotion into them. Julie turned her head, away from me, but looking directly into he’s groin. I followed her line of sight. Those Speedo’s were looking even tighter! Then my wife shocked and stunned me!! She slowly extended her arm out towards he’s Speedo’s, her fingertip slowly brushing over the tight material! She found what she was looking for and started to run her delicate fingertips up and down the outline of he’s shaft, as he continued to massage her breasts. Her nipples had hardened, standing big and proud, the stranger focusing on them, circling them with he’s thick fingers. I looked back at Julie’s fingers, I was shocked to see the head of he’s cock had popped out the leg hole of he’s Speedo’s. Julie was tracing her fingers around the crown of he’s thick cock! A cock that was just inches from her pretty face!She lifted herself up on one arm, turning her torso towards him, blocking my view. Her free arm appeared to be making a more noticeable stroking motion. The guy was looking down at he’s own groin, and from the look on he’s face, clearing enjoying the experience! A minute later he throw he’s head back, and Julie twitched back. More giggling. The stranger looked back down at my wife, and tenderly stroked her face, got up and walked out into the sea. The barman tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around, surprised, and quickly ordered a couple of drinks. On walking back to my wife, I admired her stunning topless form as she laid back, sprawled out on her towel, her breasts pert. I knealt down beside her.’Wow Julie, I see you finally decided to go topless, you look simply stunning!’ She smiled.I looked loving down at her body.’Oh, you have a blob of sun lotion over your right breast, did you not notice you hadn’t rubbed it all in?”Honey’ she replied, ‘That’s not lotion!’

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