Being A Fuck Buddy

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Being A Fuck BuddySo, back to the past my friends, with my virginity lost and having had sex twice with Karen. I then had three sexual encounters in the span of 4 months with two different women. After never having fucked a girl until my late teens, the world had changed for me. My next fuck buddy was Fran, a high school friend. It happened two times due to drunken house party antics. We did it in a bathtub while the rest of our friends were in the living room doing whatever it was they were doing. I had bruises on my knees and her ass was black and blue as well. I don’t remember too much about the specifics. It was a long time ago and we were a little intoxicated. The next time, the following week end, was in her bunk bed. We had the bottom bunk and my friend David and another girl, Karen (A different Karen) were fucking in the top bunk. That was sexy! The girl Dave was with wanted to be with me I think, but I had my sights set on Fran as I wanted another more memorable experience with the girl, and I liked her a lot. Unfortunately, again we had been drinking so the specifics I do not remember. (She may be a Supreme Court judge now, just k**ding 😉 She wore thick glasses and had a thin framed body. Her hair was black, short and a little curly. She had tinny tits and brown eyes and was about my height, five foot six or so. I had real feelings for her, but she was dating an older guy from out of state and they were talking about marriage. So that was as far as our relationship went. We were just, “Fuck Buddies.” After that, a matter of days, maybe a weeks later, I fucked her roommate Tracy. We were also friends and I was eighteen years old and canlı bahis always horney, as I guess she was too, as I guess all normal people are at that age. I stopped by to say hello and see what was up when I got the whole, “I like you” vibe from her. She was blonde with big tits, blue eyes and a little taller than me. We were actually leaving, on our way out of her apartment. Earlier she mentioned she needed to be somewhere, and I felt like she really wanted to do something else first. The “I want sex” vibe coming through loud and clear, that almost electric surge I’ve described before. I felt it as she said, “Well, I have to get going” (Strange but true). We were at the top of the stairs leading down to the front door when I asked, “Hey, do you feel like fooling around?” and the answer was, “Yes” (I love that word!). I kissed her, lightly on the lips at first, then taking the nape of her neck in my hand and pulling her closer for a more passionate kiss, slipping our tongues over each other’s as my left hand went over her right breast then down to her jean covered ass, squeezing it and pulling her close. We kissed our way down to the floor and I started opening the buttons of her blouse to reveal a pair of large breasts in a white bra. It took me a minute to undo the bra at which point her firm big white boobs broke free with a little bounce. I then went to work on those large tits of hers. Licking and lightly biting and sucking the nipples as I zipped down her jeans with my right hand while she undid the button at the top. I pulled the jeans and her panties off in one movement, as she had kicked off her sneakers while I was enjoying her bahis siteleri lovely knockers. She lifted her ass to help; I then went down and licked her furry little pussy, running my tongue around her stiffening clitoris and in and out of her until she started bucking it up into my mouth, moaning in time with the clenching of her ass. Covering my chin with that sexy wetness, perhaps climaxing, perhaps just urging me to start fucking her as she had someplace to be. (I was eighteen years old and this was the 5th time I had sex. So I wasn’t real fluent in understanding the non-verbal communication of women while they were having sex with me, or in the mysteries of the female orgasm.)In any case, I slipped the condom on that was in my wallet, always. And I guided my erect cock into her pussy that I had just licked to wet perfection. I fucked her hard and fast on the top landing of her stairs. It was a turn on seeing the glass windows of the front door. Knowing at any moment someone could just step up to the door and see us. Occasionally I would take both of Tracy’s big tits in my hands, lifting and squeezing them together to lick, bite and suck the erect nipples as I fucked away. Eventually I felt the pre-climax tingle going through my loins until it became a surging that took over. Tracy arching her pussy up to devour every inch cock that she could. Her warm hands on my low back, pulling me tight into her wet pussy as I climaxed, exploding into her, thrusting myself as deep as I could go, “AHHH!-AHHHH!-AHHHHH!-AHHH!” It was over too soon, it took a long time to train myself to climax when I want to. Sometimes I miss the uncontrollable orgasm, bahis şirketleri the climax taking over and happening against my will. But I’m pretty sure the ladies I’ve been with since acquiring that ability have enjoyed my company a lot more because of it. Now I get off when I feel the lady has climaxed enough, or if she asks or begs me to cum. Or if we have to work in the morning and we need some sleep. Sometimes I’ll let my wife ride me to orgasm. It’s a turn on to watch her working hard, fucking me. Her big tits swinging in front of my face, all mine to play with. The sounds of sex; the moaning and heavy breathing, with that musky odor of lust filling the air. Grabbing her haunches and helping her fuck my hard cock with her wet pussy until I feel it getting close, then I move my hands back to her tits and say, “That’s it! That’s my girl! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! You’re making me cum! You’re making me cum! I’m Cumming! AHHH!-AHHHH!-AHHHH!-AHHH!” (Guess what we’re doing tonight 😉 After the sex with Tracy we just got up and dressed ourselves. She used the bathroom, and we were each on our way to wherever else we needed to be. We may have kissed good bye, but I don’t think so. It was like it never happened. Tracy also had a boyfriend and perhaps a long term relationship with him in her plan. I was just a “Fuck Buddy”, convenient and trust worthy. (This is the first time I shared this story and it’s been over 30 years.) I’m willing to bet that Fran talked with Tracy about fucking me and Tracy was curious. And I was more than happy to oblige.What I wanted at that point in my life was a “Girl Friend” of my very own. Someone who was mine and I was hers. I had never had that before, a romantic sexual relationship. I found it that summer with a lovely eighteen year old virgin named Diane. And that is a story for another time.Cheer’s my friends!Heatseekerxxx

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