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“Hi Jessie. I like that little skirt you have on today. What’s underneath, dirty girl?”

I turned around in my chair and looked up at Eddie who was standing over me at my desk. He had a mischievous grin on his face as he often did when he came by my desk to make a suggestive comment. I took a breath and sighed as I smelled the delicious scent of this man who could make me hot at the drop of a hat, but who was off limits to me. “Well, there is nothing under this skirt Eddie. Easy access, just like you like it,” I whispered, smiling while I opened my knees ever so slightly. I looked up at his face and saw surprise– and skepticism.

“Sure Jessie. Prove it to me at lunch.” With that, Eddie walked away, and I felt the familiar heat between my legs whenever I was near him. We would often tease each other like that just for fun, knowing we really couldn’t act on anything.

Eddie and I have worked together for over a year, and during that time I developed an infatuation with him – almost a sexual preoccupation. He has awakened feelings in me that I have not felt in years; almost like a high school crush, but much more sexual and forbidden. We are both married…to other people of course.

When he first noticed me, I thought it was a bit unusual because I was not used to the attention. But when I realized there was a mutual attraction there, I was hooked. The more we got to know each other, the more suggestive our conversations became. He was probably surprised to discover that I would join in on his off-color banter; at first glance I am an innocent looking, and somewhat innocent acting, girl. But beneath the surface it’s quite a different story.

Eddie began to haunt my dreams, figuratively and literally. I would fantasize about him almost every day, and that made the flirting raunchier and more personal. Sometimes he would say things that almost sounded like an invitation to fuck. When I asked him about it, he assured me that he was just being playful, and that we were married people who shouldn’t fool around. I was a bit relieved to hear this, but also a bit disappointed to know that my fantasies were going to stay just that.

A few hours after Eddie made the skirt comment, he was back at my desk for another chat. I had talked to him a lot about the ongoing renovations of our new home, so he used this as an opening.

“You know, after all these months of talking about your new house, and your work on it, you would think that I would have been invited over to see it. What are you waiting for Jessie?”

Well, I had thought about him coming over my house many times, but did not feel it would be appropriate. How would my husband react if he came home to find me giving Eddie a tour? But right now that was irrelevant because my husband was out of town for five days. And Eddie knew it.

“So? How about after work? Maybe you could show me your handiwork, so I could see the result of all your painting and improvements.”

I looked at his green eyes for some kind of underlying message, but there was none. I guess he just wanted to really see the house. “All right Eddie… I’m not doing anything after work, so why don’t you stop by? You can follow me home.”

“Great. I’ll swing by your desk on the way out,” he replied in a matter-of-fact way.

There was a bit of excitement rising in me at the thought of him coming to my house, especially when my husband was away. So many times I imagined the wild sex we would have if the moment presented itself… but since it was looking like that would never happen, that fantasy had kind of drifted away a little. But my strong attraction for him was always there – his mischievous expression, his green eyes, his trim body, his smell, his big hands, and his voice that has spoken many a dirty word to me at work as well as in my dreams. He’s got sandy colored hair and little goatee that is perfectly kept but gives a little bad boy edge to his look. I am sucker for the bad boys – I like the way they bring out my naughty side.

As the workday was coming to a close, I was getting a little anxious but also excited. Is the house clean? Is there anything embarrassing left out? Luckily I had cleaned the night before in preparation for my husband to return in a couple of days, so the house was presentable. Eddie stopped by my desk on the way out, ready to follow me home. As we walked out of the building he held the doors open for me like a gentleman. I could barely hold back my excitement as we faced the cool evening air and walked towards our cars.

“Alright Eddie, it’s not very far but just follow me closely and we should be there in about 10 minutes.”

“Sounds good Jessie.”

As I drove down the road, I turned over and over in my mind whether I could actually fuck this man if the opportunity was there. I had not been thinking I could, but I still could not sort out my feelings. I knew that I wanted Eddie more than anything, but in the end I felt it was best that my fantasies didn’t come to pass.

I showed Eddie all around the house, pointing out the improvements and projects we almanbahis had worked on over the months. The last room I showed Eddie was the bedroom, since it is the furthest back in the house. We walked into the cool green room with the rich red comforter and espresso-colored furniture. The bed is new and is higher than our previous bed, which I have found is great for new sex positions.

