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Big Balls

Best LoverJon watched his neighbor girl in her tight shirt with the huge tits. He wanted her so bad. He loved big tits a lot and remembered his first seduction by his mom’s friend when he was just fifteen. He had gone to her house to take back some books for his mom and she was wearing a low cut top with no bra and her huge tits straining against the material. She saw him staring at her tits and she grabbed him and put his hand inside her top over one of the huge globes. He rubbed and gripped and played with them hard and soon she had her top off and pressed his mouth to a nipple and as he sucked she put her hand down his shorts and grabbed his semi hard cock. She looked at him and said “You are a huge b**st.” At his young age he was a good thick nine inches. Then she began stroking and rubbing his balls and cock and he soon was rock hard. It took no time for them both to be naked and she put his hand between her legs and he felt her shaved pussy. It was smooth but damp. As he sucked on a nipple she guided two of his fingers in her wet cunt and used him to fuck her hard. He felt her wet hole cum as he fingered her. She then pulled him to the couch and laid down and spread her legs and pulled him on top of her and worked his hard cock into her cunt and demanded “Fuck me with that big cock. I want to feel it deep in my cunt. Fuck me hard and fill me with your cum.” He was a fast learner and soon was pumping his cock in and out of her hard as she screamed wanting it harder and faster. As he fucked her wet hole he sucked on her big tits and had left bruises around the nipples. Then he filled her cunt with his huge load of cum and it felt so good to him. He knew then he would be back for more of this woman’s bahis siteleri cunt and tits. Soon as he filled her with cum she shoved him on his back and began to suck and lick his cock till he got hard again real fast. His youth allowed his cock to spring back fast under her sexy mouth. She sucked him till she got his cum and swallowed every drop as Jon was amazed that she would do that. She kept sucking him and got him hard once again and then she pulled him over her cunt and he started fucking her more. He fucked her three times that day and sucked on her huge tits. He came back twice that week and fucked her several times.Word got out about the neighbor boy with the big thick cock and he soon was fucking two more horny wives while the husbands worked. He loved their big floppy tits and got to be quite good at eating pussy too. He left them well fucked and the tits sucked hard. He was able to fill them with cum three or four times easy. He loved the feel of their horny mouths sucking his thick cock as they took him deep down their throats. During the summer he was busy fucking a cunt every day. Two women got knocked up and never knew if it was his baby or the husbands. He loved the bodies as the babies grew in them and the tits enlarged. He had one woman so large she was hard to fuck so he then got his first anal lesson. Ass fucking was now a favorite with him. Shoving his thick cock in that tight ass was a great feeling. Even his women that were not pregnant loved ass fucking. He would fuck their tight asses then shove them down to suck his cock. He loved pushing his cock deep in their throats as they sucked and gagged on the long shaft. He fucked these women all during his four years canlı bahis of high school stopping by after school for a hard fuck before the husbands got home. Then one day during a summer one of the women had her daughter there for him to fuck. She was young and tight and he loved taking the innocent virgin and had a hot three some with both of them. He loved the tight cunt but the young girl had small tits. He still loved huge tits. He did like having his cock in one cunt as he ate the other cunt and loved hearing the young girl moan and scream as he fucked her with his big cock. His young stamina allowed him to fuck them each more than once. He also loved the taste of the young pussy. He loved having the young girl sitting on his face as he tongue fucked her cunt as the mom straddled his cock as he fucked her hard. Then the girl would lick his cock and suck him as he gave her a thick shot of cum as he sucked the mom’s huge tits. He had a huge hunger for young pussy and spent a lot of time eating her pussy as the mom sucked his cock or tongue fucked his asshole. He loved the feel of her tongue in his hole as he tongue fucked the girl and licked her cum.When school started he began driving the girl home and fucked her on the way. He found a hiding place to park his car and fuck her or eat her pussy. She loved sucking his cock on the way to the secret place. Soon as they got away from the traffic she would get naked and pull his cock out and begin sucking his cock and balls. He liked that she was beginning to grow tits too and he loved sucking them and finger fucking her cunt. One day he was tongue fucking her cunt and he then plopped a finger in her ass and began to finger fuck her ass and she güvenilir bahis let out a big scream letting him know she loved it. Soon he had his cock in that tight ass fucking her hard. He loved the young very tight ass and ass fucked her daily. In the secret place he would fuck her cunt and ass and she loved sucking his cock. She was a great cum lover and he loved filling her throat with his cum.In their senior year he knocked her up and they got married. With the first baby came the big tits and he could not keep his mouth off them. He also loved nursing her when she filled with milk. In the sixth year of the marriage she was knocked up with their fourth baby. Every baby grew her tits bigger and he loved them. He was always removing her top and sucking on the huge jugs. They were big and full of milk. He loved tit fucking the big mounds and spraying his cum on her face as his cock slid between the big globes. Her mom kept the k**s one week end and he took her to a nude resort and loved how the men stared at her huge rack and the women gawked at his long thick cock. He found a private spot on the beach and they laid down and fucked there several times. Then one day a man and wife joined them for a small orgy. The other woman wanted to suck his wife’s tits and eat her pussy as the guy sucked his huge cock. It was a great new experience for them and they liked it. The woman was tongue fucking his wife’s cunt as Jon fucked the woman’s asshole and the man fucked Jon’s asshole. Then the guy’s wife licked the man’s cum out of Jon’s ass. It was a great feeling for Jon and he never knew he could enjoy bi sex so much. The couple lived not far from Jon and they made plans to meet again and also try out some swingers clubs. They told Jon with his big cock and the wife’s huge tits they would be very popular and have a great sexual experience. They spent several hours together that week end enjoying each others bodies in every way.

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