“So this is where it all happens?” Eddie said, with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

“Well, yes, you could say that. Though not this weekend… it’s been a bit quiet all alone.”

“Oh, I am sure you took care of that.” Eddie asked.

I knew what he is getting at. I gave the “shy nymph” glance his way, a look that he knew very well. “Well, I had some fun in this bed alone this weekend, but I’ve also spent time thinking about what it would be like if you were to come over.” There was a rush of warmth up my thighs as I envisioned that.

Eddie looked around quietly and pensively for a moment. I walked over to the side of the bed and pointed towards the sliding glass door on the opposite wall. “That’s a pretty nice view we have, don’t you think?”

As I made small talk about the house, I felt a slight movement as Eddie took two steps and was suddenly right behind me, inches away from my body. That is odd, I thought; he has never come in so close to me before… probably because we were at work. I could smell his cologne and hear his breath faintly close to my hair. As I faced the bed I felt slightly awkward and a little trapped because I couldn’t move back without bumping right into him, and even when I thought of moving to the side I felt a barrier as his presence encircled me.

Just then, Eddie reached around to the front of me and wrapped his left arm around me, pinning my arms together in front of me. His movement was swift, but not rough, which left me feeling uncertain but suddenly excited at his strong arm around my body. I felt his hips press against the small of my back, and I thought I could feel the unmistakable stiffness of an erect cock. All of this happened very fast and a lot of thoughts raced through my mind… oh my God, is this really going to happen? Why is he bearing down on me like this? Should I be appalled or excited?

Eddie whispered deviously in my ear. “Jessie, I know you’ve imagined us in this bed. Feel my hard prick against you. I think it’s time that I give you what you want.”

“But I thought…”

“What Jessie? I said I was a married man who wouldn’t fuck you, a married woman. That was just to string you along, until I could surprise you.”

I tried to move my arms a little. If he knew I wanted this, why was he holding my arms and standing so tightly against me?

“Are you trying to squirm away, little girl? Don’t bet on it. I know what you want. I’m just making sure you don’t have any second thoughts.”

But I did have second thoughts. I had decided that I could not actually go through with my adulterous fantasies. It was just wrong to fuck Eddie, though my pussy burned with desire for him.

I was going to have to resist it. I couldn’t actually do this, as much as my desire told me I want to. “Eddie, this really isn’t right – I don’t want to do this. I can’t go through with it.” I tried again to free my arms from his grip, to no avail. My heart raced as I began to feel a little fear.

“Don’t try to get away. This is what you want, and what you’ll get. I bet you’re even a little horny, though you’ll try to deny it. Let’s see.” With that, his right arm quickly moved downward as the left arm continued to bind my arms. His hand slid up my thighs under my skirt and rested on my panties. Immediately I knew that he was going to feel how wet they were, which would betray my protests against having sex with him. He’d know I was hot for it.

His finger rubbed ever so slightly on the crotch of my panties. “Well Jessie. You are already wet, you horny little bitch,” Eddie hissed. “You’re telling me you don’t want me to fuck you? That it would be wrong? Well, fuck that. You’re going to get it, and you’re going to get it good. Now let me see what else is going on in that hot little slit of yours.” He moved aside the wet crotch of my panties and stuck his middle finger deep inside the folds of my pussy. My knees buckled, and I let out a deep moan.

The more I moved, the more Eddie tightened his grip on me, which by this time was making me very hot. I liked the feeling of being pinned by his strong arm while his finger stroked my sopping puss. I purposefully squirmed as if to break free so that he would grip me more firmly. Just then another finger slipped in to work my hole. His hand pressed firmly against my aching mound at the same time. Oh God – I was in heaven – I could barely stand.

“That’s a girl. That’s good, isn’t it, Jessie? You like this two-finger fuck, don’t you?”

I could barely speak to answer his questions. “Oh God, um, yes… it’s good.”

“You’re gushing on my fingers. You love this. And you tried to tell me you didn’t want to do anything. Save it, slut. almanbahis yeni giriş Your pussy gives you away. And I bet your little nipples do too. I have been dying to see them ever since you showed them off in that white top at work.”

Eddie swiftly took his left arm that had been holding my arms and lifted my shirt above my head. My hair cascaded down my shoulders and he ran his fingers through it, alternating caresses with little tugs as he grabbed sections of my hair. He became more gentle as he ran his free hand down the front of my body and over the top of my thin white bra, continuing to finger fuck me at the same time. I felt his hand lightly touch my nipples from the outside of the bra, and I could feel them firming up against the fabric. He slid one hand inside and pinched my nipple until it was like a little pearl in his fingers. As he did so, Eddie ran his tongue down the length of my neck and then bit down at the bottom, just above my shoulder.

Between this and his fingers continuing to work me into a frenzy, I knew there was no way to stop this now. It was what I wanted to do so badly but it was also something I felt bad doing, knowing there were other people who would get hurt. But my resistance was growing weaker as Eddie relentlessly played with my nipples, and I was dying to become free from my bra.

“There we go. I bet that feels good too,” he whispered. “I bet you like to have your little nipples played with till they are rock hard. How is your pussy, by the way? I can feel how hot and juicy you are… are you going to come soon?”

“I… yes, I… might…if your fingers keep fucking me like that… but I think we should stop. I mean, is this really what we should be doing?”

“Jessie, there is no stopping. We’re just getting started. It’s been building up for months in your dirty little mind. There is no turning back. Understand? Maybe you don’t understand clearly enough.” Eddie abruptly took his fingers away from my pussy and pushed me forward face down on the bed. Because of its height, I bent at the waist and my cunt was at the edge of the bed.

“Now, Jessie … I am going to make you forget you ever thought about saying no to me.” I could hear him unzip his pants and assumed he was pulling out his cock, which must be bulging by now…I could not see it because I was face down, but I wanted to. There was no use in trying to stand up because he was pressed closely against my thighs. I tried to look behind me to see.

“What are you looking at Jessie? Trying to catch a glimpse of my prick? I’ll let you know when you can see it. Until then, just feel it against your sweet ass cheeks.” Eddie pulled my panties and skirt the rest of the way down. My bra was still on, and I wanted him to take it off for me so my tits could swing free. Should I ask him? Just then he took his cock and rubbed it against my ass, and I could feel how big it was. Oh God, it felt so good. I wanted him to fuck me. Plain and simple. I wanted to forget all about anything else but his prick pounding me good and hard.

“Eddie, your cock feels so good back there. Can I please see it?”

“No. For now I am going to rub it all over you and you’re going to have to guess what it looks like. And what it will feel like when I finally fuck you.”

I hesitated, then asked, “Eddie, can you please take my bra off? My tits feel bound up like this. Please?”

“Well you sure have a lot of requests tonight, don’t you Jessie? Are you saying you don’t like feeling your nipples against that tight white fabric?” As he said this Eddie teasingly ran his cock from between my thighs up along my ass and back down. His cock was becoming moist from the pussy juices that he forced out of me earlier, and I felt a little trickle run down the inside of my thigh. “I will take off your bra in a minute. But first, I need to clean you up. You’re such a little whore that you can’t keep your pussy from gushing down your legs.”

With that, he bent down and licked the trail of juice running down my thigh. He must have known I was dripping. It’s all his fault. I was helpless. A little girl who loved being bent over the bed like this for this man who I had fucked in my dreams for months. As he cleaned up my thigh I thought, Oh God, is he going to clean my pussy too? Mmmm… if he licks my slit, it will put me over the edge. Oh please Eddie – do it!

His tongue stopped at the top of my thigh, just below my pussy lips. “You want me to lick this, don’t you? You’d like to have my mouth eat your little horny cunt, and make sure I clean all the juice out of you? Wouldn’t you?”

“Oh God, Eddie, please… I want your tongue in my cunt. Please. Now!”

“So demanding! A while ago you were saying that we should stop. Now you want to order me to lick your cunt? Fine…be quiet and spread your legs a little wider. I am going to get my face all the way in there and lick your dirty little pussy clean. And you know what? Give me your hands. I want to make sure you aren’t playing with your nipples or anything else while I eat you.”

“Why my hands? What almanbahis giriş are you…?”

“Put your hands back here. Just do it. Then I will tongue fuck you.” I couldn’t wait any longer for his tongue, so I did what Eddie said, still keeping my face down on the bed. His hands were so big that he could hold both of mine together with only one of his. Now I was at his mercy and could just feel my burning pussy as he worked his tongue all around it. He explored every inch of my slit, sliding his tongue teasingly in and out of my hole.

“Tell me how you like my tongue licking you like this,” Eddie demanded.

“Mmmm… it feels so good to feel you lick me. My pussy has never been so wet. If you keep this up I am going to come all over your face.” Just as I finished those words, I felt Eddie’s whole mouth on my cunt, eating every inch of it. No place was untouched. He sucked my clit, gently at first and then harder. Eddie still held my hands behind me, which was making me crazy with desire and frustration because I wanted to pinch and pull my nipples while he sucked me.

“Such a slutty little girl. Legs spread while a horny man sucks and licks your cunt. Do you want to come, Jessie? You will. You are going to lose control and come while I suck your clit.”

The heat of his words and his continuous licking and sucking were too much for me. “Oh God… mmm…. oh Eddie, you are going to make me come…. now…. Oh, I love being your little whore. Oh fuck Eddie…” and with that I came hard, hard all over his mouth. From months of built up desire and frustration, I moaned until it was almost a scream. I felt each shudder in my pussy grow harder and harder and I pressed my cunt into his face. His tongue stayed in my slit as I came, and I wondered if he could feel my pussy lips flutter around it.

Eddie released my hands. “There my little Jessie. You liked that. I know. Your little hole is dripping.” He ran his hands up and down my ass and thighs, almost tenderly and gently, as he spoke. “But I am not done with you yet. There is more I‘m going to do with my little dirty girl.” As he said this, he reached up and gently unhooked my bra, so I finally felt completely free.

I felt such a release from my orgasm, but I was still up for whatever else Eddie had in mind. My thoughts drifted to his sweet cock. I still hadn’t seen it – but could tell it was big and hoped that it would fuck the hell out of me. No longer did I have thoughts of how wrong this scenario really was – nothing was going to stop my endless lust for this man. My pussy ached for him to fill it with his prick.

“God Eddie… what are you doing to me? It feels to good to experience you, for real. I love the way your hands feel running up and down my thighs and ass.” Eddie was still bent down after his pussy-eating session and slowly stood back up. As he did so his prick brushed teasingly along my legs.

“Eddie, I can feel your hard cock… don’t you want to give it to me now?” As I said this I turned around again, trying to get a glimpse. It was hidden from my view as he rubbed it all over my ass.

“Jessie, it sounds like you’re trying to call the shots. Don’t worry, my cock will get what it wants.” He slowly slid a finger into my pussy. “Your pussy is still really juicy. It’s ripe and ready for a good fuck. What was that you were saying earlier about not wanting to?”

“Nothing Eddie… I don’t care… I don’t care about anything but you fucking me now.”

Eddie spread my ass cheeks apart slightly. I was still bent over with my cunt open and ready for him. “How would you like me to fuck you Jessie? Slow and steady or hard and nasty? Tell me what the little slutty girl wants.”

I could barely answer that question, I was so fucking ready for him. “Both. Give it to me slow, then give it to me hard. Fuck me every which way. Slowly tease me with your prick, then pound my pussy till it hurts. I am your whore – use my hole however you want.” I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. What the hell did this man do to me? At that moment I wanted him to own my pussy and fuck me till the day I die.

“Mmmm… that does it, you dirty girl. I can’t wait any more.” Eddie took his impossibly hard prick and slid it in my wet cunt. It felt like he was going to keep going forever the way it filled me up, and I let out a gasp as I felt it stroke my pussy walls. I heard a moan from Eddie as he did this, which surprised me a bit because he had stayed so reserved and in control up until now. “Oohhh, sweet Jessie, I love your little cunt. It’s so wet and tight. But you’re so naughty. You love having another man’s cock in you. You’re being a very bad girl.” As he said this Eddie grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him, pushing his cock in and out, further and further, until I felt his balls slap against me. I groaned with pleasure at the feeling of him grabbing me and guiding me back and forth along his pole.

Eddie’s breathing became harder. “You really are loving this, aren’t you Jessie? Because you’re so bad right now, I may have to teach you a lesson.” He gave me a little slap on my ass as he continued to ram my pussy. I winced at the unexpected feeling of a little pain mixed with an increased heat between my legs. Another slap and I felt my clit rise up with this new sensation. “Am I hurting you Jessie? I think you like being spanked like a slut!”

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